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February 05, 2012


Mr. Whatever

Why is it Mr. Hood or whoever, when you disagree with someone you consider them liars? Maybe, back it up with some un-bias proof.


None of our esteemed conservatives has responded to this. It must be getting harder and harder to defend your own side. RQ, didn't you allege that a lot of the screenings done by Planned Parenthood were (probably) pre-abortion? I think I remember that. It seems like more character assassination. Puget Sound, we talked about that. When will you all open your eyes to what's happening in your party? It is sad. Really, really sad.


Hey Mr. W., I'm not sure what you're asking for. Are you wanting evidence that Kyl's statement was incorrect? (It's in the Colbert video, dispensed with in the first ten seconds or so.) Or do you demand evidence that Kyl was lying, as opposed to, you know, genuinely believing a statement that had already been widely debunked but happens to be erroneous by a factor of about 30 in the direction favoring his ideological position?

For that I suppose you'd have to get into Kyl's head (or heart), which means you could never accuse anyone of lying. They're just conveniently, spectacularly wrong. A lot, in the case of many modern Republicans. And stunningly ignorant for his position, in the case of a US Senator (or, in the case of Fox & Sycophants, national media figures.) How...convenient.

Colbert, of course, also gave us the phrase "truthiness," and it perfectly encapsulates modern Republicans, especially in the media: it ought to be truthful, so it is. Such misstatements aren't happening in a vacuum. They're being made over and over and over again by a political movement that seems to believe it's entitled to its own "facts," whether or not they bear any relationship to reality.

I miss the days when conservatives prided themselves on being a movement that related to the world as it really was, not to how it ought to be.


Here we go, from the believe it or not files.


"We really need to stop the hate"

Sam Kinison


Wow, the censor is working overtime today. My response to "Mary" disappeared, as did "Mary's" responses to it. What's going on? My response simply reposted some previous comments and was not uncivil. Oh, wait, I might have blown "Mary's" cover...

Bla'M, if you're going to censor, I'd appreciate it if you would also remove the original inflammatory comment above from "Mary" which I was attempting to respond to. That's only fair.


Why, thank you. That was quick. :)

Standards and Practices

“Censorship, like charity, should begin at home; but unlike charity, it should end there.”
― Clare Boothe Luce

Keep it nice, folks.


Using a data set of two distorts the outcome to uselessness. If the 3% used all the services, so what? It is not logical that two categories can be so large if a significant number are ending in abortion. If we use five categories and 3% are included in them all, why doesn't that account for 15% of each catagory ending in abortions?

And aren't the preceeding/supplemental services valid on their own whether ending in abortion or not?


The two categories being STD testing and contraception which serve huge percentages of women.


Romney tries to beat back possible Santorum surge in trio of states

Funniest headline of the week? An unbelievably hideous visual, courtesy of WaPoo.


It is actually 3% abortions, which feels true, the 90%, that Jon Kyl claimed in the words of Colbert. There is an R beside his name - but he sounded much like a progressive. Bad call Mr. Kyl - you didn't have to lie to make your point like the left takes delight in doing. However, the rebuttal was a sound byte because any more illumination on the false statement in the backpedal would have made it of less video interest for Colbert (who I like),

Stephen is guilty of cutting off the full context of quotes just like the leftist media does so as not to not contradict their agenda. Just searching for the rest of the story, whether there is one or not. There is still enough doubt to make me wonder what other circumstances surrounded the smarminess of Sen. Kyl - we all know he wants to defund PP. I place Colbert on a higher pedestal than the leftist media weasels out there.


He's a satirist. Hello?


Duh !


The fact that Planned Parenthood murders over 300,000 babies, approximately 25% of all children killed in this country every year by abortionists should not get lost in "statistics".
Too bad these babies can not get similar protection by attorneys that adult capital crime suspects get in defending their lives.


i went to see Mission Impossible today andthere was a trailer for "the Borat guy"'s latest not funny whatsoever "comedy" movie, where the Borat guy plays a tinpot dictator. They opened the trailer with abluury news clip of Obama stepping up to a podium. The real Obama. Then you here Obama's real voice making a statement about a people who have lived for for decades under a ruthless dictator. No country is mentioned. I don't remember Obama making such a speech. What the Hell? is the entertainer-in-chief now doing cameo lines for Hollywood movies? This is a guy who regularly goes on 60 Minutes , and Jay Leno, etc, cheapening and vulgarizing the office of The Presidency. I'd like to hear some explanation that this was some actual speech of Obama, that they just lifted a line from, but i fear the worst.


the new BRAVO reality show coming up is Shahs of Sunset, featuring full of themselves, rich stuck-up Iranian- Americans in L.A. or as they describe themselves the "Persian" (not Persian-American , you notice)) community of Beverly Hills. From the trailer you can see they are just more entitled spoiled L.A. brats liek the Kardashian. Peiple who come from an entitled family like the K's or an entitled class liek these snobby , arrogant Iranians,or Mercer Island brats always end up with generally unattractive personalities, no matter how much money they make. The man or woman who feels no sense of entitlement or superiority ( like these Persian fools on the show) but just works hard, and becomes wealthy while remaining humble and grateful will always be likeable in other peoples eyes - no matter how rich they get.


i've read a bit more of the Iranian American postings on Huffington Post regarding this new iranian -American reality show. it seems many of these L.A. Iranians have developed quite a superiority complex about themselves. One of them told a poster who presented facts the guy disagreed with that he "must be a white guy" who either collected his paycheck from or rented from an Iranian. Let's do a little math and play the supremacist game with him. Gee, there are about 80 million Iranians( im counting the 77 million in Iran and giving then 3 million Iranian emigres all over the world, which is probably too small a number. there are 320 million Americans. Of those lets say that 70% aer white. That gives youabout 224 million whire people. and 110 million or so white males. 110 million white males in America hasve produced 100's of billionaires . what is it 300? probably more. all of the Iranian people in the world , male and female 80 million plus, have produced one guy who is half French and half-Iranian, Omidyar the Ebay billionaire , and....? ok let me chech the worlds list and see.........


huff, puff...i'm inot the 500's now half way throught the list, and sorry no Iranian billionaire sightings other than half-French Omidyar. a hundreds of grinning white male Americans, but sorry no Iranians. Did you know that Seattle has more billionaires among the world's 60 richest people, with 4, than Hong Kong does? fun fact.

anybody's guess

Too bad these babies can not get similar protection by attorneys that adult capital crime suspects get in defending their lives.

And you will adopt them all - right?

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