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August 28, 2012


Hedge Fund Hal (edited by Esmerelda H.)

And Michael Medved is doing an outside the convention hall interview with some moronic radiclibs dressed up in vagina costumes. Their comments are vacuous, airheaded, even asinine. Kind of like those of Pat Robertson and Rush. Just as I wouldn't blame the Democratic Party for the "walking vaginas", various assorted fools of Occupy Wallstret, and other lib clowns of their ilk, I don't blame the Pubbies for these two buffoons. Fairly irrelevant stuff.


2012 Republican Convention Schedule

8:30 am – Opening Music: “Trample the Weak” by Ted Nugent, sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

9am – Tax planning seminar on how you too can pay less than 15% taxes on your millions/billions. Hosted by Bain Capital accountants.

9:30am – Discussion of Christian values and marital fidelity – Newt Gingrich presiding

10am – “Sucking up to Israel” or, “How to Subjugate National Security to a Foreign Power” – a tutorial by Sheldon Adelson.

10:30am – “Women’s Rights: What’s the Big Fuss Little Lady?” – dominated by Erik Cantor

11am -- “Why I’m Holier than Thou” -- ministered by Rick Santorum

11:30 – The Curse of Irrelevancy – sobbed by John Boehner

12pm – My Gun’s Bigger than Your’s –or “Is that a Politician in your Pocket or are you just Glad to See Me?” --telemarketed in by the NRA

Break for Lunch --- provided by Chic-Fil-A

12:30pm –“ How to Buy an Election: Making the Citizen’s United Decision Work for You!” – time paid for by Karl Rove and Antonin Scalia

1pm – “Keeping your Cadillacs Primed” followed by “Reaching out to the Proletariat with Dressage” – driven by Anne Romney

1:30pm – “Maintaining Conservative Values while Screwing the Elderly” – convened by Paul Ryan

2pm – “Exploit your Entire Family for Maximum Profits” or “Mama Grizzlies for Dummies” – hosted by Sarah Palin

2:30pm – Fair and Impartial News Reporting: Why it’s Over-rated and What you can do to Eradicate it – aired by Fox News

3pm – Bombastics 101 – orated by Chris Christie

3:30pm -- “A Muslim Ate my Love Child” – confessed by Michelle Bachmann

4pm -- “Why IQ is Over-Rated” --- drooled by Herman Caine

4:15 – Open forum on Gay Rights

(note: Event cancelled due to lack of attendance)

4:30pm – –I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” or “The KKK for a New Generation” -- delivered by Gov. Rick Perry

5pm -- Overcoming Depression by Selling Your Soul – whined by John McCain

5:30 pm – What’s a Soul? -- questioned by Dick Cheney

6pm – “Understanding why Democrats exist in higher Numbers than Republicans…their women are all Sluts” – ranted by Rush Limbaugh

6:30pm – Acceptance Speech “with Special Thanks to the job creators at the top 1% …Never have so few given so little to so many so reluctantly” or “What Would Jesus Do?” – Mitt Romney (sung to the tune of America the Beautiful)

7pm – dinner: Please indicate your choice of foie gras with non-Kobe beef or Texas BBQ served in troughs recycled from Super Pac money storage


Akin’s views are shared by VEEP wannabe Paul Ryan, and the fact is that many of the House Republicans espouse odd ideologies more suited to Bellevue than the Beltway. Mainstream right-wing movers and shakers are tasked with the containment of the more rabid in their ranks to keep them off the public stage until after the election. Akin’s beliefs – bizarre and outrageous as they may be – are hardly the oddest ducks in the pond.


Rand sell out his dad? Of course, he would. Ron Paul taught his son to be a good Randian and we all know that Ayn believed in self-preservation and survival of the fittest. Rand would be the good son if he sold out his dad for his own interests. And Ron would be - or should be - proud of his son.

Let it be.

BTW, who is betting on the bigger wind? Isaac or Christie?


I say Christie

Radical Moderate

Rand Paul won't sell out his dad - The Fed and Pentagon should both be audited as Rand Paul put forth. Sequestration is more like castration of the military - there is a middle ground though, that can be determined by auditing. The media wants to make a bigger deal out of this than it really is. Rand Paul has a political future.

I like Ron Paul and he is a pioneer and I hope there is a legacy by him - hopefully the Repubs will wise up and listen more to both Ron and Rand Paul. The Republican Party is backward in some ways as is the Democratic Party - in different way. Military intervention has grown unpopular by both sides and independents and no more wars unless Congress votes to declare them.


... and no more wars unless Congress votes to declare them.

Hahahahahahaha. Ahhhhhhh. That's a good one. And all that oil under Iran. I'm still laughing.


Christie - The NJ Bully - is talking about respect. There's something incongruous about that.


Mrs. Romney just spent a half-hour talking about love. And now Mr. Christie just told the audience that we are going to choose respect over love. And darn it, he's going to make sure we do.


Camera just panned on Mitt and Ann. She looked bored.

Ok. Before I get deleted, I'm done. Someone else post please.


Tonight, Chris Christie and the Republicans told the American people that we're to blame for our broken economy. He told families to tighten their belts. He told seniors to live on less. He told teachers to stop fighting for fair pay.


And he said "Our ideas are right for America; their ideas have failed America." He blamed us for driving off the "fiscal cliff" - he's got a short memory. That's for sure.


It’s like Mittens told his speakers to lull the crowd with the narrator’s background or experience then bombast about his/her particular political position. They couldn’t embellish upon his outlook because it is unknown to them, and everyone else. The many issues brought up by these surrogates and Rmoneys’ imagining’s paint him as a modern day Don Quixote.


But, he doesn't believe in windmills . . . I would say he is badly miscast in the role.

You know, maybe he wants to be President of the world. He represents a small group of very elite people who are among the global aristocracy. King of the world. I bet that's his goal. You think?


Well; I don’t know about “king of the world”, but maybe it’s a lifelong goal. I think he’s tilting at those windmills because he assumes he should. He doesn’t know why, he just does.

Hedge Fund Hal (edited by Esmerelda H.)

"He repesents a small group of very elite people who are among the global aristocracy"- what absolute crap. Aristocrats don't give away their inheritances. He wanted to be rich eventually, like most Americans, other than you , I guess, T-S, but he wanted to be able to stand up and say he was a selfmade man, as he did in the debates earlier this year, without a murmer of contradiction. His money and success was not handed to him, as Ann said. He built it. You had the same chance to do what Romney did, in his field or any other field of your choosing, and become as rich as he did, T-S. Romney worked his ass off. You didn't.

Hedge Fund Hal (edited by Esmerelda H.)

meant to say "murmur of contradiciton". Not murmer.

Hedge Fund Hal (edited by Esmerelda H.)

By the way, T-S, despite the cawing and cackling of crows from Slate Magazine ("TV networks should ignore Ann Romney's speech"), not only was Ann Romney's speech covered by all the networks, she hit the ball out of the grandstands. Huge polling positives for her afterwards and a nice carryover effect for Mitt. Even libs had to admit she hit a homerun.The hatred and bias of the leftwing media toward Romney and his wife is so extreme it's become cartoonish and laughable. It is starting to reek of desperation, ESPECIALLY THE CACKLING CROWS OF MSNBC.


"cackling" is a word used by old men


Juan Williams on Ann Rmoney's speech last night.

"Ann Romney ... looked to me like a corporate wife," he said. "The stories she told about struggles — eh! It's hard for me to believe. I mean, she's a very rich woman, and I know that, and America knows that."

There was a distinct pause, and then host Bret Baier said, "Wow, OK." Host Megyn Kelly asked, "What does that mean, 'corporate wife?'"


did yhey throw peanuts at him & call him an animal?

Bob Nelson

radio-insight says kvi back to Conserv talk on 9/4. " On Tuesday, September 4, with ratings hovering around a 0.2, KVI will complete the cycle as it will return to conservative talk. The new KVI will be anchored by John Carlson’s return to the station to host mornings from 5-9am. Carlson had been hosting afternoons on KVI prior to the switch to Oldies; at which time he moved to sister News 1000/97.7 KOMO for a 9am-12pm show. The remainder of the lineup will be syndicated including Laura Ingraham from 9am-12pm, Todd Schnitt 12-3pm, Mark Levin 3-6pm (starting October 15), Lars Larson 6-9pm, Michael Savage 9pm-11pm, Red Eye Radio 11pm-3am, and Don Imus 3-5am. Levin and Larson currently air in the market on Salem’s “Freedom 1590” KLFE. They will both move to KVI, but not right away."


Given that this is the political season, that should up their numbers. Wonder how long it will last?


Rand looks like he has lost some weight. Ron Paul left the convention early today to go home to Texas. I wonder if that is a commentary on son Rand?

Radical Moderate

Yeah, KKKVI is baaackk LOL. Sorry to see Smerconish and Clark Howard go though. This may be only a temporary thing as they don't get that certain apolitical shows are also good instead of a steady diet of conservative talk. It also depends on the ratings which will depend on which way the political winds blow. So, Hedge Fund Hal's bud - Michael Savage will be back in the house.

I like what I hear on Ground Zero on 770 from 10PM-1AM. Just started this week. Clyde Lewis is good and there's some local competition with Overnight with George Noory.


Paul Ryan: This President did not make job creation is first priority. What a bald-faced liar.

Hedge Fund Hal (edited by Esmerelda H.)

Ryan just now, T-S- "Yes, you DID build that!!" bwahaahhahahaaha the gift that keeps on giving........


First time you noticed that, Hal? It's been one of their talking points. I'm surprised you're so slow to notice.


Ryan just said "When I was mowing lawns or washing dishes for money..." He forgot to mention and cashing in my social security check every month.

It's what the right doesn't say, isn't it, Hal?

Hedge Fund Hal (edited by Esmerelda H.)

Who said it was the first time I've noticed it, Johnson? My whole point, that you obviously missed, was that each time I hear it, I realize that Obama's original act of verbal stupidity is the gift that keeps on giving. I think you're just being deliberately obtuse- up past your bed and grumpy that the convention is going so well, T-S. Ryan is giving a perfectly timed, humorous, masterful speech, ten times better than Palin's in 2008. ohoh Team Obama is getting the breaKouts of the old "flop sweat" right now. hahaha


Yes, since you missed it a while back, I acknowledged Ryan's smooth talking way with words even when they are innuendo, lies by omission or outright lying which is most of the time.

Now, Mr. Johnson, I'd appreciate a response without name calling.


Howard Fineman just said Ryan had a "lying face" and the Obama admin better get out there and respond fast.

Jason Grager

what will replace the Mark Levin 3-6pm (starting October 15), Lars Larson 6-9pm Levin and Larson currently air in the market on Salem’s “Freedom 1590” KLFE. so what does that mean for KLFE 1590 Levin and Larson time slot on the KLFE 1590. what will they will both move to KVI what will that mean for KLFE 1590. Smerconish and Clark Howard cluld be on KLFE in Seattle Washington or KKNW 1150.


Paul Ryan: This President did not make job creation is first priority. What a bald-faced liar.

Posted by: T-S | August 29, 2012 at 07:37 PM

We have a radical difference in opinion, T-S. The bald-faced liar is not Ryan. It is the president for audaciously saying job creation was his first priority, when it really was to create a welfare state and enlarge the plantation under the guise of creating more jobs, when he created more dependents on food stamps, 40% less net worth since late 2009. Even though he is remedial at economics, there is good evidence by actions to believe he is trying expand equality or parity with the rest of the world.

The problem with Fineman and rest of the leftist media is that Ryan knows progressivism too well - and exposes their cover. They are practiced at the art of politicizing anything because they have no new ideas. Good night -all and so be it if this flies away into never never land.


Pardon me for speaking in code - heheheh


Meanwhile, in local radio news:

KVI is returning to a talk format, with John Carlson hosting 5-9am, starting on Tuesday Sept 4th.

Does anyone know of a blog that discusses Seattle and Pacific NW radio?


This is supposedly the blog, but things have changed. Try Publicola.

The BW Crew

Hey Jake, if you hear news like this please drop us an email and we will follow up on it. We do not have the contacts within the Radio Mafia like Mr. Hood does.


>> We do not have the contacts within the Radio Mafia like Mr. Hood does.<<

Then take the "listening to talk radio" slogan off this blog, as it's become virtually a non-radio forum.

Try radiodiscussions.com if you REALLY want to talk radio.


Well aren't you the Bossy Pants tonight. Go start your own blog if you dont like it.

Hedge Fund Hal

Clint Eastwood dissed Obama and Biden bigtime tonight, in his speech before the RNC convention. OH BOY...........the entire speech is up on youtube....


Hahahaha. Yeah, the Republican strategist on MSNBC was bemoaning the fact that just when Mittens gave his most inspiring and best speech of his lifetime, Eastwood's idiocy will capture the headlines.

He was beside himself.


Please Thomas, link the speech. I watched a bit of it and he was meandering and confusing. Post the link and allow others to render their own opinion.


Well, Rhino, if you want to see an old man rambling on at a chair, I'm sure you can find it youtube - eventually. It was really pathetic and I couldn't watch it all.

Now I'm watching a rerun of an excellent speech: Marco Rubio. But he just said something that used to be accurate but no longer is: that America is the country you come to to rise and where "tomorrow is always better than yesterday." (He just said that.)

But truthfully, America now lags in upward mobility. Other countries have caught up and our ability to move up has declined significantly.

There have been a lot of inaccuracies spoken at this convention. I wonder how many people like Thomas or Hal or Hal's editor will be smart enough or informed enough to know it?


I've softened on Romney. I can't believe a man who came from the family he did can be so thoroughly unfeeling. What is it about these Republicans that come from families that seem to be so generous or hard working and their kids become focused on money and more money? Same with Rubio. I don't get that. Must be there genes harken back to some dark miserly ancestor.


Let me burst your bubble; he traveled to Canada with his catatonic dog on the roof of his car. Another; he’s more than willing to throw middle class people over the verge in an effort to acquire gain for the top 1%. Greed…

KS on a drive by

Barry Soetoro used to eat dog as a child. The real truth: Romney will not raise taxes on the middle class like Obama with his taxes on Obamacare will.

Can't wait until the Democrat convention to see what they pull out of their hate-filled against pro-lifers and pro-gay marriage sharade and more free stuff meant to expand the dependents and dead-beat class.


A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

Winston Churchill

KS on a drive by

That's why I drove by and corrected your falsehood, BR.


What middle class? Last I heard the middle class was being devoured by the Koch Brothers. I guess they spit you back out. You're a public employee. How come you haven't been downsized out? Or have you?


From Romney's speech: "Four years ago, I know that many Americans felt a fresh excitement about the possibilities of a new president. That president was not the choice of our party but Americans always come together after elections. We are a good and generous people who are united by so much more than what divides us."

What happened? I must not have read that the Republicans got together on the night of the inaugural and hatched a plan to obstruct everything Obama tried to do.

Gee, KS, was that just a dream?

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