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October 26, 2012


Hedge Fund Hal

Nte Silver is a N.Y.Times- employed, biased libber jackass. hhaah all you guys got are silly gambling odds websites.... run by a bunch of beerbellied,cigar chomping (Mafia?) morons who don't have the knowledge or smarts to know that the polls they are basing their odds on are all seVerely flawed, except for Gallup and Rasmussen, and Rasmussen is not as accurate this year as Gallup. Gallup's daily tracking is matching up with the Pew poll estimation of early voting percentages by party. Gallup's own early voting polling matches Pew.


I'm sorry, I didn't get that? Does that mean you're implying that you enjoy crow. Bwahaha

Hedge Fund Hal

BREAKING -EARLY VOTING NUMBERS FROM OHIO POINT TO ANOTHER "OH NO MR. BILL" MOMENT FOR TEAM OBAMA......and now, my educated, tempered response....bwhahaahahahahahahaaaahaaahahaahahahahahahaahahah

proud American

No, no Ohio for the one who yells fire at factory jobs. The people of Ohio have told the Stench to go to hell.


That is correct, SIR! Bwahaha

Hedge Fund Hal

the media, especially guys like Silver, with their fancy data, are cruelly setting you libbers up for expectations of a victory that just won't happen, and especially giving you this false, absurd confidence over winning Ohio. Ohio goes for the dem only when the whole country is going strongly dem pulling Ohio with them (crossover voting). Obama is stuck at 47-48 nationally and thats with rigged polls.. This election was decided after the first debate, and probably during it. sorry, guys.

Hedge Fund Hal

Ohio traditionally has a state Dem vote that trails about one point behind the national Dem vote for Prez. Thst's why Obama pulled Ohio last time. His naitonal vote was so big that Obama could still come in a point lower and have a majority. This time around Ohio dems will have to bring in a vote total at least one point or more in the state above Obama's national vote (universally admitted by analysts to be somewhat less than 50%, easily a lot less)to win over Romney. This would be defying the history of 9 election cycles in Ohio. It just doesnt happen in Ohio, a very traditional, stable state which has no influx of new young voters that could save your bacon. zero, zip nada. Now do you libbers see how you're being led by the nose to a cruel defeat while being spoonfed this optimistic, false pablum by the national lib media?

Hedge Fund Hal

Headline in the New York Times Inauguration Day, 2013..."Romney gives rousing, inspiring speech to overflow crowds outside the Capitol".....then a ways down the front page, you see this smaller article " 'Obama electoral college firewall still holding in Ohio',by pollster Nate Silver, exclusive to the New York Times"......bwahahahahahahahahahahahah


Remember the saying 'he who laughs last, laughs best'.
Nov 7th approaches.


Either way you'll create another one of your Sybil/Son of Sam characters to entertain us. Come back as a woman this time.

KS blathers

Remember the saying 'he who laughs last, laughs best'.
Nov 7th approaches.

Posted by: Observer | November 02, 2012 at 03:29 PM

It will be remembered. You seem to be laughing already. No laughing here...

KS blathers

The Jeep ad released by Romney is actually true, in spite of what the Obamamedia so-called fact checkers try to manipulate it. Tuesday is the day for revenge on the fact checkers !

"The Washington Post Fact Checker has declared that Mitt Romney's television ad about Jeep production being moved overseas, which has "hurt" the "feelings" of the Obama campaign and the left, is "factually defensible" and "technically correct."
Actually, the Fact Checker's Glenn Kessler gave the Jeep ad four Pinocchios, somehow conveying a verdict of gross dishonesty, despite the fact that no statement in Romney's ad is incorrect. But my headline conveys the "overall impression" of Kessler's article--which is the standard he uses to attack Romney.
Here is the naked truth about Romney's claims about Jeep. Romney was wrong to say, in a speech in Ohio last week, that Jeep is moving "all" production to China. That statement, even if it was just a slip, was worthy of correction.

But the Jeep ad airing in Ohio makes no such statement. It says that Chrysler, Jeep's parent, was sold "to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China." That is 100% correct, and has been since 2010, as Tony Lee pointed out yesterday. It is also true that "Fact checkers confirm that [Obama's] attacks on Mitt Romney [on the auto bailout] are false" and that Romney "is supported by Lee Iacocca and the Detroit News."

So what is the Fact Checker upset about? The "overall impression," which is an entirely subjective judgment of whether Obama or Romney had the better of the argument about whose policy was best for the auto industry.

This is yet another example of the corruption of so-called "fact checkers" in the mainstream media, who routinely run interference for the Obama campaign. Kessler's attack on Romney--for that is what it is--even resembles the complaints of Obama aides David Axelrod and Jim Messina on a call with reporters yesterday.

No doubt the Obama campaign will work up a television ad featuring Kessler's four Pinocchios--and the Washington Post will be in no hurry to remind readers that it acknowledged Romney was actually correct on the facts."


GM has put out two separate statements saying Romney is wrong. They are opening an additional Jeep production plant in China, and are not closing anything here.
But, as usual KS, you have your own facts, so go with it.

For the rest of you, this was posted on dailyfinance.com: Here's what is true: Chrysler is indeed considering a plan to make Jeeps in China. But it's not planning to send those Jeeps to the U.S. to sell -- and it's definitely not planning to close the factories that currently make Jeeps in Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio.

Why would Chrysler want to make Jeeps in China? Lots of reasons, but one big one in particular: China places heavy taxes on imported cars and trucks. Non-Chinese automakers that want to do business in China's booming auto market are almost always better off building their cars and trucks locally.

Nearly all of the automakers you've ever heard of are either building cars in China already or making plans to do so."

"I feel obliged to unambiguously restate our position: Jeep production will not be moved from the United States to China," Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne wrote in a blog post on the company's website today. The statement comes as the Romney campaign doubled down on the claim, which fact-checkers have also deemed false, with a new radio ad in Ohio. "

So you can believe the people who run the companies, or you can believe KS.


So why didn't shithead, draft dodging Rmoney say production was being created in China to satisfy the Chinese market? ABC News

"Aides said that Romney’s comments at the Defiance rally — claiming the company was “thinking of moving all production to China” — was based on an early version of a Bloomberg News story he had read that was subsequently updated. The story, published Oct. 22, was headlined: “Fiat Says Jeep Output May Return to China as Demand Rises.”

What's even worse KS, Rmoney moved his own jobs (Sensata) overseas to China. Stop pimping for him, Alex Jones is watching you!!!!


From an email I sent to one who may be an ex-friend after Nov 7:

I feel so strongly about Romney that I had to write. You listen to a lot of NPR and they are so afraid to offend anyone that sometimes you are missing information. If you are not missing information and think it’s okay, then vote your way. I don’t like his 47% comment. I do not like the fact that an educated state and legislature overrode his vetoes over 700 times. I don’t like that he supports Paul Ryan’s Ayn Rand views on social security and medicare. I don’t like that he wants to cut back FEMA and send a lot of budget items back to the states. I don’t like that he gave up on the car industry in the US and recommended bankruptcy over government bailout. I don’t like that he lies about so many things including that one. I don’t like that he continues to lie about the manufacturing of Jeeps in china even though Jeep has put out three letters correcting him to their own employees. I don’t like that he’s anti abortion and I don’t like that he thinks Scalia is the best judge on the Supreme Court and will probably have the opportunity to appoint more Scalias. I don’t like that he wants to lower your taxes to 25% and put fees on everybody else even for medical services and devices. I don’t like that he wants to scale back FEMA although he lies about it now. I don’t like that he wants to raise the defense budget. I don’t like that every objective tax analysis concludes there is no way his claims of reducing everything for everybody will work. Even if he removes every middle class tax break possible.

That’s all I can think of right now. As Bernie Sanders said on Thom Hartmann today, it will be a travesty if Romney is elected. We will never recover.


This is so true, we really need to think of the Supreme Court appointments over the net 4 years


Catching up on Hartmann on a Phoenix station and he just said that Markos on Daily Kos concluded that not all Republicans are racists but that all racists are Republicans. That's his conclusion, folks. Scream your bwa-ha-has at him Republicans.

Gentlemen Rouge

the media, especially guys like Silver, with their fancy data… sorry, guys.

Posted by: Hedge Fund Hal | November 02, 2012 at 02:40 PM

Hal, I find it interesting that you hold such contempt for Nate’s statistical analysis. I would be inclined to consider you, a multimillion dollar analyst in your own right, a disciple of mathematics and its advantage to the knowledgeable. No?

Hedge Fund Hal

Silver is just wrong, that's all. Frankly i've never bothered to read his stuff, but i did hear a small part of what im sure was him talking on a video, online, before i shut it off. He was talking about how "confusing " it was that Romney was surging, and anyone who didn't admit it was cofusing wasn't being honest. It was right then that i knew this guy was just completely full of crap, and a biased shill for the democrats. This was shortly after the first debate. There was nothing "confusing" about the Romney surge following the debate. Obama got "owned" by Romney in the first debate and millions and millions of Americans ralized that and like what they saw with Romney. Dude, nothing to be "confused" about at all. Silver 's just one part of this complete Team Obama bullcrap. The grand strategy of Team Obama, to paint Romney as an evil greedhead and a bad person, attacking his character, and spend millions on ads that hammered that message for six months up to the frst debate was a disaster. It was a fool's errand because they were running a bogus,false narrative that the public saw completely through after the first two debates. For Silvers ballyhooed "electoral college firewall" to hold as he keeps claiming it will, Obama's ground game has to win and their early voting has to win. They have to be far enough ahead by now that if Obama loses the election day vote in Ohio,and in a lot of these swing states, which he will, they'll still win. The ground game failed miserably to beat that of the Republicans, and Obama is losing by about 7 or 8 points to Romney in early voting according to several major polls. So Nate Silver's precious Ohio and swing state firewall simply will not hold. The center will not hold. Romney will win the election day vote in many of these swing states, including Ohio( see me post from earlier today on this thread about Ohio specifically), enough swing states to win the electoral college, and the Dem's early voting numbers will not have been able to save them because they stink. So Nate Silver is really just full of a lot of hot, bilious gas. . There it is.

Gentlemen Rouge

Well, for someone who never read Nate’s stuff, you seem to know quite a bit of what he wrote. That being said, you still didn’t answer the question, how is it that you discount the math? I would think a successful businessman would understand something as rudimentary as arithmetic. Surging, biased shill, & false narrative are not mathematical qualities. Tell me mathematically why Silver’s statistics are in error.


Obama V.S. Rmoney

305.3 to 232.7 Electoral vote

83.7 to 16.3 Chance of Winning

50.6 to 48.4 Popular vote

Hedge Fund Hal

i do take math into account....i take account of the math of Gallup, Rasmussen, RCP even ABC/Washington Post..... all much bigger players in the polling world than this little pissant Silver......anyone associated with the New York Times is suspect and a candidate for partisan bias.......Silver is an obvious pet of the Dems and Team Obama.....his whole precious "firewall" crapola will be proven completely wrong come Tuesday ,as well as your bogus and frankly laughable numbers, I must say, Kimmy.......today is probably the last day i'll quote any poll numbers.... I've said pretty much all i have to say on this issue and now , with no real. non-speculative numbers coming until tuesday, any further debate on who will win becomes basically a pointless pissing match. I've already admitted that it' possible Romney will lose. Several times in fact. I don't expect him to and will be surprised if he does, but he could lose. It's instructive and revealing that none of you leftist ideologues on Obama's team here on Blatherwatch are capable of admitting that Barry could of course lose this, as well. .......bbwahahahaaaah


it's alot like getting obl, or saving GM. mittens said it wouldn't work, but it did. Obama will win.

Hedge Fund Hal

"obama will win obama will win obama will win"....still can't step up to the plate as i have and admit the reality that in a race as close as this one is, either candidate could lose, nameless. None of you Obama team members here can do that. Not one. I'm putting all of you in the club with T-S. not worthy of talking to in an online debate. it's like argueing with people who are marching around carrying little red books of the sayings of their "dear leader". Obama's really got a club of unquestioning koolaid drinkers with these "impossible to lose" Obamaniks on here.

Hedge Fund Hal

yep, you're all going into the club , joining T-S, who is already there, Blatherwatch Obamaniks . The Hopey-Changey Club.


Hal beings his flip flop ". I've already admitted that it' possible Romney will lose. Several times in fact."
No you haven't.

We dont vote nationally for President. We do it state by state, so the national polls are meaningless. The state polls are the ones that matter. You would know that if you ever got off of this blog and read a newspaper.

Hedge Fund Hal

here we go with the condescension again from Club Hopey Changey. You conveniently ignored the posts where i mentoned various state poll numbers, Waltriss . The national vote is not irrelevant. The state of Ohio always follows one point below the national election % number for the Democratic candidate on election day. That means since Obama will only get 48 percent or so of the national vote this time , Ohio would somehow have to magically reverse nine election cycles and vote a couple of points above THE NATIONAL VOTE % for Obama to win Ohio. It is just not going to happen. try to keep up.

Hedge Fund Hal

i'm saying Romney could lose, it's possible and im saying it right now Waltriss. forget about petty quibbling over how many times ive said it before here , which is at least three times. How about you step up to the plate like i did right now and admit that in this tight race Obama of course could lose.hahahah it will not happen. off you go to Club Hopey Changey, W. won't be discussing anything with you or your buds in the club here again.

Hedge Fund Hal

i don't mind sparring with Obama Dems but i just won't deal with intellectual dishonesty, and cowardice, and that's what we're seeing here from Club Hopey Changey, bigtime.

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