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August 13, 2012



Get the latest on all of these stories at this great and brand new live stream: http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/live
It launches today at 7 a.m. and I can hardly wait!


Yep, get the latest "liberal/progressive" views & spins on all these stories at this great and brand new live steam: http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/live. It launches today at 7:00 AM and I can hardly wait!

Me too!


Is Biden campaigning with Obama? No. They can cover twice the ground if they campaign separately. It's not unusual. But leave it to the BW Crew to try to make a story out of a non-issue. Business as usual.

And for the record, all of those retirees in Florida shouldn't be worried. Romney/Ryan have said repeatedly that proposed changes won't affect current retirees or those close to retirement--55+. Another attempted fabrication of facts from the left.


Whatever is correct if your 55+, no problem except the old system is being dismantled so please try to die quickly as the docs probably won't accept you.It's the patriotic thing to do.

Under 55 , fvck you you should have budgeted an extra $2000 a month you parasites.

So here's a 20% discount Ryan-care coupon off of our already low low prices. Good for any treatment 3-5pm weekdays only. 2 for 1 hemorrhoid treatments on Tuesdays.

Pre-existing condition not included, your mileage may vary.Not valid with any other offer.


Ryan has spent his entire adult life as a government employee on a government retirement system and on government health care. That the right thinks people will ignore this is just fascinating.


So tell us, what is Obama's solution to out-of-control spending--remembering that taxing the rich is but a drop in the government's bucket?


"Out of control spending" : Republican phrase for any spending done on actual people rather than corporations and military contractors.

Some of us like having our taxes spent on public services and infrastructure.


From that liberal rag, The Wall Street Journal:

"WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Of all the falsehoods told about President Barack Obama, the biggest whopper is the one about his reckless spending spree.

As would-be president Mitt Romney tells it: “I will lead us out of this debt and spending inferno.”

Almost everyone believes that Obama has presided over a massive increase in federal spending, an “inferno” of spending that threatens our jobs, our businesses and our children’s future. Even Democrats seem to think it’s true.

But it didn’t happen. Although there was a big stimulus bill under Obama, federal spending is rising at the slowest pace since Dwight Eisenhower brought the Korean War to an end in the 1950s.

Even hapless Herbert Hoover managed to increase spending more than Obama has.

Here are the facts, according to the official government statistics:

• In the 2009 fiscal year — the last of George W. Bush’s presidency — federal spending rose by 17.9% from $2.98 trillion to $3.52 trillion. Check the official numbers at the Office of Management and Budget.

• In fiscal 2010 — the first budget under Obama — spending fell 1.8% to $3.46 trillion.

• In fiscal 2011, spending rose 4.3% to $3.60 trillion.

• In fiscal 2012, spending is set to rise 0.7% to $3.63 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the budget that was agreed to last August.

• Finally in fiscal 2013 — the final budget of Obama’s term — spending is scheduled to fall 1.3% to $3.58 trillion. Read the CBO’s latest budget outlook.

Over Obama’s four budget years, federal spending is on track to rise from $3.52 trillion to $3.58 trillion, an annualized increase of just 0.4%.

There has been no huge increase in spending under the current president, despite what you hear.

Why do people think Obama has spent like a drunken sailor? It’s in part because of a fundamental misunderstanding of the federal budget.

What people forget (or never knew) is that the first year of every presidential term starts with a budget approved by the previous administration and Congress. The president only begins to shape the budget in his second year. It takes time to develop a budget and steer it through Congress — especially in these days of congressional gridlock.

The 2009 fiscal year, which Republicans count as part of Obama’s legacy, began four months before Obama moved into the White House. The major spending decisions in the 2009 fiscal year were made by George W. Bush and the previous Congress.

Like a relief pitcher who comes into the game with the bases loaded, Obama came in with a budget in place that called for spending to increase by hundreds of billions of dollars in response to the worst economic and financial calamity in generations."


This morning--with a STRAIGHT FACE--Ryan stood up and said, "Where are the jobs Mr. President!??"

Wow, the little Koch puppet wants you to forget he and his buds in the House have been focused on three things: abortion, same-sex marriage and defeating anything Obama proposes, even if it was their idea in the first place.


FALSE NARRATIVE - His plan will modify Medicare - not end it and it won't rob $770 Billion like Obamacare did.

Please post facts besides opinions.


You first!

Modifying is such a nice sounding term. But, I realize that as long as YOU get YOUR benefits, what happens to our kids and grandkids is of no concern to you. The right is well versed in False Narratives: Medicare and Social Security are on their death beds and must be privatized to save them. Hogwash.


Then do tell, why would republicans tip toe around Ryan’s proposal?
Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, “While I applaud Ryan for getting the conversation started, I cannot support his specific plan — and therefore will vote ‘no’ on his budget.”

AND Montana Rep. Denny Rehberg “And Rehberg refused to support a Republican budget plan that could harm the Medicare program so many of Montana’s seniors rely on.”

And campaign manager Corry Bliss“Linda McMahon will never support a budget that cuts Medicare,”

And Republican Rep. Heather Wilson, “I didn’t agree with everything in the Ryan plan. I was concerned about some of his approaches to Medicare “.
If , in fact, there is nothing of concern in Ryan’s plan to assault Medicare, why would these Republicans maintain trepidation?


"It became necessary to destroy Medicare to save it", a United States congressman said today.


Finally in fiscal 2013 — the final budget of Obama’s term — spending is scheduled to fall 1.3% to $3.58 trillion. Read the CBO’s latest budget outlook.

What you've failed to account for is future spending--especially what will be required to implement all aspects of the ACA. Check out the Congressional Budget Office's website for those projections.

It's kinda like this: If I put $20,000 on my credit card, but pay off $1,000 of it in 2012 and $1,000 in 2013, have I "spent" $2,000 or $20,000? For those of you who seem so worried about your children and grandchildren, you should be more concerned about future commitments than past spending.

Oh, and Romney made it clear on 60 Minutes last evening that he and Ryan will be promoting the Romney budget plan--not Ryan's.


It’s no wonder that Mr. Romney does not want to take full responsibility for his running mate’s ideas. Mr. Romney hasn’t issued a real budget plan and appears to have no interest in doing so.

But “Mr. Romney’s deliberate obfuscations of his” and his running mate’s “plans will make them difficult to discern. Up to now, for example, their Medicare plans have been identical…”


It's great that we now get to scream about death panels, and the GOP VP candidate looks just like Eddie Munster.


You know, I wondered how long it would be before the conversation degenerated to death panels and Paul Ryan's looks...didn't take long, but no surprise there. Wow, ExPattBrit, you really know how to contribute to a discussion.

As Walt so aptly pointed to in his link, the sitting president doesn't present a budget until well after his term begins, so why should you expect one now?

But hey, back to future spending. I guess a lack of response and a change of subject means you can't argue that Obama is well on his way to a new spending record. Unless, of course, the Romney/Ryan team wins and dismantles ACA as its first act.


The CBO says deficits for 30 years with Ryan's budget. It's not serious, just an Ayn Rand schoolboy fantasy. Less taxes for the "job creators" so Mitt can buy and maintain another dancing pony. Even that moron Gingrich called it "right wing social engineering".

Yesterday I met an old friend at his 70th Birthday party. I lost touch and hadn't seen him for a few years. His wife had cancer and died last fall. Despite his "Health Insurance" and working for 50 years, he was wiped out and had to declare bankruptcy.Lost his house and now living with his daughter and family. I have heard of people like that but never had met one personally. This guy was a straight shooter, frugal , non smoker / drinker. He just wasn't rich.

I remember the stupidity from "town halls" in 2009 which people like you you did nothing to stop. Pictures of Obama the Witch Doctor with a bone through his nose. Your answer is a discount coupon and scrap Obama-care.

So, let's be sensible now! Let's contribute something meaningful

On second thoughts no, you wankers reap what you sow.

Here's hope you all GO GALT asap, the world will be better immediately.



Gentlemen Rouge

A joke is a very serious thing.

Winston Churchill

ExPattBrit, has my considerable veneration. And I laughed like a hyena.!!111!!


Some fact checking is in order;

"Politifact, already dismantled Democrats' scare tactic rhetoric concerning Medicare, labeling their claims that the GOP would have ended it as "false." In fact, the very attack that Democrats are using now was branded Politifact's "Lie of the Year" for 2011.

Actually, NOT FACT. Reforms only apply to those under the age of 55, and simply gives them options. Scary, scary options:

As we’ve The Apothecary, the Wyden-Ryan Medicare plan—so named because it was coauthored by progressive Sen. Ron Wyden (D., Ore.)—only applies to Americans younger than 55 years of age, and gives those younger individuals the option of remaining in the traditional Medicare program, or choosing a comparable private-sector insurance plan.
The policy-wonk term for this approach is “competitive bidding,” an idea that originated with Democrats. The Wyden-Ryan plan is nearly identical to one that was introduced a few weeks earlier by Mitt Romney."

I hope that the Ryan-Wyden plan continues to evolve and I give Sen. Wyden credit for sponsorship, ignoring what he said to the press about Romney talking "nonsense" - Ryan is better left to explain the bill.

Nathaniel Branden  excommunicated

I'm Atlas Shrugging the RMoney-pAYN RyAND ticket

Gentlemen Rouge

Everyone knows your version of fact, KS. They are opinions and lies which have little resemblance of actuality.

proud American

Ayn Rand's writings have no more business being the guiding principles of our political and economic policy than do Marx's. Sadly a brilliant but extremely mentally ill woman never got the help she needed. But sociopathy is not a solution but a mental illness to be treated. Rand's ideas were given very little credibility when she wrote them and they deserve even less creditability now. You Conservatives better hope the God of your understanding is foregiving because you have destroyed people's lives not on scientifc principles of a rational market as you claim, but on the mentally ill rantings of a tragically sick woman.

This needs to be thrown in every Conservatives face every time they bring out Ayn Rand to defend denying health care to thirty million Americans without it. Their desire to cut government to pieces stems not from Governments incompetence but from the fact that it provides a safety net for those injured by Conservatism's thirty year sociopathic reign of error on the working American Public with outsourcing, insourcing, plundering the economy and putting 20% of Americans in the ranks of the underemployed and costing millions of Americans their houses, while having no remorse about it because, after all they are the only productive members of society and if you dare tax us to pay for the disaster our greedy naive stupidity has caused we will all go John Galt on you. That's right your whole movement, your quotes, Greenspan's globalized ignorance is based on a homicidal sociopathic child killer named William Edward Hickman. Some Right to Life movement you are.


Ha, ha, I was going to post the same thing Gentlemen Rouge, but you forgot something. KS lift’s text from other sources. Witness this article. Proof positive KS, doesn’t have an original thought in his mind. It’s ok to post another’s story but if you don’t attribute your post you are plagiarizing, in effect lying.


Yes, Vice President-to-be Paul Ryan owes his entire “moral” worldview to a lowly groupie of serial killers, a 1920′s prototype of today’s “Joker” wannabees.


Viva a la

Romney's the guy who fires you.

Ryan's the guy who denies you.


Tonight I have seen the ultimate card tossed. It was thrown by Al Sharpton. The same Sharpton criticized by this blog. When referring to this election, Sharpton considered the attack on Medicare and Social Security, and then declared “This is not about Obama. It’s about your mama,” . The ‘yo mamma’ card has been issued.


Ayn Rand developed cancer and she had to sign up for Social Security and Medicare in her later years to keep her alive.

That should have been the end of this hypocrite's fairy story.


Oh no, he’s been just as hypocritical as Rand and most Republicans. Right Chuck S? “Ironically, Ryan came to national attention trying to dismantle the very program that helped him go to the college of his choice, pushing an even more radical version of President Bush’s Social Security privatization plan, which failed. He has since become the scourge of the welfare state, a man wholly supported by government who preaches against the evils of government support. He could be the poster boy for President Obama’s supposedly controversial oration about how we all owe our success to some combination of our own hard work, family backing and government support. Let’s say it together: You didn’t build that career by yourself, Congressman Ryan.

Thus Paul Ryan represents the fakery at the heart of the Republican project today. It starts with the contradiction that Mr. Free Enterprise has spent his life in the bosom of government, enjoying the added protection of wingnut welfare benefactors like the Koch brothers.”

Hedge Fund Hal

Al Sharpton on MSNBC was making fun of Ryan's workout routine/physique yeserday....menawhile some libber Obama sycophant in the Washington Post wrote about Obama's "chiseled pecs" on the beach in Hawaii, apparently drooling, from the excerpt Medved read onair today. What's with that lib airhead Alex Wagner on MSNBC ...did they pick her for her "cuteness factor"?..once i read that she was for abolition of the second Amendment i realized her intellect was not worthy of paying any attention to...and actually she's kind of repulsive when she makes one of her big arrogant faces........oh did you hear the one about Biden speaking to the black folks today and saying R/R wants to put "y'all back in chains!'...uh sorry it actually happened...not a joke..Biden and Team Obama are refusing to take back the comment or apologize inthe slightest for it....unbelievable...


It is what it is. The American people will have shown a severely weakened character if they reelect these two gangsta clowns in November. The evidence is unassailable.

proud American

gangsta clowns? yes the 2 white boys Rmoney and Payn RYand.


Gangsta clowns - Obama and Biden, joker. You must be a product of the pubic school system with an attitude. Your spelling sucks.


you cons need to stop whining. yea, our boys sling gangsta tall tommy. live with it.


KS you're so sexy when you speak street talk mmmmmmm.


Ok you guys, sorry to break up the down in the dirt chit chat, here’s some policy wonk.
"The Medicare cuts, passed in the Affordable Care Act, come in the form of reimbursement reductions to hospitals, Medicaid prescription drugs and private insurance plans under Medicare Advantage. The Congressional Budget Office projects that they’ll extend the solvency of Medicare by eight years." "AARP, the seniors’ lobby and chief gatekeeper of Medicare benefits, endorsed the Affordable Care Act despite its cuts, arguing that they wouldn’t affect seniors’ access to care. The law expanded benefits by closing the prescription drug coverage gap known as the “doughnut hole.” "

Ryan’s plan under the Path To Prosperity would end Medicare as an insurance program that directly pays medical bills for the elderly. It would be replaced with a fixed subsidy which seniors may use to buy competing private and public insurance policies on an exchange. If the value of the subsidy does not keep up with the growth of health care costs, seniors would make up the cost and pay higher medical bills.

The Congressional Budget Office projects that Ryan’s plan would raise seniors’ out-of-pocket expenses by $6,500 per year.

Ok, sorry for the interruption, back to current topic at hand…


Ryan is not running for president. He is running as Romney's vice president. Romney will be responsible for presenting a budget and has said it will be his own. So why is everyone obsessing over Ryan's budget and going to such lengths to compare him to Obama? Are y'all confused?


Well duhhh “Whatever”, it’s because Rmoney hasn’t released a plan himself. Sorry you don’t understand this. His prospective vice president has put forth a plan, therefore it’s strapped to the prospective presidents back until he acts. He knew this before picking his number two, and now has no answer for you or potential voters. Leaving the real question, why doesn’t Rmoney communicate a plan?

Finis Hominis

Cutting thru the clutter…


Well, let's hope this clinches Florida for the dems even though I'm voting for Jill Stein.

I watched Ryan speak to a catholic audience that booed him at first at Georgetown U. They were applauding him at the end. This guy's a con. Don't sell him short. He's spent his life getting rich in politics. He is as sociopathic as Rand. Prom king, class president, and charming. He's smart in the way Romney is smart. A very self-serving way. When Adelson's millions and millions and millions get done buying ads in stupid belts across the country, I don't know for sure what's going to happen.

I was thinking about Romney's profiting from Latin American oligarchs for his initial Bain money. These same oligarchs who when their interests were threatened by nationalization sent death squads out to kill the poeople - the revolutionaries, the citizenry. Are we very far from that ourselves? Peter Hart (democratic pollster) said that he listens to the people and that we are the lighting of a match from revolution. If we were to demand our country back, would our own oligarchs hire Z and take us down as well? I have no doubt that is exactly what they would do. We are living in a dream of what used to be America.

Romney has solidified his base. George Bush solidified and never forgot his base. This country voted for Bush. They might also vote for Romney. Scary isn't it? There are more KS's out there than I'm comfortable with.


The connection between the families involved with Bain's founding and those who financed death squads was made by the Boston Globe in 1994 and the Salt Lake Tribune in 1999. This election cycle, Salon first raised the issue in January, and the Los Angeles Times filled out more of the record earlier this month.

There is no shortage of unsavory links. Even the Tribune article referred to by the Romney campaign reports that "about $6.5 million of $37 million that established the company came from wealthy El Salvadoran families linked to right-wing death squads."

The Salaverria family, whose fortune came from producing cotton and coffee, had deep connections to the right-wing Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA), a political party that death-squad leader Roberto D'Aubuisson founded in the fall of 1981. The year before, El Salvador's government had pushed through land reforms and nationalized the coffee trade, moves that threatened a ruling class whose financial and political dominance was built in large part on growing coffee. ARENA controlled and directed death squads during its early years.


And if we try to take back our industries and resources, do you think we are as vulnerable to the rightwing oligarchy in America? Do we have reason to be concerned?


BTW, Hart also said that he's never seen us so close to having the reality of a third party emerging. If you've never watched him, he's smart and he's perceptive. He does focus groups from time to time on CSpan which always depress me for days. The ignorance of the average person I mean. You wouldn't believe it. Well, actually given the rightwingers on this blog, you might believe it after all.

Hedge Fund Hal

you ASHOULD be concerned about the NEWLY ENERGIZED Repubican base, T-S. Rush it "jazzed", Ann is "thrilled", Hannity is over the moon, etc.....Medved today was talkign about a New York Times reporter who really riled up her fellow libber colleagues at the newspaper when she was honesF in a piece that described the huge crowds for Ryan and Romney, and the paltry piddling showings for the Obama and Biden speeches. Real fear, T-S , thst;s what you and you fellow travellers are feeling now. Real fear.


Fear the crazies will win? Yes, that is always possible. Not likely but I never overplay my hand. Something you have yet to learn. Which is why you end up eating so much crow, isn't it? (smile)

The Boogeyman

If we were to demand our country back, would our own oligarchs hire Z and take us down as well? I have no doubt that is exactly what they would do.

You're sounding a bit crazy yourself, TS.

Hedge Fund Hal

no, the crazies have already won. That was back in 2008 when they won. Anyone who makes a speech to an audience of blacks and says Romney and Ryan want to "put y'all back in chains" is a crazy. That's called crazy talk, if you didn't know.


More crazy talk from T-S - the new boogeyman is now "The rightwing oligarchy". Take your fear mongering, hate filled and divisive campaign and go to the place of origin - Chicago with the Occupy movement.

Why don't some of you lefty loons vote for Roseanne and Cindy Sheehan ?

Finis Hominis

Ooo, ooo, I know the answer KS! Could it be because they’re not running?


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