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July 02, 2012



The generalizations are underwhelming. Slow news day, indeed.


I wonder on which side Jonathan Krohn would be? He's the kid who at fourteen wrote the book Defining Conservatism and was such a delight at the 2009 CPAC.

Well, O'Donnell had the boy wonder on and he's seventeen now and he won't call himself a liberal but he's no longer conservative. When asked what changed him, he said he's read more widely, especially philosophers (and then listed a whole bunch) and that with maturity he realized that conservatism was too "regimented, structured, dogmatic" and he felt "suppressed."

He added that he doesn't like labels but wants to make up his own mind about issues one at a time. In other words, he wants to think for himself.

Isn't that wonderful? He didn't become one of Roger Ailes' couch potatoes for whom Fox non-News was produced. He was articulate and thoughtful and sounded very smart. He's off to college in New York. Very Cool!


And he's very unpretentious!

Umm, BTW, if anyone wants the skinny on Katie and Tom, this is a great place to catch up and it's got pictures!


He's off to college in New York. Very Cool!

Posted by: T-S | July 02, 2012 at 11:27 PM

JUST wait until he starts to pay taxes.


Well, you know taxes.


More gens from Jonathan: as he was on conservative panels, he bagan to realize that conservatives were "people in restricted bubbles." They were "angry ideologues." When asked if his parents influenced his politics, he said no. They weren't very political at all. He got it in George which has a lot of right-wing talk radio and he "heard it on the radio" and was thus "indoctrinated." Since he's come out now for Obama, pro choice, pro Obamacare, he said he's been hearing all these right-wing attacks on him. Fox Five was mocking him and saying mean juvenile things.

I wish this blog could get a video of his most recent interview on Hardball just now. He's so normal except that normal today may not be the correct word. He's smart, well-read and thoughtful. That may not be normal anymore.

And he was thirteen, not fouteen.


That kid has been indoctrinated by public schools and is probably remedial in math, like a number of schoolteachers are. MSNBC continues to propagandize with a small viewership.

If he could add the increase of taxes from Obamacare and understand the diminished quality of health care and increased healthcare rationing, Jonathan would change his stripes. I disagree - he is not smart, he is naive, ideologically bent and the attacks from others point up that he lives in a bubble.


If you don't have cable, KS, how do you know what MSNBC does? And remember, when you point a finger at someone and call them an idealogue, you have three fingers pointing back at yourself.

Let us know as soon as your health care begins to diminish.


That was the most prejudiced statement so far from you, indoctrinated. If things don't go your way everyone else is screwed up and out come the labels.


He said it himself, KS. "Right-wing talk radio in Georgia" - not school - and then reading philosophy and learning to think independently and not wanting to be an angry ideologue.

I wonder what would happen if you really did watch a week's worth of MSNBC? If you're so sure of yourself, why not try it? Then you can honestly say you know what you're talking about.

Bob Nelson

Unenrolled but lean conservative. I do like Dunkin, great coolatas, but prefer Wendy's fast food. I do like baseball more than football. Toyotas. Prefer Fox News to MSDNC....So that kid Krohn has moved to the left. I might take him about as seriously as that 14 yr old web talk host who went after gays big time.


I might take him about as seriously as that 14 yr old web talk host who went after gays big time.

Posted by: Bob Nelson | July 04, 2012 at 03:37 PM

Yup. Well stated... Common sense speaks.

I watch enough MSNBC video clips to know what they are made of over there. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Too much TV rots your brain, with all due respect, T-S.


Well, then, I'll try Paul Stoller instead of MSNBC to teach you today:

The data on American reading and thinking patterns are disturbing.

Based on investigative journalist Brian Ross's reporting, here's a sample of the findings of a broad survey on American Adult Literacy conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics.

21-23% of adult Americans demonstrated the lowest level of skills, performing simple, routine tasks involving brief and uncomplicated texts and documents.

25-28% of adult Americans demonstrated skills in the next higher level of proficiency (Level 2) although their ability to grasp complex information was still quite limited.

The approximately 90 million American adults who performed in Levels 1 and 2 did not necessarily perceive themselves as being nearly functionally illiterate.

Mr. Ross's conclusions are eye opening. Among American adults, a mere 20% have the capacity to understand the nuances of politics and public policy.

More than half the population of American adults cannot make sense of the complex information patterns that shape public policy.

Which group are you, KS? Let me point out that changing your political leanings indicates more flexibility and sourced thinking rather than a bubble.

BTW, how often do you listen to Michael Savage?


I am part of the mere 20% - it would be nice if there was a higher number who understand the nuances of politics and public policy. I have changed my political leanings. Now I am more of a libertarian.

Paul Stoller - is he the one who berated conservatives, without a shred of scientific evidence ? So, what does he propose doing about this deficiency - re-education camps ? (that's a joke)

T-S, doubt if you have changed your political leanings. Once a Bleeding heart always a bleeding heart - right ?


People who listen to Savage are NOT in the top twenty percent.

I heard a clip of him today asserting that Roberts' seizures caused cognitive problems. And the best part? Before he let loose with that gem of medical knowledge, he said three times "you won't hear this anywhere else but here."

It is pathetic that you are such an echo chamber for a sick, perverted, disgusting talk host like him. No further proof is needed to know which percentile you occupy. None.

Like Jonathan said, you're in a box with other angry people and the box is Savage radio.


Yeah, right - as if you are the one to judge - LMAO !

T-S and you watch the proverbial echo chamber - MSNBC. Speaking of twisted and perverted; Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy are as angry and way more deranged than Savage, IMO. Low cred - knock yourself out...


Gosh, you sound angry. :)


If you only knew - bwahahahaha


More not-so-good news for this Administration - all they can do is say - "Don't try and read too much into this" - precisely what they have said for the last 30 months.

"America's headline unemployment rate has been flattered by the number of people no longer counted in the denominator used to calculate it, resulting in a skewed picture that hides how serious the level of unemployment actually is, The Wall Street Journal reports.

For example, a comparison of jobs data between the start and end of 2011 shows the ranks of the unemployed fell by 822,000 while the number of people not in the labor force grew by a larger 1.24 million, the Journal says. The unemployment rate fell by 0.6 percentage point over that time to 8.5 percent.

Moreover, the participation rate—the share of the working-age population either working or looking for work—has fallen by 2.3 percentage points over the four years through May to 63.8%, a three-decade low.

Nearly 88 million people—about seven times the ranks of the officially unemployed—aren't part of the headline rate's calculation, the Journal says.

The extremely long duration of joblessness that has seen people fall off
the rolls has had a bigger impact than aging since 2008, the Journal says. The civilian employment ratio, which simply divides employed people by total population, has dropped from 63 percent to 58.6 percent in just five years.

The Business Insider reports that new data from the Bureau of Labor
Statistics shows U.S. payrolls expanded by 80,000 net positions in June as
the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.2 percent.
Editor's Note: I Wish I Were Wrong — Economist Laments Being Right. See Interview.

Economists polled by Bloomberg were looking for a gain of 100,000 during
the month, with private payrolls advancing 106,000, but private payrolls
only expanded by some 84,000 positions."
© 2012 Moneynews. All rights reserved.

Amerisleep adjustable beds

when a government finally understands it is better for more people to pay less in taxes than for a very few people to pay a lot more...

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