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September 02, 2011



My master does it again, he stirs it up to the point that he becomes controversial and, ladies and gentlemen THAT is his design and intent. So many accidental listeners out there get panties in a twist over his antics. This creates interest, ridicule, praise and whatever, but most of all it maintains his presence like no other radio personality around here. This guy has got it all as a talk show host. He's now one of the few who still take phone calls sporadically. I say thank you to blather watch for helping keep my master in the limelight, so that the treats keep on coming. Eat your heart out, tommy.

Puget Sound Blathers

Spot on, Star.

i will say that at least T008 is upfront about wanting to listen to Dori to bash him.

Sparkles, Joanie, Fremont, et al would normally go into a convoluted reason before reporting the latest 'Monson Outrage.'
You know, the 'I was riding in the car with someone else who had the radio on or the old reliable 'I was listening to Dave Ross and didn't get a chance to switch stations before Monson was on....'

Why not come out and say it. Love 'em or Hate 'em, Dori is your must listen to radio show.

Kind of funny, eh? Turns out that T008 is the honest one.

Dori (some of my best friends are colored) M.

Monson sold his soul for a few bucks 10 years ago. Good show to listen to if you want to find some vacation property where there aren't a lot of 'cullards' around though.

So he built himself a little empire based on bigotry and racism. Whoopie. The guy is still going to hell.



Johnny Sombrerro

putz sounds more and more like that insane old geezer at 10pm on kgo weekend nights

Puget Sound Blathers

sorry johnny, big Ed Schultz got that gig a couple years ago.

you don't wanna know what you sound like...LMAO
no go away and reappear as M Steele


Joke's on you Mr. Know It All. KGO is not KPTK nor MSNBC. Johnny is talking about Dr. Bill I know everything and have done everything Wattenburg. I would think you would be well versed in Know it Alls.


And Pete you got it right!

KS blathers and watches in amazement

Dr. Bill W on KGO is an old geezer here and Dori is going to hell in the minds of the distorted usual suspects because he dares to say BO - the emperor has no clothes (in his case solutions and common sense). Dr. Bill does have lofty credentials - I challenge whoever to check it out in Wikipedia- but I doubt if most here pay attention to the relevant stuff about him - with the low level intellectual comments I have seen.

If that comes to pass, Dori will have lots of company in hell from the posters on this blog down there too, along with the demented hag Maxine Waters who wants to take the Tea Party there - eh, Jovita ?

The moderate voice is not a bad blog - it has some valid reads and does sound like the voice of reason with a mind of its own and is not spoon fed solely by the NY Times, WaPo or the Huff and PUff Post - it uses some discretion.

Johnny Sombrerro

Maxine Waters will be their supervisor in hell.


I enjoy listening to Dr Bill. He is fascinating in many ways. I also enjoy listening to Ray Taliaferro, fascinating in many ways. Dori is screechy & boring. I am not saying I don't listen, but I turn him off a lot faster.


yes,Monson is basically saying, in cutesy phrasing, that he still doesn't believe Obama on the B.C. issue. With so much to criticize Obamam, only the real rightwing loons are still questioning his birth certificate after he had his records released earlier this year. You have to listen closely to Monson , as he drops these bombs here and there, in a fairly sly, infrequent manner, bombs that really define him as a nutjob.One of the moer extreme examples of his rightwing wackjob views is the fact that he has expressed numerous times over the years his belief that it is a property or home owners right to shoot to kill when his property (car) is being stolen but he himself is in no personal danger. He extended that point to new heights in nutjobbery a while back when he stated that a man who shot dead ( in the back) a burglar who was fleeing the house, running down the street, was justified and deserved no rea;punishment. There was no weapon involved with the fleeing burglar, he was simply running away, not shooting back or anything.

Mohammy Mommy

Speaking of soulless, what about that kid who works for him? Jake Turnbuckle. Didn't he used to be a liberal on TBTL? Now he's the perfect Young Republican with a little dash of Jesus just for good measure. I know work is hard to come by, but does Dori demand he hollow himself out for that $10 an hour he makes, or did he just volunteer?

KS blathers and watches in amazement

"i will say that at least T008 is upfront about wanting to listen to Dori to bash him."

He also stated upfront that he listens to Michael Savage, who may be the best story teller on radio, although he goes off on a tangent easily at times in his own cerebral way. Don't think Savage cares much for the GOP field, except for Herman Cain, who I heard him interview and the interview flowed well - but Cain has two chances - slim and none and slim is getting ready to ride out of town. I like Cain too but know the reality here - he has about as much chance as Mr. Huntsman, who Joanie hopes runs vs. BO. The reality for Mr. Huntsman is not now, not ever, never...


John Rothman on KGO has rebuked Obama now twice this week- the other nioght over his "caving" to Boehner on changing his speech before Congress date, tonight for "pullling a stunt" and caving to Repugs by putting a hold on tightening clean air standards. This latest crap is sure to enrage the progressives like the Joanus and the greenie crowd, or "the greenie bastards" as Dr. Bill would say. If Obama loses his base , he has no chance at winning in 2012. Sorry Joanus. haha Joanus haha Joanus

KS blathers and watches in amazement

Rothman is a traditional Democrat and intelligent, but BO was trying to pull a stunt by doing his speech on the same night the Repug debate was previously scheduled. Boehner called him on it and they subsequently caved. Rothman is right though about them putting a hold on on the EPA standards as being an electoral stunt.

Rothman is at least partly in denial about how the Democratic Party has deteriorated since the days of Moynihan, Tsongas, Muskie, Henry Jackson and other moderate/conservative Dems who had integrity and retired. Now it has become a party of sychophants with the likes of Schumer, Reid, Kerry, Durbin and Stabenow not to mention the leftists in the House led by Queen biotch Pelosi, and race baiters in the CBC - pathetic. The GOP has moved to the right since the 70's and 80's, which has caused some deterioration - the Statesman have pretty much all retired.


in denial= exactly . Rothman seems like an old fogey, out of touch, talking about Obama should emulate Truman IN 1948 and cammpaign against shose "no good damn Republicans" or whatever the old Truman quote he was using. Truman? Really? Rothman's show seems geared towatrds seniors, way too genteel for me, although im in his age group. I wish to Hell they'd replace him but knowing KGO he's got the spot pretty much until death. After reaming Obama for a half hour the other night, Rothman stated "but of course Obama is better than any Republican". There aer many Dems and Independents who simply don't believe that kind of crap anymore.

The Original Andrew

Riddle me this: if Obama isn't a "mooslym" sympathizer, then why did he direct the CIA to take out bin Laden? Oh, wait. That doesn't make any fucking sense.


Obama's performance has been mixed . Excellent job on getting Obama, but when the Iranian uprising happenned we saw him almost genuflecting in aappeasement toward the vermin leader of Iran, causing outrage in the Iranian=American community. in many of his other actions he truly does indeed seem like a muslim sympathizer, at the expense of Christians and Jews.


Jimmy Carter was not "better than any Republican" in 1979 and 1980, history clearly has shown. Rothman is a Dem koolaider and a clown.

Johnny Sombrerro

Tommy just needs to join the tres assholes(putz Chuckold and KS) on here and say I hate black people and women in power. it would be easier.


hiding under your white sheet (Johnny Sombrero) again Joans, while you light your literary gas-soaked dog turd on my front step, ring the doorbell and run away? How childish and cowardly.

Johnny Sombrerro

You're the one making claims about going to Monoco and having a Jag. Anyone who boasts that often has about as much credibility as Tom Leykis. Where is he these days?

KS blathers and watches in amazement

Johnny (Joanie) Sombrerro - you exposed yourself as a bigot punk. You are clearly part of the problem. Look in the mirror and you will see a real a-hole.

Andrew - your comment makes no sense and is politically biased.

So, why does Obama go against Israel and side with Palestine ? Granted he does not like radical muslims that openly kill the infidel, but show us how from his other actions that doesn't make him a muslim sympathizer.

Puget Sound Blathers

Spot on. It's clear that Johnny's Sombrero is full of crap. Or rather, full of Coiler. But yeah, the look and smell of Sombrero reminds one of our Miss Joanie aka Miss Misanthrope.

As to Andrew, clearly brighter than Joanie and for sure he styles himself as unbiased or moderate, but truth be told his posts make clear he is fairly biased and makes uninformed charges. He's been called on it before on the Suits issue when he tried to blame the Victim, the NY Vinnie brouhaha when his cheap shots even got NY Vinnie peeved enough to call Andrew out (to which Andrew retreated to his 'hidey hole', or the numerous unfounded charges against 'conservatives.' I hoped he had matured a bit since then. Alas, he's just a brighter version of Joanie -without the paranoia or mean-spiritedness. But the broad brush he wields is very similar.

I don't think Pres Obama is a 'muslim sympathizer' any more than you would want from our President, rather his approach is to try and work overtly with them more so than Bush.

Let's hope that Pres Obama can get us out this war in Libya and not have that nation descend into chaos. If that happens, you know he'll have to follow up with significant troops in order to quell order. Too date, we've been able to write the check/launch missles role. Let's pray that we can walk that back a bit.

As to Dori, still waiting for one of Sparkles wild ass explanations as to how she 'accidentally' heard Dori's latest outrage that she'll breathlessly run to the 'puter to put on Blather. Maybe it will be a rehash of I Love Lucy and her new dental work bringing in Dori's Show...LMAO

Puget Sound Blathers


looks like Dori will have lots to say and you won't have to worry about Pres Obama come 2013.
time to update Pres Obama's resume


I think Dori should find a new embalmer.

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