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October 16, 2012


KS blathers

Romney ahead by 4 in Pennsylvania ? Perhaps an outlier, but if that scenario holds up...Here come the riots on November 7th !

Hedge Fund Hal on Last Chance Monday

KS, Mike Shmitt on KVI this afternoon was going through all the various tweets and posts making serious threats against Romney by loon libbers, ....i think the desperation is really starting to set in,as it is on this blog, now that they see this last performance by Obama, which will most likely be the best of his three, only increased Romney's popularity......


oh thomas, don't you see? we are already voting.

Hedge Fund Hal

it's well known to pollsters that the hardcore partisans from both parties are the ones that vote early. Base versus base equals a complete wash. Nice try, though.


What are the undecideds waiting on?

Hedge Fund Hal

is Obama's "four deaths are 'not optimal' " comment going to be part of Romney's debate bag come Monday. Don't know what the guy was thinking when he said this to John Stewart but it's causing a shitstorm in the media and has outraged Sean Smith's mother. Remember libber crew here, Monday is basically your Last Chance Monday


Hal, thought you might be interested - there's an airline offering free airfare out of the country if your candidate loses in November. Is this something you might want to take advantage of.

Finis Hominis

Romnesia, ooohhh boy. The Prez has a new one.


I heard as gov in Massachusetts he made around 800 vetoes and over 700 of them were overriden. Started to be a joke. Which veto will we override todaykind of thing.

He's a joke just our Dick.


That was a mess. He's joke just like our Dick.


T-S, I liked the first iteration. When you watch him, you notice, it’s funny and so accurate.

Hedge Fund Hal

hahahahahaha the libber news networks are now trying to cheer up the Obama voters by explaining how Team Obama is busy figuring out how they can win without Ohio. The unthinkable is gradually becoming the thinkable, with the bar raising a little higher each week, but not in a good way for Team Obama.

Hedge Fund Hal

Rasmussen Daily Tracking , the most accurate poll in 2008, now has results this morning from their first poll with 100% of the combined three daily polls taken after debate2. Results are exactly the same as the last 100% pre-dabate poll, Romney49%/obama48%. Stil think he won?.......

Hedge Fund Hal

T-S were you driving around today in a staiton wagon, , and stopped at the crosswalk at Dravus, in Interbay, this morning sround 9 :30 am? A grim-faced older white woman was stopped at the crosswalk and when she saw me, an older white male, approaching the crosswalk she deliberately pulled her car well into the crosswalk, causing me an inconvenience. I think it was you.

Crosssing Guard

If you're the elderly bachelor, then yes.


I was out driving my silver PT Cruiser when an elderly - or should I say wizened - gentlemen emerged from his basement apartment on Dravus, continued looking down and stepped obliviously into the street causing me and another vehicle to abruptly brake. He then waved his fist in annoyance and angrily mumbled something unintelligible. Was that you?


Hahahah....good one!

Hey T-S, did you see that Tagg Romney has invested in the company that makes the voting machines used in 5 states?
Wonder what the reaction would be from the right if Joe Biden's son did that for the machines in Texas and other parts of the south....hmmm?


I'm becoming indifferent to the whole thing. Both parties have us imprisoned in their ideologies and both parties are imprisoned by their desire for wealth.

Voting machines should have been declared illegal once evidence was found that they were hackable and corrupted. But neither party seems even today to be concerned about it. And it isn't the Justice Dept. going after all the voter suppression but the ACLU which is pushing back.

I've been listening to Democracy Now which has had some shadow debates with Rocky Anderson, Gary what's-his-name, Jill Stein and another I can't remember. I learn more from them. But they aren't allowed to be heard by the powers that control who we vote for. If that's democracy American style, I am sort of done with it.

Also, so many red staters are now asking the government - that huge over-taxing body of overpaid do-nothings to help them when their red states are overwhelmed with fires and Canadian companies are taking their land.

On Ring of Fire they talked about Romney and a guy Senor who made millions out of the auto bankruptcy by buying stock at very low rates and then reselling it a hundred times higher once the bail out was implemented. It is a little more complicated than that but I'm just tired of it all. Greg Palast: "Mitt Romney’s Bailout Bonanza: How He Made Millions from the Rescue of Detroit"

But mostly I'm tired of the stupid people who can't think beyond their own petty desires and Fox non-News propaganda.

The laws that made Romney rich were put in place with the help of Democrats. Neither the Dems nor the Republican Romnesiacs are our friends. We need a party of education and labor again.

One more thing, very interesting discussion on Ring of Fire about Obama (and I think Holder as well) suffering from a sort of cultural black deference to whites that has mitigated their ability to forcefully represent the people and do their jobs.

So much for my Sunday rant. Now I'm going back into school for another unpaid day of "gumment work."

Hedge Fund Hal

"cultural black deference".........allrightythen............... a real"rationalization party" now going on with the left as they start to face reality......i see where youve started the spin in a pre-emptive way, T-S, now that its pretty clear who is going to win......distancing yourself from First Dude now, for self-preservation.........tomorow nihgt's debate is key....Romney's ready with all the stuff on Libya....oooh boy.........


Get over yourself. Bla bla bla. C'mon Dickie, you have more intelligence than that. "Rationalization." What a cop out.


I've made a decision this morning. My absentee ballot is done. I have voted for Jill Stein. The Democrats have become Republicans. The Republicans that can recognize they now hold Democratic positions will vote for Obama. The extremists will still vote Romney but for the most part the old Republican Party is on the way out.

I'm no Republican. I will vote the new Democratic Party: The Greens. Obama will win. Everybody knows that. But the larger the slice of Americans that move further left, the bolder the message to the old parties that they better get their acts together because people are leaving them. It may take some time but it is starting. The old Republican Party will become extinct. The Democrats will take the moderate Republicans. The the Greens will take the true Democrats.

That's my story and I"m sticking to it.

And if there really are enough people in this country to vote for Romney? Well, you all deserve what you get. It shouldn't be that close.

Now, Dickie, put your dentures around that piece of rationalization.

Hedge Fund Hal

excellent choice, T-S. To say that "everyone knows Obama will win" is absolutely ridiculous. Romney is ahead in the most accurate of the polls (Gallup and Rasmussen) and the trend is going his way, but even i would not say it's a lock he will win. The election is still close, at least until after Monday night's debate, and Obama needs your vote desperately. Yes you are rationalizing your choice of Klein over Obama, but I'm thrilled you've decided to abandon your leader in hIs time of need. Vote for Klein!!! Every Dem like you who votes for Klein or Gary Johnson or sits at home in disgust helps Mitt Romney. Jill Klein is the bomb!!!! Vote for Klein!!

Hedge Fund Hal

If you truly believe in Obama , even though you're in one of the few states that are in the tank for him, you should vote for him just for the sake of the popular vote. You don't want to have him saddled with the stigma of not being the peoples' choice, even after having four years to show his skills and character. Bush lost the poplar vote and won in the elctoral in 2000 as a first time candidate. Big difference. But you clearly no longer beleive in Obama, just like the millions of voters who have switched from Obama to Romney in the past month.


Not yet at school . . . but going. I got sidetracked by a fabulous Frontline which is still airing on KCTS profiling both Obama and Romney. I know documentaries have points of view but this seems quite favorable to both. I have renewed admiration for Romney and a clearer understanding of Obama's stance although I'm not sure why he has promoted so many conservatives in his time starting with the Harvard Law Review.

Too bad you're not taking the time to inform yourself, Dickie. Such a waste to be bla-blaing about me so much of the time.

Hedge Fund Hal

Touching that you have such a concern about my use of time T-S, unwarranted as it is, but i couldn't let your fatuous comment that "Obama will win. Everyone knows that." go unchallenged . I'm sure your silly overconfidence must be based on the outdated perception that Ohio is a given for First Dude. I just finished reading an analysis in National Review htat explains several factorswhich explain why the poll numbers in Ohio are very likely a serious underestimation of what the November vote will be for Romney.

Hedge Fund Hal

should read......"analysis in National Review which explains several factors that indicate the poll numbers in Ohio are very likely a serious underestimation of what the November vote will be for Romney."

Hedge Fund Hal

If Obama does lose next month, as i'm now predicting, it will be a classic example of overconfidence and hubris, with Obama's first debate , the month preceding it, and its devastating aftermath studied and analyzed in political science classes for years to come.

Hedge Fund Hal

"....{The televised debates have unveiled the current administration as alternately listless,manic, angry, soporific, bullying, aloof and thin-skinned. Americans who have just begun to tune into the election are seeing The President unmediated. They no longer are looking at him through the scrim of fawning press, majestic settings and roaring crowds. And they are discovering that Obama is not so likeable after all. He is actually something of a jerk.} .........."-The Jerk Store Called (They're running out of Obama-Biden) by Mathew Continetti, The Washington Free Beacon


I wonder if anyone is reading anymore? I have watched this twice now. This may be where America lost its way: "One Bright Shining Moment: The Forgotten Summer of George McGovern,"

I did learn one thing I'm not crazy about: he was responsible for super delegates. I don't like the idea that some people have more leverage than others. I guess it made sense to him at the time.

Americans have been voting against their own interests for a long, long time. It starts at about 11 min in.


Romney's ready with all the stuff on Libya....oooh boy.........
Posted by: Hedge Fund Hal | October 21, 2012 at 12:59 PM

I’m sure the president is prepared discuss Rmoney’s trip aboard. As many of you predetermine Rmoney’s outcomes, Mis. Rubin did also. When she wrote Obama team nervous about Romney overseas trip at WaPo.

Then when Rmoney exploded in her face she wrote, The Opening Hypocrisies.In an effort to clean up Rmoney’s shitty performance.

This is in fact the story the rest of the world understood. Mitt Romney wraps up tumultuous overseas tour.

So Hal, you are not the only one with wishful thinking and the penchant to bend the truth. The president gave this proclivity a name, “Romnesia”.

Hal says- "your last chance is tonight ,6p.m. Pacific"

last chance to stop the Romney momentum, libbers. Romney saw with his Vegas comment, that he could trigger Barry's short temper. Watch for a similar tactic tonight. Stakes are higher tonight than in the second debate. Desperation now amOng his henchmen like Axelrod and DWS.

Hedge Fund Hal

ohoh.........one half hour left for Mr. President to break out with a victory....another draw won't do....... so far hes been a hohummer , Barry testily phoning it in while Mitt is making a much more forceful showing.......


Wow, watching Mittens tonight left me believing Rmoney agrees with Obama about everything. is mittens becoming Obama junior?

Finis Hominis

Mitt: owww, you sunk my battle ship!

Obama: Mitt, we are playing global strategic positioning.

Mitt: ohhhhh! Barak, can I do what you do?

Obama: Yes Mitt, just sit in the corner out of the way.

Mitt: Yah, I win, I win!

Hedge Fund Hal

Ski, CNN libbers , spinning overtime almost in desperation, alos trying to play the agreement thing, where the truth is that Obama did no harm to himself by a few moments of agreement, but overall looked Presidential and safe, especially with women, which was his task tonight. Obama looked angry again, mean and petty. CNN poll just in 48/40 Obama, Obama still didn't crack 50%....a hohummer...draw...under 50% isn't going to be a gamechanger....."A" for effort to Barack...bwahahahahahahaaaha

Hedge Fund Hal

should read...."Romney did no harm to himself...."


Whatever CNN can do, CBS can do better. Our President 53% Rmoney 23

Hedge Fund Hal

another goofball poll from CBS....CNN said they were the only network running a general pol on the debate....isnt this a cbs polL of undecided voters, someone on CNN mentioned there was such a poll ....NO MENTION OF THE cbs POLL ON CNN

Hedge Fund Hal

no bump=no win....you wont gwt a bump ...barry phoned it in and the public knows it....no bump/no win.....Barry needed somehting big here tonight....a big gaffe...shoutinnnnnnng from mitt....etc....didnt happen.....

Finis Hominis

Can you say that a little louder, Candy?


Our fleet of super carriers are less substantial than 1917! Damn you Libbers!!!11!!


Fox News poll on who won the debate:

President Barack Obama 61.32%

Governor Mitt Romney 38.68%


Ha ha ...Horses and bayonets


That's a Fox News Poll? I'm surprised. Watching CSpan, a lot of rightwingers were calling in and I thought maybe my take was wrong. Romney achieved his best schmoozing tonight and I thought it might work. Glad it didn't. I thought Romney's funniest line was when he said he'd create jobs and "raise living wages" or something like that. Putting people out of work and eliminating tax perks for average Americans isn't raising paychecks in my book.

There is only so much lying a normal person can tolerate.

Gentlemen Rouge

A big fat helping of “Romnesia” tonight. Mittens was shoveling the crap sandwiches tonight, you baggers full?

KS blathers

Yahoo had Romney ahead 51-49. That Fox news poll sounds more like MSNBC - my guess is that Sparkles is dyslexic. CNN had BO ahead 48-41.

Once again, Obama lies like a lumpy rug. Mitt was too presidential to call him on it enough, so the low information voters will go on believing much of his bilge.

Edward R Murrow


Posted by: Hedge Fund Hal | October 22, 2012 at 08:30 PM

No mention of the CNN poll on CBS, and your point is?

Hedge Fund Hal

the cbs poll was not a general poll..... it was a small group of undecided voters and nearly half were either for romney or no candidate.....i'm watching foxnews and have googled foxnews debate poll and i find no such lopsoded 2 to 1 for Obama poll as was quoted, in fact no poll at all......CNN said they were the only network running a general poll about the debate......desperate posters now making up poll numbers,,,,bwahahahahahaahahahaaha

Edward R Murrow

The fault dear Brutus is the shit sandwich you'll be eating soon..

KS blathers

Fox News poll ? Only if you're hallucinating - 61- 39 % Obama - does not exist. The latest Yahoo poll shows it 52-48 for Romney.

The progressive loss must be tough, but no need to distort the facts - lest you channel the President.

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