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October 30, 2011


starve the beast

No worries Herman, we all know Pathetico is just a libturd front group, a bunch of talentless moocher hacks posing as "JournoLists". Just ignore them, if the libturd media are attacking you that just means you are leading and it makes us like you more.


The media will do anything to smother a female or minority conservative in the crib. Face it, not a liberal around wants Cain standing next to blank resume Obama. They are quaking in their boots. They can not afford to let a washington outsider to upset their political cesspool. They know he will shake things up and the public wants just that. The GOP machine is scared too. They would rather a flip flopping Romney who will play the game.

Obamas suit will look really empty next to a man that has navigated his life like Cain. So if Cain made an off color comment two decades ago and paid 5 figure settlements as you say, who cares. I would be ecstatic to get a yearly bill from my law firm that was less than mid six figures. Carpal tunnel claims cost me more than that a year.


Well when you run for President everything about you history and past comes up, Cain is not different then anyone else running for President, I rather know now then find out now then wait until he's the candidate, Cain has never been vetted at all and he needs to be.

Mike Barer

No doubt that he will play the race card when confronted on this issue.


Two women brought formal sexual harassment claims against Cain long before he was running for office.
So no one should report this about a man who wants to become president?
If it was a democrat and these facts came out, would you all be so quick to say they mean nothing? Of course not.
And why can't Cain answer the questions?


Teapartiers lack the smarts and sanity to realize how a story like this could impact their candidate. They think that them just dismissing this as the librul LSM at work is all it takes to make the story go away. They think that because they don't believe something, no one else will. That's stupid, but that's what teaparty is.

The Original Andrew

We won't be talking about Herman Cain in two weeks. Three Republican debates will have come and gone and Herman Cain is already running on fumes. Keep some perspective.

Puget Sound Blathers

This is part of the full vetting one gets. I didn't see Cain making it to the full nomination even before this story came up. This won't help, especially in the primary among the bible thumpers.

Maybe Herman Cain made a mistake not running as a Democrat.

Bill Clinton had the same accusations of sexual harassment come up against him and it didn't hurt him with Democrats or their party stalwarts like the National Org of Women (NOW). It was an amazing dance as the same folks that denounced the nomination of Clarence Thomas for Supreme Ct Justice on the the basis of allegations by Anita Hill suddenly turned a blind eye the women who came forth during the Clinton years. (recall the phrase, 'Bimbo Eruptions', anyone?)

NOW never really recovered from the stance it took with Bill Clinton. Clinton, as always used those around him and continued forward leaving victims and supporters in his wake. A true politico. Herman Cain doesn't have the political skills to pull that off.

Banana Fanna

Herman Cain is as victim of his own bad intentions. He's a talented salesman who has used his skillset to take advantage of a vacuum in the GOP. That he was a black man didn't hurt his prospects, so anxious are they to have black people in their party- any black people.
Mike's correct, Cain was destined to fail, a problem such as this only expedited his fall.


There goes your 15 seconds, Herbie. Bye now.


The “Herminator” has just terminated himself! It doesn’t take much in today’s environment to be accused of sexual harassment.

Perhaps the Republican stance on morality issues makes their candidates more attractive targets for such allegations.


I liked it when Herman Cain responded to the reporter who asked him about his allegations of sexual harassment by asking him "Have you ever been guilty of sexual harassment" ? Good comeback.

The Democratics are afraid of Mr. Cain - a conservative black running against a statist mulatto (half-black) in Mr. Obama. They want Romney to be their opponent, so they resort to what is called yellow journalism here by Politico, fueled by Democratic operatives (Breitbart wannabes - LOL) - the allegations probably do not hold enough to deter his popularity, but time will tell. Rumors of his demise are being exaggerated here - consider the friggin' source and you won't be surprised that this shitstorm will blow over.


"Maybe Herman Cain made a mistake not running as a Democrat."

Yep, it is an unwritten law that blacks cannot be anything else but liberal. When someone like Cain comes along and breaks the mold, the Democratic party's heads begin to explode - because one who got off the plantation has made it big and the excrement hits the fan and the bullseye on his back. One remembers how the right tried to lampoon Bill Clinton before he was elected, but Clinton had that gift of political instinct and was the comeback kid.
This stuff will test what Herman Cain is made off and if he has the gift of political saavy like Bill did.

Johnny Sombrerro

"who got off the plantation"... who put them there?


Oh please, this has Karl Rove written all over it.

from Politico

Karl Rove said Monday that Herman Cain has failed to properly respond to the POLITICO report that at least two women accused him of inappropriate behavior, saying he needs to say “yes or no.”

“He’s not denying, but he ain’t responding and that’s not the best place to be,” Rove said on Fox News. “If these allegations are not true, say they aren’t true and put it behind you. If not, better get everything out sooner rather than later because in a situation like this, if there is something there, that something’s going to come out.”

Translated: We have even more we're sitting on.

Mike D

In truth, Cain never "got off the plantation". He himself admitted in his book that he willingly went to the back of the bus when told to by racist whites, because he didn't want to "cause trouble". And that is exactly why conservatives like him.


When the Perry rumors about his homosexuality start to unravel this will look like chicken feed.

How national politicians think they can keep these indiscretions hidden while running for the most public position in the world baffles me.


""And then there is Ann Coulter who once again praised the conservative black people she had known, arguing that “our blacks are so much better than their blacks” because “you have fought against probably your family, probably your neighbors… that’s why we have very impressive blacks.”"

Thanks for taking my call

"The Democratics are afraid of Mr. Cain"

Fear is a right wing pecadillo. Its what the right lives off of.

Thanks for taking my call

That nice Karl Rove, giving free advice. What a guy.
If the Left could PICK a candidate, it would be Herman Cain. I agree this has Rove's fingerprints all over it.


Joan Walsh was just on the TeeVee and had an interesting take on it all...just because payments were made doesn't mean that Herman Cain is guilty. But he and his team are not handling this well by changing their answers around, and it makes him LOOK guilty even if he isn't.


The way they're handling it is an indictmentin itself... maybe even a trial and conviction.


In truth, Cain never "got off the plantation". He himself admitted in his book that he willingly went to the back of the bus when told to by racist whites, because he didn't want to "cause trouble". And that is exactly why conservatives like him.

Posted by: Mike D | October 31, 2011 at 07:43 PM

Are you trying to be funny ? If not, you are stuck in the 60's. He is self-made, independently wealthy and wants the government out of his life - that would be definition of getting off the plantation.

"The Democratics are afraid of Mr. Cain"

Fear is a right wing pecadillo. Its what the right lives off of.

Posted by: Thanks for taking my call | October 31, 2011 at 08:07 PM

LMAO. Both sides wear fear on their sleeve about different items, but guess its hard to see when you live in a bubble.


Donnieboy, your naivete is shocking and hilarious! You really think anyone "shakes things up" in Washington D.C.? The President has been merely a figurehead for decades! "Our" government is run by lobbyists, PACS, secret cash, blackmail and corruption. You really think any of them are any different than any other? C'mon...


This won't help, especially in the primary among the bible thumpers.

Putz, that is about as bigoted as some of the left wing on this site. I know that Christians are among the few remaining groups that it is still PC to denigrate. That doesn't make it right.


In truth, Cain never "got off the plantation". He himself admitted in his book that he willingly went to the back of the bus when told to by racist whites, because he didn't want to "cause trouble". And that is exactly why conservatives like him.

Posted by: Mike D | October 31, 2011 at 07:43 PM

Many a colored person quietly went to the back of the bus rather than get beat up at the very least and strung up at the extreme. That was the south governed by the likes of Lester Maddox, George Wallace, Robert Byrd, Lyndon Johnson, etc. in the 50's and 60's Mike D. Who the fuck are we to criticize a kid making that choice in the days of lynching and the KKK and the dimocrat party before they figured out how profitable it is to exploit blacks?

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