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January 02, 2012



Mildly witty,, even less funny, and overall a pretty weak showhorse for a city as talented and smart as Seattle. Sorry, but this "emperor" really has no clothes.


....putting on Dad's suit and trying to impersonate Charles Osgood or Dave Ross......just not feeling it....sorry, everybody.....


...."I'm kind of a big deal"........- Luke Burbank


...where are the "Luke's Lemmings", his cultlike fanboys and girls rushing in to defend him and attack us "haters" like what happened that last time.......probably will show up tomorrow.......

lotus eater

Here I am!

I thought it was a pretty good commentary, well delivered

I don't quite get the Luke hate. He's intelligent, articulate, funny, and comes off as a decent guy, not as a jack-ass. Maybe his politics don't match yours, but he isn't trying to convert anybody. Jeez, lighten up!

Woodinville Listener

Boy- I don't get the hatred either. I think he is a breath of fresh air, as does Bonneville, CBS, and NPR it seems.


You know how you think of that great comeback or witty remark well after the conversation ends? That's Tommy008's life in a nutshell.

Given the demographic of "Sunday Morning" mirrors that of the 5pm dinner seating at the Coral Gables Applebee's, that was pretty edgy.


Can't stand him. NOT funny. NOT entertaining. You lose 5 points from you IQ every time you say UM, or UH, or Ya' Know, or I think.

Really comes off as a complete dumbass.


i agree Nom, in fact it's an embarrassment to have a lamer like Burbank put on a national stage as as a representative of Seattle. Don't forget his use of "like". We've learned with Kim Kardashian that there is noting stupider and more pathetic thsn an adult in their thirties still using "like" word as a crutch and a filler.


Listen to what Luke Burbank is saying in that CBS commentary.

He is defending Mitt Romney from attacks that he is a flip-flopper. He is saying politicians should be allowed to grow and change their minds.

He is making excuses for Romney's flip-flops by calling it 'growth' and 'changing his mind' after learning more.

But that is a lie. Romney is neither growing nor changing his mind. He is taking different positions to win a Republican primary. He is disavowing his very own programs to win votes.

He is a liar. A man who will say whatever needs to be said to gain power and serve the needs of the 1% so that he can remain part of the club.

But Burbank is even worse. He is willing to make excuses and put a pretty face on the lies so as to further his own career.

Sad. And pathetic.

Sid Caesar's ghost

Don't what the deal is with the Burbank hatred, either. Having some experience in the subject, I worked in national TV for 41 years in LA and Atlanta. I see in Luke a guy who could make it in television. I also know that being on CBS Sunday Morning is a kind of audition. Someone wanted to see him. I would say he passed over that bar.


I mean, it seems clear that someone, somewhere wants Burbank to catch on. I mean he seems to be getting more than just a fair shot.

I mean, I suppose he is designed to appeal to the 16-25 demographic -- the next wave of consumers. The stupid ones.

I mean, it's just a shame that someone more deserving isn't being given the same chance.

I mean, the marketing department usually has a lot of pull. I mean, unfortunately, they are usually full of some of the biggest dumbasses available.

I mean, I end up turning off the radio when I hear a grown man cracking himself up over and over by the use of the term 'Fruit Loops'. Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. I mean not.

And he does precede about half of his sentences with 'I mean'.


Really painful.


'I mean..', 'Kind of like..', ' As it were..'. 'Sort of..', 'Kind of sort of like..','All kinds of stuff..,' Uhh...you know', 'Sort of, you know..'. 'And..umm..'.

Should be on a CB radio...not on AM/FM.


Burbank reminds me of Nicole Brodeur for a new generation.

The same sort of "I'm interested in everything, and don't really know much about anything, but I don't need to educate myself - I already have an (ill-informed) opinion" sort of vibe. It appeals to people who follow politics only as it relates to other celebrity news.

The only difference is that Brodeur doesn't laugh at her own jokes.

Poor Dave Ross. To think his career has been reduced to this.


Luke is smart enough to know that Romney is changing his positions--not because he has changed his mind--but because he wants to win the Republican nomination. Luke is also smart enough to know Romney will tack back to the center for the general election.

That's what the Republican establishment and even those thinking ultra conservatives who value getting rid of Obama over purity know, too.

The problem for Romney and the Republicans is that Romney has a "John Kerry" problem. He's got the lines down perfectly but he's just not likeable or authentic seeming. Romney's the guy who laid off your father.

Obama maybe not the best president but he is a great campaigner. He can do likeable.

Again, Luke is smart enough to know all this but he is playing dumb to produce a funny little bit on network TV, appeal to the 25-40 demographic and further his career.

To combat the Ron and Don ratings slide, maybe KIRO will have the Don and Luke Show--"Dumb and Pretending to be Dumber."


Success speaks much louder than the two or three boring haters that always blather hate. KIRO 97.3 is very lucky to have Mr. Burbank; his talents (and grace) are indeed on a national level. All this blather obsession with "smart" and "dumb" has ground down to boring elitism and populism. The Blather haters have become the "smart" old maids in Flannery O'Connors "Good Country People," or the "artistic" couple with the penis sculpture that Alex and his droogs assault in Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange." The Blather haters are the worst sort of "educated" people.

Mike D

"He is defending Mitt Romney from attacks that he is a flip-flopper."

Posted by: Itchy | January 03, 2012 at 04:31 AM

Well, he's giving the appearance of doing that, which will undoubtedly delight CBS management - not because CBS is pro-Romney, but because they (like all non-conservative mainstream newsmedia) worship at the altar of "balance" and "objectivity", and believe that "truth doesn't take sides". Maybe Luke understands this and is simply making a savvy career move, although why he'd want to be part of that club is beyond me.


...because they [CBS] (like all non-conservative mainstream newsmedia) worship at the altar of "balance" and "objectivity", and believe that "truth doesn't take sides."

That quote suggests a level of naïveté that is downright scary. The news media, as a whole, has crossed so far over the line of objectivity both ways that they don't even know where the line is.

I have to admit that Burbank has grown on me. He offers an interesting contrast to Ross, who's sounding more and more
like an out-of-touch, old man...which Burbank loves to point out. Burbank is the heir apparent, and he's just waiting--even pushing--Ross to move on down the highway.


Accept that you're an old crank.

Accept that young people are in control.

Accept that you will be begging for their aid and acceptance as you shuffle toward your grave.

It will happen to them, the young, as well.

The world has been going to hell in a handbasket since the early hominid era, the generation on the wane has always lamented.

Yet we always find a way forward.

And we'll never stop.

Remember that you were young once and ease your suffering with empathy, patience and forgiveness.


whatevs has the wisdom of Luke Burbank. Luke is a roaring rocket sled on the salty flats, blazing forward. Let's put on our goggles and enjoy the show......"Yet we always find a way forward."


I can accept that I am an old crank.

And I can accept that young people are in control.

But Luke Burbank is still pretending to be a 20-somethinig hipster who is oh so much smarter than the rest of us.


Hmmm, to my ears, Luke is Luke, and he makes me smile and think and be entertained and want to TUNE IN AGAIN.....


NOM, you're a blue meany stupid head. You actually hate Luke, don't you, and you hate the dumbasses and the stupid people, and if only you could be King of everything, by God, you'd show 'em! Your ooze of bitterness and regrets and resentments, stewing in the bile pools bubbling within your rotton innards, ain't nuthin I need, Pal.Pa Tooie, ya stupid head mean hater!


"Accept that you will be begging for their aid and their acceptance...." .......no you got it backwards.....i accept that these dumbass, self-entitled and seld-obsessed posers like Burbank and his fanboys and girls a decade or two behind him will be asking me if i want fries with at and if i "need room?" at the top of my Starbucks cup, as I continue to amass a fortune, making googobs of money in the stock market thanks to the critical thinking skills that they never got, as long with an ability so speak proper English, during their time in the education system. i told you all that the cult memberish Lukes Lemmings would be coming out of the woodwork. This is, what,Burbanks third or fourth attempt to launch a "big deal' national career? Youre only given so many chances at the bigtime. Burbank will be back at Dick's serving me my chessebutgers, in his paper hat, sooner than later


Burbank might have impressed some zitfaced punk in the CBS mailroom , but i guarantee you that lameass commentary did not impress or amuse the CBS Sunday Morning audience , the ones that buy the products and services advertised on the bigtime network show.


i must say , these current Anti-Burbank postings by various folks on here, are some of the most high-larious , spot on musings i've ever read on Blatherwatch. I must say.


and i happen to think that the penis sculpture in my foyer is really quite the thing. I take offense, Wild Bill.


IT'S KUBRICK DUDE :) (AND, WELL BURGESS)...me thinks that house (from the film) is in Queen Anne or Magnolia, where the matrons are like those in Wild West,,,that's Picasso, you idiot! as they whack people on the backs of their heads! But theys real smarty smarts. Luke Burbank, as I've said, is a ripped jesus getting off the cross and grabbing his machine gun and going all Rambo, but in a PC way; the guns shhots ora=ganic vegetable product orbs. God Bless ya Tommy008, Got Breast us, ebrebuddy!!


Luke got it all wrong. People aren't upset with Romney for changing his mind, they are upset with him for pandering. Run for governor if liberal Massachusetts? Support gay marriage, be Pro Choice, support health care reform. Trying to become the Republican Presidential nominee? Oppose gay marriage, become Pro Life and oppose health care reform. Those of us with a brain can see right through Romney's BS.


Perhaps because it was a big audition, he over-tought it, re-wrote it too many times and eventually turned it into the mush.


Could also be that Mo Rocca and Luke Burbank are friends and both guest host (superbly) on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" on NPR, AND: "Mo Rocca was named a correspondent for "CBS Sunday Morning" in December 2011." So, in the same month that the very talented Rocca gets the fulltime gig, he get his equally talented buddy, Luke Burbank a shot....isn't there an old adage in American Business, "it's who you know."


he was being disengenuous...i don't like him but there is a certain group of people who like him, and he should have just been himself aiming for that group... should have picked a copletely different topic...instead, apparently worried that his fanboys and girls weren't a big enough group for his ambitions to rise from a 99% of the time local host, he was tryign to appeal to a group of people who will never be feeking the whole Luke thing. He wasn't himself, and that's deadly.


The overnights are in on Luke's CBS appearance and i'm betting they don't look good. Actually they very probably are a disaster. KIROfm will not have unlimited patience with him as well, just look at what happened to Dori's new weekend show. I will be very pleasant to him this summer when i order from the Dick's menu up on Broadway and he's behind the glass wearing a paper hat.

Name Required

Somebody said: "He's intelligent, articulate, funny..."

I mean, um, let's examine, um, like 'articulate': expressed, formulated, or presented with clarity and effectiveness:

I think, I mean I wish he was sort of articulate. He is so INarticulate, my brain simply can't stand it. I have to turn it off.

I always thought he was trying to be another Mo Rocca. That's a comedy billing in hell -- Luke Burbank and Mo Rocca. That's probably what Bin Laden is watching right now.


Haven't listened to Dave Ross since KIRO forced Puke Burbank on him. Please CBS, take him so we can get our favorite radio show back.

Nancy Botwin

Luke sounds like a "you know" child. I would rather listen to R&D before I listen to Luke.

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