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October 16, 2012



Hal, some of us are volunteering and don’t have much play time. Here’s a look at what we are doing.

Obama's Edge: The Ground Game That Could Put Him Over the Top

By the way, checkout the Dayton Daily News, they have a huge pile of pictures of the president’s visit at Triangle Park. Do you see me in the picture?

Have fun Hal.

Hedge Fund Hal- Dream Fifteen/FSB

"playtime".... good one BR..... i don't 'play" the stock market, I win.......older gent standing behind Obama on the stage , black t-shirt hands together?.........


Have to keep rollin in it to maintain a lifestyle befitting the Life of Riley and keep the Mercedes in gas and the Monaco trips (both to the hotel room and poolside) going. Bwahaha, what a fantastic imagination.
Nov 7th is approaching, do you have your rent paid. Hal, party of one - your plane (out of the country) is waiting. Aaaaaal Aboard!


Hal, you going to change your name again after your November 7 shellacking?

Hedge Fund Hal- Dream Fifteen/FSB

you see this is an example of why you really can't be taken seriously T-S , or at least no more seriously than the standard partisan ideologue and Democratic Party hack. "shellacking"........right now the eleciton is very close, something that i've admitted already. Although i believe Romney will very soon extend his modest but steady lead into a larger one and win in two weeks, I've admitted already that Romney could of course lose. However, i've never read a post of yours yet where you admitted that Obama could lose this election. I really don't you're a big enough person for that.

Hedge Fund Hal- Dream Fifteen/FSB

last sentence - "I really don't think you're a big enough person to do that."

Hedge Fund Hal

By tomorow morning , Rasmussen's daily tracking poll will have three day results that are taken 66% post-debate. Ramussen may be a Republican, but hiis polling was the most accurate of them all in 2008. so calling him a "Republican pollster" is just a silly way for Obama-niks to try to discredit him, and not based in anything meaningful . Anyway, if, the poll shows, as i suspect, the same 50/46 Romney split as it did monday morning and tueday morning, or better, then i believe it will be clear that Barry received no bump from the debate. Now he is going inot the final 12 days of the campaign behind in the polls, even in Ohio, with no debate bump, no more debates, and a truly nasty Libyan scandal that is absolutely exploding on all major media, not just on Foxnews.


CBS News Poll shows President Obama up by 2 and that poll is the most reflective of the voting pulse of the nation. As has been the historical case, Ohio will dictate the winner and Ohio goes for Obama. Sorry to spoil your party there, Hal. Bwahaha


Richard Mourdock's rape is Gods plan, Sarah Palin's 'shuck and jive' comment and Colin Powell endorses Obama.

Kinda flows, doncha think, also?

Hedge Fund Hal

"pulse of the nation"...that's a new one.....CBS has never been a particularyl accurate poll.....Rasmussen Daily tracking has Obama moving up a point this morning to 47% ,while Romney stays at 50%......if this follows the pattern after debate two, it will move back to 50/46 tomorrow.which is no change from before the debate....you guys can just about stick a fork in your debate bounce hopes........

Hedge Fund Hal

Obama is holding 50% in Gallup and Rasmussen. Obama gained 2 or three points in the abnormally high for Romney Gallup Poll since the debate, and now it's 50/47. He's gained a point since the debate in Rasmussen , now also at 50/47. That's not the "bump" he needed. The fact that Obama hasn't cracked 50% in either of these polls yet, after four debates, does not bode well for him. Think about it- youve been in office for four years and you cant convince half of the voters to stick with you? Forget the nonsense the libber news networks are saying about Romney slipping a few points after a big surge since the first debate. The headlines should be that Romney is holding 50% in both polls over many days now.


Rmoney aligning himself with pro rape candidates has not helped him or the GOP


The Tax Policy Center, a non-partisan study group's findings that Romney's tax plan is garbage is not helping his cause at all.
Obama can jump on this and point this out to Ohio voters and will pretty much nail it for him. BUH-bye Mittens. Bwahaha


A man reported to have been working for the Republican Party of Virginia was arrested by the Rockingham County, Va., Sheriff’s Office on Thursday and charged with attempting to destroy voter registration forms by tossing them into a dumpster behind a shopping center in Harrisonburg, Va.
“Prosecutors charged him with four counts of destruction of voter registration applications, eight counts of failing to disclose voter registration applications and one count of obstruction of justice.
This man does not only work for the Virginia Republican Party. According to an online profile, he appears to be working for the Republican National Committee and, prior to that, served as an Intern for Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa., in the U.S. House of Representatives.


The Republicans know that cheating is the only way they can win. That anybody supports criminals is obscene to me. The Republican Party: the party of old white men who tell women it is god's will when they get pregnant but use Viagra to get it up themselves. When god takes your erection away, you ought to heed his will.

Finis Hominis

Great info Walt…I hadn’t heard about the links to the congressman. I’ll be Googleing for more information.

Hedge Fund Hal

T-S i agree, cheating and voter fraud is horrid, just horrid. Im sure you're just as outraged as i am after hearing the news that the son of Democratic U.S. CONGRESSMAN Jim Moran was caught teaching a fellow how to vote twice and get away with it in a repub sting video expose. Its absolutely horrible about these criminals, dont you think T-S?......by the way Romeny just made 50% over at ABC/Washington Post poll.....they're showing the exact same results as Rasmussen and Gallup are- 50/47 persent Romney....the poll has him ahead of Obama on ability to handle the economy and he has moved rapidly to within two points of Obama on the "economic empathy" question.....


Of course I am, Hal err Tommy err Dick. Cheating is cheating. Unlike you hypocrites, I can say that. Now, it's your turn. Condemn all the voter suppression tactics which include lying and tampering out there on the right. I'm waiting.

Hedge Fund Hal

wow, i just dug a bit deeper in the ABC /Washington Post Poll.....Mondays poll they had Obama leading 49/48, tuesday and wednesday the results flipped with Romney 49% Obama48% and todays was 50/47 Romney.that's a movment of 4 points for Romney since Monday. pretty rapid movement. I think things may be starting to break upwards for Romney, as i predicted. You won't see it all at once in all the polls.


Yeah, you do have to dig deep - really, really deep - to find anyone who thinks Romney is a winner.

Finis Hominis

You would think they would have learned by now.

Romney Surrogate: Colin Powell Endorsed Obama Because He’s Black

Sad face blood hound John Sununu, why are you working so hard for a Vatican embassy post?

Bonneville Bonnie

Live from Salt Lake, I must say that watching this epic discourse between 'Hal' and 'T-S' is an evenly matched race to the bottom.

No wonder Original Andrew bailed.


Good morning. Wash Times poll shows Obama +3, Electoral: Obama 201, Romney 191, State of OHIO: Obama +2.
Sorry pHal, it ain't gonna happen.

Hedge Fund Hal

Rasmussen has Obama even 48%/48% in Ohio and they've had it like that for several days........Wisconsin is now even in aome polls,,,,,,Romney is not goign to show up ahead nationally or even in Ohio in ALL the polls.....you can always find an outlier liek your Washington Times effort (not a major poll),,,,,,you libs used to be able to go to a libber network's national poll to find Romney behind, but now even the ABC poll shows Obama traiing by 3, 50/47. Being under 50% in Ohio and any swing state is very bad for Obama at this point , with days to go.......undecideds always break huge for the challenger, and then there is the faulty methodology in the polling (oversampling of Democrats and minorities, ESP. BLACK VOTERS).Ohio has nearly a handful of resaons why the polls are almost certainly giving a significant overweighting for Obama You have to read the National Review article about this Ohio situation to understand fully.. Obama is at a minimun behind 20% with white voters , who make up 75% of the elctorate. Obama will need an almost perfect turnout of minoritie. I dont see the enthusisasm there, esp. among blacks. Rasmussen Daily tracking today Obama holding 50% 50/47....Rasmussen Ohio 48/48 Ohio could turn for Romney in 1 -3 days just the way the ABC national poll did for him.

Hedge Fund Hal

Romney could lose. The trend is his friend , and i expect him to win, but it's STILL possible he could lose the election. I'm still waiting for that post from T-S where she unequivocally admits that Obama could lose the election, just as i have several times here concerning Romney. It won't happen. She actually believes that it is "impossible" for Romney to beat Obama. That's how strong the koolaid is. I think this feeling among the hardcore Obama-niks , will be a factor in Obama's coming defeat, because the motivation ans work ehtic just isnt there to doorbell and groundgame for their guy when you're deluded inot this kind of mindset.


OH MY! Backtracking already in an attempt to still be able to face the music here on Nov 7th, good move Tommy, ol boy. Bwahaha

Clown Club

no,Observer, i'm just separating myself from T-S (and i guess you, you're proudly standing with her in the Clown Club now) that will absolutely not admit Obama could lose in a tight race like this, by admitting my guy could of course lose. It simply makes me look credible and like an adult, not like a clown and a cartoon character . go ahead, Observer, stay with her, make your last stand until First Tuesday , in the Clown Club with T-S.


I don't believe there's any reason to cast aspersions on me simply because I firmly believe that our President will remain in office for another four (4). Is it possible he could lose; but of course just like it's possible the world (as we know it) will end with the Mayan calender on Dec 21st. When name calling raises it's ugly head chances are the one doing the name calling is worried and unsure of him(her) self.

Watch Dog

The Republicans know that cheating is the only way they can win.
Posted by: T-S | October 25, 2012 at 04:52 PM

Great info Walt…I hadn’t heard about the links to the congressman. I’ll be Googleing for more information.
Posted by: Finis Hominis | October 25, 2012 at 06:36 PM

Yeah, google that. Unfortunately, what you'll find is that Walt is confused. The 23-year-old kid he refers to threw away 8 ballots because he'd missed the deadline submission, which is a misdemeanor in Virginia. Pal Hal correctly identified the Congressman-D whose son was caught in another fraud conspiracy.

But here's the latest, and it involves Seattle:

OK, fess up. Was it TS or Finis...or both?

Be careful before you throw stones, lest you find yourself surrounded by the very criminals you purport to despise.

Finis Hominis

Walt, thanks again for the heads up on this story. It escaped my daily reading. If anyone has an interest in the real story, this link will take you to the google search I used to find the account. There are many outlets reporting the story.

Here are 2 very detailed pieces which I read.
GOP voter registration scandal widens


Man Tied To Va. GOP Arrested In Voter Form Destruction

Don’t let anyone try to convince you that this is not a building problem for the republicans.

Watch Dog

Only one small problem, Finis. Your stories are all from October 19. Get up to speed with this one from yesterday's HuffnPuff. And try to pay attention to the last 8 paragraphs which pretty much wrap this one up:
Colin Small

A non-story. Yup, it's time to revive the "voter fraud" meme since "liar, liar" didn't work. The smell of desperation in the air is palpable.

Oh, and don't let anyone try to convince you that this is a building problem for the republications.


Gee, dog, so fervently trying to prove your side free from reckless cheating. When the facts surface, we on the left take notice because we want the truth. Can you say the same?

Loving my Sirota. Battle of the talk show hosts in Denver has David calling Mike Rosen - rightie - a motherfucker. If anyone here listens to David, you're not surprised. See it Sirota

I got this off Goldman's show. The full battle can be seen at KHOW Apparently Goldman was part of it.

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