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November 27, 2011


Puget Sound Blathers

Great story, Blam. Very funny. Glad the trip is going well.

I'm surprised that you didn't work in a Charlton Heston reference!


Hmmmm, nice story but, why did you give your knife a boys name? I would keep that a secret over there if i were you Mr. Hood. It might get you few odd looks, if not a few mothers crazy stares while huddling thier little boys a little closer as you walk by.


The knife makes its bearer a little taller?

Don't tell Dori.

eli l.

I can't believe you think anyone would be afraid of you, Hood, even with a weapon. The Mafia couldn't care less about you. This is just another example of a lie a liberal thinks he can tell and get away with. Let's have some real stories about your trip, if you are capable of the truth.

Another old irish woman

I'm glad he didn't. I don't want to know about Chesty Hesty's penis.


Entertaining ditty, but do you think the mafia there would stand up against the mafia in Chicago ?

Speaking of Charlton Heston - Saw Bowling for Columbine - happened to venture on it by accident last night. It was fun deconstructing Michael Moore's strawmen arguments against corporations - where he is clearly a capitalist pig or gun control where he was out to smudge the NRA and "Moses' Heston which he accomplished to an extent through his camera lens and Lockheed as an evil corporation. There were some good things embedded such as his interviews who exposed unbeknowing people for who they are in Michigan and in Canada. All in all, I would have given it 2-1/2 stars - realistic and loaded with Moore's false-positives.


To put Bowling for Columbine in perspective, I would have rated it better than "An Inconvenient Truth".

Puget Sound Blathers

Michael Moore 'jumped the shark' after his TV show went off the air back in the mid 90's.

When they pry this shiv out of Blam's cold hands should be the line ala Chuck Heston.

Johnny Sombrerro

The best part of Midway was when Heston crashed his plane. An otherwise great movie ruined by one of Heston's fake characters.


Heston was clearly a boogeyman for the leftists, but he's in the RIP mode now has been there for a few years. Johnny S. needs to fast forward to 2011.

When they pry this shiv out of Blam's cold hands should be the line ala Chuck Heston.

Posted by: Puget Sound Blathers | November 27, 2011 at 04:47 PM

Spot on...


KS, Moore is a proud gun owner and is a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He, and a lot of us, thought it was beyond shitty to hold an NRA rally near Columbine at the time he did. The parents of the dead students agreed as well. Did you fast forward through that part of the movie??

Bla'M I DO expect you will pack that sharp pointy thing IN your checked baggage...or else Airport Security will be shining lights in places that have never been seen by man or wimmins.


Yeah, Sparkles, there are places and times when Alessandro must NOT be exposed...be cautious, Bla'M!


Check your facts, Sparky.
I seriously doubt Moore really supports the 2nd amendment - for one red flag he's a commie sympathizer re: single payer healthcare. The movie was filmed about 10 years ago. If you believe everything the sanctimonious Michael Moore says, you are indeed gullible and choose to bury your head in the sand.

The only part I agree with is that the timing for the NRA conventions was poor in Colorado (difficult to reschedule after the advent of Colombine) though - if he really liked the 2nd amendment, seems as though he has jumped the shark and would not have gone out of his way to punk the NRA. The NRA convention in Michigan may have been able to be rescheduled though as there was enough lead time - the NRA has also jumped the shark.
Two wrongs don't make a right.


Ok I have to print that...


Print what ? He has zero cred, similar to a certain leader, whatever they say is flatulent and politically motivated.


When you get home Michael, just strap on a Colt Python .357. It is a very uncomplicated weapon. Screw the knife. The blade is too messy and dangerous to need while in such close contact with the scum that has put you and perhaps your loved ones at risk in the first place.
Shoot 'em and boot 'em to the side.

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