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October 20, 2011


Ralph Cramden

Is it too early for jokes?

Q. How do you know Kadaffi had his head up ass?

A. When they shot him in the legs it put a hole behind his ear!

The Original Andrew

That doesn't look like street justice to me, more like a complete lack of self discipline. They couldn't keep a fugitive from justice in custody for more than a few minutes before accidently discharging a weapon into him three or four times? This is why you know another Gaddafi is going to replace Gaddafi, because they can't produce better, and they don't deserve better. Gaddafi was one of them, afterall.


. . .and this has what to do with talk radio?


Wow. Someone asked what this had to do with talk radio after only three comments.

I lost on the over/under!


Another glorious triumph for our Commander-in-Chief. Rah, Rah.

der Moderate

In my opinion, he got the easy way out by being murdered. Not saying he didn't deserve it, but sitting in a cell in solidated confinement and wondering what was going to happen next, then executed when convicted would have been the way to go.


Doesn't BlatherWatch execute the same kind of justice on radio personalities he doesn't like...only it's from behind a keyboard?


"solidated confinement "

Is that a kind of tribal gruel?

Johnny Sombrerro

Gadhafi killed on the 34th anniversary of the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash. Coincidence?


No shoes, no death. Qaddafi lives.


Qaddafi dead and now the power vacuum is there. The muslim brotherhood; an assortment of jihadists, anti-semitic extremists who advocate violent overthrows will assume power, with aid from Iran. Consider the unintended consequences.

Similarly for Egypt and Syria. So much for the Arab Spring. The withdrawl from Iraq might produce a killing fields phenomenon among the Sunni's, Shiites and Kurds. Hopefully it won't, but its too bad we went there in the first place.

Puget Sound Blathers

Gadhafi killed on the 34th anniversary of the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash. Coincidence?
Posted by: Johnny Sombrerro | October 21, 2011 at 10:44 AM

Spot on, Sombrerro!
That explains why Khadaffy was singing Lynard Skynrd's classic: 'Gimmie 3 steps towards the Door'


Time for the Iraqis to stand on their own two feet. 7 years plus of training should be enough to give them the skills to defend themselves. Maybe the Iraqi men over there just aren't up to it, no matter what we give them. We'll soon find out. The only Iraqi-American i know over here is a total douchebag.


But, you don't get it do you Tommy 'ol boy they have to defend themselves from THEMSELVES. This basic fact is what our great USA doesn't seem to figure out. If you get involved in a turmoil in the Middle East you are placing yourselves in a quagmire of confusion. Now surely someone as 'market' astute as you claim to be can figure that out. There will continue to be internal strife in Iraq and all of our efforts and cost (both in terms of human life's energy and economic commitment) will be for naught. But we GOT SADAAM, wow, big fricken deal. A WASTE, a complete WASTE!!!


Our foreign policy over the last 40+ years to now needs an overhaul, which is an understatement.


Mr. Hood, note the above commenter StarTheWonderDog, engaging in a completely gratuitous, petty and meanspirited personal attack on me. This one was only marginally offensive, by his standards, but this guy is one of the worst of the worst of the bad old days when such comments were allowed here. The fact that this guy doesnt like me or respect my investing abilities has nothing to do with the subject at hand and has absolutely no socially redeeming value. I'd say this may meet meet the standards for a delete.


I actually thought that wonder dog's comment was very on point and I agree with it and the fact that getting involved in a middle east conflict is senseless.


did you even read my comment? i was talking about the little snide, sarcastic punkass comment in the middle of the post that he made about my "market savvy". Mr. Hood has stated that personal attacks on fellow posters will no longer be tolerated here. i expect to be held to that standard and i expect all the rest to be too. When i thionk of all the people who will no longer be able to make gratuitous, petty personal attacks on me without their posts being ( the list of such people was quite lengthy), it brings a big grin to my face.

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