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April 01, 2012



Hmm. Let me check today's date. It is April Fool's Day.

Rich Meell

a good idea no the lesss


We can all share the joy of knowing that Keith Olbermann was escorted away from Current TV and will be collecting his $450.00 a month in unemployment benefits for a while.
I hear that he will be doing a radio show in the overnight hours in Wichita for a while.
He will be missed.


we could only hope. Any word on Jessica Gottesman?

Mike Barer

April Fool!

Mike Barer

Jameschan, Jessica is a facebook friend, let me see if I can find out.

Mike Barer

Jess is working at Sirius/XM.


Bla'M trained you people too well.


Good one Dori. I believed it for almost 5 minutes.


The give away here besides the current date was that noone was assigned for the 1-3pm part of Dori's show.
Good one though.

This rumor was a long time coming on April Fools day, would have been say April 1st, 2007 would be where disdain for Monson on BW was in full bore.


Chucks: Even Seattle uses nationally syndicated programs for its overnight broadcasts now - and Wichita, a much smaller market, surely does, so if Olbermann is on the air overnight there, that's why. You sure you wanna consign Olbermann to a future with a widely distributed national radio show? I don't think that's what you meant.

More likely, he'll go back to the sports world. Maybe he can do color commentary on the Wichita State play-by-play broadcasts.


KS - you're wrong. The 12-1 p is clearly written as a reference to Reagan's 2007 show. This post just says Reagan will "replace" Dori, presumably for all three hours.

If it were 2007, this would have had Dori being replaced by Mike Webb. Webb was murdered in mid-April 2007, so at the time of April Fool's he was still alive, exiled to his basement podcast and still the object of a lot of BW ridicule. Having him making a KIRO comeback and replacing Monson would have been perfect...


"Jess" (no one calls her that) worked for Sirius on the side while at KIRO. It's an "in your basement" voice tracking gig. Wonder if she'll ever surface again in the Seattle market. Let's hope not.

Mike Barer

KIRoFan, got an e-mail back from Jessica. You are right on all counts. She signs, Jessica and she has been with Sirius since 2004. She does do the show from her home.
She said she enjoyed doing the show with Dori and misses him.
She was pretty ambigous on why she left the station, but she seems like a wonderful person.


Ron Reagan would have me listening to KIRO again. I'm thoroughly disappointed that it isn't true.


My mistake - the 12-1 pm slot referred to Reagan Jr's 2007 stint.


how i wish. how i wish. listening to him and that babbling knuckledragger jake bicker over parking space etiquette is the worst episode of masochism i've ever inflicted on myself, and i've drank four loko.

Bob Nelson

Here in Boston Olbermann either quit or was fired from the ABC affiliate after refusing to guest host the bowling show (host was sick) and complaining about lack of a car and driver provided to him (he didn't drive, and apparently still doesn't).
The same station once employed a guy
from the NY area who would later do talking points on a very highly rated show on Fox News: What say you? (Clips of O'Really on CH 5 Boston are on youtube)

Finis Hominis

This is fabulous news. I think we should have an enormous party in the middle of downtown Seattle. Champagne, fireworks and British food for all, it’ll be the party of a life time, and I’ll pay for it with the 600 million I won in the mega-million.


Mike Barer, ever seen the movie, "Fatal Attraction?"

Mike Barer

Yes, I have. What does that have to do with the price of rice?


Glenn Close seemed like a wonderful person too.


Yeh, I WAS taken in but the effect is to make me doubt anything I read here.

Not funny and not professional.

Mike Barer

SJ, many respected news sources have fake stories on April Fool's. Ron Judd had some funnies in his column. It's just a chance to see who's paying attention.


Being punked is OK, but that ought to mean some humor.

I just do not see the joke.



I bet that you used to overfeed your goldfish as a child and later graduated to fluffing cat fur in the wrong direction.

That post was flat out cruel. Really.

I hope you are still smiling smugly after you get blasted with a jolt of static electricity the next you time you touch a brass door knob when you let the cat out.

I have already signed up for a year's worth of counseling to deal with all my hopes being crushed.

Of course, I shouldn't mention that I am now drinking heavily again as I try to cope, but I will.

The only upside here is I get nice check at the end of the week when I go to recycle all the empty beer cans (crushed just like my hopes).

And it just keeps getting worse.

With these new expenses, just how am I supposed to afford all the extra gigabytes on my cell phone data plan I use when listening to out of town radio stations from noon to 3 PM each day?

Before this happened I was barely keeping up with that expense. I guess I will find a place to cut back; mostly like in the children's food budget.

Now I done. Thank you so much.

I shouldn't have point this out to you but I will: that thank you was in done with sarcasm.

Normally I wouldn't draw attention to such a subtlety but I suspect that you are much like a Mariner's infielder in early September - they simply don't have the ability any longer to stop things from getting past them.

With Regards,

Traumatized in Seattle



Sorry about that. Regular readers of this blog know (or should know) never to trust anything it publishes on April 1...


"Sorry about that. Regular readers of this blog know (or should know) never to trust anything it publishes on April 1..."

...including the caution that mistrust should be limited to posts published on April 1...


Too bad this was an April fools thing. Would love to have ron Reagan back on KIRO for a daily show.




I thought that April fools jokes were supposed to be funny.

Guilty Bystander

Frankly, Dori's show has become a snooze. He no longer takes calls from listeners unless it's a tightly-controlled situation like a quiz, so it's just him and Jake yapping endlessly. As well, Dori's program content is more and more consumed by lightweight pop-culture dross. If I want that crap, I'll watch TMZ.

At this point, I'll listen to Ken Schram on KOMO or even Michael Medved. Both have their share of self-righteousness to wade through, but they are issues-oriented and aren't afraid of their listeners.

Larry W. Long

When Dori first started his show, about the 1995 era, I had a job where I was pretty much chained to a desk. I listened to his show every day. Back then, I enjoyed it. I did not always agree with his view point (about 60/40) but he did present well thought out cogent arguments for or aginist an issue. At times, callers were even able to sway his opinions with the proper facts. Starting with the Bush era, Dori, for reasons unknown, became little more than a right wing mouth piece. Short of sodomizing a barn yard animal on the capitol steps, I doubt that a cop, or a conservative could do anything wrong in Dori's view. He dispises the poor, government workers, and any other group of people less fortunate than he is. Nothing seems to give him greater pleasure than to poke fun at people he does not approve of. He is constantly harping on President Obama and the teleprompters. I never heard him spoofing G.W. Bush's gaffs, and the deer in the headlights look. Let there be a sex scandal in the news and he dewlls on it for weeks. Heaven forbid there should be a pedophile issue in the news. He goes on and on. Does the old phrase "me thinks he protests too much" or the "guilty dog barks first" ring a bell?. I quit listening to him years ago because he no longer does open commentary on the issues, he trys to manufacture issues where none exist. I now consider him nothing more than an advertising ass clown.


I knew this was likely an April Fool's joke because I accidentally tuned into Dori's show yesterday just before listening to Ron & Don. I was hoping, however, that it was true, and that I was mistaken. Everything said in this article is absolutely true, and I consider myself a conservative talk show listener. Dori is a sad, mad man. I would love to hear anyone but him in that timeslot. Lately, it's the only time of day I don't listen to Kiro. I can't listen to Dori's nasal voice for more than 5 seconds without leaping for the radio dial or mouse button to click him off my computer.

Hopefully by April 2013 this blog post will come true.


It seems Dori has some kind of close relationship with management that he will never be fired. We just have to wait until the station gets sold to new management or when he retires. Sigh.

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