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November 19, 2012



Sounds like someone TS would get her news from.


Well, I answered your "blaming
bush" post and you had no response. So easier to respond with an ad hominem. Better to respond with factual and logical arguments, don't you think? I can always tell when I get the better of a debater when they come back with insults.


It's a shame, because there is a good example of a talk radio programme that actually brought people together, from across the divide. Talkback in Northern Ireland on BBC Radio Ulster. It was described as the alternative peace process, came on the air at just the right time during the Troubles.(The term they give for the IRA activity of the late 20th Century) It provided a neutral ground of sorts for people to air grievances, and has survived the test of time, and the transition to what seems more mundane topics, covering issues out of Stormont(Northern Ireland Assembly), Belfast City Hall, the recent scandal affecting the BBC as a whole, soccer, and even the controversy out of the hospital in Galway in the Republic(Ireland). Another issue in recent months, was a reminder of the troubles, the Peace Walls, and whether it was time for them to (finally) go.(They were built to separate some of the predominantly protestant areas from the predominately Catholic areas.) Constructive talk, instead of tearing somebody down.


I doubt an American-style talk show would work in that political system anyway, in Northern Ireland, they use the same electoral system as the Republic for electing Members of Legislative Assembly, City Councils, Members of European Parliament(but use the same winner take all system we use, to elect MPs to the UK Parliament), Single-Transferable Vote proportional representation. There is a chance that if you threw too much mud at your opponent, you could lose 2nd Choice votes from that person, and that might sway the election against you. That and the Northern Irish Assembly works on a concensus system, as part of the peace process.

Bob Nelson

WTDY Madison WI flipped from talk (had some prog.?) to all Christmas. Mass layoffs. Sports may be new format


Chris Chronic

We saw, firing them on Thanksgiving eve and stunting Christmas music makes them looks like shits however. Madison probably needs a CBS Sports radio presence there.

"The audience for the station skews male -- 64% male to 36% female -- and older. The median age of its listeners is 53. Most are college educated (76%) and employed (74%). Seventy percent of listeners have a household income of $50,000 or more."

Not a big loss for progressive talk--they still have 92.1 The Mic, for now.

Nevet's ghost

Who in the hell is Doug Stephan ? His program has never been heard here. It's easy to get on the anti-Rush bandwagon. Limbaugh is not doing the GOP any favors and why should the GOP care about what he says anyway ? That is part of their problem. they are not really as much the old white men party as the Dems spotlight them to be. Have the Democrats looked at themselves in the mirror lately ? They have a good number of old,white guilt ridden liberal elitist men. It's pretty much an even split between the two parties for the old white men, but the GOP never says anything pointed at the Democrats to draw the attention of anyone about this - just sayin .

Meanwhile, I tend to pull for the underdog - no mistake it is the GOP at this time. What are they going to do about it ? They had better start reaching out to Hispanics, women and blacks and striking back against the propaganda from the left - which is being regarded because the GOP don't strike back and effectively debate the Democrats.

If the Democrats told the truth some of the time- I would be more empathetic toward the left, but they seldom do. Meanwhile there is a void, where the electorate likes status quo, when it is leading us down the centrifuge and into the abyss and most of the news outlets love it, but they are dupes and mostly stuck on stupid. Patience though, the social media could easily change the landscape.


Well, Steven's ghost, you don't make any more sense than old Steven did. I wonder if you're still glad-handing underpaid people shopping at Walmart?

Nevet's ghost

Here's something that should make no sense to any rational American (the exception of TS noted);
How can it make any sense to look upon the Muslim Brotherhood-with outreach to Hezbollah and other terrorist groups funded by Iran more favorably than the opposing party in this country ? Batshit crazy !&*

(Excerpts by Rich Lowry in Politico)
"Obama famously disdained Mitt Romney. But the devotee of an Islamist organization about to stage a self-coup in the most important Arab country in the Middle East? Now, that’s a man he can understand and work with.

The business about an engineer’s precision is priceless. What did the president expect? Morsi to try to convert him to Islam and harangue him about Malia and Sasha not wearing head scarves?

Morsi didn’t get where he is today without rationally calculating his interests and those of the Brotherhood. He probably has many crisply precise conversations every day; that doesn’t make his ultimate goal any less unreasonable. Mussolini might have talked with Obama calmly and impressively — like an engineer, even — about the rail line from Rome to Florence; that wouldn’t have made him any less noxious.

The administration’s reaction to Morsi’s decree has been, “Well, golly, we hope everyone can talk things through.” White House spokesman Jay Carney thundered during his daily briefing, “We have expressed and raised concerns about the decisions and declarations of Nov. 22, and we’ll continue to do that as appropriate.” State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland chimed him with her own memorable condemnation: “It’s a little bit unclear to us … whether the various constituencies have all felt that they’ve been heard and had their views taken into account.”

In its mealy-mouthed non-condemnations, the Obama administration does no favors to the actual moderates who are in the streets of Egypt pushing to get Morsi to back down."


Sooo KS, are you saying T-S would agree with Rich Lowry, or Rich Lowry's opinion? There is a difference ya know.

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