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September 23, 2011


The Original Andrew

He probably has a contract that's a lot stronger than that of, say, FRANK SHIERS, and they have simply chosen to not renew.

I don't think Curley turned out the way they had hoped. It was a good bet that he could have been the evening version of Dori Monson. I think the reason Dori works and John doesn't is that people laugh with Dori, and people laugh at John, and that's not good talk radio.


I hope that KIRO acknowledges they got all star-struck and starry-eyed with this tee-vee person and made the WRONG decision to replace Frank Shiers with this guy. He was only working p/t anyways...and when he was on the air, he had no prep, no content, no nuthin. Content is king, baby.


I think it's funny whenever I hear "We, we're, and we've" in opinion on this blog...
Sounds like a couple of Jr. High School girls talking about how they don't like Justin's new hair doo.
Curley is just another local radio host in the 7 - 10pm slot...
Not as if there's a big audience for much of anything then.
I've heard just a bit of him, more often when he's filled in for Dori and didn't mind him at all.
It's when he shares time with his buddy Mike West and they come from the exact same radio voice mold...
Can't tell which one is which.
Seems curley's problem is that most people don't dislike him enough...
He's luke warm.
Speaking of Luke... They should shove Burbank back in there.
The best evening host KIRO had was...
No, not Mike Webb, he was OK...
It was Lou Pate!
Locals HATED him.
The more he complained about politically correct, snotty, self important liberal Seattle, the better he was.
People hated him and loved to listen to him just for the hate.
Curley is just sort of there.
He should get further into politics and stop spinning his wheels on radio.
And come on...
He's much better than Frank.
Maybe they could get Weisbach to anger the listeners. He's free now, right?
Also, KIRO needs to leave the sports stuff to the sports stations.


Shiers actually did prep and did research before sitting in the studio every night, had newsmakers on the line and talked to callers. Those are three things that Curley doesn't do. Yes, he just occupies the space there, just kind of "there." They could just turn the station off at 7 PM and turn it back on at 5 AM. Bet no one would notice a thing.


Curley is nother example of the Peter Principle.

Puget Sound Blathers

i gotta admit, doing the arm-flatuation with a grim face is something that you don't see.

mr culey takes those artificial fart sounds very seriously.

no doubt the solemnity of the occasion demands such attention to detail. the left arm raised to a 90 degree angle, the fight hand cupped and placed directly under the left armpit. tightly --not too tight-, and then the rapid down short stroke of the left arm -formed as if a chicken wing- until it touches the left side of the body.

your ears will tell you if it was a success.

Radio Queen

Curley's departure only creates an opportunity to provide better radio. Hope KIRO is up to the task.


uh, cause he sucks?

Puget Sound Blathers

Curley's departure only creates an opportunity to provide better radio. Hope KIRO is up to the task.

Posted by: Radio Queen | September 23, 2011 at 05:39 PM

how come i picture ron reagan, goldy, frank shiers, et al diligently practicing their self arm-flatuation routines.

c'mon on folks, some one is gonna fill that spot.


I seldom listen to Curley - he doesn't seem to connect that well from what I've heard and would say lukewarm.

Maybe they should try and bring back Lou Pate (agree with RB - he was cynical, brash, but interesting and remember when they have all of the talk show hosts on stage and delivered the best lines - probably in about 2004-05). Also liked Fred Ebert - a thinker. One way or the other, KIRO will either put up or get new blood.

Puget Sound Blathers

fred ebert. i recall when he first came, i absolutely hated him but during the last week he was on kiro i really took a shine. on his last show i told someone, 'hey this fred ebert is pretty damn good.' and of course, they canned him soon after.

but yeah, bring him back. or lou pate. i think poor pate's problem was as much having to pull the midnight shift as anything else.


similarly about fred ebert - did not like him at first, but after awhile thought he did his homework and was nuanced. It took awhile for me to appreciate he was correct about the wrongheadedness of the Iraq mission -turned out he was spot on.

Pate was handstrung by doing midnights, but he was a lot more interesting to listen to than Curley.

The Original Andrew

I wouldn't mind hearing Fred Ebert again. I only remember good things.

The thing about Curley is he's hard to agree with, even if you're on his side of the fence. He's a "discompassionate" conservative. With Monson or Shiers you might think "that's not how reality works, but you speak for a swath of voters." With Curley I was mostly thinking, Damn, you're cold. Ice cold.

Leftist Radio Fail

If sucking at radio and having no ratings meant losing your gig, all leftist talk would disappear.


I liked Pate as well. He was opinionated, but respected both his audience and his job, two things Curley sorely lacks.

And I hereby claim royalties on the phrase "Peter Principle."

Mike Barer

You'll have to fight that out with Dr Peter, ironically, a graduate of WSU.

Olaf Jonson

Lou Pate is a graduate of St. John's College.


Lou Pate did indeed have a big problem with the late shift.
All he wanted was a chance to get some callers. (and some listeners)
Lou filled in during the day one time..
I think for Dori...
He got callers and was great.
The best, of course were the ones who took such exception to his Seattle bashing.
Bring back Bryan Suits.
Talk about a radio host Seattle hates!
Bryan is the best.

Radio for Curley does sound just like something to do with idle time.

Puget Sound Blathers

yes yes, bring back Bryan Suits.
He would be perfect in the evening.

Puget Sound Blathers

and for what it is worth, i have it on good authority that bryan suit's arm-flatuation sounds are first rate.


I think Frank Shiers should be given his old time slot. He was interesting, and even made news once in awhile. And, I could tell he understood what he was talking about and did a lot of preparation. I am a woman in my 40's and know they are trying to get someone like me to listen. Why not do that with a smart and interesting man who respects women?


Agree once again with RB - Bryan Suits is the best talking and with the arm-flatulation. Suits would attract more listeners than Curley or Shiers - KIRO-FM are you listening ?


Lou Pate will never be back...
Weisbach, maybe,..
Bryan Suits?
Yes. Let him push the Uber Commies over the edge.


Lou Pate will never be back...
Weisbach, maybe,..
Bryan Suits?
Yes. Let him push the Uber Commies over the edge.


Lou could do it---via remote. He has a studio in S FL and he fills in for several stations around the country, direct from his living room.

casual observer

Bryan Suits would be a million times better than another go-round with Frank Shiers, a broadcaster who's never had an original idea and never met a corporate ass he wouldn't kiss.


Definitely do not put Shiers back in that slot. Either Ron Reagan or Bryan Suits is needed to liven that space.

As for Curley - listened a couple times, but why should I bother to listen regularly if he doesn't show up to do his show regularly?

Ren Mccormack

I enjoyed the john curly show on kiro. Found it touching when he talked about his kids. Used to watch him on evening magazine. The trend on these comments and especially these blog post definately follow the liberal sheep mentality. The same things republicans are guilty of. You are no different.

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