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August 23, 2011



Never could listen to the show, but the ratings speak for themselves. With any luck R&D will crash and burn. Ego will always get in the way. Good luck Jason. All reports indicate you were the talent behind those two fools..


Thanks Jason. you made me listen even though I cannot stand the sounds of those two's voices.
KOMO could use some help in the talk department, I'm not sure that would be the most secure place to work however.


I noticed when Jason Stein came to the station within a month or two. I can't stand Don, so I pretty much avoided the show. I kept getting hooked into the show while I drove home. When NPR would switch to sports, I would push the KIRO button and more and more I would stay there.


I thought Don only had issues with women? Now he goes both ways!


Was he "fired" or "laid off?" There's a big difference. And was what he did or didn't do for Don considered insubordination or he didn't want to buy Don's Starbucks every morning or go get his dry cleaning? Did Don egg him on into doing something stupid, or get into a physical altercation? Don has been suspended numerous times for harassing staff but...unfortunately, it's still a bit like the NFL: when the team doesn't perform, you can't fire the players, so you fire the coach.

Being laid off for budgetary reasons, I can see in this economy. And quite honestly, there really is no more need for full time producers any more. The job can be done on a part-time basis. I spent 10 years watching "full time" producers screen calls while playing online games during the show---and then spend the next four hours doing literally nothing. And they couldn't run the board. So in this economy, a full time producer is a rare luxury and a job that no one can make a living at any more-- at least in this market.


OTOH, I notice that the old post Bla'M linked to cites R&D, pre-Stein, as going through "a succession of producers." It may well be to Stein's credit that he lasted this long.

Going to a half-time producer doesn't save nearly as much money as not having two overpriced air "talents" in your PMD slot in the first place. If Curley were doing the mean-spirited version of the same show in PMD, you wouldn't save half the cost of your air talent, but you'd only have to pay the second host a fill-in wage for the four days a week Curley didn't show up.

As is, I suspect R&D need a full-time producer, because the other half of the unfortunate person's job will be babysitting.


If Stein actually is responsible for good ratings, isn't ghat cutting off your nose to spite your face? KIRO isn't doing all that well the way I hear it.

The Original Andrew

I don't know anything about anything and I know none of these people. Having said that, Ron and Don have to look out for their own best interest, which means they should work with whomever they're most comfortable with.

dave (not dave ross)

Stein may be a great producer but when he filled in for Rachel Bell on air he sounded depressed, cynical, and brought absurd topics to the air with equally uninteresting insights. You could feel the tension between ron, don and stein and it was poisen. In contrast, sean the board op is talented, funny, works all day into the night, and can handle ron don and curley with ease. He adds to the show when ever he is on, and doesnt fold under ron and don bullying, and neither does rachel bell and that is why they work well together.

Radio Queen

Don is the brains behind the success of the show. He plans it, he drives it, and Ron is along for the ride. They take full credit for being #2 in their time slot and demo. The R&D egos are huge and playing in their sandbox is not for the light of heart. Is mgmt going to give the pail & shovel to the talent or the behind-the-scenes producer? Duh. Learn the lesson, Mr. Stein.

Jeremy T

Who says that a perpetual motion machine does not exist, just be anywhere within earshot of Jason Stein and you will know that when he was born, wallah, a never ending finger nail scratching a chalkboard.


So.... name ANY show on TV or radio. Does anyone on the crew get credit (other than a quick scroll at the end) for anything? Of course not. It's the stars, you idiots. Except for the creators, EVERYONE ELSE is support staff, hired to make the stars look good.

If Stein is as smart as you say, he knows that. If he's been around for long, this probably isn't the first time he's had to deal with the situation, however it happened.

If he's a professional, he'll be fine.


Most of you idiots don't even know what a producer does. Yes on air talent is important but the content of the show is directed by the producer. They book the guests and pick the stories that will be on the show. Ron and Don were unlistenable before Jason arrived on the scene. He was brought up from L.A. to save the show and that's exactly what he did. Without Jason guiding the direction of the show Ron and Don will slip back into their old patterns of boring diatrabe. Karma is a bitch Don.

Edifying the Jovita family , poolside....Tommy008

it gives Carol the female version of an erection to call us all "idiots". Quite the big woman Carol, with the big talk. impressive.

viva la vulva

What is the "female version of an erection"? are you an obgyn as well as a south seattle playboy? do tell


Back to the novella, Tommy you must concentrate on getting that work of fiction finished. Now get with it.

Edifying the Jovita family , poolside....Tommy008

since when is Queen Anne Hill "south Seattle".

Edifying the Jovita family , poolside....Tommy008

not that i haven't ever lived in South Seattle. I have. "i've laid in a ghetto flat, cold and numb, I heard the rats tell the roaches to "give the bedbugs some" "-B.B. King ..that was many years ago... that was then....this is now...get with it Eeyore....


It's like any collaboration in the arts - yeah, good radio is an art, I think. Takes good ideas, good talent, good writing and good direction. But we always give more credit to talent because we relate to them. They are more visible.

I don't listen much to R&D but it seems self-evident that bringing Jason up from California made a difference. Can they sustain it without him? And if he was so boring to listen, well, he's not the "talent" is he? They are. So they should carry the show which is what they're good at (hopefully) and he should have been producing it. If they can't carry the show, they're not as great as they think they are. It will be interesting to see how they do. And, of course, this blog will keep us informed.


Back from a much needed break...went to a wedding, a reunion, spent a week in Glacier Park, and did some painting around the house. Perusing through the backwash here..I think I will just pass on the arguing. 3 women who were acquaintances of mine passed on this last month, which puts things in perspective.

But I have to ask, Tommy..who is Carol?

Interesting to watch the coverage on the earthquake yesterday. Kind of overblown in my opinion. This morning in SanFran, there was a bank robbery, two smallish earthquakes and a derailed propane-carrying railroad car that might keep people out of their homes for up to 2 weeks. Who says there is no news in August?

Star is right, Tommy. These missives from Monaco are more entertaining than your Dori series. You should write a column..or a blog.


"Don, who's a blithering fool who handles success by becoming more obnoxious, is said to be untouchable by management, though before they hired Jason, he and Ron fetched diet Pepsis for Dori Monson"

I thought that Dori drinks Diet Coke.

Mike Barer

Producers are like football's offensive lineman. You rarely hear about them but they can make or break the talent.

My Website

Even though before they hired Jason, he and Ron fetched diet Pepsis for Dori Monson and were praying on the air in 2009 that the show would last until Xmas.

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