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January 05, 2013



IMO, not a good move (if it actually happens). Curley is great and livens up the morning with humor and quick wit. The combination with Ursala and Tom, I think, works well. Dave has adapted to his time frame and although would be good at any slot, I believe he fits well in the 09:00 - 12:00 with Luke. Luke can handle mornings and could team up with Curley or Tom and like Dave he could likely handle any slot. The only constructive criticism I would offer Curley is to get more serious about the topics SOMEtimes, he always likes to make jokes or play off the news of the day.
Bottom line, I like the format the way it is and changing it as said herein could cause me to skip mornings on KIRO-FM and start my listening at noon, when Dori begins his show.
The (KIRO suits) just aren't giving it enough time.


i agree theyre pulling the plug way too soon

horselover fat

oh sweet baby jesus, please please PLEASE get rid of that eastside yupweasel and his unctuous smarm. PLEASE. he drove me to c89.5, because dancepop rots my brain less than his greasy self-infatuation (and less than stephanie miller's inarticulate babbling).


Oh please let it be true! The dimbulb curley was a huge waste of airtime. I hope the fire the programming director who gave him the slot as well.


I tuned in this morning, as I do every morning, and all I hear is the overly dramatic tones of Linda Thomas, whose voice makes me feel stabby. No more KIRO until the afternoons for me. These management boneheads should give it a minute. You will lose more listeners by changing the lineup every few months.


Oh, dear God, let it be true! No more of that conceited, mean-spirited Curley. I'm surprised none of his co-workers have punched him out on-air.

Bob Schwab

Curley Gone...Ross no longer able to deal in depth on any topic....I'm out. I listen from AZ to the podcasts. Can't handle Burbank. Loved Curley's stories. KIRO's loss. Sounds like the they are trying to make KIRO into a KTAR (KIRO's sister station in Phx - non stop blather). I can't listen to them anymore either! NPR here I come.

Karolyn Kometz

I was so happy when they switched to having John Curley with Tom and Ursula. I liked the format as it wasn't just the news being read, they actually gave their opinions and have some lively conversations plus I loved having more Tom. But to my disappointment this morning I got Linda again and then Dave Ross....I am sorry but 6 am is too early to listen to him.

Clayton Sharp

Too early for Dave! Plus, Luke is not interesting enough flying solo. what about Luke/Boze? they did a few days together in December and their opposing viewpoints and respect for each other were refreshing!


And where's Tom Tagney?


John made my commute enjoyable. I won't listen to Dave's monotone blabber for 45 minutes each morning. I'd end up driving into a ditch.

Mike in Seattle

Not good changes! Way too soon to screw everything up.

I wasn't a big fan of John Curley, but I enjoyed the new lineup much more than the Bill Radke version.

I love Dave Ross, but he doesn't seem right for the early morning, and I'll miss Ross and Burbank working together.

Who is the programming director who keeps messing everything up? How can you even judge radio ratings based on a Holiday season?

Clayton Sharp

You want to make it interesting? How about putting Luke with Dori? Dori hates to be challenged on any of his inane comments and Luke would have a field day taking him apart! Now THAT would be interesting radio. Which means the clueless suits at KIRO won't even consider it.

cathy lee

Finally going to dump KIRO, this from a 20 year listener - I loved John Curley in the mornings - loved his stories and his energy - Management does not treat the listeners with respect and give the show time to gel.


Dori and Dave are virtually untouchables and have solid contracts that favor them in any 'movement' positions. They are the revenue-generators and they might be consulted for agreement but they will not be manipulated.
You can take that to the bank.
GOoooooooo 'Hawks!!!


While I wasn't a fan of Curley's shock-jock-in-training type content, I agree with others that it is too soon to take him off the air. Linda and Dave (both of whom I love) don't have the right energy or chemistry for this time of morning. At least Curley's comments would make you laugh or scoff, but you were awake for it!

And where's Ursula? Haven't even heard commercials with her voice... hope she's still with KIRO.


It took way too long for this to happen. I liked Curley at first, but his smarm and sarcasm and his constant interrupting of others made him insufferable to listen to.

Always been a big fan of Ross, and although I'm not too keen on Thomas, I'd rather listen to her than the senseless jawing of Tagney and Reutin. Which is a shame because I used to take Reutin seriously as a reporter.


Mixed feelings...John Curley, who I couldn't stand on TV, is a brilliant radio host. Smart, funny, and insightful. The sort of Conservative I can actually respect.

And it's always great to hear Dave Ross free of Burbank's vapid navel gazing and constant attempts to be clever ("You never saw the BREAKFAST CLUB? Dave, you are SO OLD! Ha ha ha!!!"). Ross could turn KIRO's morning news into something actually useful (well, as useful as KIRO mngmnt will let it be).

But Ross as news host puts a kink in a resolution I settled on this weekend: Giving up on KIRO. Their programming is now noisy redundancy. If I want yackers I'll tune to AM 1090. KIRO FM's new motto ought to be "Radio for people who don't actually listen to the radio."


I suspect it was Curley who forced the change. He was not prepared when the shows started and treated his 5 am listeners as though they did not exist. How many times did he utter things like "nobody is listening at this hour". Insulting.

I think he did try to make it work, I will give Curley credit there, but it just wasn't working for him and the listeners.


"PLEASE get rid of that eastside yupweasel and his unctuous smarm. PLEASE. he drove me to c89.5, because dancepop rots my brain less than his greasy self-infatuation" - horselover fat

"Oh please let it be true! The dimbulb curley was a huge waste of airtime. I hope the fire the programming director" - Don

"Linda Thomas, whose voice makes me feel stabby" - Pat

"No more of that conceited, mean-spirited Curley. I'm surprised none of his co-workers have punched him out on-air." - Dina

You are awful people. The reason radio is so cut throat in the first place is because it's free to the listener and survives on hard won ad revenue. Keep your obvious jelousy issues to yourselves. You were unwilling to make the sacrifices in life that those professionals have made to earn the right to be on the air, talking to you. It's not their fault that you are losers. You should be taking notes, they are better people than you.

Rob Forbes

well you lost me. with my 3 hour cummute curley and tom kept me awake. i love dave but not so early in the morning. think i will need to find another station because i need something to keep me awake and entertained. not just news.

Mike Barer

I like Andrew Walsh in the evening, he brings a lot of the type of the entertainment factor of TBTL. Hopefully they won't move John back to evenings.


Long time listener to Dave Ross, but not sure how morning news will be with him after liking him as a "regular host" for so long.
Interested to hear it though.
I like Curley, but preffered him in a spot where he can have more time to do his thing.
I like the evening show now and still not sure who I'm listening to.
Been good lately though.
Leave Dori where he is and make Ron and Don go away so I can listen in the 3+ hours.
Curley would be great there.
I've been baffled at the R&D thing ever since it started.


There are people who actually still listen to KIRO? whoa....


i have an idea for the KIRO suits: let a modified Magic 8 Ball decide which hosts will be working which hours every day of the week. Every day is different! It would be like now, but official and without the pretense of their being "shows". Have Dori Monson 12pm-3pm, because, you know, and then it's "open microphone" 3pm to the following 12pm.

Beth Crane

Terrible changes. Please just get rid of Luke entirely. Better yet-I will just stop listening to KIRO. What is wrong with the management?


Beth Crane: there's a clear reason you're not in radio management. Or if you are, there's a clear reason why I don't listen to your shows.

Mike in Seattle

Luke Burbank is one of the most entertaining hosts, but sadly, Andrew is insufferable as the evening show host. I've never heard so much pathetic whininess.

But...that Jason Rantz guy is even worse and should be banished forever.

Dave Ross is awesome, but not in that early morning slot. Curley was better in the evening, Ron & Don are fine, and unfortunately we're stuck with Dori Monson's "angry small-town white male" show forever.


With this change, and with John Curley gone, I can actually listen to KIRO from 6 straight to 12 noon and shut the radio off just before Dori and his watered-down teabaggery starts.


I have listened to KIRO Radio since 1975. Jim French would actually spin a platter on a slow news day(!).

Pairing Burbank with Ross has been a disaster. Ross is a gem, and should be allowed free reign. Burbank is capable of cracking a joke on occasion, but most of his words (um, ah, er, I mean...repeat) are place holders to keep his co host from generating actual content.

I remember when Ross would have real news makers as guests, and ask intelligent questions, looking for answers beyond the sound bites.

KIRO management has pushed me away, after 37 years of tuning to KIRO for real news and information. Now it is talk, tabloid fodder and blather. Adios.


I like Luke Burbank, but as part of an act, and not the main draw. He's funny, and knowledgeable of pop culture, but he has very limited depth when it comes to big issues which talk radio usually deals with, such as politics and social issues. His humor and levity require a straight man like Dave Ross or Dave Bose to serve as the supplier of substance which Luke can then play off of.

KIRO promises that Luke will have a revolving door of sidekicks during his show. This aragement is, and always has been, backwards. It means that the aspect of the show which is supposed to be the value proposition, content and information, is not guaranteed to be present. Instead they guarantee that which is ultimately expendable and lacking in real value: comedy and entertainment.


KIRO made a huge mistake when they dumped news in the morning. Why in the world did they ever get rid of Jane Shannon and Gregg Hersholt in the first place? Those two must be having the last laugh over at KOMO watching all this turmoil.


I listen to KIRO all day, every day!! No way should KIRO have made programming changes so soon in the new year, and given up on John Curley so quickly. You can't judge ratings over the holiday period; they didn't give his show a chance. Better they change program directors than keep manipulating the on-air talent. What they will learn now, is that though Dave Ross is great, NOT first thing in the morning. Time to try other stations for my morning commute. Unless they reconsider and bring back Curley. Luke's new show would benefit from a regular presence of David Bose, to give him a reality check. This new change can't be good news for Linda Thomas either, though I like getting more of her take on the news! Nobody wins with this configuration!! Except maybe for Ursula, going back to Dori's show.


Andrew--a lot of what you say is nonsense but I agree with this:


I like Luke Burbank, but as part of an act, and not the main draw. He's funny, and knowledgeable of pop culture, but he has very limited depth when it comes to big issues which talk radio usually deals with, such as politics and social issues. His humor and levity require a straight man like Dave Ross or Dave Bose to serve as the supplier of substance which Luke can then play off of."

Now if they'd just get rid of the Wee One, the angry white male who worked for everything he has and resents people who--he perceives--haven't. It's his kind who voted for Romney and are taking the Republican party/conservatism down.

Aunt Mabel

Big mistake getting rid of Curley. At least he woke people up in the morning, as opposed to this current twosome. The management at KIRO needs to do some reshuffling amongst themselves, and lay off the talent for awhile. People like to have consistency and routine in their radio listening. If you continue to move the shows around, and hosts disappear every few weeks, you will lose listeners for good.


Obviously, Ross doesn't want to hang around until noon anymore, so why not give Curley most of the morning spot? Let Ross have 6 'til 9 am and then let Curley have it until noon.


I know what the PD must think when he sees these comments: "your expectations are unrealistic, we do the best we can with what we have", and to that I would say, no you're definately not. If you think we want solo Luke Burbank, just think back to TBTL and know that it is now a succesful podcast. I suppose they had different management waaaay back then, that three whole years ago.

David Bose might be the new Dave Ross, or a young Michael Medved that isn't ideologically petrified. I think it would be great if he was with Burbank in lieu of Ross, full time. I'm not even a conservative.

Regarding Gregg Hersholt, he spoke in a tone that was like a 50 year old for other 50 year olds. Dave Ross is also in his 50's (I think) and yet still manages to speak to all age groups, for the most part, although Luke would sometimes bring out the "I don't know and I don't want to know" side of his age.


I was pleasently surprised this morning. I only get FM on my Ipod and would switich to music just after the 5:00 news. I agree with those who find the "new" Kiro a shadow of it's former self.
PS. Ban Dori from Seahawks broadcasts. Let's try Bill Shwartz[sp]


Today's changes were very disappointing. I can barely tolerate Don in the afternoon but I enjoyed John Curley in the morning and then Ross & Burbank so I just continued to listed to KIRO after that but I'm afraid that may change now.


Maybe they will pair Erin Hart with Luke Burbank. Oh MY GOD that would be so AWESOME! SQUEEEEEEE!!!


I couldn't stand Curley's arrogance, so no loss there. This is an incredibly fast change even for radio. I wonder if anyone has really thought this through? Were the ratings with Curley bad? That said, I enjoy both Dave Ross and Linda Thomas.


A few years ago when KIRO switched to FM, the listeners said they wanted straight-foward news across all day-parts. Gotta wonder what will happen to afternoon drive with Ron and Don...


As long as R&D maintain good ratings, I imagine they'll stay right where they are.


Listeners say they want news, and yet there's KOMO, and they're not going for it. Meanwhile, everyone thinks shock jocks are the scum of the earth, and yet they get big ratings. Listeters can't tell you want they want because they believe they are better people than they really are.

The PD said on a spot, played around noon, that they've heeded the emails and are putting news on in the mornings, but they've tried the calm intellectual angle with Bill Radke, and it didn't work. John Curley was the alternative they were looking for. If the morning show had any problems, it was with the production, not the talent. They're reverting to a failed formula, and ruining a fine show all at the same time.


Curley got booted because he kept calling Sullivan "Sully". They need to move Curely back to the 7-10, or as someone else suggested, give him Ron & Don's spot. Bust out Dori, he's terrible. I also agree with others that I don't think Burbank can carry his own show.


By the way, Andrew Walsh is a joke. I cannot listen to that guy one more minute. I swear he is a chick in dude's clothing, with a nasty chick beard at that!


I don't agree that Andrew Walsh is effeminate, certainly not to the degree that Burbank has shown himself to be capable of, but I think he has an air of pomposity and undeserved self-regard in his on-air persona. Where as Monson is so over the top you can call it a schtick, with Andrew Walsh it comes across as unironic and grating. Until he's logged a couple of years behind a KIRO mic, I don't want to hear him acting as though he owns the building.


Luke Burbank is dope

One of the few men left that provides REAL TALK on the radio


I stopped listening to KIRO a while back when they decided that they had to play the "Cars For Kids" spot to the point where I wanted to have dental drills inserted into my ears and run at top speed. The spots are annoying and the charity is a scam.


That's kars, with a k.

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