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October 21, 2011


Puget Sound Blathers

Picture the Grandstand at a Race. The announcer yells,

"Ladies and Gentleman,
Start your Base. Rev 'em up, get 'em mad, and get them ringing doorbells...."

Dave Weigle outlines the 'outrage playbook' (it also works on the de rigour 'War on Christmas' game played by the Right or the 'yahoo yells a racist comment at a McCain event--all Repubs are racist' played by the Left. It works with either party. Both Repubs and Dems follow it.

"LAS VEGAS -- The RNC and NRCC have settled on a tried-and-true revanchist attack on Occupy Wall Street. It's copied from the playbook that Democrats used so very effectively to prevent the Tea Party from ever winning anything.

1) Find video or photos of some activists making some sort of ethnic attacks. (In the Tea Party fight, this played out as isolated racist signs.)
2) Get a group with some credibility to condemn the attacks -- and more importantly, demand that the activists condemn them. (See: The NAACP.)
3) Force a discussion: Is this movement racist? (See: Oh, any episode of a cable news show.)"

How else are we gonna fill the 24 hour cable news network. Running repeats of 'Catch A Predator' on MSNBC ain't gonna feed the bulldog people...

Last weel it was the endorsement by the Communist Party of OWS. Anyone fall for that being relevant to the issues?

At this point, anyone not see the game? Anyone ginned up sufficiently by the Faux Outrage?

Mark from Bellingham

"We love his covering his ignorant Looziana accent with the High Off-handed Scoff of the Landed Gentry."

So an accent can be ignorant? Really? Wow, one learns something new every day, unless of course one is a "progressive" in love with the sound of his own voice, and equally in love with the illusion that whatever he thinks and says is inherently superior, despite evidence to the contrary.

Here's a clue for a person who is clearly clueless: People can be ignorant. Accents cannot be. An accent is merely a reflection of where one grew up, or in some cases where one has spent most of one's time recently. You know, like New York or Massachusetts, or Washington, versus Louisiana (which you misspelled, which you would know, if you weren't so busy impugning people on the basis of their accents). Anyone with an ounce of humility would know that it does not follow that someone is ignorant simply because he holds opinions different from his or her own, or because he is from a different geographic region, for that matter.

If indeed David Duke is trying to cover up his accent, maybe he has good reason to do so, and maybe that reason has something to do with the bigotry of people like you!

You think that David Duke is ignorant? Then do what intelligent people when confronted with ignorance: Refute him (and educate him) with the facts. Or do you see that as a radical suggestion? Or more to the point, do you see it as an unachievable suggestion, since you probably have no contrary facts with which to refute him?

I have always opposed the racism of the KKK, and I am hardly a fan of David Duke, but I would be hard pressed to figure out why your obvious bigotry towards people from certain regions of the nation is any better than the anti-black bigotry of the KKK. At least the KKK was honest about its beliefs, which is more than you can say.

You call David Duke a "radical asshole". No one will ever accuse you of being such a thing. You're just an asshole. And apparently, you've never been to New York. If everyone there is a Jew, as you say, then kindly explain the fact that there are so many Catholics there. Last time I checked, the word "archdiocese" (as in the phrase "archdiocese of New York") is not commonly used by Jewish people to describe their religious institutions.

Maybe if you'd spend more of your time actually reading and less of your time making prejudicial statements about folks from states other than your own, you'd know something about Louisiana, and you'd come across as less of a moron.


True, PS - but it goes deeper than that. Look at who the main financiers of OWS and the Tea Party also.

The Koch Bros. are comparatively innocuous when compared to the public sector unions, the Tides Foundation and Open Society (Soros funded organizations). I give the both sides revile the other, but in the case of the Koch Bros. that smells of faux outrage and the OWS up to a point gives off a scent of faux outrage, although not as strong.

Puget Sound Blathers

I still recall the quote from the corrupt-scandal plagued Gov Edwards when his opponent was David Duke.
"The only way I can lose to Duke is if they find me in bed with a Dead Girl or a Live Boy"
From Wikipedia, the following gives a taste of that Duke Election:

"...even Republican President Bush urged that Edwards, the Democrat, was a better choice than Duke, a putative Republican. A very popular bumper sticker urging support for Edwards (although clearly not produced by his campaign) read "Vote For the Crook. It's Important." Another read
"Vote for the Lizard, not the Wizard."
Edwards said that this would be his final term as governor and that he cared about leaving a good legacy, which made many hope that the corruption of his previous administrations would not be repeated. Edwards won by a wide margin. Continuing his artful use of humor to deflate an opponent, and referring to his considerable reputation as a Lothario, Edwards said of Duke, "The only thing we have in common is that we both have been wizards beneath the sheets."

At least you folks in Louisiana have colorful elections.


It's outrageously funny, but I would bet that there are a higher percentage of blacks in the Tea Party than there are in the Occupy movement from all of the photos and videos of both groups that I have seen.

To the MSNBC race baiters (Chris Matthews) who call the Tea Party (baggers) monochromatic - back at ya with the monochromatic Occupiers. The chickens are coming home to roost. Pot meet kettle.


"It's outrageously funny, but I would bet that there are a higher percentage of blacks in the Tea Party than there are in the Occupy movement from all of the photos and videos of both groups that I have seen."

Yes it would be outrageously funny if you bet that. You'd lose.


And the Tea Party gave themselves that "Tea Bagger" moniker, to go along with those silly hats they wore with tea bags hanging from the brim. Then someone told them what it meant and they got all pissy. LMAO

Puget Sound Blathers

KS wins this one!
Too your point, you are not the only one. In a recent Time Magazine article it notes that even the liberal Village Voice (a great read--thank you Nat Hentoff) has made your very point.

"According to the Village Voice, New Yorker Malik Rhasaan launched a Facebook page for Occupy The Hood after observing what he sees as a lack of racial diversity among OWS protesters. “I noticed there isn’t a strong black and Latino presence. … People don’t know why Wall Street affects them. It affects us the most when we’re not knowledgeable about it,”

Read more: http://moneyland.time.com/2011/10/20/is-occupy-wall-street-too-white/#ixzz1bW1AKXh5


Anderson Cooper originated the Tea Bagger phrase for the lemmings in a leftist mold.


Your racism toward the President and First Lady aside, I have to ask--does it hurt when you pull stuff like that out of your ass?

"The Latest Desperate Smear Of Occupy Wall Street Protests: The Nazis Like Them

October 18, 2011 1:49 am ET by Todd Gregory

The American Nazi Party put out a statement on Thursday that was supportive of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Rocky Suhayda, the party's chairman, said, "My heart is right there with these people."

The right-wing blogosphere saw an opportunity to associate the protests with Nazis, and the pile-on began. The Blaze quoted the statement, as did Fox Nation and Gateway Pundit blogger Jim Hoft.

On the Monday edition of Fox News' flagship "straight news" program Special Report, anchor Bret Baier also treated this endorsement as if it were significant."

We can smell the desperation of the right and it reeks of B.O.


We can smell the desperation of the right and it reeks of B.O.
Posted by: Jovita | October 22, 2011 at 06:54 PM

Agreed - Desperation reeks of B.O. (Barack Obama), the demagogue who is desperate to get money for the public sector unions and campaign slush funds through his so-called jobs bill, which is really a campaign funding bill. The irresponsibility of this spending is why there is bipartisan rejection of this taxpayer money dump by the Senate.


"The American Nazi Party put out a statement on Thursday that was supportive of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Rocky Suhayda, the party's chairman, said, "My heart is right there with these people."

Does the truth hurt ? The American Communist Party also supports the Occupy movement. Just because MSNBC, the Huff Post, the NYTimes and WaPo never mention this in their biased cherry picked journalism doesn't mean it is not so. I'll bet and raise Jovita 5 that it is the truth.


The teachers on this blog are right. You don't read so gud. I never said it didn't happen. I just pointed out that the GOPers have taken one man's comment and have magically applied it to an entire group. You guys are desperate for any way possible to denigrate a movement made up of your neighbors. Sparky was right. You and your buddies don't get it.
And you make me smile every time you use the word "bias."


Back at you with your minutia... It's difficult to tell that you don't support the Nazis with your vitriolic comments aimed at non-progressives/tea party - maybe you think that its cute and you elevate your stature in the eyes of the leftist brain (oxymoronic) trust.

I'll chalk it up to confusion, as is Sparky. You quickly have lost sight of the big picture - the country is going down the pooper chute even more so since the Occupy movement has brought increased chaos. Overwhelm the system - isn't that what you want ? its becoming increasingly clear that progressives want that. I'll be happy to back that up.

Johnny Sombrerro

KS. I would say you're feeling sorry that the Tea Party couldn't do more...


What are they supposed to do there ? As for the remainder, time will tell...

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