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December 14, 2012



You had to dance in the blood to push your politcal agenda.

What about the 200 million, many children, who were killed by their own governments in the 20th century.

Virtually in every case linked to civilian disarmament, i.e. gun control


death by gun control


push your politcal agenda.

Yes, I'm one of those who is proud to say my political agenda is saving lives. And a whole lot more. Your propaganda means nothing to me.

Gentlemen Rouge

You had to dance in the blood to push your politcal agenda.

Posted by: IIII | December 14, 2012 at 06:53 PM

Riiight, and your political agenda is one of quieting the opposition furthering the status quo. A position which ensures much blood for all to dance.

Matthew Nicolas

Hey kids. You. The Ones that left us today. The ones who experienced the worst that humanity can do. You little angels who closed your eyes in a living Hell this morning. I'm so, so very sorry that this world didn't give you a chance.

I'm a nobody guy from a small town in Michigan. You would've never known me.
But in all of this overwhelming sadness of today, I just want to let you all know that you matter. Even though you didn't even have a chance to realize how big the world is, today, the sad end of your lives affected MILLIONS of people. It's probably little comfort for you at all, but tonight in America, in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, Australia....everywhere.... mommies are holding their kids a little tighter and a little longer. Daddies are listening to their kids and showing them more love.

You twenty little souls were set free this morning and there is nothing good that could be said about that. But because you left, and the way you were taken, millions of kids still here on Earth tonight will be shown more love than any other ordinary Friday.

Your short and precious lives had a value and a purpose.

Matthew Nicolas


Something to think about: http://www.equalitytrust.org.uk/node/709

Gentlemen Rouge

At least we’re not the worst in social mobility??? It’s the best I can do…


Bill is correct - an inconvenient truth. Enough of the cheap sanctimonious claptrap for political gan - doing that in after an event such as this is nauseating and shows that your taste is in your mouth, T-S.

We are all saddened by this tragic event and there is something dreadfully wrong with society today. It's time to focus on how to right these wrongs and not who we can blame - that mindset will only make things worse.

Gentlemen Rouge

Ohh enlighten us KS, how do you obtain Bill from IIII? I think someone has been hiding their grammatical flaws . amiright ? But the hyperbolic rhetoric was an easy tell.

Hedge Fund Hal

It was embarrassing yesterday to live in amajor city where the noontime host who took over from the morning guys on the city's flagship talk station to continue the wll to wall Sandy Hook coverage had a voice that sounded more babyish and less articulate htan the grade school kids being interviewed by news people.


Hal, here’s a blast form the past.

"and I'm not now complaining about polls. Am I ?"- T-S.......yeah you seemed to be doing something of that sort actually, T-S. The polls are telling you, with a few outlier/minor poll exceptions that Obama is winning the popular vote and his lead is slowly growing. ABC/WSJ, Gallup, and Rasmusen all have him at 50% or above. Your comments seemed to imply that there are all these millions of people ( a lot of young white guys, these huge, huge numbers of women, almost all blacks and latinos) who are voting for Obama, in fact the number is so big its almost everyone except for some sour, embittered old white men who refuse to get in step with the 2012 Obama parade, in fact,only 38% of white men, you wrote ......but the polls say this simply isn't so.....if anything we know from the sampling methods that the republicans are being undercounted...... it's pretty much a given that if the polls are wrong, the right number would give Romney even more votes.......so if you don't have a problem wiht the poll numbers i'm really confused ....your theory is apparently that Obama is actually way ahead in the popular vote...the polls just dont support that....hahaT-S.....sorry....

Posted by: Hedge Fund Hal | October 27, 2012 at 12:13 AM

I’m back from my Ohio gig. I missed you buddy. I showed my co-workers your posts while in the buckeye state and it seemed to motivate them. I told them you were just joking but they just didn’t see the humor. I think we did great, how’d it work out for you? Ohhh those heady days of shit talkin’ are just one mouse click away.


Bill's claim - Where is there a flaw in this ? Hand waving arguments without sufficient documentation will be dismissed... Bill - be ready to defend against spurious charges.

Death by "Gun Control"

♦♦ Berlin Jewish Journey ♦♦

Also, view The Auschwitz Album.

Plus -"Islam's Armenian Genocide - Template for the Holocaust"

Print out our Membership application to mail or fax

JPFO's fast Secure On-Line Membership form.


let's play a fun game: can anyone tell me the skin color of shooter?
If you guessed white, you're probably right.
WTF white men. sack up and deal with your crazy problems. Going to a therapist to talk about how it's not fair that you have to treat women and minorities as equalz isn't compromising your masculinity. It's keeping you from mass murder.
Also, I don't see da gayz, married or unmarried, shooting up schools. Nope. Just straight, loner, white men.


Correction to previous comment - that's Iill's claim - Where is there a flaw in this ? Hand waving arguments without sufficient documentation will be dismissed... Iill - be ready to defend against spurious charges.


Reggie, that was a funny post. And just enough truth to make you think…


Again, 200 million dead in the 20th century. Quite a few of them children. Take the random example of Cambodia.

They had strict gun control since 1938. From 1970 to 1980 2.035 million of them were killed by their own government, about 29 pct. of the population, 1 in every 3.4 people.

They had no means to resist. Where are the tears for those 2 million dead?


Point taken, but don't talk about communist regimes with a large centrailized government (like China in 1938 to 1942- Mao) where 36 million died - we'll have none of that here !!


Some common sense about guns and people from Dr. John Lott (who contrary to misinformation is not a gun nut), - well informed - follow his train of thought;

"I believe that the people who are pushing for these gun controls are well intentioned. I think they’re wrong. I think the things they’re going to make life more dangerous. But it’s understandable. If you see something bad that happens, and it happens with a gun, the natural reaction is: ‘Well, if I take the gun away, bad things won’t happen anymore.’ The problem is you have to realize that when you go and ban guns, you may only take them away from good law-abiding citizens and not the criminals. And to disarm good law-abiding citizens . . . you just make it easier for crime to occur, not harder."

"You also have to think about self defense. They say bad things happen with guns. But the news rarely covers people using guns defensively to stop crimes from happening. And that has a huge impact on people’s perceptions about the costs and benefits of guns."

Remember - noone can take access to guns away from criminals and psychopaths in the real world.


The irony, this is exactly what the progressives were afraid of if Romney was elected last month. The irony.


what irony are you speaking of. of all the progressives i know, none were afraid of Rmoney. he just seemed like a two face shill.


Not afraid of Romney, afraid of gun toting white people hugging their guns in schools.


ok, are you equating this guy to gun toting 2nd amendment tpyes? and how is that ironic?


What a short memory. It's no wonder you voted Obama.


Denial is river frequently navigated by nameless and other regressives.


I like that headline. 10,000 plus died by handguns. Ironic that 90 percent of those deaths happen in those progressive islands scattered throughout the country.


Is that where Cheney was when he blew off a face?

It's a nice opinion this John Lott - doctor of what pray tell? - seems to cherish. Too bad it's not based on factual evidence.

For the real story, check out the stringent gun laws in Israel (which has a real need for self defense), Switzerland and Australia. It seems reasonably clear, then, that the gun buyback led to a large decline in suicides, and weaker but real evidence that it reduced homicides as well.


Both sides of Australian politics agree the US must consider legislating for tougher gun control following the massacre at a Connecticut school.

The majority of Americans know that guns must be controlled. But idiots who are backed by the profiteering armaments industry will do their best to rationalize idiocy. With the help of gerrymandering and filibusters, they win. They may comprise thirty percent of the electorate, but they win. And they think it is fair and just because they are idiots and idiots just don't know any better.


Not true, guns held by the mentally ill must be controlled but not law bidding citizens. There are some gun laws that need to be shored up along with getting the mentally ill under control. So tell us, how do these laws get enforced on the criminal element or unlawful gun owners ?

Also, do away from the gun-free zones, which attract criminals - a no brainer. Gun buybacks here are a feel good solution, but most criminals and homocidal maniacs prefer to keep their guns.

More jibberish and simplistic, lack of logic solutions from a control freak. Even the NRA has concurred that more restrictions be placed for guns, but they could never do enough in the eyes of the anti 2nd amendment crowd.


The NRA is silent on this. I wonder if this will be their Waterloo?

Finis Hominis

I wonder why Goper didn’t answer the question of nameless.

ok, are you equating this guy to gun toting 2nd amendment tpyes?

Are you actually equating right wing gundamentalist to this killer of children, Goper?


Not true, guns held by the mentally ill must be controlled...

And you're plan to accomplish that?

I'm sure you have one. Right?


let's see, Goper has realized the folly of her last statement so she changed the subject. good for you Goper, at least you have the wisdom to see you faults. so let's follow her down the most recent rabbit hole.

"10,000 plus died by handguns. Ironic that 90 percent of those deaths happen in those progressive islands"

Posted by: GOPer | December 18, 2012 at 05:35 PM

again, where is the iorny?


More comprehensive background checks T-S and tighter controls on the mentally ill in society - reopening institutions that house them - using money from waste in healthcare and defense. It will reduce the incidence of guns in hands of the mentally ill, but will not eliminate it completely.

What is iorny ?

Hedge Fund Hal

Reggie, we'll deal with our problems when you and your fellow young male black folk stop committing over fifty percent of all the murders in this country (FBI Crime Statistics) after "dealing with your problems". Fair deal? neato.

Hedge Fund Hal

quick, read this post while you can. the Animal Farm (some posts are more equal than others) team of little Blatherwatch censors will take this off as soon as they find it.

Hedge Fund Hal

my living room wall is papered with prinouts of all the posts and portions of posts the team cnsored during the six or 8 monhts of the electon season. go and ahead and ban me, you twerps. couldnt care less.

Hedge Fund Hal

to paraphrase Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider....."this used to be a damned good blog".......until a group of littl Seattle p.c. lib control freaks got ahold of it...... they basically ruined it....


Hal, welcome back…what’s with the belly aching?


Hal's referring to a phenomenon most of us on the more conservative side have experienced on this blog since Michael left. Our posts are either censored/deleted, or worse yet, altered. I have had this happen on several occasions and haven't posted much since then.


Well, that’s interesting. I’ve also been admonished form time to time. When it happens I get an e-mail explaining my ridicules over the top behavior. In which I tip my hat and assure as not to offend again. That being said Tommy, has a looonnnggg history of out of this world posts, which I consider funny as hell. And some are deleted because they go too far. Take your reprimand and post again.


Tommy/Hal leaves for one day after the election and then comes back with a Donald excuse and then lames out again. Lame, Lame, Lame Tommy/Hal/Sybil!


Hal, speaking of censored posts, here’s a partial of one of your deleted posts. You were ranting about the First Lady and her emanate departure of the White House, or so you thought.

“or next February when she will be a private citizen, THANKFULLY, that would be fine.”

Posted by: Hedge Fund Hal | September 25, 2012 at 05:52 AM

By the way Hal, you don’t have to print out and paper your living room with deleted posts. Cached versions of web pages can be found, Google can be your friend. And I’m sure your mom could use the tape to wrap the presents.


Hahaha. You're sharp as usual, Rhino! Since Hal is back, perhaps we'll hear more from you again. You've been missed.

More comprehensive background checks T-S and tighter controls on the mentally ill in society - reopening institutions that house them - using money from waste in healthcare and defense.

Hmmm. Isn't that what Carolyn McCarthy has been trying to accomplish for years? BTW, waste in healthcare - Reagan thought mental illness was a waste of healthcare and so put them all back on the streets. You think he was wrong? I think Republicans need to sort out their priorities and find some consensus.

And I wonder why the very rich unauditable defense dept. isn't in charge of defending our embassies overseas instead of the State Department. Why should Clinton have to worry about defending embassies? We have a huge defense department. Let them do it. At least we'd see something for our money besides drone attacks.


Good article from Republican Bruce Bartlett on the corruption of right-wing think tanks. If it is not too intellectual for our so-called conservative friends. Thinking is hard work sometimes. The Alarming Corruption of the Think Tanks

Also, apparently he has some harsh words for KS' beloved tea party:
Thom Hartmann interviews Bruce Bartlett, Historian/Domestic Policy Adviser to President Ronald Reagan/Treasury official under President George H. W. Bush. Bartlett writes for New York Times, Financial Times, Fiscal Times, and Tax Notes magazine. This man is an old school Republican who realizes what the Tea Party really is: a bunch of crazy, ignorant fools.


Today's quote - "Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian."

Henry Ford

The Tea Party gets demonized by a stodgy old fool while the Occupy Movement gets a free pass - it's about the ideology and the facts be damned... Rewriting history again, I see. That world is upside-down, dysfunctional and alphabet network all over.


"Using money from waste in healthcare and defense" to pay for your gun fetish?

I don't think so, that's socialism. If you need a penis substitute how about gun owners, NRA members and gun manufacturers picking up the tab. If we are going to need armed security guards at every school your taxes are going up a lot.

How about $1M liability insurance for gun owners, the NRA already provides $25,000 which buys about 10 minutes in intensive care. How about consumer protection laws for guns and repeal the law that prevents suing gun manufacturers.

This is starting to affect our other economy. No longer safe at the bar, restaurant, mall, or school or at the movie theater. And the NRA wants more people carrying, the poseurs who do that are the last fucking people I want anywhere near me.

And why don't we change rules so that all guns must be fully loaded and cocked at gun shows, stop being pussies? Let's see if these in-animate objects really don't kill people. Let's use cheap chinese ammo and get some good you-tube out of it.


T-S, glad you posted that Bartlett link. I doubt KS will take heed, the crazy, ignorant fool part may have something to do with it.

ExPattBrit, interesting way to expose the hypocrisy…

funny, funny, funny.


"Using money from waste in healthcare and defense" to pay your your gun fetish?

You made that up Ex-Pat Brit - putting words in other people's comments. To cut to the quick, you yearn to be a control freak - et tu, BR ?


To further clarify; "It would be a good idea to limit the sale of violent video games, but that won't solve the problem. Parents need to be responsible is keeping them away from their young children. Some loopholes in existing gun laws also should be closed. Mental institutions should be reopened. If we could take the cost of maintaining 54K military personnel in Germany, sharply reduce this outlay and transfer to funding reopening of mental institutions, that would be way more beneficial to our culture, which has been off the rails for a long time."

Hey, so what that this sounds square, old fashioned, principled, confined - but you'd see that the end result is superior to the no boundaries, anything goes, don't worry about the cost, whatever as long as it's fun approach.


History Lesson KS: The Native Americans are not "taken care of by the government." We slaughtered their chiefs. Remember? In America, WE (That's you, baby) are the government. That means you take care of yourself. And when you lose all your money from stupidity and all your health from sitting in front of your computer all day, you won't have to come begging to me because you will have social security (in which you've been forced to invest all your working life) and medicare (in which you've been forced to invest all your working life) and you won't have to beg for a safety net. That's because you were forced to invest in your own senior welfare. So I guess that makes you a welfare recipient. Doesn't it?

That's you taking care of you by being part of a democracy in which smart people voted to make those things happen.

As for the "don't worry about the cost..." crap, I think it was Cheney who said "deficits don't matter." You keep forgetting that. The democrats keep cleaning up your messes. But you will never learn. Will you? Reagan increased the deficit more than all the other previous Presidents combined. At least, according to Hartmann. Clinton cleaned it up. Bush the junior gave us another HUGE deficit with big pharma, two wars off budget and tax cuts. No wonder Bartlett calls you guys a bunch of crazy, ignorant fools.

And dear BW crew, I didn't say it. Bartlett did.


KS, when we talk, and i give you that "what the hell are you talking about" look, that last comment explains it all. you never have made much sense.

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