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October 27, 2011



OK, I'll bite. For argument sake...What, and be specific please, is Fox destroying? (Remember, Jobs censored iTunes and the App Store)


They have brainwashed people with lies and distortions. (As is evidenced by your question.)

der Moderate

Hmmmmm, looks like, in a way, you've been brainwashed Frumpus. "You can't fix stupid."

A good human

Interesting comment, der MOderate. Your comment demonstrates to me that Jobs was correct about Fox being destructive. I just don't understand you childish statement to Frumpus.


I would say, for starters that Fox News has fed, if not created the beast blocking chance that government acts productively on anything to solve the daunting economic problems the Wall Street has wreaked upon us. For starters...


I don't understand Frumpus's statement toward Fox news. MSNBC and the progressives try to peddle that line - and if they can't even present a coherent argument, seems like they have been brainwashed.

Liberalism has destroyed far more than Fox could ever hope to destroy and if they are destroying liberalism, that's not necessarily a bad thing - its like a pack of locusts. Problem is that many Americans won't realize the scourge that liberalism is until its too late, then it will hit them up side the head. Similarly, the Occupy movement is in the process of going to hell, now that liberal mayors of big cities want them to pick up and move out - very little constructive has come out of these demonstrations except to distract others. They have become what the left tried to accuse the Tea Party aleit falsely of being; racist, violent, a menace to society.

Back the post; I know that Steve Jobs was apolitical and he also said that Obama was destined to be a one-term president because of his policies.

The Original Andrew

Fox News is destructive becuase many of it's hosts who are given an hour of air time every night don't ponder ways to compromise and meet in the middle, they portray the other side as unreasonable crack pots. They're extremely standoffish more or less. That's destructive no matter which side does it.


They are completely biased while fooling the simple-minded into thinking they are 'Fair and Balanced'.

MSNBC makes no excuses for being biased.

A 'coherent argument' hasn't worked. That's why people are protesting. Try making a coherent argument to a right-winger. They begin with their conclusion then work backwards -- lying if necessary -- until they get their 'point' across.

For example: Obama is a secret Muslim terrorist. Some right-wingers still believe that since it was repeatedly stated again and again on Fox News.

Obama is not a US citizen. Some right-wingers still believe that, partially due to the fact that it was repeatedly stated by Fox News.

Saddam had WMD pointed at the US. Some right wingers still believe that.

Saddam was working with Bin Laden and was personally involved in 911. Some right wingers still believe that.

In the composite analysis, 80% of Fox News watchers had one or more of these misconceptions, in contrast to 71% for CBS and 27% who tuned to NPR/PBS.

Left wing media is more prevalent and powerful than right wing media. Some right wingers still believe that.

Glenn Beck is just a 'regular guy'. Some right-wingers still believe that.

The 'Tea Party' is a grassroots organization. Some right wingers still believe that. (Their rallies were sponsored by Fox News.)

ACORN participated in tax evasion, human smuggling, and child prostitution. This was a Fox News lie designed to discredit and defund this group that was participating in voter registration. The only thing that frightens a right-winger more than a black person is a black person going to vote.

Van Jones gets skewered by Fox but Rand Paul is given a pass (by Fox) on the same issue.

Shirley Sherrod -- Fox again heavily edits a 20 year old speech to paint her as a racist. She resigns.

Then there's O'Keefe's 'heavily and selectively edited' video of the NPR executives. Purposely meant to deceive, it took things out of context and rearranged the timeline in order to deceive. No wonder that little fucker was arrested on the way to another wire tap.

You DO remember that Murdoch is under investigation for wire tapping of people such as 9/11 victims.

Here's the typical right-winger response to the facts -- "No it isn't."

Of course there are many, many more examples of the dirty politics of the right-wing. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter. The right wing believes its own lies and will never have it any other way. The right wing is in denial and uses projection to deal with their psychosis.

Here's where they say, "Buy there have been Democrats in the KKK." As if that makes Fox News any less of a sewer.

The right wing, and their propaganda arm - Fox News is a cesspool of bigots, racists, liars, third grade dropouts and greedy bible-thumping hypocrites.

Yes it is.


.....OK...if we're all done hurling the invective.
I would submit, and history is my guide, that polarity in printed media was the NORM throughout our history. To wit: "Republican" newspapers and "Democratic" newspapers existed in every city across this country. You're all aware of this right?
Right wingers believe Obama wasn't born here, and Libtards believe thrownig my money at poor people does them a favor. What's so different about basic cable in 2011, versus newspapers 100 years ago?



Fox News is destructive becuase many of it's hosts who are given an hour of air time every night don't ponder ways to compromise and meet in the middle, they portray the other side as unreasonable crack pots. They're extremely standoffish more or less. That's destructive no matter which side does it.

Posted by: The Original Andrew | October 28, 2011

There are ideologues on Fox from the right - yes, but you are painting Fox with too broad of a brush. Insert MSNBC in place of Fox and you have a statement that is more relevant, as the left has been even more brazen in the last 3 years about compromising with the right. It's called polarization and as you said, it is destructive no matter who does Jobs did not state his reason for saying this at least in this post.

"The right wing, and their propaganda arm - Fox News is a cesspool of bigots, racists, liars, third grade dropouts and greedy bible-thumping hypocrites.

Yes it is."

Posted by: Frumpus | October 28, 2011 at 09:23 AM

Your attitude of willful ignorance and bigotry shows that you are part of the problem.

der Moderate

Oh Boy..... So bias Frurpus and, of course, the Original Andrew, or whatever that means or stands for. As said before "You Can't Fix Stupid." You two, & others, are part of the problem. Shut up, think, & compromise. Please....

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