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October 01, 2011


Puget Sound Blathers

great point, Bla'm.

hmmm, so would folks on this blog be so sanguine if it was President Palin ordering the assassination of an American citizen without the benefit of trial?

the same folks on this blog that are okay with it being President Obama giving the kill order would probably recoil at the thought of that, eh?


Since she isn't running (IMHO), President Palin becomes a moot point.

What about President Romney, Cain or Huntsman issuing the kill order ? Would the other folks here be sanguine about the kill order being given by them in a similar situation in 2013, instead of the current sitting President ?

Dori Monson

I'm appalled at any president issuing such a kill order.

However, it was Dubya who took us down this road by revoking a long-standing Executive Order and ordering foreign assassinations in the first place. Obama has built on Bush Junior's many precedents (e.g., PATRIOT Act) eroding civil liberties and the Bill of Rights. I'm not OK with it no matter who does it.

Outside the bubble of Fox News, Palin is passe. People are sick of her, precisely because she's too "mavericky" to be bound by things like accountability, responsibility, or hard work. And if she thinks being President of the United States, the single most powerful job in the world, is all about the title, she is terrifyingly clueless.

Dori Monson

I do wonder, KS & PSB, if you would have been OK with the assassination of a US citizen if Bush (or, say, Perry) had carried it out.


To answer your question DM, not any different no matter who the President is.

Hey, your head must not be much into the Seahawks game if you are blogging here, while you are supposedly doing the pre-game show on the radio ? Wassup with that ?


Kill a terrorist? Waddyah gonna do about it?

THanks Mr. PResident!

Righties are terrorist sympathizers.


Huh ?

The Original Andrew

I hate that VPs are used in campaigns to augment the presidential candidate, but after the election, they don't seem to matter. Biden was picked because he appealed to some midwest demographic. Has it worked out for them? Palin was picked because she appealed to folksy home maker types. Would McCain have actually done anything special for them? They're like a prop piece that might become the leader of the free world should the president choke on a pretzel and not manage to cough it out in time.

Puget Sound Blathers

Orig Andrew, I say three letters that should tell you exactly how important a VP is when you vote:
If you don't understand the difference between JFK and LBJ, you should.

Johnny Sombrerro

Ross Perot and his hearing affected choice who had to have questions repeated during the debate.


The Obama Presidency - By The Numbers

Now this is what tehm Wall Street protestors should be up in rage about.


Sure it reads badly but that is fairly common with transcribed conversations. This one is not as bad as some, and it's not that tough to figure out what her point is if you try.

By the implicit standards of the OP, Obama , Joe Biden, or Bill "depends on what the meaning of 'is' is" Clinton. Is that what the OP thinks, or is this just yet another in a long line of cheap shots?

The Original Andrew

I shouldn't have to piece together what a former Vice fucking Presidential candidate is trying to say. Did she really say being the most powerful man or woman in the free world is just a "title"? Did I parse that correctly? The scariest thing about Sarah Palin is that she's had three years to read a book or even a magazine and it's clear she's every bit as stupid now was she was in '08. God forbid she use some of that Fox News money to hire a tutor.


perhaps not in your imaginary world Andrew, but unfortunately in the real world VPs are human like anybody else.

Perchance did you vote for Kerry-Edwards in 2004?

Puget Sound Blathers

Original Andrew
Can you name a public speaker of note who hasn't had issues at times? 34567 is right, you can go through and pick out from transciptions any number of errors depending on how much has been cleaned up. Pres Obama when away from the Prompter has many a uh oh.. ah. moments. You want me to post 'em for you? It's fairly easy.

Or how about Joe Biden up as an exemplar of good public speaking. He is the original Gaffe machine. My favorite being the time he commanded a person in a wheelchair to 'stand up and take a bow.'

Lets be fair, all public speakers given enough time they all put their foot in da mouth.

But not too worry, Palin ain't running for President. She's just gonna raise a whole bunch of money to defeat candidates that Progressives like. So keep bashing/giving her attention. It all means $$$$ to her.


Interesting piece of trivia... Apparently www.fuckpalin.com redirects to SarahPAC.com.

The Original Andrew

I'm accusing Palin of a lot more than making gaffes, she shows many, many sings of intellectual vacancy. If you hear what Palin says and you think there is a spark of light in there trying to get out, then I have new found doubts about you.

Puget Sound Blathers

apparently you take sarah palin more serious than i.


The original point was that use of such garbled verbiage was damning and disqualified her from being VP.

With that point in tatters, the point now is shifted to other ground, 'a lot more than making gaffes.'

If this isn't about the garbled verbiage why even bring it up in the first place?

Oh well, it's probably a good tactic, since by now both Obama and Biden have amassed a long list of gaffes. The latest from Obama was his reference about a week ago to the 'intercontinental railroad' (second time he's uttered that). I may be jes' a po' dum' hick conservative but even I knew that trains don't run between continents.


Really, how many times has NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN singled out the many gaffes of Obama/Biden ? Maybe 10% of the time ?

Liberal elitists have the freedom of reading whatever news they want - they get to police themselves...LOL


exactly--here's a partial list of Obama gaffes very few have appeared in the Seattle Times, for example. But let Sarah Palin be accused of getting a detail about Paul Revere wrong, and it's not just reported, but dragged out over several days.

Obama gaffes:

referred to the 'intercontinental railroad' (2 sep. occations)
referred to a 'jew' tax rate
did not know the correct usage of 'lay' and 'lie'
misprounced 'corpsman'
57 states
mispronounced Comiskey, a ballpark located just a few minutes from his house, and didn't know any players from his supposedly favorite team.
misused 'breathalyzer'
referred to 'my Muslim faith'
got his daughter's age wrong
called a female reporter 'sweetie'
said Lincoln founded the GOP
said the US Constitution was written '20 centuries ago'
thanked himself to to teleprompter mixup
thought 'Austrian' was a language and 'Europe' was a country.
made fun of special olympics
talked about being in office (as president) for '8 to 10 years.'

This is only a partial list.

Puget Sound Blathers

KS and 34567
my favorite Biden-Gaffe was the one in which he commanded the fellow in the wheelchair to stand up.

At this point it should be obvious to Original Andrew that holding public speakers to such a standard of perfection is ridiculous and if you chose to do so on a selective basis, ie partisanship, then you need to be honest about it.

Yes Palin makes gaffes. They ALL do. Even OUR President.

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