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September 09, 2011



90-60-90? biz gerçek !!


Hmmm . .. what would that be in metric? Seems to me not bad. BTW, most of the world is metric. Just sayin...


I'd like to know why Americans spend every September celebrating a tragedy. Why don't people move on?


Near as I can tell, the anniversaries of 9-11, after the first year or two, are almost entirely a function of media outlets and politicians exploiting its memory for their own purposes. The way 9-11 movies bombed at the box office suggests that most Americans don't care to relive that day, and do, in fact, want to move on.

Media outlets seem to especially love anniversaries with round numbers (like this year), but there also seems to be a backlash brewing. Was 9-11 awful? Of course. But your chances of dying in a terror attack are a lot lower than being struck by lightning.

It's hard to avoid concluding that a lot of the motivation behind the 9-11 over-memorializing is an attempt to justify all the money that's been spent, the state bureaucracy that's been spawned, people killed, and civil rights shredded in 9-11's name over the last decade. Enough already. We can take sensible precautions without bankrupting ourselves and keeping files on six billion people.


Nearly all of the images of 9-11 are from NYC. I don't believe there is much live coverage of the Pentagon and United 93 incidents. This was the Networks big day and they had a close up look at what happened in their back yard.

I am OK with it all.

When will the crass 9-11 sales start?

$300 rebate if you are a fire fighter!

The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour

I'd heard that there was a special 9-11 wine you could purchase—a small (very small) donation going to the victims' families.

HOWEVER, this is the 10th anniversary. Given how these pious thugs (I'm referring to terrorists—of any stripe, domestic or imported) are given to hammering home their agendas on "special" days marked with crayon on their calendars, it's a good idea to remember...and be vigilant.

Just sayin'...


I especially agree with Pete's last paragraph. And, of course, revenues gained by media who sensationalize more than report news these days.

We don't celebrate Oklahoma. Of course, that was the work of a Christian white man.

I'm removing September 1-11 from my calendar next year.


Must agree at least to some extent with Pete & joanie in that its simply a follow-the-money thing with the American public being manipulated by media, etc to go over board on this. We're all saddened by the death of human beings but we also need to move on. This is somewhat similar to the way the public is "forced" to honor MLK. The results of his efforts are to be admired, yes but are we to revere him as a man so much. Apparently Jackie Kennedy didn't think too much of him and she was privy to inside knowledge, which we won't know about until 2027 when the files on him are opened up to the public. Bottom line, as always follow the money, it drives everything. No money in doing memorials and remembrances for all those slaughtered in Africa, go figure.


All valid points on the 9-11 focus by our media. I will consider moving on when the last of our troops are finally home. It shouldn't be long before the active bitch slapping of the Islamic terrorist is over.
As long as our kids are over in strange lands, I will tolerate the media blitz every year.
Joanie can never differentiate between an insane act of terror by one deranged moron in Oklahoma and an army of terrorists bent on destroying the United States and the western way of life. She just relishes the opportunity to belittle white men because none would have her bitter, sorry old ass, leaving her a lonely old woman with little to look forward to in life and no legacy to leave upon her demise. Pathetic, but understandable.


chux is an insane idiot. I hope you grow up some day.


Chucks, good first paragraph totally agree.

Second paragraph shows what a sad bitter old fvck you have become! Get some help!

You're welcome!


Well ExPat, you can help me. I have had enough experience with joanie over the years to know that what I posted is true. She does hate Christians. She does hate white men. Yes is a lonely old woman.
She knows it's true. You probably know it as well.

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Anlarım civarında, ilk ya da iki yıl sonra 9-11 yıldönümleri, neredeyse tamamen bellek kendi amaçları için istismar medyası ve politikacıları bir fonksiyonu vardır. 9-11 filmleri gişede bombalandı yolu, bu Amerikalıların çoğu yok o gün yeniden yaşamak için bakım, ve aslında, taşımak istediğiniz.

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