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December 08, 2011



Dude, serious hair loss.


Heh..and the best part was on his show the next night, he went on and on about how he thought his life was in danger. It was great.


"Dethuggian banderlogs"???!! LOL

Googling this phrase (or even the word "dethuggian" gets you to one place and one place only on the interwebz.


Oh no, Mr. O...do you believe in Karma?


Heh..and the best part was on his show the next night, he went on and on about how he thought his life was in danger. It was great.

Posted by: sparky | December 09, 2011 at 06:00 AM

Since when are you watching Fox News ? If there's MSNBC, they might as well show Al-Jazerra/ I'd like to know why no cable stations (to my knowledge) in the Pacific NW don't pick up Al-Jazerra ?? Just sayin'

Johnny Sombrerro

The video is on You Tube, Ya Know?


Since when is Bill-O on Faux News?? Go back and read it again.."his show."
And what does that have to do with Al-Jazerra ??? It is available in the Pacific NW, by the way, if you have Dish TV and opt for Dish World. Might as well ask why we don't get Australian or German TV.

Mike D

I lol'd at how he broke his umbrella after hitting the guy with it then immediately ran to the cop and whined about how he was being harrassed. Jesus what a pussy.


Bullies usually are..


What are you smoking, Sparkles ? Bill O is always on Fox News and I'm sure this was played on Fox - almost every video here is on YouTube. If you don't want to admit you watch it once in a while, OK - whatever.

Do you watch Al-Jazerra on Dish - Australian or German TV - what does that have to do with Al-Jazerra ? No, I don't have Dish, but I'm sure parts of A-J are on YouTube though. Sounds like a lot o of ass-umptions about the circumstances in which this sequence of events occurred without the full story only that presented in the footage, without mention of what led up to it. Reactionaries rule !


If Sparky said it was daytime KS you would say it was night.


Billo is such a buffoon and kind of a weenie w/ how he handled a simple question. So, my question to faux news...if Billo or any of the other Faux folks were at the Gingrich fundraiser and donated....will they disclose it on their network? Will they get suspended if they don't disclose? Just trying to understand the whole fair and balanced part.

And then, just because I'm a vindictive snot, I want to see the video of Billo from the back of his head played over and over and over. I like the flyaway look :::snort::: you know he has to be very sensitive about his hair loss. Hey, Billo should be thankful that he doesn't have the dead animal on the head look that Trump sports. I mean seriously, Trump should never be out in the elements where there may be wind.

Puget Sound Blathers

If Sparky said it was daytime KS you would say it was night.

Posted by: Jovita | December 09, 2011 at 10:36 PM

not strictly true, but after a few years of this many of us would immediately check our watches for verification. LMAO

btw sparky, still waiting for the substance to follow your earlier post yesterday on the 'recollections of hypocrisy.' surely if you could fire up the 'memory machine' you could also provide a little substance to it. KS and I are keeping an open mind, just want to see some substance to follow it.

Puget Sound Blathers

I recall at least a couple of people here finding nothing at all wrong with Tea partiers disrupting town hall meetings..what was that you were saying about hypocrites?
Posted by: sparky | December 08, 2011 at 07:02 PM

with all due respect to your 'memory machine' please post a couple specifics. otherwise it comes off as wishful thinking in order to prove a point.
otherwise, we could all do it. 'i seem to recall....(but don't ask me to cite when/where/or context) '

Posted by: Puget Sound Blathers | December 09, 2011 at 04:58 AM

for your convenience.


I would have to see what happened earlier in order to make an opinion if O'Reilly was in the wrong. Did the guy indentify himself? If not the guy is just a thug and O'Rrilly did the right thing to protect himself. If he did then O'Reilly is a hypocrite.


You are keeping an open mind PBJ as I have tried to do. However, sometimes I prefer taking the devil's advocate )or some devilish opining) when individuals like Bill O, Dori, Herman Cain, or anyone else who is piled upon due to hearsay from inconclusive evidence.

That's what appears to be the case here as all sides are not equally represented. Then an adequate judgment can be made to was he a hypocrite or was did he go over the line when he jabbed the pursurer with his umbrella ?


the last sentence should have read;
Then an adequate judgment can be made as to was he a hypocrite and did he go over the line when he jabbed the pursurer with his umbrella or did the pursuer have it coming ?


KS and ProgblogJunky are correct. This was one of those punk occupiers. I bet he layed in wait for O'Reilly in hopes to make him look really bad. Im sure that o'reilly has to deal with this all the time. He should of insisted that this freek be arrested so he wouldnt try to pull this crap on anyone else or again.


and Bill O'rielly has the largest viewng audience of any one on TV and this fact drives the librals crazy. They would be going nuts happy right now if Al Franken had hit Sean Hannity with his libral umbrella. Yes!


Sorry to disappoint you, but, as usual, I have no interest in placating you or KS, PSB. Feel free to put a lump of coal in my stocking :)

I have a tree to decorate..have a great day everyone!

Puget Sound Blathers

that's fine sparkles, folks figured you had nothing to back it up. enjoy the holiday!!!

Mike D

I would have to see what happened earlier before forming an opinion (he said in a ridiculous attempt to sound impartial, knowing full well that no tape exists of what happened earlier)


That's OK to be an appeaser Sparkles. Why put a lump of coal in your stocking ? You are on the same playing field as the rest of us. happy holiday.

Mike D - Maybe then you ought to consider withholding judgment since you don't know the whole story; call it intellectual honesty and not being a reactionary. You are certainly not impartial.

Mike D

KS you can use that excuse for anything - "we mustn't make a judgement because we don't know all the facts"...despite there being clear video evidence of Billo being a douchebag. Whatever. I'm sure you take that same "impartial" view toward Obama and Democrats in general does, amirite?

Mike D

Scratch the "does".


Mike D - I am postjudiced. In regard to Obomba, I take the impression has made on me in the 3 years he has been in office and judge him based on his past performance. Impartial may enter into it once in a while, but look in the mirror and tell me you don't judge conservatives by their label and I'll have to call bullshit on you.

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