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October 22, 2012



My take on this, GOOD move! John Curley is an immense talent and was being wasted in the evening where audience numbers are not too great. Don't really understand the Ursula Reutin thing, she must know something about someone; I don't really think she's an on-air wizard. Tom Tangney adds to the show because he has command of facts and offers 'seasoned' opinion. It's whomever can compliment Curley the best and quite frankly I don't think Urlsula fills that bill. Curley, like I say is INcredible with his recall, sensible rationalization, and extremely quick wit. I'm back to listening to morning KIRO now after touch and go with Radke and Thomas. Linda needs to stay home with her children; she is NOT all that. Does anyone know what, if anything happened to the gay producer through this shuffle; you know the infamous 'make-over' guy.


Gone from KIRO is any semblance of intelligent news. They even dropped it from their moniker. In its place I'd suggest "VapidTalk 97.3" KOMO is looking much better all of a sudden.


TALKERS sees this as KIRO putting one of their key on-air people into a digital content position in a dramatic move "integrating content across platforms."


I like Linda but I think she's been way worried about how much she's tweeting instead of what's on the radio. Look at her tweets, very few mention KIRO or try to drive listeners to the station or the website.

I understand she's thrilled.

In today's radio she'd be smart to be worried about being a step closer out the door.

Good riddance to Radke. He was boring and pretentious.

Hedge Fund Hal

"Michael Savage (Weiner) has signed a deal with Cumulus Nedia"-Blahterwatch.........i can't wait until Savage gets back on the air, hopefully in Seattle before the election. I'm curious why its relevant for the libbere here that Savage'es real name is Weiner , as if it's a cause for contempt and scorn that he uses a stage name, whereas I've never seen any of you mention John Stewart's real name, Liebowitz. ......let's start reading stuff like this from Blatherwatch bloggers ....."John Stewart (Liebowitz) had Obama on the other night on his Daily Show"..........


Replacing Radke with Curley was a good move. KIRO shouldn't want to be NPR with commercials. The 8 o'clock hour now flows more naturally into the 9 o'clock hour. They even have Burbank coming on early, and it works.

Curley has improved a lot. His delivery is much smoother now then when he started. He could beat Dori Monson at his own game if he set out to do so. He presents disagreeable viewpoints without being disagreeable himself.

Radke's style could work on KOMO. I've always thought he sounded a little too boyish and immature for the part, but KOMO is dreadfully dry otherwise. I don't listen to KOMO, and I wouldn't start, but I still hope Radke ends up there.


Tommy 0U812 dined with Michael Weiner last night... is that better?

KS blathers

Savage is back on KVI tonight. He referred to Obama as a sophist. Yep !


taped delayed, of course

Hedge Fund Hal

Savage is really being harsh on Romney's strategy for the 3rd debate, saying he was being too soft on Obama. I disagree. Romney got tough at several points during the debate, but i think it was a deliberate strategy to put Obama off his gameplan and frustrate him. Romney looked and sounded the most Presidential of the three debates and he deliberately didn't take on Libya because i believe he knew that was a question Obama had prepared for ,for days on end. When de didn't field the Libya question Obama must have felt that hed just spent all that precious prep time for nothing. Instead Romney had extra time to denounce him on the "more flexibility" comment in Russia, and the apology tour as well as some other topics. He's already dealt with Libya. Most people now know that Crowley wasn't tellign the real truth about the Rose Garden speech. Romney maintained himself on a higher, more dignified plane than Obama all evening, Obama couldn't get him to veer off of that, and it was making him angrier and angrier. The combination sneer/smirk , as well as the "death stare" that so many have commented on, both of which Obama employed all evening, were superficial exterior manifestations of tremendous anger on Obama's part. Romney was playing a chess match- Obama had come prepared for checkers.

KS blathers

Romney could have been tougher and still had traction, but he likely achieved what he was out to do.

Obama is a skilled sophist; talking about Big Bird, Romnesia, $5 Trillion tax cut over the next decade, being a friend of Israel, the navy having fewer bayonets and horses - all equally flatulent. He disguises the truth (by contradicting what he has said before) so as not to deter his low information voter base who are essentially useful idiots (with due respect). Not diabolical, as people with average or above intelligence can see through these punk-ass tactics. He is the oddest duck to be elected president in our lifetime - even more odd than Nixon. His achilles heel is his pride.

Lanny Davis stated that there are two things he could do to be reelected - appealing substantively to both sides (bipartisan), but he doubts that he has it in him to do it.


I personally enjoyed the Bill Radke, Linda Thomas and Tom Tangney line-up. While not always agreeing with each and every one of them, they provided a balanced and more indepth view of the news, or lack there of. Curly is more interested in hearing himself talk than allowing a dialoge to evolve. Too bad for KIRO to go to a more single opinon format. I'd rather hear differing opinions, than just one.

KS blathers

Prez Shuck and Jive is out there trash talking again - in the belief that the best defense is a good offense. He sounds like Hugo Chavez, who will probably lose the ultimate battle with cancer in another year or two.

Maybe that works for guys some or in Uganda, but not for women voters here- the gender gap has been erased, which was once a 16 point lead for BO. He could have triangulated like Pres. Clinton, but his narcissism and pride did not allow that and as a result are bringing him down.


How is that related to this topic?

Hedge Fund Hal

KS, speaking of Obama talking trash, the press observed Obama today telling a supporter that Romney is a "bullshitter", using that exact COARSE term. His stunt in the last debate, talking down to Romney about the bayonets, horses and " these things called aircraft carriers" was maybe worthy of a "chattering class" panel member on a cable news network, but not of a Presidential debate. I think most Americans are like me. We resent Obama for cheapening and coarsening the Presidency, bringing it down to the same level as the crass, common pooular culture , devoid of dignity. Romney would not go on 60 Minutes Letterman or The View every other week, as President.

Pat Davison

I wish someone would please tell Tom Tangney to SLOW DOWN his speech and NOT cut off his words! It's very annoying and an insult to proper speech! Maybe it's an "old school DJ" habit. He probably doesn't even realize he's doing it. A little "contructive criticism" wouldn't hurt, (hiht, hint) I like Tom, but he's NOT an auctioneer! Leave that to John Curley! Thanx,........Pat


After days of Curley in the morning, I finally came here to find out if he was just a temp stand-in or his morning presence is permanent. I'm mostly sad it's the latter.

I'm conflicted on this change though. I hate Curley and will now likely shop for a difference local news station (mainly to listen to from 7:45-8:10am or so).

On the other hand, Linda Thomas would always drive me batty so her absence is welcome. She would often spit out completely incorrect or misleading facts during their chit chat. She also tended to use "all" a lot - as in "we've *all* been stuck in traffic on the 520 bridge". No Linda, I don't own a car and I've never been stuck in traffic on the 520 bridge, stop assuming all of the Seattle area has experienced everything you have.

I'm a fan of Tom Tangney. But even he can't balance out the annoyance of Curley.


I think Curry and Monson are equals in their obnoxiousness and egotism. I think the listeners will get fed up with his snotty snideness--hopefully, sooner rather than later.

I'll bet his is not well-liked by his co-workers. If he dropped dead, I doubt too many would go to his funeral.


I agree with Dina


Curley is the worst. This am he blathered on about his Marathon experience. The other day his story about him sneaking into the Macys Parade.

Its the Curley show, it is not NW Morning news. Its hours of Curley talking over everyone, being rude to the traffic and weather reporters and cutting off Tangey mid sentence.

Kiro, just give him his own show again, whatever time slot. Don't call it news, call it Curley. All Curley, all the time.


Bill has returned to KUOW!

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