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September 15, 2011



Was that studio in the building they had to tear down before it fell down? Does that make him homeless now?


Cant wait to see what Jason is gonna do with KTTH. Maybe live and local show? Please? There is still a gap left by the absence of KVI. Why don't you put Beck someplace else and give a local conse4vative a morning show?

Fair & Balanced

Today on Dori's show he claimed that Gregoire hadn't made any public statements about the teacher's strike. I was just watching KING 5 and Gregoire did, in fact, make a statement about the teachers' strike.

Dori also said that the Governor hasn't commented on any major issues the "last couple of months". A Google News search of "Christine Gregoire" disproves that statement. Demonstrably false.

Dori said that Gregoire was for "kissing the butts of teachers unions", in fact Gregoire was critical of the teachers for defying a court order. This is probably why Dori is black listed de facto.

Just the facts, for anyone that cares about facts.


The rumors are that something will happen to Dori this fall. This kid Antebi, will have something to do with it or so they say.


Dori put up his own video on YouTube, but took it down again because nobody cared. Turns out they're already tired of the opportunity to witness him stepping on his very non-wooden thing every day.

The Original Andrew

move Dori to KTTH. I don't want any harm to come to his career, I just want something not so awful after the surprisingly good Ross and Burbank. Why isn't the hatefuly conservative Monsin on the hatefuly conservative KTTH?

Puget Sound Blathers

Too damn funny.
The desire to have KIRO be the liberal ying and KTTH the conservative yang talk station is a dream to some.

But it won't happen. And the reason is that KIRO needs Monson. Who else on that station gets the buzz going? The one that the usual suspects love to hate but secretly listen to. (T008 is excepted, he loves to hate but is honest in that he listens to it)

Dori this, Dori that.
Poor Dave Ross. Nary a mention. And Luke Burbank, why no mention?
The more you all hate on Dori the more buzz you create for the man. His station loves it. All Dori, all the time. Has their been a better product pitchman then Dori for LeafGutter? I took his recommendation and got that Invisible fence system (works perfectly, thank you Dori!)

Besides, he hosts the best pre and post game football show. For Hawks fans, it's must listen to radio.

And exactly who would be your choice to replace Monson? Goldy has a gig, right?

C'mon Usual Suspects, who would you replace Monson with?

Without him on the local front, you might see KIRO head towards syndication-ville. Face it, you all need Monson at KIRO to keep it live and local. LMAO


At least we don't have to watch Monson build a successful international empire, pumping out tens of millions for himself like Kris Jenner has, pimping out her daughter Kim and her siblings. Say what you want about the K's , they aer at least likeable to half of America, whereas Dori clearly has shown he has no juice that transcends his purely provincial hometown favorite cache. Mom Kris has managed her family into a 65 million dollar a year money machine, going by the families total combined earnings for 2010. Joanie is green with jealousy and envy over Kris Jenner , an older woman who didn't accept her lot in life ( pretty, inconsequential adornment and helpmate for her super rich husband) and soared to financial heights). A bright, billious green.


No, instead of Kris Jenner type asuccess, Dori kvells onair over his achievement of a six figure income, and complains bitterly about governement funded free lunches provided for low income students during summer, in city parks.

The Original Andrew

funny thing happened, my hand, acting on it's own, turned off Jen Andrews and Tom Tangy. There was no conscious effort on my part. I think the lower reptilian portion of my brain just acted unilaterally.

Puget Sound Blathers good news all around

funny thing happened, my hand, acting on it's own, turned off Jen Andrews and Tom Tangy. There was no conscious effort on my part. I think the lower reptilian portion of my brain just acted unilaterally.

Posted by: The Original Andrew | September 16, 2011 at 10:29 AM

good for you, in related news newly elected Representative Bob Turner who won the Andrew Weiner Seat vowed
“I do have a Twitter account,” Turner quipped recently. “But I will use it fully clothed.”

Radio Queen

I listened to Jen & Tom a bit yesterday and for about 5 seconds today. Truly awful stuff. Jen's voice is unbearably screechy, and Tom talks so fast, he can't finish a thought--and I miss half of what he says. Never thought I'd say it, but bring back Dave & Luke. They've grown on me.

BTW, Dori on KTTH should be obvious--but I don't think they can afford to put him there AND pay another salary to replace him on KIRO.

The Original Andrew

> Tom talks so fast, he can't finish a thought

Spot on.

For me it's that he sounds like he's constantly explaining, explaining, explaining. "you're right Dave, and this happens because of that, then they go there, then we come here and it's like they're all this and nobody is that..." ... are you done?

As for Jen Andrews, I think she's decided to shut out all criticism because she hasn't got any better at this during her time on TBTL. She talks as though it were a personal conversation between her and Luke or her and Tom. It's not a radio way of talking. I don't feel like I'm in on their conversation, which might be why I instinctively turned it off. I don't like to eavesdrop.

She needs to listen to her own podcast with a critical ear and take notes.


Nope, Dori doesn't belong on KTTH. He belongs on KIRO, not only because he is part of the Seahawks broadcasts, but because his ratings are still respectable and KTTH has Michael Medved competing at the same time slot on KTTH.

R & D weren't mentioned, but their ratings are currently higher that Dori's and Davy Ross's.

Yeah, I liked Turner's quote. Seems like a class act and NY-9 made the correct choice.

"2012 - Hope for Change"


Who should replace Dori?

See if Ron Reagan wants a job.

Puget Sound Blathers

they tried that, didn't work so well...

but i would give him a listen if he would give it a shot with a good production support staff.

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