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April 17, 2012



Somebody must be listening to Randi. Driving home I heard more Ted Nugent than I'd care to hear in a lifetime.

Given that he says he's speaking for Romney, he might be one of the best weapons we have to defeat Romney.


This is getting to be a very polarized country. Hate speech from the right and left and only succeeds in dividing the country and gives creedance to there building a war from within - I wish it weren't true, but neither side is backing down. Mitt should distance himself from terrible Ted, just as Barry did for Wright, Ayers and Farrakhan and continues to do, in spite of the mounting evidence that contradicts his words.

Conversely, Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright and numerous other haters are excellent reasons to send the Obama's packing in November.

Mike D

Now just imagine if Nugent was black...and said these things in support of Obama. The right would be literally shitting their pants in outrage. There would be shit and puke and tears and wailing teabaggers in the streets and fainting bodies everywhere. EMT's would be working overtime. Cheney's new heart would fail. FOX News would be nothing but white people screaming hysterically into the camera all day and night.

Mike D

Yeah but KS, Obama did not seek out Sharpton and Wright and the usual list of black scary guys on your list. He did not seek them out for an endorsement, unlike Mitt, who sought out Nugent. And then his son (Tagg, Tripp, whatever) bragged about Nugent's endorsement on Twitter. Keep trying to make everything eual on both sides though. It's entertaining if nothing else.


I don't find it entertaining. It is always the same anti-Obama rant reeking of every Black American's name juxtaposed to his you can think of that is remotely relevant.

Mike D

Mary, it entertains me because it's the death throes of a sad, dying monster that knows it's on the losing side of history.


Not buying what you are selling, Mike D.

We'll see who is the dying monster after November 6th. I'll keep your prediction in mind.

Mike D

Alright KS. But just keep in mind it's not the end of the world if Obama is re-elecred. No need to go around chopping heads off or anything, OK?


Ted Nugent is just like all the local Seattle right-wing talk hosts.

They yap and yap about guns and war and fighting and defending the homeland, but not a single one of them was willing to join the military when it was their opportunity. In fact, some, like Nugent, did everything they could to avoid the draft.

War. Fight. Flag. Country. Defend. Kill. But, not me baby. No, no, no.

David Boze. Dori Monson. John Carlson. And the has beens: Frank Shiers; Lou Pate; Brian Maloney. None of them was ever willing to step up and serve.

Big Mounths. But big mouth cowards.

Puget Sound Blathers

ah, catnip for the left is ted nugent. but yep, agreed ted nugent is irresponsible and probably a bit of a loon. he is cringe worthy at times and just a goof at other times. you wonder when the wheels will come off. (although he does play a mean ass guitar).

folks on this blog are quick to condemn the hate talk from the right, but not so fast on the left.

the difference is that folks like KS and myself will readily admit it.

when the 'hot talkers' of the left start their assassination jokes, looney assertions, we don't hear anything from the usual suspects on this blog. even when we provide the audio ....

itchy, you forgot to mention one host who did volunteer (in fact has done so for three wars: bryan suits).


You're so cute when you are proud of yourself, Puget.

Puget Sound Blathers

poor walt, finding out that facts are indeed stubborn things.

next week: war on christmas is contrived outrage.

Puget Sound Blathers-taking it a step further

Hey Walt, let me shake up your world view a bit. Riddle me this:

When are two boys from Michigan soooo far apart that they are actually together? When talking about the lack of due process under Pres Obama.

Ted Nugent and John Cusak in agreement on Pres Obama and the 'Imperial Presidency?'
If you know Nugent and Cusak, you know that they don't agree on anything other then both are from Michigan.

Maybe the usual suspects could turn off the party loyalty and just consider what John Cusak is saying.

"On CBS’s “This Morning” on Tuesday, in an appearance promoting upcoming movie “The Raven,” actor John Cusack said that he was troubled by President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, accusing them of continuing the “imperial presidency of the Bush administration with these claims to executive privilege.”

Cusack, whose politics are distinctly left-leaning, complained that the Obama administration was overstepping the boundaries of due process.

“I sort of feel like there’s some kind of Rubicon line issues that I hope are addressed that don’t have to do with left and right, and some of those issues that the Obama administration has with due process and with the assassination of American citizens — this speech by Eric Holder, I think, are deeply troubling. I think that’s beyond left and right.”

Cusack said that Obama was just continuing the “excesses of the Bush administration,” which he actively campaigned against during George W. Bush’s presidency.

“But from a civil libertarian point of view, the excesses of the Bush administration — I think [Obama] had a constitutional obligation to correct that, and I don’t think they have, and I think that’s deeply troubling for my nephews and for my future.”

“I don’t think the executive branch — I think that they’ve kind of continued that imperial presidency of the Bush administration with these claims to executive privilege,” Cusack concluded. “I thought that speech about the assassination of American citizens, you know, in the name of [the War on] Terror was, I thought, very, very troubling.”

Does that trouble you, Walt?

It sure as heck troubles me. But I've always been fond of that Constitution thingie.
Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/04/17/john-cusack-rips-obama-he-continued-that-imperial-presidency-of-the-bush-administration-video/#ixzz1sOpIJEzg


Again, you misdirect to make a point. An off-topic point no less.

Back on point, Ed today compared Nugent's vicious comments to the Dixie chicks who said they were embarrassed by their President, George Bush, during a concert tour overseas. Clear Channel refused to play their music.

On the right, we have everyone including Romney embracing Nugent. An old conversation on this blog: rightwing hate talk is just that and it instigates violence. Being embarrassed by your President (Dixie Chicks) might be considered "hate talk" by some weird thinking; Nugent makes no such claim to passive emotion but calls for violent action.

Some of us see a difference. Of course, some of us are enlightened.


And a caller just commented on the lack of response to Santorum's sugar daddy, Foster Friess when he said "I hope Obama's telephrompters are bulletproof."

The right is just full of violent talk and yet people like Puget Sound pull out all their little links to even the playfield. Nobody on the left talks like that except for a pretty mild Malloy. It will be Malloy because it always is. He's not nearly as violent but he's the one they pull out over and over. Then think they've made their point.

It is sad if it weren't so bad for our democracy. We have too many walking talking parrots who suck up this kind of emotional and vitriolic thinking. This kind of stuff isn't seen in countries that are more socialized. We are becoming a third world country where violence and war is the norm.

Puget Sound Blathers

Some of us see a difference. Of course, some of us are enlightened.

Posted by: Mary | April 18, 2012 at 09:51 AM

and some of us are Mary...
heaven forbid we even the playing field with those nettlesome facts.

at least John Cusak is sheepish enough about the situational ethics to be troubled by the double standard.

Mary, not so much. Funny how you take on all the attributes of those awful, conservative, close minded Republicans you rail against.

David Weigel has a nice article on the problems for candidates when a supporter is someone you don't want talking on your behalf says an idiotic thing.


What nettlesome facts? What does Obama or Cusack have to do with this thread?


In your mind, Cusack's disappointment with Obama is equal to or justifies Nugent's hate talk and call for violent action against Obama.

That is the only connection I can make between your words and this thread.

Puget Sound Blathers

no mary, the connection is the imperial presidency, breach of constitutional powers, etc.
both are citing to it from different perspectives.
earth to mary: obviously nugent is wrong/boneheaded. i said that earlier.


The thread is about Nugent. So my claim of misdirection was correct.


or should I say redirection

Puget Sound Blathers

i am clearly talking about ted nugent, the fact that both ted nugent and john cusak both fear the imperialism of the presidency is valid.

complex and nuanced discussions may be beyond you.


The topic is not the imperialism of the presidency.

You want it to be but it isn't. You and KS want everything to be an anti-obama screed. It isn't.

I will simplify it: this thread is about Nugent and his tactics of violent talk and calls for violent action. Nugent's big mouth... That is the topic.

Do you have any evidence that the left uses these tactics? And if I'm wrong about the topic, I'm sure someone who doesn't turn everything into an anti-Obama rant will let me know.


Mary, there is plenty of evidence of violent talk tactics used by the left. Look up Van Jones and Al Sharpton to start with or your pal Ed Schultz or Mike Malloy for their ascerbic rants on the air. Ah yes, there is also the Occupy movement. To be candid, I doubt if it matters to you otherwise you would have not bothered with that battle that you will surely lose.
I will supply evidence of violence and violent talk from the left if you still haven't assimilated the error in your allegations. Your blissfulness is shielded well by your ignorance.

Not everything is anti-Obama here, just when he does things that are damaging to our freedoms and our economy, which has been way too often. BTW - Nugent said some stupid things, but he did not incite violence with his comments - he also said that he might not be alive in a year if Obama was reelected.

Robert Keller

"Ascerbic" is not the same as "violent." You seem to be the only person on the planet not to understand what Nugent meant by "not being alive in a year."

What freedoms of yours have been damaged?

UW Grad

Puget made some solid points and looks like you got knocked out in the marketplace of ideas.

And poor Walt has run away.

Oh I guess it is time to bring out the BW Crew to start erasing posts.


The topic is Ted Nugent. Making direct parallels to Ted is honoring the topic. Why Puget bothers staying on this site is a mystery to me.


Hahaha. Can't imagine who this is. The voice is so familiar . . . "parallel" - look it up. You clearly didn't graduate in math.

Yes, I'll get deleted just like you will. But it was worth it and I'm signing under my own name. Your icons have been changing lately. Funny.


Walt is still around, working at a job that leaves no time to blog from work, unlike some of you.

Puget, the "facts" don't deter you from praising yourself--a lot--on here.

Mary, that was a very astute post you made about changing the subject to fit one's argument. Very astute.

If your posts disappear, it's no different than other blogs mentioned here. They all have monitors who remove posts that violate the standards of the blog. I am honored that Sharkansky not only removed my comments but has blocked me from his site. Why should this blog be any different?

Now, back to Nugent. Itchy is spot on. Nugent is a big wussy who is all mouth and no action. The Secret Service took him seriously, though, because even empty threats can land your ass in jail, and they have indicated they will be speaking at length with him. What do you want to bet he won't be such a brave guy when he faces a SS investigator? Will they will ask about his pedophilia? He convinced the parents of his 17 year old girlfriend to let him adopt her because incest is a lesser charge than statutory rape.
Yes, he is certainly someone I would want to support ME if I was running for President. Romney is a fool not to totally distance himself from this creep.

Puget Sound Blathers

one thing you learn in accounting is basic math.
the spelling of parallel was something i mastered a long time ago.

by the way, my posts haven't been removed from blatherwatch before so why should they start being removed now?

regarding ted nugent, i think he is a nut. certifiable.
grade A nut.


Don't forget he crapped his pants to get out of Viet Nam!

"So Ted Nugent roams a concert stage while toting automatic weapons, calls Barack Obama "a piece of shit" and says he told Obama to suck on one of his machine-guns. He also calls Hillary Clinton a "worthless bitch" and Dianne Feinstein a "worthless whore."

That Nugent, he's a man's man. He talks the talk and walks the walk, right?

Except when it was time to register for the draft during the Vietnam era. By his own admission, Nugent stopped all forms of personal hygiene for a month and showed up for his draft board physical in pants caked with his own urine and feces, winning a deferment. Creative! "


Haha. I wasn't referring to spelling. "Parallel" is geometry, not numbers. And it was spelled correctly.

Randi is talking about the underage girls Nugent seems to prefer. The guy must be a real sleazabag.

Puget Sound Blathers

i gotta agree, ted likes to be the big man with the gun.
too bad when his country needed him he elected to crap his pants.

he ain't no bryan suits. that's for damn sure.

geometry is a branch of mathematics.

Mike D

The difference between Cusack and Nugent is that Cusack's concerns are based on reality and Nugent's are based on fevered imagination.


That was my point, Puget Not your specialty. A real math grad would know that.

Glad to hear from you, Sparky.


You seem to be the only person on the planet not to understand what Nugent meant by "not being alive in a year."

What freedoms of yours have been damaged?

Posted by: Robert Keller | April 18, 2012 at 04:15 PM

When you say planet, you must mean Mars. OK, Robert the brainiac - why don't you enlighten us about what you think Nugent meant by "not being alive in a year" ? We're all dying to hear your interpretation -LMAO.

Damaging our freedoms ? Government run health care for one thing, people losing their jobs in record numbers are examples of us losing our freedoms for the pursuit of happiness. A larger government creates smaller individuals. Smaller government means more freedoms. The patriot act from Bush has some problems also that should also be changed.

Mary - the point you have is the one on your head from your tin foil hat.


That Nugent, he's a man's man. He talks the talk and walks the walk, right?

Except when it was time to register for the draft during the Vietnam era. By his own admission, Nugent stopped all forms of personal hygiene for a month and showed up for his draft board physical in pants caked with his own urine and feces, winning a deferment. Creative! "

Posted by: sparky | April 18, 2012 at 06:47 PM

That's an interesting, but surreal story - source please ? You will agree that Vietnam was a bad war for the US to be involved in though.

Mike D

‘I’m a Black Jew at a Nazi-Klan Rally’

No Ted, you're an ignorant teabagger. The only people who think like you are a tiny part of the population of one of the countries on planet earth. You're vastly outnumbered, but don't confuse that with being persecuted OK?


Dori's boy Ted in the news again! Makes you wonder about Dori . . . he digs Paris Hilton, coaches high school girls basketball, and has high regard for Ted. Could it be that Dori is a pedophile too?


Goldman just said that Nugent is on the board of the NRA. You'd think the NRA would be embarrassed by that fact and discharge him of duties.


He got paid $50,000 to speak at the NRA rally last year...no reason to think he did it for free this year.

Puget Sound Blathers

Looks like the Secret Service is letting Ted off the hook.
Maybe they got bigger issues (more resignations post the scandal in central America) to worry about then an aging, guitar playing doofus, wanna be tough guy who shoots from the mouth way too often managing to just hit himself in the foot.


Will it make him think twice next time?


Nugent is such an example to us all!

Courtney Love phoned into the Howard Stern Show on Monday before eventually coming into the studio where she made the shocking allegation that one of the first times she had oral sex was with Ted Nugent . She said she was young and she didn’t want to say exactly how old she was, but eventually confessed she was 12-year-old — which would have made Nugent approximately 28 years old at the time.



KS, Nugent has given several interviews, the most recent with High Times. He waffles back and forth between saying he did and didn't crap his pants to get out of the military. He has both a student deferment and a medical (psychiatric) deferment, so we will probably never know.

Puget Sound Blathers

Will it make him think twice next time?

Posted by: sparky | April 19, 2012 at 05:58 PM

wouldn't count on it, apparently the only thing Ted is capable of learning are chord progressions. i think he is one of those idiot savants. brilliant guitar player/dumb ass human.


He's got a psychiatric deferment and he's on the board of the NRA?



Mary, that was 40+ years ago. A few things have changed since then and would venture to say Nugent knew exactly what he was saying- not smart, but he doesn't really stick out - he sounded like a loon on the right, which counteracts a loon from the left
( Obama Derangement syndrome is similar to Bush Derangement syndrome).

Some of your "comrades" should have psychiatric deferments like Ed Schultz and Randi Rhodes .(to name only two) and David Brock - who is mentally deranged, but they don't give those out anymore, probably because it might offend some - as the psychiatric profession has been co-opted by the left.


Thanks, BW Crew. I figured you would. Am glad you did all three. Now if you'd just do the last one. Don't you get tired of the constant repetitive name calling for everyone on the left?

Puget Sound Blathers

interesting, but still doesn't change the facts.

Puget Sound Blathers

BW Crew aka Sparky.

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