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December 02, 2011



It's the end of an era which we all know has ended anyway. The only talk that survives, at least out wests, her will by lite crap like KIRO- and I'm not so sure it will survive either. Oh well, I'll just shuffle off now. Thanks for this Michael... it is a sad day indeed.


Will God Talk on Sundays survive? Can't tell from the KGO website or the news stories on this. Let us know when you find out, Michael.




Please don't bother me right now... I have to listen to Luke Burbank talk about a woman in San Diego who stood on the street in a bikini to draw attention to photos of her missing dog.

Puget Sound Blathers

this is sad, although at least you have the best local radio host (Ronn Owens) still on.

just a thought, maybe they can get bernie ward 'aka the lyon of the left' to do a remote show from prison?

kgo is a legendary radio station. hate to lose ray talifero. he's a screamer but after awhile you kind of get use to his rants. i'll miss him.

David Tatelman

Luke Burbank is off today. That was Dave Ross talking about the girl in the bikini looking for her dog.


Taliaferro and Burns hav probably had two of the longest runs in the history of talkradio, working at KGO for decades. Each one i'm sure has prepared for this day. I was frankly tired of both, especially Mr. T who had become unlistenable. The firing of Dr. Bill seems excessive. i'm hoping this means the insufferable Pat Thurston will be gone from friday and saturday nights, as well as the boorish Karel. At least they kept Owens, who is great. And by the way, I'm sorry but Luke Burbank is the silliest, girliest "man " i've ever heard on the radio . I guess the unisex occupy wall street crowd would go for this type of onair persona but it's just not cool with an older guy like me. Teamed up with the deep-voiced, adequately masculine Ross, he sounds like perhaps Dave's tittering, chatty date for morning coffee at Starbuck's, if Ross was newly single again..


Thanks for posting this article Michael.

Being an East Bay native who grew up with right-wing catholic parents my first talk radio experience once moved out of home was KGO - mostly Ron Owens & Gene Burns, whom I found I liked by flipping around on the dial.

Owens & Burns were my first intro to politics; this was during the Clinton years. After listening to them for a few years and even going to a few live shows in SF I started to develope out of their programs and found NPR along my thoughts.

The significance is that I wasn't informed enough (smart enough) to listen to NPR when I first started listening to talk radio. It took KGO to help mold my politically blank thoughts into something that could understand who Saddam Hussein was, where Iraq is, and why Clinton was ording flights over the country. I never found this information in school.

I have a soft spot for KGO helping get me up to speed with the world around me at a young age.

On that note, I'll take Steve Scher over Ron Owen's ego every weekday.

dale from albuquerque

KGO pioneered talkback radio in the Bay Area beginning in 1962, following the success of its sister station in LA...KABC.A brash ex rock-jock, Les Crane was the first...broadcasting live from the lounge in the original hungry i nightclub. Two years later, his successor, former KGO sports director, Ira Blue, became legendary thru the 60's setting the tone for five decades of the most informative and entertaining radio listening of all time. Sadly the end of an era.

Puget Sound Blathers

NPR is all well and good, Ira Glass, This American Life, etc etc but it's a little like going to that place you know will serve to reaffirm your biases.
Some folks never evolve past that point. They tend to go to the station that reaffirms their biases.
Fox News makes a killing off the same concept.
Ronn Owens will challenge you a bit more -if interested in a point of view that could be right or left on a particular issue- and he was willing to change his opinion over time. He is not afraid to admit he's wrong. I'm a bit biased towards Ronn as I've been listening to him regularly since the late 70's when he hosted the 10 pm to 1 am Show.
With that said, Ronn does have a bit of an ego. One of my favorite shows is when he does that 'Radio 81' and you call in and have 81 seconds to critique his show. He can only listen but can't object. It kills him but his audience tends to be relatively more intelligent then what you'll find with the 'Hot Talk' crowd ie the Randi, Rush, Malloy, or Beck types.
He's a good moderate.
I gotta admit, comparing him to Steve Scher did bring a chuckle to me. Thanks for making me laugh.

Johnny Sombrerro

Karel retains his weekend slot and time, Pat Thurston moves to weekend mornings. buh bye Dr Bill.

Bill Wippel

Just a note on the likely demise of KIRO FM. They are number one in the last ARB, for the seond time in a row.


Hard to believe, but I first listened to KGO AM talk radio in the early 1970's from Steamboat Springs Colorado! Late at night, from midnight to about 4 am, it came in crystal clear. I strung a long spool of wire I found along side the road -- probably fell off a telephone truck -- as an antenna to make it come in clear. Hilly Rose was the night show host then, and later, Ronn Owens took the time slot after Hilly. Hilly was really entertaining, a great host. Ronn was totally anti-Viet-war, almost to the point of a radical! Much different than the middle of the road host you hear now.

Gene Burns is quite simply the best talk show host in the nation. Gil Gross is also outstanding. I hope they find another local station to host from. I'll join them there.

KGO of recent had some problems, all of them easily fixable. The biggest problem is the talk segments became cluttered with non-talk such as station promotions, weather, stock market, traffic reports, and local news breaks. There's plenty of time for that during the morning, noon, and afternoon news segments, not during the talk segments. Wattenburg has been well past his prime for several years. John Rothman one of the most knowledgeable for US politics, but on the Middle East his views are so biased as to make him unlistenable on that topic.

I'll likely continue to listen to Ronn Owens in the AM, and Pat Thurston and Karel on the weekends, provided they stay live and local. I'll look for Gene, Gil, and John, hopefully they'll land on another local station. And of course there's always NPR, live and national.


God Talk on Sundays is now nothing like God Talk with Bernie Ward, who i believe was the originator of the show. Unlike Ward's challenging, relevant God Talk which dealt with issues of personal morality and ethics, the show has been turned over to a cold, humorless academic professor type who drones on with an annoyingly condescending, pompous ass tone about obscure and arcane points of religious history.


I agree Tommy...Bernie was not one to just spew scripture unquestioningly.

By the way,
"KGO Radio's Ronn Owens, at a shade over a million dollars, is the highest-paid media personality in the SF market. Owens' personal services contract, (negotiated by agent, Don Buchwald) runs through 2013."




Gill Gross was a fine newsman before he left ABC's west coast afternoon drive anchor gig to be a KGO talk host. Maybe they'll let him continue in that vein, or he'll go back to the network. Tell Brad Wheelis to get his demo ready.

Puget Sound Blathers

pull down the 9 am podcast about the firing by Ronn Owens. you be the judge.
Owens comes across as a person who genuinely feels bad about the firing of his friends.

but it is very very true that if you don't get the ratings, you tend to get fired in radio.
this isn't NPR, it's a private business. Owens was put in a difficult position and handled it as well as you would expect.

Puget Sound Blathers

it should also be noted that owens was fairly protective on this show towards his friends who were let go. when one of the callers started to say how he was happy taliafero was let go, owens was quick to stop that noise.

Forty Year Listener

I heard KGO on the car radio when one of the "cool" parents picked us up from high school in about 1971. I never heard it at my house. I liked the discussion of ideas even at that age. I listened at night when I lived up in the northwest in my 20s and ever since back in northern Calif. I buy the advertisers' products, or should I say I DID and won't now because I'm turning it off except for Karel and Pat Thurston. I will miss Ray T. the most because he and his listeners were the most interesting. A big thank you for the wonderful discussions to Gene, Gil, John, and Dr. W. It is truly the end of an era today in the Bay Area.

Johnny Sombrerro

Owens (not his real name) could give a rats ass about whether Gene Burns made it out of the building without 9-11 being called. He got a reprieve.


aLL THIS HATRED FOR OWENS BECAUSE HE'S NOT A LEFTWING JACKASS LIKE TALIAFERRO, THURSTON OR KAREL. they should have fired all three and kept Dr. Bill. They shoul dhave given Rothman Mr. T and Gene a few days to say goodbye on their regular shows, like CBS did with Leykis. THOSE THREE GUYS WERE BASICALLY ATTRACTING AN ELDERLY DEMOGRAPHIC THESE PAST FEW YEARS. Other than that, they did what they had to do. iT'S A BUSINESS NOT AN OLD FOLKS HOME OR A CHARITY.

Johnny Sombrerro

stop yelling, we're not hard of hearing like Owens or Dr Strangelove


i love the story Savage told about his first shot as a talk host at KGO where thy were giving him fillin spots when Taliaferro had the day off. Savage just referred to him as the guywho did the graveyard shifr but he was obviously talkign abotu Mt. T. It became even more obvious when he accurately described the host as a "black racist". Savage almost decided to pack his radio creer in after beeing subjected to a few nights of fours hours each battling Taliferros meanspirited, intolerant leftistr loons, crackpots and fellow black racists. KGO management talked him out of quitting and after a bit gave him his own show on the weekends. The guy withthe show leading into Savages' Chris Clark, who they called the "slimey Limey" a fellow radiclib wingnut with Taliaferro, used to sneer at Savage on the air and call his show the Sewage Nation as he was departing the booth. Taliaferro and Clark are now both asterisks in radio business history books, while Michael Savage is a living radio oegend.


Savage is an "oegend" in his own mind only.

Johnny Sombrerro

oegend is that like the old spelling of oenology? Seriously, Taliaferro is gone for one day out of 50 years in broadcasting and Tommy is writing him off. As far as Clark, I believe he is doing screenwriting.


yeah , a guy who spent his entire radio career in his hometown, preaching to the choir, almost always on the graveyard shift, is an asterisk, sorry, just like Dori Monson will be an asterisk in the books as soon as KIRO decides to finally get rid of him,probably when his current contract runs out.


I used to listen to Ronn Owens back in the 70's and liked him then and had heard him again, and appreciate his style just like then- yeah he has an ego, but not like a Limbaugh or Michael Savage and he is a moderate and valued his views. I can believe that he felt for his colleagues who were deep-sixed, especially after hearing PSB's take on his reaction.

I liked Gene Burns, as he was objective and a moderate. I did not care for Taliaferro's rants but even though he was a partisan leftist, he made his show interesting for the aging demographic. Rothman was more professional but a partisan lefty and lacked objectivity - he seemed like a Kirby Wilbur on the left. I always respected Dr. Bill due to his scientific knowledge and credentials. He could have cut through our lack of energy dependence if the Fed. Government would have wanted to engage in his services, but that is our loss.

...and not hearing these guys on KGO (with the exception of Owens) will be our collective loss.

Johnny Sombrerro

Ray was an anchorman at KRON and an arts commissioner with the City Of San Francisco. When are you going to leave Georgetown for Hollywood?


Sad. I was a late-night transistor-on-the-pillow listener in the early 60's. Ira Blue and San Francisco were "other worldly"...my life was transformed.


we're all bored to death, ad nauseum, with Ray's resume reiterated by none other than Ray, probably thousands of times over the past thirty years. He's stil an asterisk. HOllywood? Writing is a different business than radio...i don't do screenwriting, which is the only reason a writer would need to be in Hollywood. A New York City agent can just as easily do his business on your behalf with the big publishign houses whether you're living in Seattle or an East Village apartment. You're not judged on your career by what markets and networks youve worked in , like radio and tv. By the way, what movie that we've heard of does Chris Clark have a screenwriting credt in? He doesn't even have a wikipedia page . Even Monson has one of those.


oh and that's Queen Anne Hill, not Georgetown, Johnson.


Ray was just inducted into the National Black Journalists of America Hall of Fame. Tell us again what your big accomplishment is?


your boy's an asterisk, Johnson. Let's face the music.


right now on KGO they have somehtign called Redeye Radio goign from midnight to 3 or 4 am. This is alerady an improvement over the asinine abrasive beeyotch named Pat Thurston, the stations previous host that they were subjecting their listeners to. Already an improvement, the guY on redeye is an experienced reporter/talkhost out of kabc in LA. who cares if Thurston is still on during a day shift or two on sat and sun, no one is listening then, everyeyones out and about and doing. I doubt there will be a KOMO style news block during Ray's old shift , during the week so im looking forward to something better there too, better than the racist abusive ranting that the old KGO thought we deserved, According to Rich Lieberman, whoever the Hell he is,the station should lose ratings and money so we can have our "creature comforts" like affable but boring old geezer Gene Burns and volatile, loud old racist Ray T. Lieberman totally ignores, in his emotion driven piece the fact the Burns and Taliaferro were allowed to work fulltime for decades at the same station when the average tenure of a talk host is probably somehting like 20 months. No reason for the three older gents to be handled liek that, or Dr. Bill for that matter. People of that long a tenure and , in the case of three of the four, stature, should have been afforded a dignified respectful exit from their longtime home.

Puget Sound Blathers--not my real name

Owens (not his real name) could give a rats ass about whether Gene Burns made it out of the building without 9-11 being called. He got a reprieve.

Posted by: Johnny Sombrerro | December 02, 2011 at 07:47 PM

yes, johnny sombrero -not your real name- he is just like you.

so what's wrong with that? you really think that you need to point that out?

did you actually listen to the podcast of his 9 am show?
owens and burns have been friends for years. the only person at kgo who owens didn't like or care for was bernie ward. (ironically because it was owens who was responsible for getting bernie noticed by KGO in the first place).

people can listen to the podcast or just choose to make crap up. which camp will you fall into, johnny 'not your real name' sombrero? lmao


Salient points, PSB - not your real name. I did not really care to listen to Taliaferro, Thurston and least of all - Bernie Ward. Otherwise, it was the #1 talk station on the planet (?)


You and KS perseverate over the oddest things.

I streamed his show live on Friday to see what he would say. 10 minutes of lukewarm mewings over his friends' demise and then he launched into how great this will be for him and the station. Check out the blogs from the California area associated with their newspapers or radio news and you will see that long time Owens fans say the same thing. Some go as far as to give him the benefit of the doubt that perhaps Cumulus Suits were in the room with him.
The larger picture you are ignoring is that KGO was one of the last stations to have all local content. As such, people stuck with it for decades and this is like having members of the family die. To go the cheap route and have syndicated shows replace long standing members of the community is the real tragedy.

Cumulus does things as cheaply as possible. Ronn's ironclad contract protected him this round, but at a salary of a million dollars, he will be gone at the end of 2013.


To set the record straight, I did not ignore the fact that KGO was all local and maybe the best all-talk station for it - see my previous comments.

Puget Sound Blathers

Cumulus does things as cheaply as possible. Ronn's ironclad contract protected him this round, but at a salary of a million dollars, he will be gone at the end of 2013.

Posted by: sparky | December 03, 2011 at 10:07 AM

sparkles, i was listening to kgo when owen spahn and jim eason were in the day time and al 'jazzbo' collins was doing the midnight show (this is before Ray Talifero).

who's ignoring the all local point on this? the only 'local' stations nowadays tend to be sports oriented.

if ronn ownens is forced out at kgo he'll go back and do a syndication deal.

by the way, did you listen to his podcast yesterday morning? listen to it and you'll hear a person who is caught in an awful position. put yourself in his position, you must have seen co-workers/friends fired and felt what ronn owens did.


Taliaferro and Thurston and loudmouth boor egotist Kareal are textbook examples of how local is not always better.They may or may not fire Owens after his contract- i'm not such an elititst that i assume to think they arent savvy enoiugh to realize keeping at least one local host during the week is a good thing. I just wish this outfit had shown some class in doing what NEEDED to be done the way CBS did with Tom Leykis. What CBS did, however, was so anomalous within the radio industry that Leykis went on and about it in grateful praise of them dueing his last two shows.

Puget Sound Blathers

I really understand that KGO has upset the apple cart. I get it.

On local shows, we really get attached to people we invite into our homes, cars, or ipods.
I recall when KVI let John Carlson go the first time and had to bring in Kirby Wilbur to come in and explain it.
I never liked KVI as much after that occurred. It wasn't Wilbur's fault, but I didn't care for what he was telling me. Nor did I like it when KVI let Bryan Suits go. At that point I pretty much wrote that station off.

But this is like blaming Dave Ross when they fired Goldy or Mike Webb.
I don't think it is Ronn Owens fault that they had a lineup change. The reason I asked if you had listened to it is that he is clearly torn. I have been listening to him for going on 33 plus years so I know a bit about him. These are his friends. Him and Ray Talifero have always been good friends (if you ever watched or heard the interaction between the two of em during the KGO Radio-thon in the old days it clearly wasn't fake- and Gene Burns was a constant companion.


Back in 1963, a lot of us thought Jim Dunbar had taken leave of his senses to transfer from powerhouse rocker WLS to program ABC's weak sister on the Bay. Because of his grounding in Top-40, Jim surprised the industry when KGO started talkin' instead of rockin'. As he was fond of saying, there were stations doing talk and stations doing news, but nobody was doing both. An ear for top local talent in talk and news, Jim also added promotion, formatting and thematics worthy of the best Top-40 station. After he retired over 10 years ago, he said his only regret was not getting "News Talk" copyrighted.


I posted above about listening to KGO from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in the late night it came in clear even that far away. I first discovered I could hear signals from far away on AM when I turned the dial all the way to the left and heard LA police calls! "One Adam 12 go to Hollywood & Vine." That kind of stuff. I was picking up the LA police base station signals all the way in Colorado on rf skip.

I discovered I could improve reception w/an antenna, then I listened to SF, LA, and Phoenix radio stations regularly at late night. Ironically, I couldn't get Denver! I could get several Salt Lake City stations, but there wasn't anything interesting on those stations.

I think I may have forgetten who I was listening to on KGO in those days. Ronn Owens was definitely there, but was it Hilly Rose or Ira Blu that was on KGO in the late 60's/early 70's? I'm thinking now it was Ira Blu on KGO from SF, and Hilly Rose was on KFI or possibly KNX from LA.

Anybody remember?

Going forward, I think if KGO retains live and local middle-left programming to balance out right-wing KSFO, I'll be inclined to listen at those times. I get plenty of news from other sources, so I don't need more KGO news programming for that. I rarely listened to KGO during their noon and 4-hour morning and afternoon news segments anyway.

But live/local talk, if the host is knowledgeable and professional, I'll likely listen to that even if the old-pros are gone from the station. I enjoy Karel, Pat Thurston, Peter B Collins and the host on this (Saturday) afternoon, forget his name, but he's good too. They'll attract more younger listeners (who spend more money).

I agree the old-pros should have been given a chance to say "goodbye". Hopefully the station will give them an opportunity to do so after things calm down a bit. If not, the NPR stations (KQED) should give each of them an hour with Micheal Krazny.

Hey, what about this? I gotta idea! A new KQED (local SF NPR station) schedule:

9-11 AM Krazny
11-1 PM Talk of Nation
1-2 PM Terry Gross
2-4 PM Gil Gross
4-7 PM All things considered
7-9 PM Gene Burns
9-11 PM John Rothman

What do you think?


Im not blaming Ronn Owens for anything. He isn't management. But if the station says it was bleeding money, why would they keep him around, at least at that salary after his contract runs out. And after listening to a bit of Karel tonight, I definitely feel they were allowed only a little leeway to talk about it. Karel, who is often over the top passionate about a lot of things was also touting the "we have to move on" meme. Very unlike him.


I will miss gene, john, n ray, they should have fired brian copeland , he's Boring n his head is up ronn's ass! Kimmey


Who the hell hired Netflix CEO Reed Hastings as PD at KGO?

NETFLIX stock went from $305 to $65 in two months (a mere 500% decline)from out of touch management decisions. I would expect KGO ratings to follow.

More News oriented format? Someone tell the ole boys at Cumulous about a little station in S.F. called KCBS.

You thought heads rolled this week at KGO, wait until the next ratings are published. Do the suits at Cumulous believe advertisers are going to pay up for these results?

KGO was Netflixed by Cumulous.


So, here it goes...

As a Future Geezer, I grew up in Central WA in the 1960's. Summer nights were clear and warm, and we loved setting up camp in the back yard at my house, or across the street at Steve W's house. It wouldn't get dark until 10 and when the grownups told us it was bedtime, we'd have our trusty Transistor Radios that we could take outside and listen to in our sleeping bags.

The stars were glorious, but the small town AM station that played rock and roll only at night -- it went off the air at midnight.

That's when we'd tune into 810 AM. I was 10 or 11 and the country was waking up to the fact that Vietnam might not be on the "Greatest Hits" of The Best and the Brightest Going Forward. Ira Blue and a long series of KGO hosts were my late night glimpses into the world the grownups were going to leave us through junior high and high school.

Moving across the mountains to the Puget Sound, there were other things to listen to most hours, but KGO remained that voice that visited you late at night, particularly when on the road or I couldn't sleep.

There has been an amazing consistency in the voices and diversity of opinions. And I could have said something like this about Seattle talk radio until the last decade. The AM talk dwindled and disappeared in Seattle a decade ago, and I've mourned them and moved on.

But KGO-AM goes back even further to my youth and dawning awareness of politics and the existence of a broader world out there -- so it's that much sadder to see it go.


I think they fired those people at KGO to put in people who work for less money. It's all about the $$$$$$$! I don't know if the new DJs are better or worse than the other DJs I think they are cheaper. Experience does count for something!!! I'll listen for a while but, I'm looking for a new radio station. The night guys are obnoxious. I don't know if I can ever listen to them.

Puget Sound Blathers

Im not blaming Ronn Owens for anything. He isn't management. But if the station says it was bleeding money, why would they keep him around, at least at that salary after his contract runs out. And after listening to a bit of Karel tonight, I definitely feel they were allowed only a little leeway to talk about it. Karel, who is often over the top passionate about a lot of things was also touting the "we have to move on" meme. Very unlike him.

Posted by: sparky | December 03, 2011 at 09:11 PM

The station, to its discredit, did the same thing during the Bernie Ward debacle. They would not talk about it if you called in to ask. KGO, like say ESPN, has a hard time discussing issues that touch upon their station. And doubly so when it involves an on air personality. So whenever an issue is of that nature, I tend to discount or go other places for any news on that topic. Ronn Ownens was fairly clear that he was going out on a limb in talking about the reshuffle and you can be sure he was mindful of that. He and the Producer were up front on it.
As to Ronn Ownes and his salary, it may very well be that an adjustment will be in order when the current contract runs out. If he still pulls in the numbers/demo he'll be fine even if his salary is adjusted south a bit.
If they cut Ronn loose, he'll have no problem getting another gig.

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