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April 17, 2012



Don't you get tired of the constant repetitive name calling for everyone on the left?

Posted by: Mary | April 19, 2012 at 09:08 PM

That should read repetitive name calling from everyone on the left - e.g. teabaggers.

Courtney Love is a fine example of someone who was allegedly involved with Ted Nugent at a young age - she has gone way off the rail long since/ substance abuse, etc. - guess you could blame Ted for corrupting her initially, but that would be bogus today because as an adult, she refuses to take responsibility for her own action, and has been out of control on a fairly regular basis.

Finis Hominis

by the way, my posts haven't been removed from blatherwatch before so why should they start being removed now? …

Posted by: Puget Sound Blathers | April 18, 2012 at 06:40 PM

So you’re answering for UW grad, Puget? You’ve been identified. Great catch, Mary. They complain about this behavior incessantly, but demonstrate themselves to be major hypocrites.

Oh my, PS has elevated me from really being Coiler to having the power to delete posts! I wish...

Puget Sound Blathers

the blog draws different people all the time.

but nice try, finis. if i did post under a different handle the IP address would show up the same. i was actually tired of hearing about these threats of post removal so pointed out that my posts had never been removed.

but i will admit to being wrong about post removal as i learned last night.

Puget Sound Blathers

Oh my, PS has elevated me from really being Coiler to having the power to delete posts! I wish...

Posted by: sparky | April 20, 2012 at 05:47 AM

some mighty low end wishes, if you ask me.

dream bigger than that, sparky, lest you'll always be living on septic.


I would hope that Rachelle (and Michael) are the only ones who have the authority to remove posts here. If that is not the case, then you have lost a contributor...

Rachelle - Feel free to weigh in to set the record straight and hopefully correct this perception. Specifically who are "The BW crew" ? A first name instead would dispel any misperceptions of impropriety on the part of others.
Transparency please !


"You'll always be living on septic" - that's the kind of post money can buy.

Calinde R

Maybe Its cuz im a Carlinist Inde that went up and down the class structure then began digging past news. I live in Northern Cal the real northern not san fran sac ect. Up here we have excess power from green techs an awesome health care The stimulus created around 40000 jobs that are all alive and well in humboldt cty so when I see these claims of "Obama is bad for us" I look at his "insane ideas" in ACTUAL effect right in front of my eyes and guess what? Works great so does green energy ever hear of hydro and actually lived in a community that used it? I have been in the military , Ive been upper class , ive been homeless and now im roughly middleclass. The ideals the Conservatives , not repubs in general just the Mainliner Conservatives say they got numbers facts and figures saying its all going down and Obama doesnt defend himself...Doesnt have to :) Jobs jobs jobs they say well some facts you can get by phone and web easy. Jobs lost :3.7M Private sector jobs GAINED 4m Mar 2012 by elecetion at WORST numbers 700k more at best 2m more by the election alone hmm. And for the popular vote Romney is a Republican Mormon neither by itself is a bad word EVER. The Lgbt groups havent even jumped into the fray much yet....Do you think this election will be civilized enough not to see a GIGANTIC Prop 8 reference?? If your wondering about my logic or facts , ever notice how little is mentioned about California by republicans ? yes its run in the gov by repubs but the populous runs the state and its inde/dem Heck love or hate Issa he is a GOOD investigator and a Cali guy :) Joy of the modern smartphone you dont have to be ill-informed anymore :) When i look into say taxes I read at least 120 reports and articles 40 40 40 with it being more left right and inde leaning after looking at equal ammounts I contact people for a real take...I always end up 85% of the time with all data and info with a Center with a marginal lean usually :) off topic END SUGARBEET SUBSIDIES Im agreeing with rove/heritage for the only time XD


KS, the BW Crew is made up a small handful of Mr. Hood's friends who are writers, foodies and world travelers just like he is. But we are better looking. I have done most of the writing lately, as the others are out of town, as is Mr. Hood. He is on hiatus while he attends to the personal and legal effects of Stephanie, and takes some R and R. Because of this, we try to uphold the spirit of what he wants this blog to be, as he explained a few months ago--stop the name calling, don't hijack the threads. Focus on what the person says, not the quality of the person saying it. When cyber fights break out, we lose viewers. When people discuss issues, our hits go way up.
One other person besides Mr. Hood can delete a post, not the BW Crew, not Sparky. And this person deserves the right to keep his/her identity as private as you do. We have had some marvelous discussions here the past few weeks. Out of respect for all our viewers, even if they are just lurkers, we encourage you to continue those kind of discussions. No one approaches Mr. Hood's level of writing, but until he returns, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. We will continue to provide regular Open Threads so you can discuss what you want.


Thanks for the clarification, Rachelle.

Puget Sound Blathers

Thank you Rachelle.

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