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January 08, 2013



KIRO probably is pining away for circa 2005 at this point.


Curley is a good entertainer. None of the criticisms that have been leveled against him as of late are valid. They hate that he has qualities of a succesful talk radio broadcaster: confidence and self-assuredness. If it's a liberal talker whose "smug and condescending", then suddently it's A-OK.

If anything is killing their ratings, it's that they continuously wipe the slate clean over and over again. If you like anything about KIRO, they will take that thing away from you in three months (down from six). Some people will briefly consider trying another station, or another medium all together, because why not? And some fraction of those people will not return each time they shuffle the line up.

Broken One

Curley was 10 times the 7-10 radio host Andrew Walsh is. If you're right that he doesn't want that slot because of his side business and council duties then I fear he's done for.


Andrew you are funny.


John Curley is an incredible talent and this hiccup at KIRO has nothing to do with his abilities.
As I previously mentioned, he could have maintained a more serious note in news reporting and commenting in the morning, but no matter it's KIRO with the problem, not Curley, and they know it. They (like so many other radio stations) are scrambling trying to find a successful fit for their talent. IMO radio stations need to diminish in numbers, they are a tough sell in these high technological times (anything pertaining to radio at the current CES show in Vegas - of course not).
Only the strong will survive and now the deck chairs are being rearranged to see who will survive the Titanicc effect on the radio industry.


I think a great radio host will appeal to all ages, and will generate enough buzz with management that they'll know not to drop him. Walsh will be gone, just watch. He is not funny. He's not even smart. Like another poster said in the last article, he's a whiny punk wanna be hipster. I'll buy a round at my favorite bar the day Kiro dumps him.


OK, for the sake of fairness, I tuned in for an hour of the Andrew Walsh show tonight. It was so dull that I had to keep reminding myself to pay attention. I heard maybe twelve minutes at best. Ten of those minutes were covering the topic of Parker Bros. allowing people to vote to replace one of the Monopoly game pieces with one of several preselected, modern alternatives. Hard to even read that isn't it? It's almost as interesting as what you had for lunch last year. You will be fascinated to know that Andrew Walsh didn't realize there was a wheelbarrow shaped game piece.

Now let's imagine John Curley had seen fit to cover this tiny blip on the news ticker. You could suppose that he not only knew about the wheelbarrow shaped game piece, but he would proceed to tell you about how when he was a child, one of his siblings, in a fit of frustration after losing his last property, flipped up a monoply gamed board, hitting John in the face and causing that wheelbarrow game piece to go into his eye socket. He might tell us about how the doctors said it was too risky to remove, and that it was best left where it reside. Not only would John Curley know about the wheelbarrow game piece, but I imagine he would inform you that he has one in the center of his head, right now.


At least John Curley knows how to have fun on the radio.

Thom & Kristen Wahlman

John Curley did the news just fine, and notice that "straight news" with Linda and Ross still has the element of commentaries added. John was truly worth waking up to. We all need the news, but John really got us up with a sense of humor found in the little things of iife each day. I can't see why we should stick to kiro every morning now, flipping stations will come easily.


The school's attorney responded with a letter that, according to his FIRE lawyer, "flatly distorted and misrepresented facts and implied, without a shred of evidence, that Raid on Antebi had committed a variety of serious offenses including vandalizing cars and making harassing phone calls."


Kiro Radio wants to bake you a chocolate cake. But it can't. It's a radio station. So you'll have to settle with their programming director trying to force feed you bullsh*t that they're "getting a lot of great feedback from our listeners who love our new format."


Still miss Radke-Thomas-Tangney. That was a great team. Curley was disappointing. During the last few months, I actually followed Rake to NPR.


I'm with ya Jack, but I don't enjoy Radke as much on KPLU. KPLU is too serious.

I used to love his antics on Kiro, his songs and poems were entertaining. He has a lot to offer, a lot more that he can give KPLU.


Curley did a great job, and was way more entertaining than Dave Ross. I feel like Im going to fall asleep driving into work listening to him in the mornings. If people really hate John Curley because he is right winged, thats just stupid.


Curley was amazing, entertaining and a great performer. His show and morning excursion with the news were great! If you can't see that, then you're blinded by your own prejudices... or maybe you've just got horrible taste IMO.


Really, people actually like Curley? Huh, must be me but I find his smug mix of silliness completely offputting. I just don't like his personality, at all, not even a little. But then, he is on talk radio to begin with ...


If Curley was amazing, he’d still be on TV. But we know how that ended.

Paul Cooper

John and Jason are a nice respite from that idiot Don. Whenever I switch stations it is due to Don saying the same old stupid stuff and going off about guns that he clearly knows nothing about. I think Dori,Jhon and Jason are the only ones I would miss if they dumped the whole staff.

 Hal T.. CEO, Idiot Savant/Dream Fifteen Fund

I tuned into KIROfm this morning to find , to my dismay, that the humiliation of Dave Ross by moronic KIRO Mormon suits is now complete. That callow twerp, Luke Burbank, apparently now has his own show, and Ross has been demoted to the role of a newsreader forced to get out of bed at 3 am each weekday. The 9 to noon listeners will now be mercilessly regaled by Luke "i'm kind of a big deal" Burbank's puerile nonsense, peppered with his trademark "teenspeak" (various "likes" amd "dudes". Sorry, I have to go with Bill O'Reilly when he said that anyone over age 25 who still says "like" or "dude" is an idiot.

Hal T.

oh, I see they've left Ross one hour of his old Ross and Burbank, with the other two now taken up slely by the impostor, Burbank. Six months from now i'll tune in again to see Ross as newsreader only and the twerp with all three of Dave's old hours. Why not just fire Dave, KIRO. Kinder, reallyM in the end.


Dave Ross calls his own shots and because he is such a devoted employee is 'consulted' on what might be best for the station. Let no one think he is manipulated at will by station management, as they realize what a golden goose he is. Soon he may decide to retire and when that happens, KIRO-FM might as well consider an alternate choice for return on investment, cause it will be 'game over'.


John Curely brought nothing new to radio..just the same boring political conservative vitriol we here over and over again. One thing I got from listening to his show..is that John just seems like an angry and bitter person. There was no structure to his show and it was literally him complaining about how butt hurt he was with "liberal" and "leftist" policies. Even when they brought him to the news in the morning he still put his annoying narrow minded world view on the events. Sorry John..maybe you can keep doing the trampoline commercials and hole up in your McMansion watching Fox News until you get your next gig.

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