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September 12, 2011


The seeker

The hatred and bigotry of the right towards President Obama continues to defy intelligence. Your have a very large portion of the right who have become so irrational but believe that this buffoon is a rational truth teller. He truly is nothing more than an embarrassment and a junkie.


Did Limbaugh actually say Obama was using the soup kitchen to avoid 9-11 memorials? That's what BlaM's headline says, but the quote doesn't say that, nor does the original Media Matters story (which BlaM didn't link to; it's here).

That said, at minimum Limbaugh misstated the day and ridiculed volunteerism, which is supposedly a cornerstone of how free marketeers want to respond to social service needs, all in the service of finding something to criticize Obama for. As I have said before, I am not Obama's biggest fan. But there are plenty of reasons to criticize him, from the right or the left, that are factually based. This is purely political hackery.

Sometime during the Dubya era the Republican Party figured out it could lie with impunity, because corporate media would simply report the competing "claims" without trying to assess them. The result, years later, and on full display in the presidential debate last night, is an entire political culture on the right that's become a reality-free zone.

Conservatism used to be the ideology that dealt with the world as it really was, not as how we wished it to be. I miss that.

Mike D

Limbaugh is an ass and his brain is a pilondial cyst


And he has a bazillion dollars and a smokin' hot wife. How are you all doing?


A bazillion dollars and a "hot" (whatever that means) wife (until she ages a couple years). You might want to reconsider your values, jimbo.

Mike D

He has a bazillion dollars and a smokin' hot wife because he shrewdly makes a lot of money off of brainless lemmings who are willing to let him do their thinking for them. If it weren't for ignorant ditto heads like you JimF, Rush would be living in a hovel on SS, perhaps with an ugly wife (if she lacked the self-respect to divorce him years ago). So I guess your life mission is complete there, JimF, being as how Rush is your god/lord/oracle/whatever.


This post is distorted and quite a bit of bullshit- need to point that out to those who buy this fecal smear sandwich. Media Matters once again purposely does not tell the whole story because they are haters. They are out to smear Limbaugh and Bla'M bought into the MM version and he was snookered again by MM. Not a big Limbaugh fan but do not like seeing people get smeared by these a-holes at Media Matters. If you don't buy it, google this and look at several accounts of this.

Hopefully, they will get caught for misrepresenting themselves and be required to pay taxes, as they have so far successfully dodged. Soros that sonnuvabiotch can easily afford to cough up more money and be forced to do the right thing for a switch.


joanie & Mike D: You two crack me up!


Ah, c'mon. You were cracked before you met us. Don't be bashful.


Rush had a good pieceackwatch.com website. So ridiculous if Obamas name wasnt n the fine print you would think it was a republican front to embarras the Pr]Obama has done without anyohelp. Even dickless Mr Hoods best efforts.


That attackwatch.com is dog lame. Are they trying to control speech of pissed off people ? What are they going to do about it ? If they get serious about trying to do something about the justified attacks, it may lead to an uprising or maybe just an old fashioned civil war.

Nah, BO is not a thin-skinned narcissist. I heard that conservatives have flooded this website with legitimate complaints in a joking way - the White House brown shirts are coming. Sorry - usual suspects, I don't see that happening.


what's with horse's anus John Curley and his constant mean putdowns of Sarah and the other guy (Japan's no. 1 mixer). Sarah has a lot more natural charm than this egotist and stuffed shirt Curley. People who constantly do putdowns liek this are not humorists or ironists, they're simply mean assholes hiding behind the bogus old "aww it's only me and my joking" horsecrap . This prick Curley is just a meanspirited little punk , and it's time it was said, straight up. He's the type of guy that normally nonviolent men want to give a beatdown .


Burgerville- You tried to be cute with your post- the problem is it is devoid of logic. My insults directed at Curley are deserved INSULTS, brought on by his behavior. They aer not gratuitous putdowns and insults, such as those Curley directs at Sarah and the Japan's mixer guy. nice try, though. My description of Curley as a "mean asshole" had to with undeserved, gratuitous putdowns of innocent coworkers. There is no irony here at all.

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