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November 28, 2011



Has nothing to do with "listening to talk radio so we don't have to." Here is a suggestion: Start posting holiday recipes if you got nothing better, Mr. Blather.


Barney Frank retiring. Great news. Now if only John Kerry will get the clue also Congress as a whole will be better for it.

As for this thread. That girl is trying to make noise so her friends will forget she tweeted she said those things. Which of course she didnt. No better way from getting over an embarrassing moment than shifting the subject to something else.


Curious: in case you didn't notice from, oh, say, the previous post, BlaM is on vacation in Italy. That he's posting at all is IMO way above and beyond the call. Why would he fly halfway around the world just to stream Dave Ross (or whomever) for your amusement?


Attention Dimwits:

In order to save time for the rest of us, and to offer you the opportunity to avoid embarrassing and revealing misspellings, we are hereby offering this labor-saving convenience: in the future, rather than post an entire comment whose gist is "but this (topic whose opinion I don't like) has nothing to do with talk radio!!!11," just say: #4.

That's right, just type a pound sign and the numeral 4. We'll all know what you mean. You need not type anything more.

In fact, we'd prefer you didn't.

And best of all, since you probably spend your days taking orders at a drive-up window, it's a format you already know well.

Meantime, it's BlaM's blog, and as he has himself written repeatedly, he can post whatever the fuck he wants. You can read it or not read it.



PBJ, I'm having a really hard time understanding your comment. Help me out here.

That girl is trying to make noise so her friends will forget she tweeted she said those things.

Um...huh? She tweeted her opinion, which a few dozen people saw, and then tried to get her friends to forget it by "making noise," i.e., turning the response to her tweet into a national news story? You do realize that makes no sense whatsoever? And that most high school seniors have very little control over what becomes a news story?

Which of course she didnt.
Huh? Yes, she did. She did say those things, and has never denied it.
No better way from getting over an embarrassing moment than shifting the subject to something else.
Yeah, something a lot more people are apparently interested in than an 18-year-old's opinion of the governor - the fact that the governor would care, and would abuse his power to try to compel an apology.

Any parent, let alone an elected politician (of any party), that can't shrug off having a teenager telling them that they suck needs their adulthood privileges revoked.

Expect to see her alongside Andrew at McDonalds serving fries with a couple little ones ones sucking on her teet.

But because you don't like her opinion - not knowing her, and probably knowing nothing more than the governor's political affiliation - you've got to go making public slurs against an 18-year-old girl for saying something utterly typical of her age. Damn, PBJ, you're one classy dude. Not.

Oh, and not only a classless remark, but inaccurate, too: any teenager with the stones to hold her ground when being pressured by the governor has strong, not weak, character.

Also, too: BlaM didn't post this, but Brownback has subsequently apologized to Sullivan. So even he has acknowledged that his response was inappropriate. Hopefully, you'll do the same. I'm waiting.


Hey, Pete, you're on a (braciole) roll! Go get 'em!

Cur, temper your bitterness with sugar...if BW is "Mr Blather walking his ego", it's a trip worth taking.


Sorry Pete, but you need to read the story, not take Mr. Hoods word for it. She didnt tell Gov. Bronwback those these like she tweeted to her friends. So whats the best way to evade this embassrasment, make it about something else. About an apology. Something the school is trying to get her to do. Not about her tweet where she tried to be cool and lied to her friends. Damn Pete, read about the story first will you. At least the Gov. didnt run to her hometown to punch the girl like you would have done if an 18 said that to your face.

As far as her opinion. I can care less of it. Who is Brownback to me up here in Washington State. Nothing. So i can care less if he blows or sucks dick. What is my opinion, from first had experience, is that she will wind up in a McDonalds fast food window with kids, not from what she said, but because who the hell is going to hire her. Shes baggage now. She had her fame and this will stick with her for the rest of her life. Would you hire her knowing she lied about a tweet. I guess not. Who would. If she is willing to lie to her friends, she is willing to lie for a job. Can anything she says be taken seriously now. No.


Yes Gov. Brownback did apologize. Thats class Pete. Thats taking responsibility for his office actions. How come Ms Sullivan cant to the same about her actions?



Because Brownback does suck.


The Governor apologized for the actions of his staff, as he should have done before this issue even began to escalate.

I've noticed that a fair number of our politicians have developed knee jerk reactions and have become awfully thin skinned over the most ridiculous things.

I agree with the late President Truman. "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen."

If we start with the understanding that politicians are little more than overgrown children on power trips, the stupidity of the actions of the Governor Brownback and his staff becomes very clear.


1. I am acquainted with Mr. Blather and cross paths with him occasionally. He would never guess who I am.

2. All I am really after is for him to change the subtitle of this place to something more correct.

3. You all seem to stick together like snot on a booger.

4. Ha Ha Ha

Olaf Jonson

People like curious hate what Hood writes about radio, and complains when he writes about anything else. It's like the 2 old ladies bitching about the food in a restaurant being so bad and "with such small portion's," too."


Monson demonsrtated today how generally bad his powers of judgement and judging are, vis a vis the average man in the street. It's like hes' living in his own little world of eccentric, goofball opinions. He was going throug his list of worst xmas songs, and he and his little yes man Jake picked "dO THEY KNOW IT'S cHRISTMAS" the Bandaid all-star collaboration single released in xmas 1984. Unlike the treacly, sickenly sweet and sappy Michael Jackson written "WE ARE THE WORLD" this earlier song has some edge to it, a cool melody and chorus and actually does some rocking.Unliek Jackson's charity song effort, it has withstood the decades and is listenable and enjoyable 27 years on. Jessica totally disagreed with the two nerds, saying it was a great song and one of her faves. She seems to be supported by the populace of the U.K. who made it several weeks after it's release the number one selling single in U.K. history. a record it held until 1997. That's 16 years, Dori. Duhh.........haha Dori...haha Dori


oops,..make that 13 years, not 16 years. Still, pretty gol darned impressive. Could Dori write a song that sold over 500 copies? i think not.


PBJ: I did read the story. (How else would I have known that the governor apologized? Duh.) As near as I can tell, she claims she spoke to him directly, he claims not to remember such an encounter, and there it lies. Both have a reason to misrepresent themselves, or it could be that she said something and he didn't hear it. You don't know, and neither do I.

And this is a "story" that will be forgotten next week. Your suggestion that her "lie" (if that's what it was) will haunt her for a lifetime is preposterous.

Meantime, your truly offensive suggestion that I would hit a woman - of any age - for any reason - says a lot more about you than about me. Hitting a woman isn't a response that would ever even occur to me. I guess it does to you. Huh.


Curious: What about BlaM's tag line is inaccurate? He does do posts on local talk radio. There isn't really enough local talk radio left to do a whole blog on it (unless it was a blog with two posts a week), so he also posts other stuff as it suits him. So?

As it happens, he's found a little niche audience of people who either like talk radio, like BlaM's writing style (which, when he's on the roll, can be very, very entertaining whether you care about the subject matter or not), or both. It mostly works for us. If it doesn't work for you, there's a whole Internet out there. Knock yourself out.


as a follow up to my earlier post, today's "worst xmas songs list" is an example of the current trend in Monson's broadcasts. Since the no- caller rule went into effect on his show Monson has been faced with filling 180 minutes of radio, a formidable challenge for even bigtime national hosts. Remember , Monson is strictly local talent, despite whetevet tall tales he may tell about being offered a network show. Monson and his radio bosses believe that hearing Monson talk for 180 minutes is more interesting than hearing a mix of Monson and his callers conversing and talking. He simply is not more interesting than the latter. He's struggling to fill all the time hence the proliferation of these asinine and smalltime "list" topics and other similarly puerile, dopey topics as fillers to try to compensate for his shortfalls as a host. The same obviously goes for repeating taped portions of the show in the last hour.


Here is what appears to be the full story- she sounds like a spoiled little diva and her mom doesn't sound too swift either;

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas teenager who wrote a disparaging tweet about Gov. Sam Brownback rejected her high school principal's demand for a written apology.

Now, it is the governor who is apologizing to the student, for the "over-reaction of
Emma Sullivan, 18, of the Kansas City suburb of Fairway, said she isn't sorry and doesn't think such a letter would be sincere.
The Shawnee Mission East senior was taking part in a Youth in Government program last week in Topeka, Kan., when she sent out a tweet from the back of a crowd of students listening to Brownback's greeting. From her cellphone, she thumbed: "Just made mean comments at gov. brownback and told him he sucked, in person (hash)heblowsalot."

She actually made no such comment and said she was "just joking with friends." But Brownback's office, which monitors social media for postings containing the governor's name, saw Sullivan's post and contacted the Youth in Government program.
Sullivan received a scolding at school and was ordered to send Brownback an apology letter. She said Prinicipal Karl R. Krawitz even suggested talking points for the letter she was supposed to turn in Monday.
The situation exploded after Sullivan's older sister contacted the media. Since then, Sullivan's following on Twitter has grown to about 3,000 people, up from about 65 before the tweet, and the media attention prompted the governor to respond.

Here is the governor's full message, posted on Facebook:
"My staff over-reacted to this tweet, and for that I apologize. Freedom of speech is among our most treasured freedoms.
I enjoyed speaking to the more than 100 students who participated in the Youth in Government Program at the Kansas Capitol. They are our future.
I also want to thank the thousands of Kansas educators who remind us daily of our liberties, as well as the values of civility and decorum.
Again, I apologize for our over-reaction."

Sullivan told the Associated Press said she thinks the tweet has helped "open up dialogue" about free speech in social media.
"I would do it again," she said.
Krawitz, her principal, told The Kansas City Star previously that the situation is a "private issue, not a public matter" but didn't return a phone message from The Associated Press at his home Sunday.
Sullivan said she disagrees with Brownback politically, particularly his decision to veto the Kansas Arts Commission's entire budget, making Kansas the only state in the nation to eliminate arts funding. Brownback has argued arts programs can flourish with private dollars and that state funds should go to core government functions, such as education and social services.
"I think it would be interesting to have a dialogue with him," she said. "I don't know if he would do it or not though. And I don't know that he would listen to what I have to say."

Sherriene Jones-Sontag, the governor's spokeswoman, told The Star previously that Sullivan's message wasn't respectful and that it takes mutual respect to "really have a constructive dialogue." Brownback's office didn't return calls or emails Sunday from the AP.
Sullivan's mother, Julie, said she isn't angry with her daughter, even though she thinks she "could have chosen different words."
"She wasn't speaking to the 3,000 followers she has now," Julie Sullivan said. "She was talking to 65 friends. And also it's the speech they use today. It's more attention grabbing. I raised my kids to be independent, to be strong, to be free thinkers. If she wants to tweet her opinion about Gov. Brownback, I say for her to go for it and I stand totally behind her."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


Curious, there is little in life more entertaining or important then whining about what Bla'M has posted on this very public blog. You would think that it was his blog the way he posts whatever the hell he wants to post.
You are so right on with your very valid complaints about what he puts on our very public radio blog.
I think that we ought to start our own private radio blog about Seattle talk radio on which we would control the content. Yes!!!! That is it. We can control the content, zap the opposing oppinions of our guests. Woohooo.
POWER!!! It will be ours.
Well, come to think of it, you go ahead without me. In the 5 or 6 years I've been reading this crap, laughing a great deal more than I should about shit (hope that is a usable word on the new Blatherwatch) that should just piss me off and sharing barbs with people that do piss me off is addicting. I'm just going to hang out with these folks for a bit longer. You do a better Seattle talk radio blog without me.


Oh yes,
Miss Emma is a brains of mush idiot child, having spent 12 or 13 years getting her public school education from her government, union teachers. She has been brainwashed to believe critical thinking is the thinking as the union, liberal teachers want her to think. Like most children in public schools, manners and respect are no longer encouraged. I hope that one day she can find a mentor to help her grow in to being a productive adult.
If not, I hope that she can learn to make proper change and get our orders right.

Mike D

The more interesting question in all this is, why do so many Republican politicians have "rogue/overzealous staffers" that seem to have an inability to control their behavior, and what is it about the GOP that attracts these people?


Mike D - Pot meet kettle. So, why do the Democrats have nothing else to run on besides smearing their opposition with mostly false charges ? That's why no one who is morally upstanding wants to run for office any more.

Unless the latest accuser of Cain can produce a semen stained dress that matches his DNA or a tape recording about them having sex or plans to shack up in a hotel, she's nothing but another golddigger and a faker, who has already been known to have financial problems and was stalking a former female co-worker.


I don't know where to begin...


Semen stained dress...yes I remember you saying that about John Edwards and Anthony Weiner...oh, wait....


Hey Coiler, where 'ya been?!


Cain is through- he needs to ghrow in the towel and endorse Romeny before the Gigmgrich train builds up too much steam. OK Romney is not great, but do you really want to litten to thet pompous, full ofhimself ass Gingrish pontificate and drone on interminably just liKE oBAMA DOES? hes as arrogant as Obama and thats something.

Johnny Sombrerro

I'm lovin it watching the GOP implode, har dee har har....


Cain in another sexgate and the Progressive jumping all over the story. Thinking back to the 2008 election I cant help but wonder where we would be at as a Nation if the Progressives had jmped on the story of Obama and Larry Sinclair instead of burying the story under some drugged up gay guy looking for a big payday.


Semen stained dress...yes I remember you saying that about John Edwards and Anthony Weiner...oh, wait....

Posted by: sparky | November 28, 2011 at 10:20 PM

Bill Clinton - who could handle this crap as well as anyone/something to be proud of ? Cain's campaign is imploding because he has become irrelevant in the debates - his answers are lame. Even if this charge is baseless - 50/50 that it is, he's done. Newt is not the answer, but he exposes the truth well. It's time to attack the the attackers - the ObamaMedia - Romney, Newt, Bachmann, Huntsman, et. al and tell the truth the corrupt mainstream media will not tell you.

Do you want a welfare state - Sombrerro ? That's what you'll get if this telegenic marxist sympathizing douchebag is reelected. Are you a useful idiot ?


What sounds do you miss ?


That was fun Sparky. Thanks.


Great link, Sparky. Along these same lines, here's one of my favorites: A yearly reminder from Beloit College to its faculty about the "world views" of their students...Mindset List

Johnny Sombrerro

Always good to do a followup


A repeat of what I posted earlier. She didn't bother to apologize after the Governor did - chalk it up as a teachable moment for the millenials - for what that's worth, which is a bucket of warm sp(h)it...

Johnny Sombrerro

Is this a 4 way stop sign where each driver edges out? He and his staff made the fake outrage, why should she apologize?


If she is a true ass-douche, she won't. Case closed.


ACTUAALY I DO KIND OF LONG TO SEE THOSE DEBATES BETWEEN GINGRICH AND OBAMA THAT NEWT KEEPS SAYING HE WANTS. two arrogant pricks doing battle, in the arena of words. I THINK nEWT WOULD WIN, ALTHOUGH HES NOT MY CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT. romney is a guy who is much more well-spoken and well-tempered. Newt would embarrass us overseas and at state dinners In the WH , just as Obama is doing now. Glenn Beck played a group of clips this morniNG where Obama made ridiculous, bumpkin -like mistakes in his speeches or talks, eclipsing nearly everything Perry has done so far. Calling Eau Claire Wisconsin a state, and cAlling the original raiLroad the intercontinental railroad instead of the transcontinenetal. Newt Would make Obama angry in the debates, causing morE of thse hideous gaffes and faux pas'es.


Think Romney would be better, but he was rattled after his interview on Fox News yesterday with Brett Baier, because of the tough questions he thought were out of line. Hard to tell what will happen now - looks like he needs to regroup. Newt is not charismatic, just the smartest guy in the room. He may destroy BO in a debate, but it would probably look ugly. However, Obama is digging a deeper hole for himself day by day with his f**k you attitude about the economy and everyday people especially the rich -except those in rich empty souls in Hollywood.

Even Tina Brown from the Daily Beast does not believe he really likes or wants to be President and is going about it all wrong - just as many others have said - he is a piss poor leader and a full time campaigner - who only knows how to win by lieing and cheating - that is abundantly clear.

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