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June 12, 2012



Get rid of the public sector unions so you can have more fire fighters and a police force. I know, that's too simple, but it is inherently true.

Romney will want to elaborate on the above comment - ho avoid being portrayed as the extremist the Owebama cabal will paint him to be. I think he really meant that Americans want less government spending which is also inherently true. Sununu exposed the truth though. With less government, the left will become disoriented.


To me the operative theme here is the objective analysis on some periodic basis of actual 'need'. I'm not sure that's presently being done and yes, unions play a big part in this. This is not a political thing, it's a reasonable business-like approach to ascertain where funds should be spent. Doesn't matter if you're an R or a D wastefully writing checks because it's the thing we're always done needs a new fresh approach.


Good point. If Romney wins and starts escalating military spending, I will disavow this. Although, I don't believe the military cuts should be as much as they are proposing, there should still be a smaller cut in military spending.

Cutting back the military is similar to cutting back police and fire in cities - the public screams the loudest when the Life & Safety positions are on the chopping block. With saber rattling from Iran and the mid-east hornets nest buzzing louder than ever, it is a poor time to impose draconian cuts on the military as sequestration has done, but we also have a big big spending problem. Where's the voice of reason ?


"Where's the voice of reason?"
I'm still around KS. Just been busy.
The rest of the nation needs to do what Wisconsin has done and de-nut the public sector unions. There is little more corrupt then the unions paying for the election of the people that pay them, using other peoples money.
With the demise of those unions, we can get rid of the bottom per centage of teacher, cops and other public employees and probably do just as well, or better without them.
I would have preferred Newt, but Romney will be a fine President. Certainly an improvement over what is occupying the White House at the moment.
Proven business sense trumps proven community organizer experience any day.


actuaries should be the first to go

Mike D

you're all crazy

Puget Sound Blathers

actuaries should be the first to go

Posted by: DemoNow! | June 12, 2012 at 06:21 PM

what happened, did you fail a math class?


Teachers, firefighters and police are the middle class. I guess America doesn't want a middle class anymore. Along with a few business owners who survive the takeover of big chain stores.

And Ezra Klein who subbed for Rachel the last few days showed that the 99% has lost 40% of its wealth while the top 10% has gained wealth.



Ezra Klein - inventor of the journ-o-list is sad. His statistics are skewed and wrong. Everyone has lost 39% of their wealth in since 2007, according to a study I trust that I saw last week - 1% notwithstanding. He is a proponent of cradle to grave big government (i.e. the nanny state) and he supports the rhetoric of the Occupy movement.

When I think of objective reporting, he and Ben Smith are at the bottom of the list. Awaiting your retalitory retort.


When a fire truck, an aid vehicle and multiple police vehicles turn up at any minor fender bender we have a problem.

Eventually City owned UAVs will be circling in the skies above with grief councilors waiting to be air dropped in.

I am somewhat to the left on most stuff, but there is way overkill on some of this . I hate to say it but mention the word safety and children and wallets are supposed to open up.


That surprises me, ExBrit. Given that each of those services do something different at accidents: medical care; pedestrian and car safety; fire prevention. Usually two or three cop cars are there because they are all in the area and somebody needs to be there and who knows which car can get there to prevent jams, looky-loos,and keep traffic moving. And it seems like the scenario you paint is most often found on freeways which are intrinsically dangerous whenever there's an accident. I guess I don't see those things like you do.

Children? No. You can't spend too much providing for their future. I think the problem in education has become a lack of understanding or lack of acknowledgement that education isn't what it used to be. Today's schools are social agencies: OT services; speech therapy services; psych services; specialists in reading, phys ed (my teachers used to do PE - soakum in the gym), providing early learning for kids from dysfunctional and impoverished families. It is all a matter of priorities. I always expect liberals or democrats to be on the side of labor and education. But the current democratic party doesn't really have a side anymore, does it? And if your wallet were as flush as it was pre-Reagan, I don't think you'd be upset with cops and kids. Perhaps getting the gated rich to sweeten the financial pot again would help the bitter towards those who can't help their situations.

Tom Hartmann talked about the fact that Europeans don't pay property taxes because they remember when the Kind and Lords and noblemen collected rent (taxes) from all who occupied and farmed the lands. He thinks property taxes are rent you pay the State and that the State can now take your land if you don't pay them. He thinks that's wrong. He believes that if you own your own land/property, your ownership should not depend on payment to a the State which it does because if you don't pay taxes, the State can take your property. It was a pretty interesting point of view. One I'd not thought of before.


As much as I garbled that last part and referred to King and Kind, I hope you got the gist of it.


One more thing, Ex-Brit: I had a fender bender close to where I live and it too the cops (one car) two hours to get there. I demanded they come because I suspected the girl who hit me had an invalid license (from Arizona) and I wasn't going anywhere until the uniformed guys showed up. Tht was in the evening on a week day.

Puget Sound Blathers for T-S

North Dakota has a no property tax ballot up for this November.

Interesting that the other party stayed for two hours if she had an invalid AZ License. What made you think she had a fake license?

Puget Sound Blathers

For what it is worth, putting money into schools is the way to go. Schools are really so much more than reading and writing. For a lot of kids, the teachers are parental role models. You can see it early on how kids who are bright but get little support at home don't do well. The kids whose parents will take the time to ensure that the homework is done or pay for tutoring do well.
Kids need a lot of services. Especially the ones at risk. Those that go home to a less than stable home life. I didn't fully appreciate all of this until my oldest started in school ten years ago. I do now.

If that doesn't move you, then how about this.
Even if you don't have a kid in school it makes economic sense to invest in your school. The better your school district, the better your home values.


I too agree that schools and education are of utmost import and a good investment. That being said, a better measurement system needs to be implemented to determine effectiveness and to that extent unions seem to deter the progress of that new objective measurement system. As in charitable giving, I don't believe any one is against that when they can see the direct effect to the bottom-line, but when it goes wasted, one feels ripped off. As with all, proper scrutiny and determination of value for the buck is absolutely necessary.


The circumstances of the accident which I don't want to go into here. It was fake. I was finally covered by uninsured motorists by Pemco. At least she was on the hot seat while waiting and the cops talked to her. She was uncomfortable and had little choice but to stay.


dwbh: a better measurement system needs to be implemented to determine effectiveness and to that extent unions...

Hope I don't get in trouble for asking this, but what is your evidence that unions are preventing good assessment policies? A lot of people say that, but I haven't seen one example put forth where a union stopped an assessment that rated teachers' or students' success. Not one. I think that is a message that has been repeated so often, it has become an urban legend. Or a talking point. But I will say that if you consider PS' words above and the various ways that teachers impact students, it can be pretty hard to assess those impacts. Especially those kids who come to school looking for nothing more than a safe place. For some kids, academics takse a back seat to emotional growth and social skills.

Remember Stawicki and the blueberry plant he sent his second-grade teacher? She obviously had an impact. How would you have measured that?

If you can show me a current example where unions are fighting to keep poor teachers or preventing measurement of student achievement, I'd love to hear it.

And thank you, PS, because I think you said it very well. Kids are our future. Pay now or pay later in the justice system. And every child deserves a chance. The beasts and the children . . . you know they are defenseless and innocent.

Puget Sound Blathers

getting the opportunity to volunteer at school for me and my wife (she still does a half day each week) was a wonderful eye opener.


For a broader understanding of educational issues today, read a couple of posts from an education blog. These comments are not opinion but supported by data and examples. Once you've read these - assuming you will - we can have a meaningful discussion about the state of public education.

Another “Miracle School” Debunked: Harlem Village Academies

Stand for Children, Chicago Public Schools and the teachers union

Or the source itself: Gary Rubenstein's blog: http://garyrubinstein.teachforus.org/2012/06/12/it-takes-a-village/

So much is handed down by corporate media that does not tell the whole story. Before you make up your minds about educators and unions, listen to both sides. Honestly, it is impossible not to hear the reformers' corporate side. But much harder to hear the voices of educators except when media points the microphone and serves up edited sound bites which generally serve he mission of their corporate masters.


I thought unions were on the side of longevity and tenure and didn't want merit assessment, am I wrong.


Unions are more on the side of collecting mandatory dues and buying power by sending the $ all to the Democratic Party in exchange for them adopting their wish list of policies.


The only items unions can bargain for are hours, wages and working conditions. And they like any group that represents its membership try to advocate in their membership's best interests. Just like banks, brokers and hedge funds do with lobbyists. Unions are not altruistic. Nor are they monolithic entities blindly following they masters. They are made up of intelligent people who in order to survive have to be reasonable.

We can not disregard public opinion or the best interests of our kids. We'd have everybody after us. And rightly so.

At my school, we lost a sixty-year old teacher who had been teaching over twenty years. That's not tenure. No such thing. Maybe at college level. But good administrators and principals can get rid of teachers. So, maybe it isn't teachers but principals or administrators that are the problem.

You say "merit" assessment. Did you read the links I gave you? What is a merit assessment? How would that work? What would you assess? And how would you compare Mercer Island kids (highest scores in state) to Federal Way kids, Highline kids or Grays Harbor kids? Or a district like Seattle's which has a huge diversity of SES families? In fact, research shows that SES is a more reliable predictor of achievement than teachers.

dwbh, I'm not discounting your opinion about unions. I'm asking how much you really know about them and how much you really know about the challenges faced in educating all kids as we try to do in this country?

Do you remember why the Air Traffic Controllers struck during the Reagan administration? It wasn't mostly money. It was working conditions. They were working long hours and didn't feel they were providing a safe service. Yes, they wanted additional pay but without negotiating in good faith, perhaps that wasn't their primary demand and they might have accepted better working conditions and hours and conceded on the pay. We'll never know will we?

See "The sickout led officials to recognize that the ATC system was operating nearly at capacity. To alleviate some of this, Congress accelerated the installation of automated systems, reopened the air traffic controller training academy in Oklahoma City, began hiring air traffic controllers at an increasing rate, and raised salaries to help attract and retain controllers.

So, earlier slow downs and actions were rewarded with better safety. Please don't think unions are always just looking for money or permanency. That's a shallow understanding of us. Your post shows that you think unions are all about abusing their privilege. Trust me, I am one of the first to speak out against union employees who take advantage. I've seen a lot of abuse over the years. But the good still outweighs the bad.

Here's another NY Times column that might inform your opinion of how the dismantling of unions since Reagan has hurt us all. The Strike That Busted Unions
Published: August 2, 2011

I have to quit commenting but I hope you will read the links I've posted. Just another point of view.

BTW, did you know that after the war, Truman demanded the inclusion of public trade unions in the German Constitution? They still have them and Germany's economy is doing quite well compared to everyone elses. Just like you, I'm not an unreasonable person if you make your case.

The right represents monied interests and they don't want workers to have any leverage at all. Breaking unions puts us all at the mercy of corporate interests. And right now, breaking teachers' unions is more about privatizing education and charter schools than it is about teachers.


KS,the union for the para-professionals, bus drivers, cooks, etc, is supporting Rob McKenna.

Unions do not protect bad teachers. Principals protect bad teachers. The union's job is to make sure a teacher has a fair hearing and an opportunity to improve. If the teacher does not improve, they do not stand in the way of that person being let go.

People are uninformed about what the union can and cannot do. As I said, they can't keep someone from being fired. They can't keep programs from being implemented in a district. T-S is correct..where has the union prevented teachers from teaching a program? They CAN make sure that teachers have a voice in what goes on in their classrooms since almost nobody ever asks them. Sometimes decisions are made that violate the negotiated contract. A lot of times math and reading programs are adopted only because the vendor has a "relationship" with the superintendent or the Board, and then you will hear teachers, and the union, complain about a program, because they know it is lousy and doesn't help kids.
I am on a committee to help pilot the new evaluation system that was approved by the Legislature. Google "Danielson, Effective Teaching" and you can read more about it. Teachers in my district really like this system. The union really likes this system, the Legislature loves this system. It allows teachers to sit down with their principal and work out a series of goals and a plan to engage kids in the goal setting process. One teacher in my building has 7 special ed kids in her class, some with severe disabilities. Her class test scores this year will be impacted by the very very very low scores these children will have, as they are not excused from taking the test, but are allowed to have the test questions read to them. Does that make her a bad teacher? Not hardly. Her union is making sure that her evaluations are fair by backing this new system that takes heavy emphasis on test scores out of the equation and spends time looking at instruction and ways to improve it. Teachers and unions are NOT against improvement. They want it to be authentic. This new system is authentic. But I don't expect the meme used by the media to change. Too much money to be made in the testing industry.


Too much money to be made in the testing industry.

Like Neal Bush. Our educational system is driven by market forces and profits. Not teachers.

Great post, Sparky.


Good posts and links, thank you.


In my post about unions, I was referring to the public sector unions, AFL-CIO, SEIU, UAW, AFSCME, etc. Not the private sector unions that apparently support Rob McKenna. There's a difference - private sectors are necessary in a number of cases, while public sector unions can generally be done without.

Pensions will be cut or disappear altogether in favor of 401K's in the future. Other entitlements will get the magnifying glass also.


In response to teacher's unions (a public sector union), an addendum to Sparky's comment - teachers who are dyed-in the wool Democrats are OK with them. Too many administrators from what I have witnessed and other inefficiencies that the media has addressed in more detail, so I won't regurgitate their memes.


My only problem with public sector unions is the corruption. If you could remove that from the process, I could go back to supporting the unions.
Near as I can tell, the primary change would be to outlaw union campaign contributions and involvement in any politicians campaigns.
To have public unions pay thousands of dollars and members put in volunteer hours to elect public officials who then sit across the table from these same union officials to negotiate contracts using other peoples (tax payers) money is obscene.
Individual union members could still make personal contributions to campaigns as they see fit.
At the same time, be rid of corporate contributions as well. Too similar corruption there as well.

Puget Sound Blathers

KS makes a great point in this regard.

Private unions can strike all they want. Public unions should be precluded from it, especially those that deal in public safety like police or fire. Those types of unions need to engage in binding good faith arbitration.

My issue with the Teacher's Union strikes is that they are not held to the law. We've had some horrible strikes here that have impacted students. Gary Locke or Christine Gregoire would never enforce the law against these illegal strikes. Why? They were captive to the influence of the Teacher's Union.

And yes, while some of the issues the Teacher's were striking had to do with education they were largely about pay/benefits and workload. Which is something that is suppose to be negotiated without a strike when you are Teacher. By law.

Puget Sound Blathers

""In Washington, state and local public employees do not have a legally protected right to strike. No such right existed at common law, and none has been granted by statute.” http://www.atg.wa.gov/AGOOpinions/Opinion.aspx?section=archive&id=5736


Corruption by the public sector unions is mainly about their political funding connections. A vast majority of their contributions go to the Democrats. When if ever, do you think that campaign contributions would be struck down by a new law ? The Republicans could be called stupid or ineffectual for not pushing a law like that when they are in the majority. They may have another chance to do that in 2013, but based on the previous record I am not holding my breath.

Illegal teacher strikes are just a manifestation of the corruption by teachers unions.


KS, you've repeated the meme of corruption as your main argument against public sector unions. Is there no corruption in private sector unions? And if there is, is that okay?

And what is your evidence of corruption in public or private sector unions today? Can you provide any evidence that WEA is corrupt? Or AFT? If you are going to repeat that charge, I hope readers will expect some evidence before believing it.

We'll never win the "private can" vs. "public can't" argument because that gets down to each person's view of fairness. As taxpayors, some people think their employees shouldn't be treated fairly. The tax payors that feel that way would probably be private employers who've worked to weaken all labor laws. Those people don't believe in employees fighting for fair wages, hours or working conditions. Other tax payors understand that it isn't public or private that should determine the ability to bargain but the need and the right of every person to demand fair wages, hours and working conditions which are just as important to police, fire fighters and teachers as they are to machinists, service workers and truck drivers.

All have been abused by corporate America over the years. And with the weakened labor laws and the last thirty-year stagnation in wages which have gone to the upper one percent (the employers), you would think people could see for themselves how fewer unions and less solidarity has weakened working conditions and pay for the average man and woman.

None of the bloggers here are in the top ten percent as far as I can tell. Most if not all of you have lost wealth. Are you happy about it? Unions were your bargaining chips whether you knew it or not. They kept the playing field level. Your wealth has declined and it all started with Reagan and the air traffic controllers.

Read the link I posted above The Strike that busted unions and he makes that case. Argue his point but understand it first. I'd find that interesting.

I have to add that KS, you do tickle me: it is okay for Karl Rove and corporatists representing you and other Republicans to give $30M to Republicans in Wisconsin alone but it is wrong for working people to give the vast majority of their contributions go to the Democrats.

Puget Sound Blathers

The strikes are illegal. To quote a famous criminal who got off of murder, 'if you are gonna do the crime, you gotta pay the time. (Baretta!)


PS, I'm not interested in non-linear discussions and debate-ending statements. They eventually go nowhere. I posted my thoughts. Laws can be changed. Again, your statement is a dead end and not an argument or debate. If that's all you have to offer, there's nothing more to say to you.

Hopefully, the rest of us can discuss the issue. Then we might move on to marijuana, capital punishment, and even taxes all of which are covered by laws currently but all of which can be argued by intelligent people.


I've never seen you guys so quiet. No informed responses? Does that mean you all agree with me?

Joan Walsh just said that Obama needs to go to executive orders like his GOP predecessors to get things done. I think the news about the GOP party on the evening of the inaugural ceremony has taught him a lesson about so-called bipartisanship. The agreement between the GOP group was that there would be none. So Obama needed to reach across the aisle. Hahaha. I guess we've no doubt now about how far that reach had to be . . . I don't think anyone has arms that long.

And think of all the suffering caused by or made longer by the do-nothing right.


I have to add that KS, you do tickle me: it is okay for Karl Rove and corporatists representing you and other Republicans to give $30M to Republicans in Wisconsin alone but it is wrong for working people to give the vast majority of their contributions go to the Democrats.

Posted by: T-S | June 15, 2012 at 10:27 AM

First off, PS makes the point that teacher strikes promoted by unions are illegal and you keep dancing around that on the head of a pin (pinhead - double entendre)

Back at ya, T-S - you make me laugh at the way you write half-truths with a straight face. Karl Rove and corporatists are not unions - duh. In light of what the unions do, that is OK. You somehow forgot to factor in the leftwing oneworld groups like Americans for Progress, Media Matters, the Tides foundation and other George Soros funded corporatist marxist groups. I don't think that was a coincidence.

When you mention corporations, the fact is that Democrats and Republicans are essentially equal in support of them. Those facts are stubborn things.


I love it. An emotional response. No logic. I answered PS. Half-truths? Name them. Evidence of corruption? None. My comparison that rightwingers (under any name) contributed $30M to the left's $6M got no response. Pinhead - Corporate marxist groups - more name calling.

That's all you've posted. Check them off. So much emotion gets in the way of logic, KS.

BTW, where's your evidence that Soros owns everything on the left? And if he does, why didn't he spend it in Wisconsin? Never mind. Waiting for an answer to that would be like waiting for godot. He never comes.

I'm proud of our President today. He's beginning to understand statesmanship when it comes to Republicans.

Puget Sound Blathers

PS, I'm not interested in non-linear discussions and debate-ending statements. They eventually go nowhere. I posted my thoughts. Laws can be changed. Again, your statement is a dead end and not an argument or debate. If that's all you have to offer, there's nothing more to say to you.

Hopefully, the rest of us can discuss the issue. Then we might move on to marijuana, capital punishment, and even taxes all of which are covered by laws currently but all of which can be argued by intelligent people.

Posted by: T-S | June 15, 2012 at 12:45 PM

T-S can't argue the facts, that Strikes are illegal by public employees.
Kind of interesting how that stubborn fact isn't a problem.
And yes, while laws 'can change' they haven't changed this law.
But lawbreakers often can self justify why they should be above the law. Didn't work for Nixon, shouldn't work for T-S.


They are illegal. Why would I argue that. Should they be? Can you answer that one?

And yes, while laws 'can change' they haven't changed this law

BTW, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that laws don't change themselves. Who is "they?"

Lawbreakers self-justifying? Since nobody asserted that, I'll ignore if for now.


And what does Nixon have to do with this anyway? You get awfully far afield sometimes.

Puget Sound Blathers

no, public employees should not be able to strike. we don't let the military strike nor should we let public safety or public teachers strike.

Puget Sound Blathers

why should public employees be allowed to strike?


Reread my posts above for the answers.

nor should we let public safety or public teachers strike.

Why not?


I love it. An emotional response. No logic. I answered PS. Half-truths? Name them. Evidence of corruption? None. My comparison that rightwingers (under any name) contributed $30M to the left's $6M got no response. Pinhead - Corporate marxist groups - more name calling.

Posted by: T-S

More obfuscation, T-S without facts. You are a piece of work ! Keep whining about WI - its over. I was talking about all contributions, BTW - as you appear to be confused about the context to which I referred. Pinhead ? If the shoe fit, wear it and if it doesn't why did you bring it up ? LMAO...

I made myself clear and if you don't get what I am saying, the pinhead may well fit. Stop playing dumb with regard to what I said in my previous posts.

"BTW, where's your evidence that Soros owns everything on the left? And if he does, why didn't he spend it in Wisconsin? Never mind. "

T-S - Check Breitbart.com for the specifics (of course I expect you to wimp out and make excuses). Soros has poured well over $200 M into this election - stop playing dumb about that & pull your head out of the sand and getting your numbers exclusively from leftwingnut web sites. He spent it in WI and BTW, your numbers are wrong. Your colleague Sparky has been silent.

BTW, the President in all of his self-proclaimed wisdom came across like a dick-tator. He shredded the Constitution once again - you're hero ? pathetic !


Owebama's move may be politically legal - but not the right way to do it and he pissed off Congress again. Romney said he agreed with Rubio about his version of the dream act, which Owebama essentially copied.

If Mr. Romney is elected, he would probably get rid of this executive order, but encourage Congress to take it up, bring him a bill similar to the EO and he would sign it. Rubio's idea has merit but Owebama bogarted it and snuck it around Congress to hand it off to Big Sis, like the mendacious smart a$$ he is.

If you have a problem with name calling, ask yourself what was Bush-43 have done ? (probably the same thing, except by legislative action)


Breitbart again. I rest my case.


In the words of Bill Handel: You have positively NO CASE !

Puget Sound Blathers

T008 ain't gonna like that you don't consider him in the top ten percent. He's been doing very well, thank you very much.


From John Nolte re:Super PAC's to debunk the boogeymen that have been thrown out in previous threads;

"Today, I give you five facts the media covers up about super PACs:

1. Just like a campaign, Super PACs are required to publicly disclose any donor who contributes any amount over $200.

2. You wouldn't know it from the media coverage, but… Yes, Virginia, there are pro-Obama super PACs currently hitting Romney and they're also allowed to legally level the playing field by finding their own Sheldon Adelson.

3. A majority of super PAC money comes from individual donations, not corporations.

4. Super PACs are allowed to accept unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations and, yes, unions.

5. Other than transparency, there is absolutely no difference between a media company and a super PAC. Super PACs use unlimited funds from individuals and corporations to openly push a political agenda. Media companies like CNN, the Washington Post, Politico, Comedy Central, and NBC, also use unlimited funds to push a political agenda -- only they lie about their motives.

Oh, and let me add a sixth…

6. Using this non-profit and that foundation, George Soros has likely contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to leftist causes throughout the last few years, but the corrupt media has never made him as famous as Adleson and Joe Ricketts, have they?

This media-driven push against super PACs is something much worse than a partisan campaign to aid Obama's re-election (though it most certainly is that). Above all, it is the media fighting to limit that most sacred of American rights, unlimited political speech."

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    • KTTH am 770 KHz
      Right wing home of local, and a whole bunch of syndicated righties such as Glennn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Lars Larsony, and for an hour a day: live & local David Boze.
    • KPTK am 1090 KHz
      Syndicated liberal talk. Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes, Norman Goldman fill in the large hole to the left on Northwest radio dial.
    • KLFE AM 1590 kHz
      Syndicated right-wing 2nd stringers like Mark Levin, Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Dennis Miller and Hugh Hewitt inhabit this timid-voiced neighbor honker for your radio enjoyment (unless you're behind something large like Costco).
    • KOMOAM
      News, traffic, Ken Schram and John Carlson.
    • Washington State Radio Stations
      Comprehensive list of every danged AM & FM station on the dial.
    • KKOL am 1300 KHz
      Once a rabid right-wing talker, except for Lou Dobbs, it's all business....