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October 03, 2012



You are wrong, but that is not the question. If you want the vote of a BlackRhino, what will you do for it?

The Better Chuck.

What do you mean BR? Do you need something special based on your race?


Do you need the vote?

Hedge Fund Hal

you heard it here first- 85 % black vote for Obama as opposed to the usual 98% and a 10% reduced black voter turnout from 2008, come nov 6, because of gay marriage and First Dude's callous disregard of black unemployment. I predicted Romney's big win in the first debate over two month ago .

Gentlemen Rouge

Of course they do, admit it Chuck!

The Better Chuck.

Are you needing gay marriage? A green card and a pathway to the promised land? I really don't know what is needed to buy a vote.
I know that Washington state has been a democrat state for most of my 50+ years living here and, basically black people are still getting the shitty end of the stick. Seems as if all that is needed are cool sounding promisses. They don't really need to be kept. Just made.
Tell me what you want. I'll get it promissed.

Hedge Fund Hal

you can't fix stupid. Tom Leykis is a perfect example. thursday after the debate he went on his usual rant against Romney, saying he would never vote for a guy who was "all about" firing people at Bain Capital. Somehow Leykis believes Romney would just continue to fire people, like some dort of evil robot, once he became President. What an absolute idiot. Apparently he has no concept of a professional executive changing hats and job descriptions as he moves from job to job. His role at Bain Capital was that he was working for the shareholders of the company. Whatever increased the bottom line of the company in terms of cutting dead weight and streamlining, he was obligated to do, including firing people. His bosses were the shareholders. As President his employers will be the American people. His job will be to put more people to work not to fire people. He will not be rewarded by his employers for firing people or causing the loss of more jobs. He will be "fired" ( in this case,not re-elected) for causing the loss of jobs or not increasing the number of jobs. How hard a concept is this? But again- you can't fix stupid.


No Chuck, Romney said, "my job is not to worry about those people."

Get it right...


'Hal, I wouldn't be so cocky about a Romney win just yet you find yourself in an embarrassing position come Nov 7th. While I am (like I previously stated) having 2nd thoughts about whom to vote for now, I still feel that it's too early to call this race. Our Pres MUST improve his lot in upcoming debates, true,but economic factors turning in a positive manner will help him immensly. And that just may be starting to happen. I think his team will now start firing from both barrels and culminate with the Navy seal propaganda movie on election eve. My advice to you is to ease up on the swagger lest you risk looking the fool on post election. Nothing wrong with strong reasoned support for your candidate, but moderation is key.


Nothing has stoped Hal from playing the fool. I say have at it Hal, the world is your oyster. Besides Rmoney is the odds on favorite.


Our economy is going to be so much better under Romney? When did he say he was ending tax breaks for outsourcing jobs? I missed that one.

As for losing small businesses, once Reagan quit enforcing the Sherman Anti-Trust Act that became a foregone conclusion. That and the power of online buying. Amazon anyone?

Why is there a dearth of intelligence on the right on this blog? Someone tell me please.

Hedge Fund Hal

there is no such entity as "tax breaks" for outsourcing jobs. The company pays the tax rate of the foreign country on any plant they have overseas. That is not a "tax break". try to keep up.


Albertsons has been trying to re-structure their business for over 10 years. Issaquah, Kirkland and Green Lake all closed between 2001 and 2008 Chuck, they don't do well where there is competition. We have one close to me that has revamped and does very well.

So how that is supposedly a bell-weather for the economy I don't know. Remember Good Guys, Future Shop, Circuit City, Best Buy was the one left standing and Amazon is killing them too.

The only thing that protects car dealers from the "free market" is the state franchise (guvment regulations?) agreements that reign in potential competition. Telsa has a store in Bellevue Square, eventually another volume manufacturer is going to figure out to ditch the (mainly republican) dealer channel.

Then won't you whine!

Hedge Fund Hal

when have i called this race for Romney in any thread here so far Observer? It is tightening, just as i predicted. I've been outlining that with some poll quotes to offset the jackassery of the "it's over" folks a week ago. The only prediciotn ive made is that I don't think Obama can lose two more debates by a clear margin and recover from that (wednesday he lost 67/23CNN).

Hedge Fund Hal

Americans are too savvy these days to be swayed that much by Hilda Solis'es very odd numbers on Friday. Even if they accept them they know that America just by being America is going to finally come back to a certain extent after four years , regardless of who is President. Most Americans understand by now that this 7.8 percent ,if true, a big if, is a percentage/slice of a GREATLY reduced workforce pie than the one that existed four years ago, because of the noncounting of discouraged workers who have withdrawn from the game.

The Better Chuck.

The problem with what you say Ex is all established auto manufacturers require dealers that sell their product to have the ability to service same. Next, manufacturers require dealers to order, purchace and maintain a certain inventory of their product. Thus the dealer must invest millions just to open the door.
Telsa has had a huge impact on the market, having sold 2400 roadsters worldwide in the last four years. Pierre Ford does that in 5 or 6 months.
Domestic dealers and manufacturers have been trying since the 70's with the mall concept. Thus far with minimal success and those few successes come from dealers with a full service facility and the mall store as a satelite.
Well goodness. I guess that the beautiful Bonney Lake Albertsons, as well as North Auburn, Kent, Lacy, Marysville as well as the rest of them that have closed don't matter. Fuck those employees that are on the street. The libs say it was inevitable.


Chuck it's the free market. I have changed careers several times in my life, it's never easy I would tend to agree.

At least those laid off employees (you know them as moochers) will get guvmint healthcare and an guvmint un-employment check.

But of course you don't agree with that kind of thing. Obama is such a cruel man.

The trend is to outsource the service from the place of purchase. When I buy a $2000 refrigerator or TV I don't need to wheel it back to the store I bought it. Low end cars are no different. Many of the sub-assembles are used in several different models.

Many cars are just used as commuting A-B appliances after all, just order the right color with AC and be done.

When the Chinese start selling cars that's the way it will be, and everyone will have to follow.Chrysler tried in CA but the dealers fought back.



Read it yourself, H/T/D.

Chuck is against tort law but used the law to declare bankruptcy and skip paying bills. Chuck's healthcare is covered by the government but he believes the government should be hands-off healthcare. Chuck thinks government is too big even though his current bills are paid by his government-employed wife who's job could easily be outsourced much, much cheaper.

Enough said. That's Mitt Romney for you.


And as for people voting their own interests, what's new about that? Or are old white guys who hate taxes the only ones who count these days? BTW, some people have already declared bankruptcy once over medical bills. I'm curious what those people would do if their grandkids needed a million dollars in medical services.

Don't tell me. I already know. They'd mooch off the government.

Hedge Fund Hal

"TAX BENEFITS" are different than government "tax credits". Obama said Romney was getting "tax credits" for moving overseas. Words measn things. Duhh... i told you in my above post that the company pays the tax rate of the foreign company, WHICH WILL PROBABLY BUT NOT ALWAYS BE LOWER THAN THOSE IN THE U.S., on the year's output of the foreign plant. there are no "tax credits" offered by the U.S. Government for moving a plant overseas, or jobs overseas.

Hedge Fund Hal

should read "tax rate of the foreign country"....not foreign company

Hedge Fund Hal

I guess Obama didn't know the difference between tax credits and tax benefits just like he didnt know the p and the s are silent in "corpsmen".

Hedge Fund Hal

paying the tax rate of the foreign country on your overseas plant is how it has always been. "TAX CREDITS" implies some sort of new provisions enacted by the IRS to help out business that move their plants overseas. It doesnt make sense that the governement would give a business credits for doing someehing ultimately not in the governements interest. That's why Mitt was so incredulous when Obama mentoned these nonexistent "tax credits".

Hedge Fund Hal

sorry about the "governement" nonsense. Esmerelda is driving up from Portland ,as we speak with her mother, in mom;s brand new Prius.


Sybil has a Prius?

The Better Chuck.

Do you people always make up history for posters here? Bankrupt??? The old lady works for whom??? People that loose their jobs are moochers?
Are you all smoking crack? Smack?

Hedge Fund Hal

as Tucker Carlson said on KVI this week, the biggest problem for Obama wih his debate performance this week is that he looked weak. Americans will vote for you even if you disagee with them, he said, but they won't vote for you if they see you as weak. By the way, that tragic debacle concerning Ambasssador Stevens in Libya last month- that was Obama's three a.m. call in the night that Hillary warned he wasn't ready for in the 2008 primaries. Obama , who grew up quite comfortably in Hawaii, laughed off these questions by Hillary at the time , to an adoring, horselaughing crowd of supporters, contemptuously making comments to the effect that who the Hell was the little lady to act like she had more street cred, when he was from the "South Side of Chicago". Turns out Hillary was right. Stevens and his team had asked for more security protection from Washington for weeks, if not months prior to his death. The requests were callously ignored. Look for Mitt to bring this up in at least one of the debates coming up.

Hedge Fund Hal

I received a nice large postcard from Tommy008 in my Saturday mail. I've actually known 008 for years, since we were in the same social set before he became an ex-pat(the moneyed elites of Queen Anne Hil and Magnolia). I even know 008's real name. As i've mentioned before, in some of the times i posted to explain that we are not the same person, 008 moved to the mountains of Spain , shortly after he angrily left the ethers of Blatherwatch for good. The post card was postmarked Barcelona- "Hal- taking a break in this beautiful port city to get some much needed marine infusions after, several months in my remote village up int the mountains. Reading your election coverage fgrom up there. I finally got internet early last month . Give em Hell, Hal. Say Hello to my Uncle , Reverend Tommy ,for me. He now is the fulltime resident of the main house on the Queen Anne property, not the guest house resident. Great pic of you and Wally standing next to Abramov at the party they had for him up at the rooftop pool on your building. That Luna, which he had docked down on the waterfron last month for a week is one beautiful yacht, all 340 feet of it. Saw it in Cannes two years ago. Glad you had the chance to go on it briefly as part of Wally P.'s group. All the Best, Tommy ********* .....{last name withheld}

Sally Field, award winning actress

Excuse me but I won an Emmy for my portrayal of "Sybil." Your attempt to appear as various personalities is lame. I suggest you watch "Catch Me If You Can" where the young DeCaprio does a masterful job at actually fooling people with his multiple characters. Or if you prefer older movies, there is always "Man of a Thousand Faces."

Hal's Bitch

Hey Chucks, if Puts was still around we could ask him to dig into his tapes and find where you proudly lived off the government tit, bragged that you had filed for bankruptcy and that your wife works for the state. Now, perhaps you pulled all of that out of your ass. But "chucks" definitely said all of it.


"I've actually known 008"

you know Hal, i kinda believe you on that count. i bet you even grew up with him. i'm guessing you also wake up in the morning with him in your underwear.


As for the unemployment numbers - the regime cooked the books - so says Jack Welch, former CEO of GE. Spot on !

Jack Welch ‏@jack_welch
Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can't debate so change numbers

Economic patriotism = trickle down government and Obamunism...

Posted by: KS blathers | October 05, 2012 at 04:49 PM

Welch wrote the book on cheating,and cooking the books while at GE. Hardly objective unless he is schooling wall street types.


I like hearing how we shouldn't believe the job numbers from people who believed the color coded terror alerts.


Or the poll numbers from Gallup…

Hedge Fund Hal

now Pew Research is the other shoe to drop after Rasmussmussen, what, now Politico 's poll? All have Romney ahead nationally.............Pew by 4 points........don't worry libbers, cling to the polls that show you ahead , theres at least one......i wouldnt even bother to vote because "it's over" for Romney.....your lead is as secure as Jimmy Carter's over Reagan....you know the guy who was President in the early eigties after being re-elected?..........forget about fickle national polls....what shoud disrurb you more is this "enthusiasm gap" showing up now in the polling....we white males who are something liek 80% for Romney...ok im exaggerating a bit....are 85% likely to show up on th 6th and vote.....blacks and latinos ...not so much.......blacks are 74% likely to show up.........

KS blathers

Al Qaeda is back !

Finis Hominis

Ok Osama...

Hedge Fund Hal

i had to go to a couple of websites to finally find a picture of Phiadelphia middle school or high school teacher Lynette Gaymon. Whne i saw the pic, it of course confirmed my surmises. Gaymon is the teacher who told the girl in her math class wearing the Romney shirt on dressdown day to "take it off". She urged fellow students in the room to ridicule and laugh at her, and claimed it was similar to wearing a "KKK" t-shirt. "You can't wear a Romney shirt at a Democratic school" Gaymon told the girl. Absolutley outrageous. Since this thing has erupted into a media shitstorm, this dangerous "teacher" made a cowardly, weasel-like non-apology apology claiming the whole thing was a "lighhearted joke" that got misinterpreted. Of course it was not anyhting close to a joke, she was obviously completely serious, demonstrating she has no respect for our rights and should be fired, though of course she won't be. i might have a small shred of respect for this "teacher" if she actually owned up to what she did.

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