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November 12, 2012



Oregon now has no Progressive Talk save a couple geographically isolated low-power stations that can reach out to very few people. If KPTK goes too, then the entire Pacific Northwest will be effectively blacked-out from getting anything but Rightie propaganda on home, portable or car AM radios.

Mike Barer

KVI switched back, maybe eventually 1090 will.

Melinda York

If this happens, KPTK will be making a huge mistake. There are plenty of sports radio channels, but no progressive channels. You will lose listeners. You will lose advertising. Don't do it.


This is horrible! There are already 2 sports stations in the Seattle market. Any truth to the rumor that Bain Capital may be behind this?

Chris Chronic

CBS owns 1090, we're still looking for a confirmation but we hear the format change is true.

This would make am 1090 the 5th or 6th sports station in the Seattle/Everett/Tacoma market counting FM 102.9


Spokane's progressive radio, 1280KTPQ, switched to classic county earlier this spring. If 1090 goes, too, that means that the three biggest cities in the Northwest will have all lost progtalk in the last year.


No money in progressive talk. Maybe O will come through with some lefty radio money and ensure his loyal electors can hear his propaganda.


Seems coincidental to the very left-leaning election we just had where the corporatists lost.

Makes one wonder, doesn't it?


BTW, maybe it's time for a grassroots effort to take down the monopolistic ownership of radio stations. A little Sherman Anti-Trust effort could go a long way. Control the message and you can bury the people in the shroud of democracy. Fascism ascends.

This is serious.


The medium may go away but the message won't. Streaming and Sirrus remain.


Hey TS, is that like controlling the message on Benghazi. Like what O actually meant which CBS hid from the public for weeks until it was too late. Or O covering up this Petraous scandal. Or controlling the unemployment numbers. Yes Progressive control is great.


Oh, just gave notice to my 32 employees that at the beginning of the year I am closing my shop thanks to O. The folks didn't take it well. Oh we'll, I made mine. Now to go to Canada and find some actual freedom.


Gopper: you don't have 32 employees except in your dreams. Anybody who hates the socialist Obama and then flees to that social democracy called Canada doesn't have the megawatts to succeed in business. You are good for a laugh, however.

Benghazi? Smart people are waiting for the investigation. Petraeus - that dynamic dude put into action by Bush as head of Centcom - that Petraeus? The Petraeus who was assigned commanding general to the multi-national force in Iraq by George Bush? That Petraeus?

I don't think Canada allows wackos to become citizens but heck give it a try. I'm sure you'll be so much happier in a social democracy with free healthcare.

Hahahahahaha. Now, go back to bed and try to think of something intelligent to post tomorrow. Or, move to Mississippi. You'd probably prefer Mississippi to Canada now that I think of it.


Let the conservatives rule talk radio and be the lemmings they are in following Maha Rushie over the cliff. We've just witnessed what it gets them. Bwahahaha


if you can't pull a podcast for free, you should be listening right wing radio.


There were a lot of people who voted for Obama that aren't walking around with an I-Pod next to their ear or who listen to the radio online. If we lose mainstream radio, that's a big gap in our information freeway on the left. That is sort of elitist thinking and it gets us in trouble.

And I pay for the podcasts I get which are Malloy (although I usually listen the old fashioned way) and Ring of Fire. I mostly buy podcasts to support the program.

Mike Barer

Talk radio is always better when it tilts to the "out party", they are the angry ones.

Bob Nelson

The TALKERS site mentions this blog (and says "cool name!") and article about the supposed flip. Re: KPOJ, it adds "TALKERS is not privy at this time to how well Clear Channel was able to sell KPOJ but it should surprise few in the business that sports content has never been hotter from a consumption standpoint and political talk – whether conservative or progressive – is, from a sales perspective, controversial and therefore a much tougher sell, probably even in a progressive market such as Portland."


Really TS, that's what you think of Canada. My god you are misinformed. Canada is the santuary for those that want to be free from Tyranny Rule whether from Johnson's draft dodgers to today's O's socialist resisters. Always has been, always will. Heck, remember Erin Hart, how publicly she was ready to throw her children across the north border to save them from Bush's war. She was just making noise. Me, we'll I'm following it all the way through. You can keep your beloved O, come the first of 2013 I'm outta here and 32 people are out of good paying jobs. Do me a favor, don't follow me.


Back to the topic at hand: Progressive Talk gets virtually no ratings in "liberal" Seattle and Portland. CBS is launching its sports network and will undoubtedly put that on 1090 and do much better. It is, after all, a business.

Brian Maloney

No free speech for you, sieg heil!


Oh TS, talk about being misinformed, Petraeus was appointed to that position in 2011. A little past GWB's authority doncha think. Oh, keep up the childish game of making fun of people's screen names.


It sounds like CBS, which owns KPTK, is switching to its new CBS Sports Network.
Maybe one if the other AM stations searching for a new format would take on Progrsseive Radio. But if another station gets it, progressive would need to support it better than they did with KPTK.
Sports may be popular but not popular enough to support 5 or 6 stations.


"socialists resistors" - a "socialist resistor" is heading to a social democracy for refuge? Hahahaha. Told you that Mississippi was a better choice for you.

From Wiki: In January 2007, as part of his overhauled Iraq strategy, President George W. Bush announced that Petraeus would succeed Gen. George Casey as commanding general of MNF-I to lead all U.S. troops in Iraq Umm, MNF mean multi-national Force . . . In case you didn't know.

From Wiki: On April 23, 2008, Secretary of Defense Gates announced that President Bush was nominating General Petraeus to command U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM),

Confirmed 2010 but nominated in 2008.

Aaaah. It feels good to be right.


You got that right, Eric. I'm stunned truthfully. Somehow it seems undemocratic to fail to have an opposing point of view on the radio. Most liberals I know listen to KUOW which is hardly liberal these days. I can usually out-fact them easily. Darn KUOW! They don't deserve the listenership they have these days. It has become puff radio.


KPTK is also available on KJAQ-96.5 HD3, wonder whether that is going away too?


Hahaha. Thom has a Canadian caller wondering why all the red staters and GOPers want to come to Canada - a social democracy with single payor healthcare. Thom responded "they are low-information people" and probably don't know much about Canada. The caller then suggested they move to Greenland which is isolated and is tolerant of such people.

Straight from the mouth of a Canadian, GOPer.


Aaaah. It feels good to be right.

Posted by: T-S | November 13, 2012 at 05:30 PM

In your rush to "be right," you missed what GOPer was saying. Petraeus was appointed CIA Director--one of the government's most powerful positions--in June of 2011. He reportedly started his affair in late 2011, after he was no longer active military. Now, tell us how that is GWB's fault?


And RQ, if you were reading correctly, you'd see that I was responding to his criticism of Obama appointing such a man by pointing out that Bush appointed him to high levels of command as well. It is called "hypocrisy." And how do you know he wasn't in affairs before? What does it matter? Bush considered him to have integrity as did Obama. I think you doth parse too much.

Frankly, your response doesn't make much sense. Nobody said anything was GWB's fault in the first place. Really galls you when I get the best of rightwingeres, huh?


Haha...nice spin, T-S. GOPer wasn't criticizing Obama for appointing him, but for covering up a scandal involving someone at the very top of his own administration until after the election. But hey, spin away. It's fun to watch.


Where's the proof he knew about it? Where's the proof? Or is this more wishful thinking - like all the polls showing Romney the next President - on the part of the right?

Where's the beef, RQ and GOPer? Where's the beef?

And covering up the employment numbers? No proof there either. You two are typical. You see what you want to see - evidence or not.

Where's the proof? In your imaginations?

BTW, dear, my post stands. Bush considered him to have integrity and so did Obama. Your turn: show me the proof that he covered anything up.

Gretel, The Old  Schoolmarm

"single payor"......Dearie I have to get out the old red pencil that I used to correct my students' homework with, years ago. Your marks are in-teeheeheee I'm giving you a D!!


New monikor or not the lovely and gracious school-marm always seems to revert back to her venomous attack mode. Why such an obviously intelligent and articulate person would resort to this is beyond reason.


KPTK was running new call letters this morning. i didn't catch them and only herd it once around 6am.

Chris Chronic

I heard it too, one of them was KFNQ It makes me think they are prepping both stations for a sports changeover.


new content or not, KPTK's 7 minute ad trains make it unlistenable in the car.

One who knows

Gretel is just Tommy in his mother's dress. Observer, you are no bucket of sunshine yourself.

Finis Hominis

That visual makes my nose bleed. But I laughed all the same.

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