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February 19, 2013



I'm in N. Tacoma and cannot get KLAY, the Lakewood station.
MoveOn Civic Action has a petition going to save Progressive Talk Radio. I don't know if it's going anywhere,
but here's the link:


This is the first monthly snapshot for the new format on 1090, so take a breath. They'll make money, which is all you can expect from an AM stick these days. Ratings are secondary.


KPOJ in Portland that flipped from Progressive to FOX sports in Nov went from a 1.4 to .1 last month as well.


You're missing the point. 1090 in Seattle was part of a nationwide launch of "CBS Sports Radio," mostly on CBS owned & operated AMs. CBS owns the network - and its sales - which alone makes it a more profitable model than contracting out to shows (e.g. Stephanie Miller) produced by other companies.

All CBS's sales on this are at the national level; this format change would have happened regardless of what format the old KPTK was running or how many listeners or local ads they gave up. (At it is, the answer to both is "not many.")

However, it's still interesting that 1090 the Fan is willing to invest in a local afternoon show. CBS was never willing to have a local show with KPTK, even though several people talked with them about proposals that would have cost them little or nothing. They were never interested in investing in progressive talk radio; now they're investing hugely in a format nobody was asking for. Draw your own conclusions.

Ted Smith

"CBS owns the network."

I thought so, too, until I looked at a list of Cumulus Media networks and saw, yep, CBS Sports:


Cumulus Media also distributes the ABC Radio Network. For those keeping score, Cumulus is the company that bought Citadel, destroyer of KGO.

FYI, Cumulus is Mitt Romney Funny Money At Work. Their most recent SEC filings look like a list of financial vultures. We are all lucky that neither Cumulus nor Citadel ever invaded our fair State.

Chris Chronic

Clear Channel Media Holdings just reported losses for the last quarter of 2012 of $191 million, and $424 million for all of 2012.


You need hardcore Nationalists on the AM side.

DJ Allyn

I am not even missing AM 1090. I get all three hours of Bill Press live on SiriusXM Left Plus (channel 781), the first hour of Stephanie Miller on SiriusXM Left Plus (channel 781) and the last two hours on SiriusXM Left (channel 127). Ed Shultz, Thom Hartmann both live on channel 127, but by noon I am in my car so I catch Thom on KBCS FM which is commercial free and gets an additional seven minutes that the commercial radio stations don't broadcast. (I liked that so much that I sent in $200 the other day to support them.

Here is my post mortem on AM 1090:

AM 1090 could have done a LOT better if it had dumped Ed Shultz for a local show and dumped Norman Goldman for a local drive-time show. They also should never have pre-empted the Randi Rhodes show for third-rate sports broadcasting half of the time.

For the past couple of years I had tuned away from AM 1090 at 3PM to listen to the Ron and Don show PRECISELY because it was a local show.

The way I see it, people love the zoo format on any station in the morning. If it includes farts, then even better. That is why Stephanie Miller appeals to a lot of Lefties. Nine AM and people are looking for some local political show. Noon, they do quite well with a national political show. At Three PM, people are ready to drive home and are looking for some local commentary that isn't all politics but special interest. Local events, human interest, etc.

THAT could have been a winning schedule for the former AM 1090. From day one, I have always felt that AM 1090 was deliberately programmed to fail. The had a few hits like Rachael Maddow, Randi Rhoades, and Mike Malloy, but seemed to find a way to marginalize them. They hit home runs with Thom Hartmann and Stephanie Miller.

They had some dogs like Al Franken, Jerry Springer, and yes, Ed Shultz.

Weekends were a yawn also. They could have opened up their programming to include more "vanity radio shows" similar to what KLAY does but on a bigger scale. Allow local budding show hosts put together their own local shows where they paid for an hour or so. (it actually isn't that hard to do, and I can think of a half dozen people off the top of my head who would have done a fantastic job hosting some local shows.

I disagree that Progressive Talk is dead on the radio. I just think it needs to be better promoted on a station with more variety. Just having a station that buys syndicated national shows from start to finish is doomed for failure -- even if all of those shows are hits by themselves.


Can you prove all that or is it your opine-ion? Not disrespecting but curious. Your tastes and mine are not the same. Well, except for Jerry. Esp. on Randi Rhodes. An awful lot of people that I know quit listening to her. She was great half the time and bitterly bad the other half.

Chris Chronic

I would add Ron Reagan Jr to one of the better line-ups at 1090. It's too bad his show wasn't allowed to continue on.


I have a problem with KIRO FM, I frequently turn to mp3s when Tom Tangney comes on (because he talks and nothing interesting is said), and I plan to turn KIRO back on in 30 minutes, but then I look at the clock and realize it's 1:30 and I forgot to turn the radio back on, and by now it's too late to want to. This happens often enough that I thought I should share.


Thank you for sharing but we really have no interest as we are solid KIRO listeners and we do respect the rights of everyone to either tune in or out. If you stay tuned out, it's your loss but fine with us.

Bob Nelson

Dial Global has syndicated progtalk shows and now they have yet another sports net, NBC... and in Boston 1510 runs a blend of NBC Sp., Yahoo sports, local sports talk...and Bro. Stair overnight. This was where Jeff Santos was buying time to put progtalk on.
Many on the left prefer NPR I guess.

Ron Pasta

Why come BW hasn't made any mention of David Boze moving to 5am and expanding his show to 4 hours? What's the story?

Arty Ziff

Dori Monson is simply an untalented Rush wanna-be, and all those two buffoons Ron and Don need is a few fart jokes to round out their low-brow repertoire.

There is really no reason to listen to KIRO after noon (and they should have kept John Curley in the morning.

Bob Nelson

KJFK Reno gone too.




KJFK will continue to stream the syndicated shows from their website..good thing because that was my go to station now!

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