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December 13, 2011



Glenn Beck is trying to hold onto his title of being the most famous Mormon in America.

And he's continuing to remind everyone that Mormons really don't like people who aren't white.

Oh, sure, they can spend thousands running "I'm a Mormon" ads on TV and bus sides with smiling people, including one smiling, harmless looking colored fellow; but they really don't like them.

After we get the money out of politics, the next thing we need to do is cut out the absurd tax-free ride that all these churches are getting. We could fix all our economic problems overnight if we just started taxing the biggest business scam in the country: religion.

The Mormons can still be bigots and hypocrites. But they can also pay their damn taxes instead of being unpatriotic, cowardly leeches.


Why don't they get Glenn to do a "I am a Mormon" ad?
Could be because he's a tin-horn huckster a bit past his prime...


Mantooth: The LDS probably doesn't use Beck because it would remind too many people that Mormons believe some really crazy, wacked-out shit.

Of course, that's true of almost every religion. (Transsubstantiation, anyone?) But the LDS is stranger than most in some of its details. Whatever works for you that doesn't harm others, I say, but for marketing purposes smiling, procreating families are a much safer bet.


Savage obviously does not care for Newt and his wager made me laugh. I also read that Gary Busey endorsed Newt - that probably worries him more than either Savage or Beck - LMAO

Beck is out there lost in the ozonei and the Tea Party may be starting to wonder. Just more crazy talk...


ill have to start streamign Savage again, jus to hear him rant about Newt. Conservative radio can be enjoyable but you have to watch them just liek you watch leftwing radio fo rtheir own propaganda. the other mornign i was listenign to a consevative national mornignshow and they had an ideologue reporting about Obama pulling troops out of Iraq. i think it was an ass named Monica Crowley. sHE blamed Obama for "botching" the negotiations that were supposed to have left several thousand troops in iraq for training and such. The truth is the Iraqis borched their own negotiaitons by being stubborn little pricks. They were insisting our military people be put onder their laws and courts after jan. 1st, not under US military law as they aer now, they wouldnt agree to drop the matter so obama did exactly what he should have done and told them to f off. does Crowley think Obama shoudl have caved on that issue to those ungrateful Iraqi bastards. it wasnt a "botched negotiaiton". fair and balanced for both sides.


in this photo of Savage above, with the big, bulbous nose and arching eyebrows, he bears a very striking resemblance to the late Australian/British actor Leo McKern, who starred in Help! with the Beatles, and played a role in several episodes of The Prisoner tv series ,as wel as many other movies ,tv shows and plays during his long career.


But the LDS is stranger than most in some of its details

Not really, just younger than the rest. I think Daniel Tosh put it best: "Yeah, grandfather was alive then - that didn't happen!"

For me, G-d created Mormons to teach Christians how the Jews felt. So your gonna add a testament, but then whine when someone else does the same? Take THAT! *wha-pssshhh!*

Johnny Sombrerro

Micheal Sewage is not even close in character to Rumpole of the Bailey.


why do you have to photoshop Savage's face? Are you that scared of him? great ethical job there informing the public with a taste of propaganda...


Have to say, the pic of Savage is another media bias tactic, but everyone seems to do that to varying extents.

Newt has been beating the gong about media bias and protectionism of Barack Obama - He set the crowd in SC on fire, even though he is a bonafide adulter. He was spot on about that. Today's media has studied the Pravda and other propagandists to inject into their agenda. They are dishonest in that they never say that aren't being objective and play favorites when it is as crystal clear that they do - they threw ethics out the window. Pretty sick !

Still, I have real reservations about Newt as the GOP nominee and little control of that outcome.

Leo McKern

It's not photoshopped. That's Leo McKern of Rumpole of the Bailey. And you ought to know it!

Rumpole's wife (she who must be obeyed)

the spin on Romney now is that he's Richie Rich, out of touch, and almost a fool, in his public prononcements. Not good ,not good. Savage just said that Gingrich is surging because he's perceived as "mean enough". Mean enought to take on Oabam and win, mean enough to take on the Chinese the Iranians, etc. If he wins S.C., all bets are off. Big money may come Newt's way, and he may develop an organization.

santa lucia

Gingrich is surging in his pants, according to all the love he has to give.


Mean is what McCain had to sell as well. He's still in Arizona last I heard. He can't manage Jan Brewer any more than I can you.


McCain did a piss poor job of delivering mean - he caved when it came to exposing Obama's radical background - he chose to take the high road - stupid move that helped cause him the election. The Chicago pols Asshole-rod, Fluff and co. would never cave on mean and they don't let the truth get in the way for sure.

McCain spent too long in the POW camp in Vietnam and unfortunately it shows.


You never disappoint, KS.


I try. Why do you call yourself truthseeker ? Seriously, based on some of what you have written - it seems almost like a spoof.

Edmonds Dan

McCain spent too long in the POW camp in Vietnam and unfortunately it shows.

Posted by: KS | January 20, 2012 at 07:53 PM

well it ain't like he had much choice in the matter!


Mc Cain picked Palin, some leadership there....


Edmonds Dan - it is what it is...


McCain can't hold back his authentic self. Sometimes you gotta like him. But, he did sign that confession...and cost the taxpayers a lot of money in destroyed aviation.

Puget Sound Blathers

cCain can't hold back his authentic self. Sometimes you gotta like him. But, he did sign that confession...and cost the taxpayers a lot of money in destroyed aviation.

Posted by: Truthseeker | January 21, 2012 at 10:55 PM

you can't be talking about what he signed after enduring a few years of torture in which his arms and shoulders were broken, teeth knocked out, repeatedly hoisted up in the air by rope where he was beaten. yeah, i bet brave 'truth-seeker' would outlast that and refuse to sign...

the bigger deal is that when offered 'early release' he refused unless everyone in the pow camp was also released.

newt gingrich isn't going to drop out for a million dollars. he has many many more books to sell. and if he manages to pull out the nomination by all rights it is the choice of the republican party if they want to go down that goldwater-esque campaign election results. if you nominate newt, you may as well understand that nancy pelosi will be the speaker of the house. and we know how well that worked last time...

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