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September 26, 2011


Chicken Little (R) Lake Forest Park

"Spring spheres", with the added adjectives summer, fall, winter and empty would aptly apply to Flappy Gumson and his club of knats.

Bill Lawson Nazole

To save time, please let me know only when something this humanity vacuum says isn't bogus.

The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour

He had the gall to bring it up in a litany of PC-crimes of this state last week. But, then there's lies, damn lies, statistics and the Dori Monson Show.

Former KIRO Fan

Hits must be at a record low for this trash blog so Hood reverts to another Dori bashing story.

Bill Lawson Nazole

Dori Monson, Apr. 6, 2011: Lakewood officer families' incredibly misguided $182 million lawsuit...

Dori sez: "Family members say they don't want to get rich off the lawsuit - they want to take the proceeds to give to charities and to "prevent similar tragedies in the future". Yeah - after their lawyers peel $60 million off the top."

Thanks Dori. You're a real pig.

Apr. 11, 2011: Rhonda LeFrancois, sister of slain Lakewood officer Ronald Owens, told KIRO Radio's Ron Upshaw that they decided not to move forward after hearing the response from the public.

"We feel that the community doesn't want us to go forth with this and we would never want to take from a community that has given so much to us.

How much of this 'response' was hate calls from Dori's zombie drone followers?

June 8, 2011: Dori monson: no more poor black people’s funerals in key arena and, o yeah, impeach the mayor!

Dori is a little sellout pig. Doesn't care who he hurts just as long as he keeps getting paid off by the owners of some restricted (no coloreds) vacation property, a car dealership and a 'special' mortgage company that is "special" into veterans.

Keep bashing him. Little racist pig.


Isn't this the same group owner who bounced Hannity (IIRC) from a Salt Lake station because he didn't live up to the company's moral values? Anyone wanna send them some airchecks of Dori, along with a pointed request that mommy and daddy take his soapbox away?


Pete, what's the Hannity story? Wasn't that a(n) LDS owned company?


I didn’t know Dori still engendered so much ill will.

Bill Lawson Nazole

Ill will in direct proportion to that he's propagated.


The line between whack job outrage and the news blurs. Even hard to tell when the Dori show ends and the news begins. Dori has been taken to editorializing on the news interrupting Jessica during the "news" break. Can't be good for Jessica Gottesman's credibility as a news reader establishing a fawning creepy relationship with Dori. Jessica even reads the news with the same tonal outrage and sensationalism. Maybe Jessica is supposed to be to Dori what Rachel Bell is to Ron & Don?


King Hypocrite. Chastises Today Show for "exploiting" a bullying tragedy while exploiting same tragedy. Phony outrage followed by 5 ads for Dori jUnk.


Fremont, BlaM posted on it several times. It was one of Bonneville's Salt Lake cluster, and yes, they're owned by LDS. It probably made a difference that LDS is based in Salt Lake, but their leadership could still be made aware of what's being done in their name and by one of their employees in a market of 4 million people.

Radio Queen

Bla'M throws out an old Dori story with absolutely NO new information...for what purpose?


He answered that in his first sentence:
"We are tired, threw our radio into the street, have been arrested, are really busy, so we'll ask this question:"

He's busy. Or maybe he really did get arrested.

DJ Allyn

Not another story on Dori Doh...


Sparky's right. Next question: what did BlaM get arrested for? Having no information, we should speculate. It's the BlatherWatch way.

I vote "soliciting a minor."


Drinking 150% proof tequila, playing poker on a ship just off shore with the most fanatical pirates from Westport and squaring the root of pi.

That’s what I’d be doing.


I heard he stole a coffee mug from Tim Horton's....

Johnny Sombrerro


Mike D

As long as the national media continues to run with stories like "$16 muffins!" then you will continue to see local Dori-types run with fake bullshit stories. As long as the kewl kids are doing it, why shouldn't they?


I'm beginning to believe that it is time to end live, local talk radio in the Seattle market all together. Just pipe in the big national guys and not let it get personal on a local level.
Better yet, end all talk radio and replace them all with oldies.
All of the new stations can have a particular 5 year music stretch. We can be loyal to 1 or 2 with the most enjoyable music. I want the years of Hotel California and Dark Side of the Moon.

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This is incredibly boring.

Is so little happening in Seattle radio that this blog's owner must resort to empty Dori publicity?

The only person who benefits from this non-news is Dori Monson. I'm sure he appreciates the fixation.

I'm interested in radio--what's happened to Ichabod Caine? Bryan Suits? Dave Dolacky? Does KVI still exist? Why not track down some Seattle radio vets and interview them in Q/A format? Or give them anonymity and get their frank opinions about stations, formats, personalities, etc?

I suspect the only person obsessed with Dori Monson is the owner of this blog.

Or: Why doesn't a Seattle radio person create a true Seattle radio blog? I'd read it. Doubt I'll be reading this one much longer. Dori Monson just doesn't matter that much to me.


Continuing Bla'M's arrest speculation...perhaps it was not a criminal arrest, but a developmental arrest. That would contribute to the charge of "soliciting a minor". Or maybe he suffered a brief cardiac arrest, which would of course, make him tired. It's a mystery!


Does anybody really listen to kiro anymore?
seriously... I didn't even know they were still on the air.
I think the last time I heard Dorky's name was in a cab about ten years ago and the driver even apologized saying the car wash guy must of switched the channel.

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