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Tuesday, February 07, 2012


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Thank you for your honesty and candor during this dark and difficult time. I met Stephanie via Cancergrace and several meetings at Swedish and was struck with how genuine and uassuming she was. You are lighting the way for those who will follow her, and doing it clearly. It is very much appreciated.


Sue John

I have no words, Michael. I feel like I was just getting to know this amazing woman through the blogs she posted and now she is gone. I am so, so sorry.


I know there aren't any really good words right now...but we are thinking of you, hoping you are ok and we will see you soon.

Beth Sirlin

You have been such a pillar through this excruciating journey. I could always tell that you and Stephanie were such blessings to one another. That is a rare privilege, and I hope that one day it will bring you some measure of peace.
It is my wish that Stephanie and my David will meet and hang out and help guide our sad selves through this next chapter.
My heart aches for you Michael.

Rona Y

I, too, am so sorry for your loss, Michael. I also knew Stephanie from Mouthfulsfood, and enjoyed exchanging chocolates with her. She will be missed very much. Take care of yourself and the kitties; she loved all of you so very much.

Robert (she would know who I am)

I knew Stephanie from the CancerGrace community. She became a mistress of that miniverse. There was such quiet authority about her. She didn't live in her disease, but gave so much knowledge and love to those of us on cancer's ugly road. She will be be missed.


Michael, I'm another member of the Mouthfuls community. I am so sorry for your loss. In her posts Stephanie was funny, warm, feisty, and intelligent - no doubt indicative of her "real life" personality. May you have many years to remember her.


Another Mouthfuls person here. We are so terribly sorry for your loss. I'm sorry I never got to meet her, but I felt that I got to experience her through her posts.

Brenda Sharpe

She will be much missed by all whose lives she touched.
Rest well, tsquare.


I'm also part of the Mouthfuls community. I miss Stephanie already. Please accept my deepest condolences. Hold onto that Sicily trip.

Jane King

Mo too, Michael. I am a part of the online community that knew Stephanie. You are in my thoughts right now.

Jill Cohen

Michael, we are so sad to hear about Stephanie. We treasure the memory of that beautiful new year's eve lunch we shared with you both, and are glad that you two were able to have such a great holiday in Sicily.

May Stephanie's memory be for a blessing to all who knew her

Jill and Rik


Michael, I am so very sorry for your loss. Stephanie touched the lives of many people through online food boards and she will be missed. The members of Mouthfulsfood would like you to know that their thoughts are with you. I was a part of making the green scarf for Stephanie a couple of years ago. She was very dear to us.

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