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July 06, 2012


Bill Maher

If you think Democrats are going to take away your Bible, you're an idiot. If you think Democrats are going to take away your guns, you're an armed idiot. If you think they're going to take away your guns and give them to Mexicans to kill your God, you're Bill O'Reilly!


Heart and soul? I'd say it's lost its honor. How can redistributing the wealth of the nation upwards until the average person has such a small slice of a very small portion? We are the richest country in the world and we have ever increasingly fewer and fewer safety nets.

I think we are going through our "monarchy" stage. Europeans (and those Canadians who remember it) have been there and done that. They're not giving away their citizen power. Only in the US where people have become fat and lazy and expect the rich to be honorable and fair.

It ain't gonna happen until we let them know it's wrong. We're going to see revolution. I betcha.

KS, you'll be one of the first to rebel. You don't know it yet, but your in the very category of people they are trying to take it from now.


Hey over on the Sound Politics site they are asking people to weigh in on what names they call liberals. Wow if we did that here, we would get all sorts of crap! I wonder if our resident conservatives, er, reasonable moderates ever tell them their blog is too partisan? HMM?? KS? Anyone??


The latest chapter on Jonathan Krohn being interviewed by Cenk and who just said that he . . . only heard conservative talk radio in Georgia his whole life and so regurgitated it without understanding it. As he got older, he began to realize "how much he didn't know. The more you know the more you realize you don't know."

That takes maturity. Michael Savage is stuck in preadolescence. KS, are you a pre-adolescent as well?

Right now I'm listening to three people making stupid sounds while holding up a pizza box, a dog, and a fish. If that isn't a reflection on the times in which we're living, I don't know what is.

For WALT  from T-S

Check out Bruce Ramsey's response to Jim's post on labels for liberals: In defense of "progressive"

Posted by Bruce Ramsey

Ramsey is very conservative.


I liked one entry in particular - so liberal progressives be called PROGS. So, back at ya - Sparky, T-S and fellow leftists or social democrats.

BTW - Sparky - do you have any evidence that
Canadians who have expensive surgeries down here reimburse us ? You slipped that one by a few posts ago, and was talking with some friends who are "moderates" and they doubted your claim, as do I until it is verified otherwise.


Check out Bruce Ramsey's response to Jim's post on labels for liberals: In defense of "progressive"

Posted by Bruce Ramsey

Ramsey is very conservative.

Posted by: For WALT from T-S | July 06, 2012 at 08:48 PM

LMAO ! He is not even very conservative for a marxist. Are you being a tool for T-S now ?


That was T-S' post not mine.


I suppose you aren't interested in contacting the office of the Canadian consulate, so I went to Wikipedia. If that isnt good enough for you, then you will just have to have your doubts. Makes no nevermind to moi.

"Canadians visiting the US to receive health care

Some residents of Canada travel to the United States because it provides the nearest facility for their needs. Some do so on quality grounds or because of easier access. A study by Barer, et al., indicates that the majority of Canadians who seek health care in the U.S. are already there for other reasons, including business travel or vacations. A smaller proportion seek care in the U.S. for reasons of confidentiality, including abortions, mental illness, substance abuse, and other problems that they may not wish to divulge to their local physician, family, or employer.

Canadians offered free care in the US paid by the Canadian government have sometimes declined it. In 1990 the British Columbia Medical Association ran radio ads asking, "What's the longest you'd wait in line at a bank before getting really annoyed? Five minutes? Ten minutes? What if you needed a heart operation?" Following this, the government responded, as summarized by Robin Hutchinson, senior medical consultant for the health ministry's heart program. Despite the medically questionable nature of heart bypass for milder cases of chest pain and follow-up studies showing heart bypass recipients were only 25-40% more likely to be relieved of chest pain than people who stay on heart medicine, the "public outcry" following the ads led the government to take action:

"'We did a deal with the University of Washington at Seattle' said Hutchinson.. to take 50 bypass cases at $18,000 per head, almost $3,000 higher than the cost in Vancouver, with all the money [paid by] the province..In theory, the Seattle operations promised to take the heat off the Ministry of Health until a fourth heart surgery unit opened in the Vancouver suburb of New Westminster. If the first batch of Seattle bypasses went smoothly..then the government planned to buy three or four more 50-head blocks. But four weeks after announcing the plan, health administrators had to admit they were stumped. 'As of now..we've have nine people sign up. The opposition party, the press, everybody's making a big stink about our waiting lists. And we've got [only] nine people signed up! The surgeons ask their patients and they say, "I'd rather wait", We thought we could get maybe two hundred and fifty done down in Seattle..but if nobody wants to go to Seattle, we're stuck,'".[67]

In a Canadian National Population Health Survey of 17,276 Canadian residents, it was reported that only 0.5% sought medical care in the US in the previous year. Of these, less than a quarter had traveled to the U.S. expressly to get that care.[70]
A 2002 study by Katz, Cardiff, et al., reported the number of Canadians using U.S. services to be "barely detectible relative to the use of care by Canadians at home" and that the results "do not support the widespread perception that Canadian residents seek care extensively in the United States."[71]"

So, they buy it ahead of time in blocks of services. And the claims of all those Canadians racing to the US for treatments is false. But if they do come for serious surgery, it has been prearranged and paid for. Accidents are another matter and sometimes they pay out of pocket for that. But the original issue was some poor Canadian forced to go without heart surgery, and my answer was related to that.

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