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March 22, 2012


Puget Sound Blathers

no doubt 'truth'seeker will be onboard with that. after all, with a moniker attesting to his commitment for the truth he must only care for the facts, no matter where they lead.

so 'truth'seeker, go forth.

this should be good. i hope he won't fold his tent and be 'finis' prematurely.


Good one, PS ! LMAO &^!>


Still begging, Puget Sound?


KS, you said "People who hide their true identity have no credibility to begin with and don't like accountability either." So KS and Puget Sound are your real names? Well ain't that a knee slapper.
Dave, can you explain why Puget Sound thinks you have a problem with Zimmerman being hispanic? I sure as hell didnt read anything like that.

Puget Sound Blathers

Yes, i was named after the body of water adjacent Seattle. my friends call me Puget or if you want to be formal. you can call me Mr Sound. The Blather part is an homage to the gent that runs this website.
Does that help?

Truthseeker, I will look forward to the posting of your results as you go forth on your quest. I hope you live up to the billing of your name. LMAO


Can you verify that your real name Is Walt ? Your comments are real knee slappers.


Yes, KS are my true initials. I will verify upon seeing Walt's verification. The next move is up to Walt.

Puget Sound Blathers

Why is it that CNN and NBC needed to inject an egregious racial element into this story? It is like they wanted the old, 'if it bleeds, it leads' and were looking to get a riot going. The story in and of itself is explosive enough without news people injecting distortions into it. Sheesh, are they that desperate for ratings?

Anywhoo, Truthseeker no doubt will be posting the results of his quest. This should be good.


I believe they used to call that Yellow Journalism. Apparently, today it an accepted practice by the print media. Yea, it reeks of desperation and blatant disregard for the truth.


Did you really expect an intelligent answer, Walt?

Finis Hominis

Florida is littered with hate groups only second to Georgia in quantity, according to the SPLC To the point Mike D offered, the Black Panthers are but a small portion of the hate in the state. Just take a look at the map.

Hate Incidents in Florida


Looks like Zimmerman is in jail outside of Florida awaiting to be charged and extradited back home.

Finis Hominis

I, for one, have only asked he be brought before a jury, or indicted as the known facts infer.

Ellen Craswell

I praise jesus for this decision


All three members of the New Black Panthers--yes they are a scary bunch. Wackjobs even. All three of them.


Yes 3, just like ACORN had "millions committing fraud" which was debunked by the Justice Dept

Finis Hominis

Walt, I thought I was the only one that seen that. You must have read the SPLC pdf. The right attributes much to a radio DJ and lawyer.


and when the final facts come out, if george zimmerman is found innocent lets hope the folks here on this blog, finis, dave, coiler, truthseeker, et al will rush forward with their apologies.

or maybe not. you'll just reboot with a new set of names.

Posted by: Puget Sound Blathers | April 08, 2012 at 02:14 PM

Does this mean PS & KS have apologies to all or will they wait for the conviction?


He always accuses people of having new names. It is like an old mantra. BTW, I'm sure O. J. was innocent, too. Everybody knows that. Trial by jury always accurately determines guilt or innocence. Always. Black and white. Right and wrong. The perfect system . . .

when the final facts come out, if george zimmerman is found innocent

Are we to apologize when the "facts come out" or when "zimmerman is found innocent?"

Which is it?


Does this mean PS & KS have apologies to all or will they wait for the conviction?

Posted by: nameless | April 11, 2012 at 07:53 PM



Shit no, there’s a reason they aren’t commenting on this thread. They are wrong…and even they know it!

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