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August 09, 2011


Mr. Moderate

Well well well ....... It took a liberal to finally omit the media/press is liberal bias. I thought I never see it in this blog. Pigs sometimes do fly.


Again, all the world will recall is under whose watch this happened, that's the bottom line and all the superfluous rhetoric in the world will not change this. Way to go, dems.


Everybody wants to blame the Obama, when it is congress, and only congress that can establish any kind of policy on spending.

While it may have happened on Obama's watch, not everything is his fault. He made a clear shot across the bow when he presented his ideas.

The democrats in the house and senate are as much at fault as the republicans because they didn't call the bluff, but rather let the economic train derail.

Everyone of the members of congress need to be told not to run in the next election. New, responsible representation is needed in Washington DC.

Radio Queen

The liberal media has nothing to crow about these days. The president they helped elect has been a huge disappointment, and they're left holding an empty bag.

...further near-term progress containing the growth in public spending, especially on entitlements, or on reaching an agreement on raising revenues...

Of course, Michael only bolded the part that fits his view and ignored the first half of the S&P's point. It's going to take both spending cuts and revenue increases to dig ourselves out of this hole.

We're headed for a "throw all of the bums out" election in 2012.


Mr. Moderate I think you meant ADMIT, not OMIT. Regardless, you missed his point entirely. ROFL.


That stuff was reported and discussed on FNC ad nauseum.
Another issue being covered is corporations having $1.5 trillion in cash safely off shore and what benefit it might have on the US economy if it were allowed back in the country, tax free if they spent a certain percentage of it hiring Americans, building plants or otherwise investing here.
I still firmly believe in getting the spending cuts handled first so we know how much additional revenue is needed. You know that the Washington blood suckers won't cut a damned thing if they think they can steal enough more money from those that work and borrow enough to keep paying off their favored voting blocks.
Does anybody think the Democrats would be willing to ask the bottom 51% of wage earners to pay their fair share (they must have some kind of a share), or give up their earned income credits that give them larger refunds than they paid in?


That stuff was reported and discussed on FNC ad nauseum.

The House of Ailes' who tells his couch potatoes what to think. Let's start with spending cuts in Washington State: actuarial work can be more cheaply done and just as well in India. Until then, WA actuaries are really the blood suckers of which chuxie speaks.

Ah, hypocrisy abounds in that gubment-sucking household.

I guess hypocrisy abounds in the Queen's household as well:

It's going to take both spending cuts and revenue increases to dig ourselves out of this hole.

Which side was it that rejected our liberal President's grand bargain? Hmmmmm?

Not to mention the fact that growth in public spending...entitlements supports S&Ps conclusion about Republicans: Republicans in Congress continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues, Leaving it out is irrelevant and simply efficient writing. Unless he was wrong . . . oh dear, did Republicans in Congress agree to raising revenues? BTW, Queen, our current debt has nothing to do with entitlements. It drives me nuts how hard it is for Republicans to keep things straight.

It is nice to see a column about a liberal talker for a change. I'm proud of the level of discussion and quality of thinking you hear on liberal media.


You know, I'm sorely disappointed in Obama. I can admit it. And I post about it. What keeps you guys on the right so stuck in your ideology that you can't see your own side's faults? That's why you get called hypocrites so often. And like The Queen above, you find red herrings to throw out which do nothing to further the conversation or encourage political change.

Radio Queen

Joanie - You eagerly follow me around this blog and paint me as a right-wing conservative when I'm actually a moderate who sees compromise as the solution. If that's called hypocrisy, then so be it. I want spending cuts (defense, entitlements) and I want tax revenue (tax code revisions, a national sales tax on non-essentials). I am disappointed in both sides of congress for taking us down the road we're on and I am disappointed in Obama for lacking the necessary leadership to prevent it. Do you have the ability to see beyond the blame game to real solutions? As I've said many times, the extremists on both the left and the right will continue their stand-offs while those in the center will get it done.

Back to the topic of liberal media, I find it fascinating that 6 months ago, they demonized the Tea Party as a band of crazy, bigoted hillbillies of little consequence--but somehow they are now credited with bringing congress to a standstill. So which is it???


You eagerly follow me around this blog

You have a propensity for overstatement. Why is that?

You don't like having your credibility or intellect questioned, do you?

When you put your judgements and opinions on an open forum, you're going to be challenged. Esp. when you accuse inaccurately.

Being "moderate" isn't hypocritical if you're consistent or can justify your positions You didn't. You accused Michael of omitting something that was clearly irrelevant to his point. How do you know Michael isn't "moderate?" I simply stated a flaw in your challenge to his column. It still stands.

Curious, who besides Obama do you hold responsible for this situation? I don't think you've ever said. Also, I'm curious about your "center." Is it an Eisenhower center? A Nixon center? A Reagan center? An Obama center? In which part of this ever-changing "center" do you reside, Queen?

And I always respond to sharp inaccurate barbs regardless of which side. It's just that most of them seem to come from rightwingers who seem to have to defend their turf such as you did above.

And finally, the tea party is still comprised of a band of crazy, bigoted "hilbillies" - your word, I never heard it about them before - and, yes, they have brought the wheels of government to a halt. So? What does that have to do with liberal media?

Now, I answered your questions. When are you going to answer mine?

did Republicans in Congress agree to raising revenues?

Radio Queen

To answer your question, NO, the republicans did not agree to raise taxes, and I disagree with their stance. I do not hold Obama solely responsible. As my post said, BOTH sides of congress have dug in with their ideological heels--to the detriment of the country at large. They are playing partisan politics, using our future as collateral. It's dangerous and we need to stop them at the polls.

You don't see the irony of the liberal media's attempt to minimalize the Tea Party backfiring as they now bestow blame on them for having the power to control congress?

I don't "reside" within anyone else's political ideology. Are you so extreme that you can't fathom a middle ground where compromise is viewed as a way to move forward? You seem to have only one narrow set of ideals and it's your way or the highway. You fit right in with the Washington Beltway.

Now, what solutions would you propose?

excessive moderate

Teeeaa Paaaartaay in Spppppaccceeeee…..
This is the first sentence stated as a goal.
“Our goal is nothing less than the expansion of American civilization into the solar system”

Maybe this is a joke at the expense of the Tea Party.


BOTH sides of congress

See, there you go, protecting turf. And getting emotional: all caps.

I don't know what "liberal media" is to you. It does not include mainstream media which is the point of the column. I know that I listen to liberal talkers like Hartmann who are not found in msm nor do they comprise all of media. I get them on a liberal radio station. They do refer to the tea party as you said. That's because that's who the tea party is. Do you disagree? No irony there. Crazy people can often gum up the works. They are still crazy. And you can't blame them for Congress. You have to blame the people that are afraid of them. Ask Alan Simpson, David Brooks or Bruce Bartlett - all Republicans. They can admit when their side is wrong without demeaning liberals. Why can't you?

Are you so extreme ...? Based on what am I extreme?

See, Queen, you do what conservatives do best: dodge attack, defend turf, blame and then assign all those qualities to the left. You project. You say I have "narrow set of ideals" but do not specify what they are. "It's my way or the highway" about what? I "fit right in with the Washington Beltway" which means what?

You've answered nothing but continued to attack me personally. You have not posted one sentence that furthers the conversation politically. You've only bashed me. That's why I enjoy taking you on. In the end, with all your "civility" and your "faux reasoning,' you are really just another right-wing defender of your ideology. Talk about "my way or the highway," you are the one who has failed the reason test. Back to the blame game.

The liberal media - whatever that is to you - did not minimalize(sic) the tea party but called them out for the bigoted, low information people they were and are. Do you disagree?

BTW, you used the term "center" and I asked what that means to you. I gave you examples. Rather than answering, you provided a snide, smart aleck response. So be it.

What solutions do I propose? I think we should end the Bush tax cuts. I've said that many, many times. I will repeat it many, many times until you hear it. I think we should end two wars and quit being the policeman to the world. I think we should legislate an end to Citizens' United and take money out of politics. Do you agree that these measures would reduce the deficit or not?


Oh, and I think Obama should be primaried. I like Feingold.


And I think hedge fund managers should pay taxes at at least the same rate I do. And I think corporations should pay taxes at the rate they did under Eisenhower. And I think we should have a policy of protecting our jobs like Japan and Canada do and stop giving tax breaks to companies merely because they move jobs overseas. And I think we should quit blaming the old, sick and poor for our problems.


And I think we should go back to honoring unions the way Germany does. And I think we should go back to teaching civics in schools and science based on empirical evidence and teach people that statistics can be manipulated and massively generalized.


And finally, I think all of you on the right should turn on CSPAN right now and watch a forum of speakers discussing the debt and out economy. You'll see why we are able to respond with information rather than labels and blame.


And I think all the fraud that has been committed on Wall Street which caused the financial problems to the world should be investigated and dealt with by the justice department. And I think the corrupt election practices on the right should be investigated and dealt with by our justice department. I think thieves should be in jail.

Sorry. I just keep thinking of things...

Chime in, Moderate.


And the liberal administration fails us again.

Radio Queen

Look in the mirror, joanie, and you'll see yourself when you talk about labels, personal attacks & blame. Having said that, I actually agree with many of your proposed solutions. Repeal of Bush/Obama tax cuts, getting out of unwinnable wars, taking the money out of politics, etc. are all good ideas. We'll have to agree to disagree about unions--they are part of the big-money corporate problem and have way too much influence on politics. And to look backward in order to "punish" Wall Street is counterproductive. Increased regulation as a preventative measure is more effective.

Interesting that you think Obama should be primaried. I don't know much about Feingold, but I'd be willing to take a look at him if I thought if there was a chance in hell that a democratic primary could actually happen...In the mean time, we'd better pay attention to the republican debate coming up, because Obama's approval ratings are abysmal.

Just heard that Patty Murray will be part of the "super" committee. Will she be a voice of reason, or will she be another partisan hack?

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Murray in another partisan hack - that should be readily apparent - RQ. The Super committee was a bad idea and the Repuglicans went along with it - they reverted to being the stupid party.

Note that Obama's advisors are out to destroy & slash & burn Ronmey, who they perceive to be the likely GOP candidate - another stellar example. It is readily apparent he is unable to run on his accomplishments. I'll bet the Tea Party will get involved here before long, just a hunch.

excessive moderate

Joanie, I’ve been reading this teaparty in space thing. It’s just too funny to turn from.

Anyhow, Hood brings up a good point, in a satirical way. This supposed “liberal media” is a hoax played on the right for the all too needed bogie man their supporters necessitate. But the true media is a money grubbing lot that know their customers are an older demographic. Plus many of the TV types are the haves, not tethered to the have not’s. Therefore, their tilt to the right. I’m not saying the whole media industrial complex is in the clutches of the angry right, but they are slave to the dollar. And this story is about the dollar.

By the way, does anyone on the right get satire?

trading stocks  from Monaco(Tommy008)

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excessive moderate

What time is it at the Monaco?


OMG he's at it again. Tell us tom'meister are you executing these trades from the pool or your room. Bwahaha
Now be a good boy and get back to sweeping up at the Monaco hotel. This guy is too funny for words.

excessive moderate

Come on Duff, give the man his dreams…

trading stocks  from Monaco(Tommy008)

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Look in the mirror, joanie, and you'll see yourself when you talk about labels...

Specifically . . . ? I posted yours.

"punish" Wall Street is counterproductive. I'm not for punishing "Wall Street" but for punishing individual bankers who committed fraud and theft. What is different about Lloyd Blankfein from your common bicycle thief except that he stole from a whole country of now impoverished people?

Increased regulation? Reimposing Glass-Steagall and the Consumer Financial Protection Agency headed by Richard Cordray are supported by you?

I'm afraid Patty Murray is very easily influenced so we'll see. She does not take tough stands and she is very pliable when it comes to Obama. I'd rather see Cantwell.

As for unions, if we take all pack money and combined money out of politics and establish a ceiling for all campaigns and a window for campaigning, I would agree. Until then, no union money is even close to corporate money. That's almost a ridiculous assertion and I don't think you really mean to compare the NEA with ALEC, do you?

As for Obama's approval ratings, everybody's approval ratings are abysmal! It's would be funny if it weren't so tragic.

I shouldn't give links to my political enemies, but you ought to read Drew Westin if you want to understand Obama: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/07/opinion/sunday/what-happened-to-obamas-passion.html What Happened to Obama?

Also an article that I shared a long time ago which gives even more information about Obama's temperament and personality: http://www.tnr.com/print/article/crimson-tide which tells about his college years at Harvard.

Finally, I think Feingold might be too liberal for you not because you aren't thoughtful and reflective but because he is an FDR kind of guy and I'm definitely an FDR kind of girl.

Happy reading. I'd be curious as to your thoughts.

Tommy, from Monaco or on the road on Route 66, you are white noise and unreadable.

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Bowser,you would have peed into your dog food bowl when the stock passed below 1.37, GOING DOWN for an over 5% loss , AS THE DOW TANKED 207 POINTS RED in the later afternoon....and sold fOR the loss like a mewling, puking whining weenie


I'm curious, Queen: who are some of the people you don't regard as political hacks on your side? Is there anyone you admire like I do Feingold?


Imagination is a wonderful thing until you start believing it's reality.

trading stocks  from Monaco(Tommy008)

hahahhahahaha ...that's rich...the hag says it's unreadable when it's something she doean't want to acknowledge...like a real time demonstration of me making big percentage gains in a stock in one or two days time.... "when someone can't do somehting they don't want to see you doing it"- Will Smith, playing the real life first black multi- millionaire stockbroker in the U.S in "The Pursuit of Happyness"...incorrect spelling of happiness was in the title....)


Max Baucus? OMG! I think we are in trouble. He will be the force on that committee. Kerry might save the day. I hope so. There are several people I'd rather have seen on that committee. But, it is a committee that reflects Obama's need to please. I don't think these are Reid picks but who knows. I notice he left off Jan Schakowsky who was on the deficit commission with Baucus. She was adamantly against putting social security and medicare on the table. I think we are in trouble. Anybody that calls Obama a liberal is absolute clueless.

excessive moderate

I not sure he thinks its reality, just a departure from being. Like eating Corn Flakes and imagining “Their Grrrreat!”


Ir really depends on who will be Murray's puppet master. She is really good at doing as she is "guided". If Schumer is the one pulling her strings, it will be a big waste of time and energy. If it is Reid, you can not count on any honest negotiations. If it is Obama pulling her strings, the situation gets quite complicated. We will need to figure out who is Obama's puppet master.
Today, GOProud, the only national organization of gay conservatives and their allies, announced that Ann Coulter was joining the organization’s Advisory Council as Honorary Chair. Coulter’s official title will be “Gay Icon.” “Ann Coulter is a brilliant and fearless leader of the conservative movement, we are honored to have her as part of GOProud’s leadership,” said Christopher Barron, Chairman of GOProud’s Board. “Ann helped put our organization on the map. Politics is full of the meek, the compromising and the apologists – Ann, like GOProud, is the exact opposite of all of those things. We need more Ann Coulters.”

“I am honored to serve in this capacity on GOProud’s Advisory Council, and look forward to being the Queen of Fabulous,” said Coulter…

trading stocks  from Monaco(Tommy008)

Bowser and his little "EX-M Satellite"...two silly, yapping little pukes... anklebiters.....the prediction has been made...watch OXGN go up up up tomorrow, as i make a boatload of bucks......hhahahahahahaah


oops, the Coulter thing was meant for a gay blog I visit. Not sure what I did to put it here.
Sorry if I offended any of you liberal bigots.


Chux, no one takes you seriously enough to be offended by you.


Go back to your box of wine. Don't read my postings fool.


You guys seem to be obsessed with the fruit of the vine. Why is that? Ailes airs a lot of wine advertising?


You know idiot, you babel and blather on and on your twaddle about what sources others use to gather information. But you don't have cable or sat and you don't watch FNC yet opine quite regularly about that of which you know nothing.
I understand that you can buy a friend on the back page of a Seattle newspaper. Rent one. You need to get around some adults for a while.
Hate to tell you this joanie, but on-line friends are not the same as real people. You need adult people.


Look who's talking. The one who got his posts mixed up between BW and a gay site. Hahahahaha. I've got you nailed: a couch potato watching babes on Ailes'propaganda machine designed for people who want to be told what to think and lo and behold, you even admit it: "don't have cable" - no, books and newspapers and magazines work real well for those of us who think for ourselves; "or sat" - whatever that is; or"watch FNC" which is what I keep saying but you don't seem to get. BTW, I am currently "watching" the results from Wisconsin while pointing out your intellectual deficiencies herein.

excessive moderate

The splendor which is Michele Bachmann was portrayed as a madcap on the magazine cover of “Newsweek”. Come on why make her look this way? Was it because of her past quotes,her Tea Bagger Response to the State of the Union,or her insincerely gay husband? It’s not right, none of these things should be held against her.


Wisconsin needs three democratic wins. They have two so far . . . very scary.

excessive moderate

Why would someone criticize anyone without access to a tv about a bereft of knowledge? Must be a bagger.


It is funny, but yesterday was a huge news day. Many people concerned about what is going on with the economy.
So, more people turned to FNC than MSNBC, CNN, HLN and CNBC combined. People want the news presented factually now. No more liberal lies.
Thus far, it looks as the people of Wisconsin are a bit smarter than you might have thought. We will see. This is a gage on what is going to happen in Nov of next year. I have hopes of a complete bitch slap of the Democrats by the Republicans. People don't like out of staters interfering in their local politics.
(That is why I wonder about Kucinich running here and Inslee bringing in the recently one term and fired former Wisconsin Governor to stump for him.)


Oh, moderate, would you please educate this idiot. Those numbers represent the few people who get their news from cable. ABC, NBC, and CBS still dominate. Ew he's so stupid.

Johnny Sombrerro

Perhaps more people tuned in to FNC to help push themselves off that cliff. Even Hitler needed to be coaxed by Eva Braun.

excessive moderate

Ok, Chuck S; I don’t know what you meant by that last post but you disregard radio, print and the internet. And the latter is so much more important to the dissemination of information than the rest.

Wake up

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