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August 29, 2011



I believe him. I admire Colin Powell. I think he will vote Republican if he gets the right candidate and I bet he'd vote for Huntsman. I don't like Republican values but I think Powell is a loyal Republican given the right candidate.

I do not believe a man who reached the top in the military where black and white faces become one will let skin color decide for him.

The Original Andrew

Oh sure, it's only black people that stick together, suggests fat white guy in fat white guy club.

woody held

Powell will always be an American hero, but at some point he became a drama queen. He teamed with Scharzkof & Cheney to achieve a stunning victory in Desert Storm but wound up in spats with both.

He endosed Obama in 2008, even though Obama was antithetical to everything he stood for. More drama.

I still wish he would have run in 1996. He would have won a first & 2nd term, and would have been better equipped to deal with 9/11 than Bush, and far better to move the nation closer to MLK's dream than Obama, who has moved us backwards.


Powell is a pussy. Rush is a racist.

Colin Powell had doubts, serious doubts, about the information he was given to present to the UN and the world during the lead-up to the Iraq invasion. But, he was too big of a cowardly, suck-up, pussy to buck the trend and to stand up to Cheney and Bush. So, single-handedly, he led (lied) the nation into a disastrous war.

Thousands of people have died because of Colin Powell's cowardly lies. He may be black. But his hands are red with blood.

If you have a loved one who died in Iraq, I'm sorry for your loss. But you also need to know he/she died for nothing. Absolutely nothing. A complete waste.

Rush has now proven time and again that he really is a hard-core racist. Whether it's a black quarterback, a black mayor or a black president, Rush has a problem with them. Not because of what they do, but because of the color of their skin.


People die for nothing every day. Remember when you join the military you are ostensibly agreeing to the risk of death at the behest of your commander in chief. No one twisted anyone's arm to force them into the service, we have no active draft.


No active draft. Just an impoverished population who will do anything to work. And if they weren't working, you'd be the first to call them lazy and on the dole.

Can't win with you society dogs.


Rumor has it that Hillary Clinton may now be considering entering the race. If that is true, we (conservatives) are in deep do-do.


Pooch rumors are highly unreliable.

Skid Mark Dori

The fat man is afraid of war. He's one of those bloviating, frightened people, like Medved.

Cowards all.

Chicken Little (R)

What would an elephant seal know about melanin?


RT @BorowitzReport: The difference between Cheney & Obama is that when Obama shoots someone in the face it's Osama bin Laden.


The truth once again lost in translation: Obama did not shoot anyone in the face - he merely gave the order - any president with a kill shot like that would have done the same. The Navy Seals shot and killed OBL.

Johnny Sombrerro

Dick Cheney did shoot someone in the face, any republican with a kill shot like that would of done the same


Andy Borowitz is a COMIC. He told a JOKE. Do you always disaggregate jokes like that, KS?

Come to think of it, I have NEVER seen a chicken cross the road even to get to the other side.

woody held

The left's obsession over Cheny's hunting accident shows their unmatched stupidity. It was a recreational accident, not a lurid violent attack. Get it?

It's like a broken collarbone from a motorcycle racing accident or a broken leg from a skiing accident. Not a shiv to the gut over a drug deal gone bad. Get a brain, lefties.


take a look at the Katt Williams video, which pops up after the Limbaugh video is thrugh. He tells a "probably illegal) Mexican to go back to Mexcio and rants on for seven minutes against anti-U.S.A. Mexicans living in this country. Great stuff, the man is speaking the truth. I'd tell Joanie to watch and get some "edumacation" about the real world but it's filled with foul language.

Johnny Sombrerro

I'm glad big dick doesn't ride a motorcycle what with all the heart attacks and all, much less shooting a shotgun at his 'friend' while drunk.

Vermont Country Store

Rush (rear-end cyst draft deferrment) Limbaugh to Dick (5 deferrments) Cheney: "You are a great American."


Now be easy on Mr Cheney, those deferments were because he couldn't shoot straight, thus likely saving many of our own.


hunting accident?

I read that it was a "drunken hunting accident."

Git your facts straight, buddy.


Do you always disaggregate jokes like that, KS?

Come to think of it, I have NEVER seen a chicken cross the road even to get to the other side.

Posted by: sparky | August 30, 2011 at 10:39 PM

Only jokes that embellish someone who clearly doesn't deserve it. Just setting the record straight for the low level gawkers who would have taken that seriously had I not made the comment.


Cheney is actually LESS meanspirited and vindictive than Obama...Obama is really slick about it, unlike big Dick, and its easy for him to fool his armies of gullible lib adorer like, at least until recently, the Joanus. The Joanus now deludes herself into thinking someone like Romney has no chance of winning against Obama, but this just shows shes out of touch with the true mood of the country. Romney is already beating him in polls. The economy trumps ideology this time around and many "Reagan Democrats" will do exactly what they did in 1980 and vote for a responsible REPUB CANDIDATE (not Bachmann or Palin) over the silly, incompetent narcissist. The Joanus asked for proof he's a narcissist from me. Obama pronounces the country of Pakistan "Pock-eee- ston". Case closed. The jury is in and we have a verdict. On a serious note, its sort of liek pornography. You know one when you see one. I could go down a dreary laundry list of the things he says and does, and nothing i write would convince the Joanus that he is one. You either feel it in your gut that he is one or you don't. Most Americans aer coming my way on this point.


That's like, when can you tell that Obama is lieing ?
Whenever he moves his lips.

The one (BO) will give his jobs speech on Sept. 8th now and come out with a similar strategy used in the past - under the guize of a Government funded stimulus. It has failed before, but the regime believes it might work this time- confirmation that this administration is not only incompetent and corrupt, but insane. It also gives him something else to blame on the GOP, because the House would never pass it.

Pretty easy to telegraph that tactic if you think about it.


Reading you two - when I do - is like reading graffiti on the school playground. And about as interesting.

Using the correct pronunciation now makes one a narcissist? That doesn't surprise me. Your writing style is the drugstore $1.25 (with inflation now $3.25) fast read for high school drop-outs pretending to look for work. Figures.

KS, one juvenile joke after another. Literacy tests were made for people like you and you may be evidence that we should go back to them.


oh come on sillyass, people from Pakistan don't even pronounce it that way. This and the other affectations of pronunciation he indulges himself in is simply leftist/Marxist pretentiousness, trying to convey a phony message that Obama and his team are in "solidarity" with peoples of color and Muslims in the third world. Believe me , people in Pakistan are laughing at him when they hear him drop the politcally correct pronunciation on them.


KS, one juvenile joke after another. Literacy tests were made for people like you and you may be evidence that we should go back to them.

Posted by: joanie | August 31, 2011 at 09:07 PM

You ceasely flatulate without substance. Re:Literacy - Pot meet kettle. Keep trying to deflect the truths that pierce Joanie's world in a bubble. Insanity indeed...LMAO.


People in the muslim world are laughing at you, gollum. And your fairy tales and imaginations. Pretentiousness! Good lord, if anybody is an example of pretentiousness, it would be you.

Rant on, KS, rant on. As round and round the pot gollum goes, bwahahaha, KS stirs the potion for him.


even if B.O.' pronunciation is correct, which it isn't, we don't live in the turd world, we live in the West. We pronounce all sorts of countries differently in the West or the U.S. and that's just the way it is. Obama's genuflection and catering to Pakistan, a hostile, backwards country that deserves only the barest of civilities and nothing more from us, shows weakness and a servile, apologetic attitude- not what a U.S. President does.

Johnny Sombrerro

Nothing sadder than seeing a member of the walking dead grasping onto the last threads of his former power and glory and using his remaining strength and time on earth to betray the people he once called friends.

Watching NBC’s Jamie Gangel interview Dick Cheney about the release of his memoir, you could almost feel sorry for him . . . . y’know, if he weren’t pure evil and all. He still has that Hannibal Lecter-like icy stare and sneer, but he looks more hunted than hunter these days. In fact, it appears that the only hunting Cheney is doing these days is for his portable battery charger.


The President of Iran views Obama with open and publicly expressed comtempt, no doubt fueled partially, but ONLY partially, by his own racism, being the inferior ratlike sort of person he is. We can't have this type of leadership at the helm of our country during these critical times. Bush may not have been respected but he was feared, and that's the only thing vermin like that understand.


Didn't someone come to this country and call bush satan?


Who cares ? The president of Iran is vermin. Bush was perceived as more of threat to Iran than BO. However, Bush empowered Iran with the war in Iraq.

Go visit Iran, then report back - if you can..

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