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November 29, 2012



GOPer won't comment on this thread. He cannot rebut the obvious.


Although the brain is undergoing modification, we'll see if Norquist will get his way or become irrelevant

Nevet's ghost

Just another obfuscation and/or dose of cannibus designed to prevent you lib progs from attention to the burning issues of the world. Hey - It's working !


Unchecked self-interest, oxymoronic morality and an unconnected common sense is the current description of the republicans.

A bit of drool on the caricature would reflect a truer version of the baggers.

Nevet's ghost

Keep inhaling from that bong - it shows your discontinutiy loud and clear !


obsfucation . . . now where have I read that one before. Several times before. Not to mention the nonsense spewed.

Oxymoronic morality? Good one, BR. Unchecked self interest? Even better. Unconnected common sense? See previous post.

Check out Scarborough's post about capital gains and Warren Buffet. He must be another Soros! My oh my. soaking the rich

Hartmann directed his audience to this post. He said Scarborough is still a working man whose paycheck puts him in the 35% tax bracket and even he's tired of seeing the ultra rich living off their capital gains paying nothing or almost nothing. Only KS and his fellow low-information peers seem to think the upper class deserves to live off the rest of us.


Please KS, you are a classic depiction of the toon.

lotus eater

In case you missed it, Ross and Burbank's producer Andrew Walsh will take over the KIRO-FM evening 7p-10p slot. He'll be doing the show with Ross and Burbank's young (22 yo) board op. Starts next week...

No information on who is taking over the Ross and Burbank producer role…


Only KS and his fellow low-information peers seem to think the upper class deserves to live off the rest of us.

Posted by: TS | November 29, 2012 at 10:25 PM

You have your head up your tuckus as usual, TS. Let them raise the taxes, but only when the Dems show their list of itemized spending cuts. Obama is playing chicken with the fiscal cliff and waiting for the GOP to blink. Best thing that can be done - wait until after New Year.


we agree.


Hahaha. How does one play chicken with an immovable object? And I think you are agreeing with Obama. He's willing to wait. No letting Repubs have their way when they lost the people's vote.


Say that a little louder, Candy


Some presumptuous a** tried to lecture me on the expense involved in small local radio. However, I've been noticing that there are quite a few local stations that are quite capable of providing liberal talk. Even Arizona manages to have one: 1480 kphx Phoenix carries Hartmann almost twice some days - from 4-6 pacific time and again at 6-9 pacific time. I don't get that but I do get it via computer. KPHX also carries Alan Colmes and I've learned to like him a bit.. Also, Bellingham which is a fairly purple place with a lot of conservatives brings me Randi, Ed, Thom, even Norm and Stephanie on KBAI 930 AM.

So I guess local radio can bring liberal talk without investing in huge sums of money if they choose to do it. Odd that I will be able to get liberal talk in Bellingham but not blue Seattle. I will be interested to see a comparison of ratings once they get sports going. Also, I wish they had tried a smoother and more professional sound on KPTK before giving up. It never was a full-out effort. In fact, it was pretty annoying a lot of the time.

I guess it will move me into the world of smart phones and podcasts...


i got a virgin moble 3g for 49 bucks about a year ago. the service is about 25 duckets a month. and i don't pay for podcasts.

Bobby Hill

Remember when a person could go to college or a trade school and get a job that would support a family and provide health insurance and a pension? Those days are gone. Do you know when it all started to change? When Ronald Reagan was elected. “The Conservative Revolution” has gutted and destroyed this country. George Bush Sr. called Reagan’s economic policies “Voodoo Economics” before he joined the ticket. That’s exactly what they are, and conservatives are still peddling it 30 years later.

As far as other stations, if you check TuneIn radio, there are many many liberal talk stations out there to stream. You only need a smart phone if you want to hear it in your car. And the people who made the decision to go to sports dont do their research. Liberal talk stations that flip to sports end up at less than one percent listenership, but that doesnt seem to bother investors as long as it isnt liberal.

KS your side lost BADLY so suck it up and stop whining.


It seems to me that with our win of 234 Congressional seats and holding on to 47 Senate seats is equal to 281 wins vs your 53 Senate seats and 201 Congressional seats plus the Kenyan is equal to 255 wins.
We won more elections than you libs so deal with it.
We do not have to do what you want without you giving in to our demands.
281 to 255. Suck on that TS. We won the peoples vote.


"Remember when a person could go to college or a trade school and get a job that would support a family and provide health insurance and a pension? Those days are gone. Do you know when it all started to change? "

You don't even know what occurred when Reagan was president - you were rewriting history like a good little regressive soldier. It was when you regressives elected Obama in 2008. That's when it really changed, when the Government became more a part of the economy - they call that centralized government. Now there are nearly 48 million people on Food stamps and more and more people getting free stuff, while the real unemployment rate stays above 15% (as many people are not counted for the unemployment rate as there are).

So Bobby Hill - pull your head out of where the sun don't shine and tell us what your solution to improve the economy is. Waiting...


You seem to have an obsession with ass cheeks KS. You might want to see a doctor about that.

Right on, Bobby Hill.

To the one who relies on a gumment paycheck and gumment healthcare: 332 to 206 electoral votes defeats you without the funny math. The senate is +2 democrat -2 republican and the house dems picked up +8 seats and the republicans lost -8 even after the big gerrymandering.

No matter how you slice and dice it, the democrats won. But carry on with your fiction. Lotteries, luck, whining and fantasy is your game.


BTW, he-who-is-dependent-on-gumment-healthcare: you might consider moving to one of those republican states rather than whining all the time about liberals. Keeping with your own kind . . . you know.
Tea party types; low-information voters; polluted places. I don't know why anyone who hates liberals stays in WA State. I just don't get that. Move to Arizona. You and Sheriff Joe will get along just fine. Surely it isn't the gumment paycheck that keeps you in this god-forgotten place.


I stay here for my liberal dad, liberal brothers, liberal sister, liberal nieces and nephews, two of my children, three of my grand children and all of the important things that a lonely old hag could never understand.
I'm not going to run from a fight. Enjoy me, I'm here to stay. Everybody knows how you miss me when I stay away.


Or maybe ego?


More likely ego, Kimmy. His dad is a Lake Chelan conservative. You can't trust him anymore than any other Republican.


Oh, and his grandkids are in Arizona as I recall. Going to charter schools. I think it's the gumment paycheck and healthcare.


I keep remembering . . . guess my gray matter is better 'n yours. As I recall, your son was the liberal and your daughter the conservative in Arizona. You must have a lot of kids out there for two of them to be liberals. Or did the daughter get some sense in her head once she left daddy?


I'll comment. I unlike some will say where I stand. On this progressive map of a conservatives brain is proof they are misinformed or just ignorant of facts. 5 of 7 continents here I can agree with. Evolution is real. Abortion, politically and religiously is a concern. It's neither for me. For those that can't agree with the other five is akin to being a flat earther in the days of Columbus. Interesting theory going on or just a good book plot. Obama was born in Kenya. 2 months premature and his parents faked his birth on a ship off the coats of Hawaii with a bribe to the captain. Interesting huh.


GOPer - Your theory about Obama is as paranoid and off-base as TS's typically mentally challenged comments.

Agreed - that the map of a conservative brain shows the low information mentality that is a result to buying into the leftwing claptrap from the media and the bogus study that it was derived from.

However, it does nothing constructive to counter with paranoia about Obama's birthplace. You elevate yourself on the far right to the level paranoid whack-job held by TS on the far left. Obama's mama may have been leftwing extremist whack job, but she was an American citizen.


Sorry KS, but having doubts about the birthplace of Obama is not being paranoid. It's a matter of the abuse and degradation of the Constitution this country was founded on and amended. Someone's birthplace should not be interpreted but verifiable.


Whatever, but it is a non-starter in a leftist rich environment.

Bobby Hill

I love the smell of conservative heads exploding in the morning. You really thought you were going to win, didn't you.


“Agreed - that the map of a conservative brain shows the low information mentality that is a result to buying into the leftwing claptrap”

Posted by: KS | December 02, 2012 at 10:07 AM

KS, your wrong. A conservative buying into the liberal way is a RINO, not a conservative! Like Romney.
And Obummer was born offshore. You’re a two bit hack trying to blame conservative’s.


If it is a non-starter KS, then why was it put into this map. Looks tome the left wants to know the truth beyond MSNBC and progressive radio.

Friend of the Whip

If T-S keeps up her running dialogue and personal attacks she'll be kicked off this blog once again and forced to adapt yet another new name. What's this like number #4?

Poor Comcast dude, getting a call to yet again reset her ISP number to allow T-S to go on websites she has been banned from.



reset her isp number??? you don't have to call your isp to reset your ip. just do a ip release...welcome to the 21st century & your welcome.


Where did my last post go? I was looking forward to that woman's response.

lord shaftesbury

Iraq war cost $806 billion, approx 3% of fed. spending while it lasted. If it hadn't happened, it wouldn't have made much difference with the deficit. The Afghan war was strongly supported by Obama and Dems, so the left unwittingly points a finger at itself there. The Bush tax cuts were rate cuts, but revenue was roughly flat during the Bush years. $2.1 trillion in 1999, $2.2 trillion in 2008. That caused the debt, yeah, sure.

It was the spending stupid. A million there, 5.3 million for anti-texting ads there. Your brain on liberalism.

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