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January 05, 2013



Haven't listened to KIRO since they ruined Dave Ross' show by sticking him with Puke Burbank. Can't say that anything I'm reading here will entice me to come back


show us how little you care...

Nevet's Ghost

Bring back Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster !!


"stopped listening to KIRO a while back when they decided that they had to play the "Cars For Kids" spot to the point where I wanted to have dental drills inserted into my ears and run at top speed. The spots are annoying and the charity is a scam."
Posted by: JB-2

HOLY CRAP!!! No kidding!
I've damn near broken my neck more than once trying to get to the dial before that horrible child starts singing.

"Bring back Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster !!"
Posted by: Nevet's Ghost

Cashman has always seemed as nice as he is unfunny.
Those days he filled in for Dori were reason for me to find something else each time I heard him.
Out of all the people who could have filled in...
Some hosts are genuinely funny just being themselves.
Pat tries way too hard to be funny and just isn't.
It was my fear that the Pat Cashman show was being tested for KIRO air time.
I sure hope not.


The adult's signing is much, much worse than the kids'.


Kars for Kids is bad from the start to the end.
The second I hear the first notes playing, it's a race to make it stop.
Obviously that horrible ad works or it wouldn't be there.
Always ends up with me changing to something else and not coming back for a while which I know the station doesn't want.
They need advertisement though.
Hopefully that particular ad will end.
It's just awful.


I'm very conflicted about Dave Ross, his new morning gig, and shift over the last few years. I love Ross & Burbank and listened to the podcast every day. That being said, often found myself listening to Dave Ross talking about topics like Kat Williams throwing a microphone, and would have an "out of body" flashback to just a few years ago when Ross really had some of the smartest and most interesting conversations on the radio and I would listen in awe... but even while my jaw was dropped by his greatness, I was often bored and wouldn't listen for long if the topic was super dry. I think Luke Burbank has the intellect, experience, and the chops to do a smarter show, but he was asked to do the opposite and the producing catered to his pop-culture strengths. When they had a good topic, the show was both smart and entertaining. If by "focusing on news" in the morning means Dave Ross can get a little more back to his roots, then it'll be a good thing (isn't he way overdue for a Jay Inslee or Denny Heck interview by now?).... especially with an hour of Ross & Burbank afterward. Something tells me that management is keeping that one hour around at 9am because they don't want to kill the show for good, knowing the mornings will likely change again soon.

Put Curley back at 7-10, put Walsh in with Burbank, and don't take your smart talent go to waste by giving them Ron & Don topics.... and for the love, start using something other than Gawker for show prep....


Over several decades as a KIRO listener, Dave Ross has earned my respect. John Curley, on the other hand, was condescending and smug --- not only when discussing news topics, but also in his interactions with other KIRO personalities. He was totally inappropriate in his comments as election day neared. I am glad that he is gone and I look forward to Dave Ross (who nimbly adjusted to other KIRO programming shifts over the years) and Linda Thomas providing useful news and information to start the day.


And people wonder why programmers keep changing the line up. Trying to please everyone is no longer possible. Go for a niche market and accept less revenue. But at least have consistency and satisfied listeners.

I' m surprised that many of you still listen. Deja vu all over again.


I had a 2-hour commute this morning and was really looking forward to hearing Tom Tangney & John Curley. Those two are quick-witted, interesting, and contemporary. So what a bummer to find that Dave Ross was on, and not just as a temporary fill in. I don't mind him when paired with Luke, but otherwise he just comes off as rather sedate and out-dated, sorry to say. If we wanted strictly news, we had NPR. I guess it's back to audio books for me.


I'm thinking Curley should consider switching to another station when his contract permits. I don't know where they're going to put him, but wherever it is, I think at this point he could do better than whatever they have to offer as a consolation. Maybe he can add some kick over at KOMO.


1-877-Kars-For-Kids, K I D S Kars for Kids, 1-877-Kars-For-Kids, donate your car today! Yes, it's terrible, but awfully catchy. Can you think of one other car donation company that immediately comes to mind? I wish my business had such reach. But I won't be advertising with any Kiro folks.

I have listened to talk radio all my life. I used to fall asleep to Bruce Williams as a kid. I enjoy listening to smart people talking about smart topics.

I think Ross is great, but he needs and edge, and Burbank gave that to him.

Curley is a great story teller. I felt like his morning show really curbed his talent because he didn't have much time to talk. Although, I can say that I am sick and tired of being strong, being kind and being funny when I can. I also have this kind of nagging feeling that at some point I will get bored with Curely once I have heard him repeat stories more than once - but so far for me that has yet to happen, he seems to be full of them, even if he's just making them up.

Andrew Walsh is an idiot, plain and simple. How he got picked to have his own slot is beyond me. What on earth did he do to convince Kiro management that he would be good? How did they even find this guy, a want ad on the Hoboken craigslist?

I hate it when these so called journalists pretend like they know everything there is to know about a subject. Brandi Kruse has to be one of the worst of these. She is *very* smug, and her tone is even worse - makes her sound like a snotty b*tch.

Pat Cashman.. I used to like listening to him when he had his morning show but those couple of weeks in the Dori spot actually made me want Dori back, and believe me I have wanted Dori out for years. I think Pat is now only funny to the geriatric crowd. It like he aged like my grandparents instead of staying current. And what is with all the sex talk? He sounds like one of those creepy old guys.

If I had my way, it would be morning news with Tangey and a female co host (take any one of them, they're all the same), Ross & Burbank, Someone other than Monson (and not Walsh), John Curley with Rachell Bell in the drive home, then Ron & Don 7-10. The night slot would best be served with a return of Art Bell, although Coast is OK, but it is nothing like its heyday in the mid 90's.


I have been a KIRO listener for 22 years.

I like Curley. I listen to Dori. I cannot stomach Luke.
Like zebulon said of Luke "(um, ah, er, I mean...repeat)" place-holders.

I have also been waiting for the R&D RIP.

Pat Cashman & Lisa Foster should have a larger gig on KIRO.


Put John Curley 9-noon and drop Luke "(um, ah, er, I mean...repeat)" Burbank totally.


I'm on the Curley 9 to noon bandwagon. I think that would be the perfect slot for him. Ross is working 5 to 10 anyway, so just cut him back an hour. Problem solved. I agree with the comment above about Brandi Kruse's voice. I scramble madly to turn the dial whenever I hear her start in with that incredibly snooty, affected speech. Is that supposed to be an accent?

Drake Brown

Huge mistake by Kiro. I like a little personality in the morning. Ross and Thomas are real snoozers. Who gets hard news from radio anyway. Heard of the internet? News is online, not on radio. Bring Curly back.

Ted Smith

"You were unwilling to make the sacrifices in life that those professionals have made to earn the right to be on the air, talking to you."

Bullshit. Radio is where life puts you when you just won't fit in anywhere else. And if you are exceptionally stupid, they put you in charge.

Think not? Try working in a radio station for a while and see if you don't agree.

Stacey Mayer

Do something else with Luke.

Luke bragged the FIRST DAY, FIRST HOUR that his girlfriend sent him a congratulations now the show is finally just the Luke Burbank show, "as it should have been all along".

He can't understand how much it hurt Seattle when he said that? I guess he wasn't "just kidding" when he went after Dave's hair, age, height, background, beliefs, viewpoints, vocabulary, opinion, values, politics, shoe size, etc.

What's wrong at KIRO? Luke Burbank's attitude. His denigration of others makes everything he says suspect.

John Curley is a Seattle treasure. He's made me laugh, and his stories have brought me to tears. He's a brilliant catalyst; I have heard some of the best radio of my life happen around him.

He could sit next to Jim French, anytime. Why? He cares. Dave cares, and Dori cares. Andrew seems to care, too.

Luke just makes me angry.


Stacey Mayer, you are spot on. Curley is one of those right-leaning, wealthy, entitled eastside types, and yet I love him to death. I was disappointed when he was absent alot at night, but he seems to do better with morning hours, and I never missed a day when he moved to mornings. You are insane if you don't fit him in during the morning hours, KIRO suits. I can't believe you made this change so quickly.


Curley amused me. But it occurs to me that this change occurred right after he discussed a business bankrupcy as "tits up".

Ross if fine. He doesn't need burbank.

I listen to Ron and Don but tuned it out when Andrew whatever and Rachel Bell hosted it. I like Rachel but Andrew brought out the worst in her. Keep Rachel as part of R&D and please, please, please get rid of Andrew (Walsh?)


"Radio is where life puts you when you just won't fit in anywhere else. And if you are exceptionally stupid, they put you in charge."

I like to think I'm a reasonable person, but I'm hard pressed to disagree with this statement. It seems like the PD's office in all the local talk radio stations have revolving doors installed. The on air talent outlasts the management by years, if not decades, and it makes me wonder why the proven talent isn't more entrusted with programming decisions.

Ugh, Burbank is on by himself now, and it's just mindless banter. It's like, I imagine, receiving a gift wrapped box with no gift inside.


RE: Luke Burbank
Friday, April 20, 2012 4:25 PM
From: "Larry Gifford"
To: "GM" < @yahoo.com>

Thank you for your email. I appreciate all feedback from listeners. We understand not all of our talent will appeal to all the listeners. I have received a lot of positive feedback from listeners who really enjoy Luke on the air and the audience for that show has increased dramatically since his arrival.

Thanks again for taking time to share your point-of-view and for listening to 97.3 KIRO FM.

Best Regards,


Larry Gifford
Program Director
97.3 KIRO FM/AM 770 "The Truth"
Bonneville Seattle 1820 Eastlake Ave East Seattle WA 98102
(206) 726.5410 phone | mailto:[email protected]

From: GM [mailto: @yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, April 20, 2012 1:02 PM
To: Larry Gifford
Subject: Fw: Luke Burbank


I cannot stomach Luke. Now I have to listen to him promote and be on the other shows that I enjoy?


--- On Fri, 3/16/12, GM < @yahoo.com> wrote:

From: GM < @yahoo.com>
Subject: Luke Burbank
To: [email protected]
Date: Friday, March 16, 2012, 11:59 AM


I have been a KIRO listener for over 21 years.
How did Luke Burbank get to host with Dave Ross?

Luke is full of lazy and filler speech. Constant "you know", "I mean", "ah", and "uh".

I will no longer listen to the 9 to noon hour.

On the flip side, John Curley, has the best show on KIRO.



Gregory is one person and IMO is wrong. Luke is an incredible talent and provides much entertainment to Seattle radio. He is quick witted and has an incredible memory of things and draw interesting analogies at the drop of a hat.
We appreciate your opinion, but please TUNE OUT if he bothers you.
Have a good life and do try to control your dislikes.


Move Dave Ross back to KIRO 710 from 9am to 12 noon by himself like the good old days--If I wanted to hear Burbank I would have when he had his own show--I don't.


Sinbad trust me I don't listen and would prefer to listen in all the time slots. I did not tell anyone here what to do and you should do likewise.


What happened to Mora?


I loved Luke and Dave in the AM. I'll miss their banter but am looking forward to the hipper approach of Luke with his revolving sidekicks. I really tried to like Curley but he just ran over everybody on the show and really never took things seriously. I want more serious news in the AM and I am looking forward to this change. I hope they let Dave explore the news in more depth as the show grows. I think he excels at that and will really shine in this slot if they let him.

Nancy Botwin

I too cannot stomach Luke.


I love how everyone who comes on here with the sole purpose of hating on Luke Burbank and Andrew Walsh is like, "I've been listening to talk radio for over 20 years" or makes some other comment which insinuates that they are not exactly young. Did it ever occur to you that the KIRO management is hoping to appeal to a younger demographic? I am a KIRO listener, and I am in my 20's. I grew up on NPR, and although I still listen from time to time I enjoy the fact that KIRO has people like Luke, Andrew, and Rachel that younger listeners can relate to. I admit that Luke can be a bit condescending and that Rachel comes across as a little fake, but when it comes down to it, not everyone wants to listen to washed-up John Curley or Ron and Don the shameless sensationalists. I wish that all of the middle aged haters on here could be a little more open to the fact that times are changing. Oh, and Dave Ross is rad.


I listened to talk radio all the time while raising my children, and now that my grown daughters are home raising their own kids, they are also listening to talk radio...and they love Luke and Andrew, Rachel, and all the new young "hipsters". They use the new app and listen to the TBTL podcasts. They turn off Dori and R&D. Also, I just retired and now get to listen to KIRO all day...wow, that was a flashback to turn on the radio and hear Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster the other day! Point is, KIRO is doing a decent job attracting the next generation of listeners.


It seems that whenever I post a message containing the name f-r-a-n-k s-h-i-e-r-s, it says 'Your comment has been posted', but then it never appears... what up with that? Is his name black listed?


I have been a kiro listener for 15 years primarily from noon through the rest of the day off and on as time allows.Dori was primarily responsible for this as i really enjoy his show.Ron and Don are suitable for the time slot they occupy although Don's holier than thou talk over everyone to voice his opinion does drive me away at times.But i was so surprised when i first heard kerley on his night show i was asking myself is this the same guy that was on evening magazine.He was a normal cool guy with entertaining anecdotes and stories that i found very very entertaining and the night format fit him well cause he had the time to tell a story unlike the mornings where i felt he was unable to do his thing due to constant interuptions with news and traffic BORING!BRING JOHN BACK TO NIGHTS HE ROCKED THERE WISE UP FOOLS!!


Meg, you, like, even talk like Luke. :) Seriously, you make a good point. KIRO is setting the table for the next generation of listeners. It's a tricky business to make the transition without pissing off the older folks. I find I'm in a love/hate relationship with Luke, Rachel, etc. Then I remind myself that they are works in progress. They are the future of radio--if radio has a future. Maybe there is still room for both young and old at the table...for now.


John Curley is so annoying. I was delighted to hear Dave this morning before 9 when I turned on KIRO on my way to work. I really do like the way he and Luke play off each other though.


I think everyone is being a little to hard on Curley, yes,he has a dominating personality. But, he is funny and stimulating! He has a memory about his childhood like a steel trap. Love his stories about his dad. Please put him back on the air, the sooner the better.


I very much enjoyed Ross and Burbank, they complimented each other. I'm concerned that Luke will not fair as well on his own. I agree a revolving door of guests sounds like something that could go sideways ... fast. No continuity for the listeners. I listen exclusively to KIRO, from early morning and finish up with Coast to Coast.Right now the new morning show is slow, unfortunately almost dull. I greatly enjoyed John Curley, he is a talent, you just have to run fast to keep up with him . I would like to see him replace Dori Monson...I really dont understand DM's appeal. His role seems to be to disagree or find fault with every authority figure in his world...his time has passed.


I don't understand why management is so reluctant to shuffle Dori around. I don't know one person who likes him, so I'm not sure how he gets the ratings. And Jake the "yes" man is annoying.


I miss John Curley already!!! But, since it's a done deal, can we now focus on how in the world Rachel Bell can still be on the air???? I turn it the SECOND I hear her voice.


Hi, I'm Sinbad, nice to meet you.
There, NOW you know at least one person who likes Dori and listens to him religiously. With his ratings I'm sure there are a great many more.


I liked Curley in the morning because it gave me a chance to listen to him, I just couldn't make his show in the evenings.
As long as Tangney sticks to movie reviews I'll like him again.
Luke Burbank makes Dave Ross sound like a Conservative.
I like Dori but the best part of his show is his producer Jake. I hated to see him leave Dave Boze but he has made a home for himself. Jake, just keep playing the South Park "Luckiest Boy In The World" audio.
Take Ron and Don, Rachel Bell and the whole crew and ship them back to wherever they came from. Put Curley in that spot. With his Don Oneil impersonation their listeners would not know the difference.


Fair is fair. The left listen to morning shows, Noon on is time for the right. Well, forget about the beg-athon duo... Hummm
John got booted off b/c he is leaning right, too bad & miss him already. I would go to 770 & such if he were there.
I hope john take this as Kiro's losses or I should cut to the chase and just read daily mail.com. they all get materials from there anyway.


I personally think Jake is being stifled. There is a young guy who is with it, is funny and isn't a whiny puss like Andrew Walsh. I don't know if he could hold his own show, but Jake is the only thing that makes Dori even half way palatable.

Anyone else but me sick and tired of all the sports talk this week? If I wanted to listen to sports radio I'd switch to another channel. Been listening all the batman movies instead... and waiting for my chocolate cake.


I wish people would be a little more discerning between what is objectively bad, and what is only bad specifically to their dated tastes and idiosyncratic baggage and hangups. You're all easily written off as reactionary perpetual complainers who hate change so much that even the movement of the sun across the sky puts you into a daily malaise.

Jake is not talk show host material and the Seahawks are having a stellar season.


Yeah. Stellar finish there yesterday. Take your own advice there Andrew and be objective - why isn't Jake talk host material?

If you read my posts, I don't always complain, and the most recent changes didn't really affect my opinion of the station, in fact the morning changes didn't bother me at all. Surprisingly, I am finding myself listening to KOMO news now in my morning drive. I do want morning news as Kiro's management states. But I want it quick and to the point, not long and drawn out.


I do not miss John Curley as he seems most interested in John Curley. I love Rachel Bell and Dave & Linda. But I have gone back to NPR (or any other station) when Andrew Walsh turns up. Just not in the same league.


Dori "I hate all Asian food but love Billy Joel" Monson made the cut again. Sigh. One day it will end but it cannot come soon enough.

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