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August 25, 2011



I hope this guy can light a fire under what has become boring local radio. The fact that he has Michael's, as well as other libs panties in a twist is a plus.
Welcome to Seattle Jason. We need some life in our radio up here.
These guys can listen to KUDub FM 94.9 to get their excitement.

Big Jim and the Twins

hahahaah this guy will really annoy the bicycle riding selfhating weak white men in Joanie World Saeattle who no doubt actually believe only white people can be racist. I still don't see where he has said anythign illogical or extreme. Of course "only white people can be racist", is a crock of crap. This guy will enrage the hag herself, Joanie, who yearns for a day when all white men in America over forty or fifty are dead, and has said so many times on this blog.


Not surprising coming from Program Director Larry Giffords who claims he has been 'smelling and communicating' with the dead since he was a boy: http://bodyoflighthealingarts.vpweb.com/About-Body-of-Light.html

Oh, and he and his wife will charge you $200 to hook you up with old dead uncle Pete.

Repeat after me, slowly: the Bonneville brass who run this joint are k-k-k-raaazy.


BJ & Twins, can you tell us if you are posting from your laptop in San Diego now, in your room or by the pool. Bwahaha
On balance having a bloke like Jason on staff may tend to project more of a pragmatic approach to discussion. I am amazed at the interaction between Luke Burbank and Dave Ross. They bring out the best of each other, Dave's sense of humor comes out more working with Luke and Luke is learning to be super accurate with the facts from Dave. I think Dave is impressed with Luke's incredible ability to recall data on almost every subject discussed. When Luke has to take a position, it's with solid and reasoned explanation. I actually enjoy the Ross/Burbank Show even more than my master's show.


I am disappointed at reading this. I thought with the failure of KVI, and the change from wicked negative right-wing ranting was the best thing that has happened lately. We had 20nyears of that shit.
KIRO has had great success with giving something different. A young kid as Ass.PD can't necessarily change the trajectory of a radio cluster, so hopefully, he will change his ways, and be helpful in enhancing KIROFM in its new style, or he will go away.


I wish all of those in the black community who believe that only whites can be racist could see how much damage they do to their cause by holding such an idiotic viewpoint.
I know that Joanie has viewpoints that drive some of you to the point of drinking the kool-aid. But I doubt that she holds such a viewpoint.


Larry Giffords is a nice guy. What was he thinking or maybe Mike's right-- he didn't vet this asshole.


Why is KIRO broadcasting re-runs? Can't they find a substitute when Dave & Luke take a day off?


Um, several issues. First, the guy's 29 and most of this material came from when he was in college, which I'm guessing was anywhere from 7 to 11 years ago. I wrote a lot of dreck as an undergrad that I'm not sure I'd want anyone to find today, and I know I was a very different person a decade out from college. Does he stand by this stuff today? Does he express himself in the same way today?

Second, a lot of this is pretty standard issue conservative and/or shock radio fare.

Third, whether you think only white people can be racists depends quite literally on how you define "racist" (as potentially distinct from "bigoted based on race"; the "only white people" formulation also includes institutional power in the equation). IMO "racist" has ceased to be a useful term because it's used, applied to individuals, almost exclusively as an accusation, and people on the receiving end immediately become defensive and don't hear what the problem might be with the behavior in question.

Fourth, this guy's going to love Dori.

Lastly, I am not dead, nor do I have any nieces or nephews.

KS blathers for the halibut

Good to hear both sides of the debate with this new guy.
As if there are no liberal progressive smart asses. KIRO-FM trying to keep it honest, to the disdain of Joanie and the usual suspects.

OMG, Dori might like him.


Look, if this guy gets rid of all the "tee-hee" giggle giggle crap that KIRO has become then he is a godsend.

Me, I like rabbits.

And all the other critters that wander across my yard.

I remember radio

We'll know if this dood has any influence in Sept or Oct when changes are due at KIRO/KTTH.
Look for something to be done with or to Dave Boze. His hour is not doing that great in the 25-54, but neither is Hannity. They could plug Boze's hole up with an easy reshuffle or given him Hannity's slot and see if he can do something. I have my doubts about whether Boze can last, but jeez, they hired this kid to do something... I expect something.
He was just a kid when all that happened, but he's been trading on it ever since.


Through remote viewing I can hear it now, "Yeah, that's it, I was a college radio shock jock just being outlandish to get noticed. Oh, yes, I made all those comments in my youth and as I have matured I have changed and learned to love and respect all Mormons."
First it was the rant by KOMO-TV's Executive Producer questioning the networks' coverage of the earthquake back East because we get them all the time here and now this from KIRO.

The Original Andrew

Can someone explain the "only whites can be racist" thing? This is a controversy I'm not familiar with.


Well I will give it a shot.
Beyond the obvious examples of racism by whites against blacks
(eating, drinking and entering a building separately, etc.) there is something else going on that I have observed. I have noticed on this blog and on others that if someone writes about where a black guy reports racism, or complains about it white men leap in and say that means the Black man is being a racist because he pointed it out. The "only whites can be racist"meme is one I personally only hear from white men. I havnt heard any of my black neighbors utter such rubbish.
Watch what the replies are now that you posed that question abd youll get an idea of what I am trying to get across.And Tommy will weigh in from 35,000 feet in his Leer Jet. LMAO


Did i hear right today that MSNBC had Mayor Nagin on air to discuss Hurricane preparedness.


Can someone explain the "only whites can be racist" thing? This is a controversy I'm not familiar with.

Posted by: The Original Andrew

Comes from the concept that only those in power can be racists.
Therefore whitey is the only racist out there.
I was raised that people are who they are as people, not what race they are.
That doesn't go over very well in liberal Seattle.
Without racism...
There's no comeback when losing a political argument.
Racism is for racists.


No Mr. Hood. What is funny is you critizing the same satire you write. Now thats funny.

Puget Sound Blathers

no doubt that picture is of Jason calling for Security as some of the Usual Suspects make their way into the KIRO Lobby demanding that Randi Rhodes be given the 12-3 time-slot...LMAO


Actually, I believe that picture is actually Mr. Antebi taking a pic of himself standing in front of a mirror on a cell-phone.

Always find it a tad odd when people take pics of themselves.

Not saying it's wrong. Just odd.

Mike D

He's creepy. Let's just say it. Like Cantor, Ryan, a lot of these new-crop Republicans. They give off a weird air.

The Original Andrew

Young Republicans always have a couple things in common: overconfidence and hyper-selfishness. At the young age of twenty, they have it ALL figured out, and at the young age of twenty, they've already been overburdened ENOUGH by the needy of our society. And they tend to wear ties and have no friends close enough to take their picture for them.

Lawrence Fishkiller

Mike: this guy is going to have the last laugh. watch your back, my friend.

Puget Sound Blathers

Original Andrew, interesting that you would attribute the hubris of youth to just 'Young Republicans' without taking a more introspective look within.

But hey, life is easier to go through if you attribute all bad acts to one side and only good pure motives to your side.

I would recommend that you look at Joanie as a cautionary tale of where that thinking eventually lands you in later life.

The Original Andrew

Think you have it all figured out, don't you?

Leftist Radio Fail

""disrespect and slander" and thus constituted a form of punishable "hostile environment" harassment."

College campuses are full of pansies, of course, it's a leftist environment and leftist men lack testosterone. Leftist guys are usually latent homos, limp wristed poofs with no spine.

Puget Sound Blathers

Think you have it all figured out, don't you?

Posted by: The Original Andrew | August 27, 2011 at 11:50 AM

Actually, no.
That's why I find painting with a broad brush troublesome.
But if it makes life easier for you, then go ahead and paint away.

Curious as to why you changed icons. Maybe someone else is posting under your handle?


Any post by anyone named Andrew, whether original or otherwise must be suspect and probably should be ignored.

The Original Andrew

broad brush strokes?

"But hey, life is easier to go through if you attribute all bad acts to one side and only good pure motives to your side"

Pot, meet kettle. When it comes to jumping to conclusions, you're no different than joanie. I have a long established track record of centrism and openmindedness on this blog. Your criticism is not credible.

Fuck if I know why the little picture changed.

The Original Andrew

The picture didnt change, it's still the same dark green spiral thing it's always been.

Puget Sound Blathers

Depends on which Andrew we are talking to pardoner.
Go up to your 11:50 post, OA.

The Original Andrew

I was using an iPad when I made the 11:50 comment and a PC for the rest. I don't know how the icon is determined, but there you go.


Most white people don’t know the difference between raciest and bigot. It’s not up to minorities to explain this to you. Get a grip and consider; its ignorance that leaves you victim to the whim of the influential.

Puget Sound Blathers

Jeez Original Andrew, I didn't realize you still carried a grudge over the Sharkansky kerfufflel.
And in terms of 'jumping to conclusions' we'll recall how you concluded -with no facts- that it must have been 'Conservative Homeowners' that torched those radio towers up in Snohomish. When the ELF Eco Terror Group took credit for it you still refused to back down.

Original Andrew, you may well indeed be a Moderate, but at times you can be Bush like stubborn.

Big Jim and the Twins

ther are back people in the CEO or slighly less powerfull postions of entites in this country ranging from large grocery store, to grocery and restautrant chains, huge national banks and major U.S. Cities, all the way up the food chain to the U.S. Presicency. Of course blacks still dont have as much power as whites on a pure nembers basis- whites have htis little thing called 75% of the population that gives then that "advantage". Mayor Rice was a racist who filled 50% or more the City Light office jobs with blacks, mostly black women. The original Mayor Daley of Chicago was probably a racist who did similar thigns with white hiring in city jobs. If not him, there are other white big city mayors who did. Let's stop pretending that blacks still run shoeshine boxes and newsstands in this country, and little else. Many blacks have positions of significant power in this country. And out of those people , about the same number of them percentage wise as white people with power use that power in a racist way. Hopefully both racist groups are getting smaller and smaller so lets stop this crap about blacks cant be racists.


At 08/27, 09:53 PM he posts "don't worry this is my final post...", then he's back again on 08/28, 07:13 AM. Viva la vulva, I think you are correct.

Big Jim and the Twins

hey dogface gitl, assuming im Tommy. which of course im not, the post read "final post from my vacation" which means final post where he mentions where he is, what hes doing on vacation, etc. Most people know he's not talking about it being his final post on any news events or thread topics not related to his vacation. Most people with a brain that is, which of course excludes you. God, you're dumb.


What we may have here, ladies & gentlemen is a classic case of DID, dissociative identity disorder. This psychiatric disorder has in the past been sometimes associated with drugs. End of story.


This fool uses filthy language and he doesn't even seem to know that you CAPITALIZE the first letter of every sentence! (First grade stuff!) Where did this moron go to school? Oh yes, probably Seattle where Susie has two mommies!


These have been even better than your Dori stories, Tommy. You need to go on Vinyl Cafe and tell them.


thanks Sparky. Glad you enjoyed them, unlike the three old geezers who've been complaining. I've been checked into the Loew's Coronado Resort and Spa here in San Diego for a few hours now. I changed planes in NYC after arriving from Nice and my connecting flight to S.D. was a mere 50 minutes later. Out of the world of the filthy rich to the world here at The Coronado, which is that of the merely rich. My housesitter up on Queen Anne has been able to fill me in a lot more on Dr. McCormicks unfortunate suicide leap from the Ballard Bridge. The info is confidential, not for the likes of the dogfaced girl or the geezers.


The good Dr. must have hit something on the way down, because that Ballard bridge isn't very high....


Again he forgot to do his homework, you see flights from Nice to JFK were cancelled because of the hurricane and the weather conditions. Oh, and Sparky you apparently missed that the good doctor first fell from the Aurora bridge but when he was caught by the recently installed suicide apparatus he decided to use the Ballard bridge. Realizing that it was likely not high enough to kill him he made sure that he hit his head on something and broke his neck. This is going to be some novella absolute fiction full of inaccuracies. Bwahaha


"I strut and fret my hour upon the stage ....The hour is up ... I have to run and hide my rage" - Phoebe Snow, Harpo's Blues.....Phoebe Snow died earlier this year i just found out... Boomers, it's later than you think...Dogface Girl- life is short...do you really want to waste your precious life's hours with your useless posts . directed at me, as a result of your unresolved rage?...run, Dogface Girl, run...run and hide your rage....


No rage here Tom ol boy, just doin what KIRO should have done with Jason, vetting out the real tom008. You see I don't really go for bullshit all of the time. Bwahah


the following is for the Dogface Girl, Blatherwatch'es very own village idiot who never got the joke, and had to have spoonfed to him what most everyone else here figured out in regards to my "posts from abroad (and one form San Diego)"........magical realism n.- a chiefly lierary style originating in Latin America, that combines fantastic or dreamlike elements with realism......free online dictionary


Finally, and ironically under a topic heading so appropriate the persona known as tom008 has been vetted. Proceed with life as you know it. Bwahahah


Here's to Phoebe and my favorite song of the seventies (or one of them anyway: Harpo's Blues

God, I'm glad you've returned from vacations, gollum. I was wearying of your daily diaries. Sparky: different strokes for different folks I guess.


As for Jason: leopards don't change their spots. And I imagine Jason's brand of juvenile angst will play well with the market he is trying to attract: low-information, low-intellect rightwingers. The same people Roger Ailes'influences. The people like our first poster who want someone to do their thinking for them and who are riddled with bitterness and resentment that the world doesn't revolve around them anymore.

Rat Bastard, I agree: "racism" is about power. That's all. The word has context and you can change it to mean something broader but really it is about white power over black. Check out Howard Zinn. He wrote about how the landowners segregated the lower classes by giving white servants the promise of freedom and $50/land but not the blacks when they feared that low-class whites and blacks were becoming too friendly and threatening.

Helps to know a little history, doesn't it?


oh the poor hag, having to endure my "daily diaries"....she of the daily, interminable, two computer screen long theses...... i was " on vacation" for 8 weeks, about 50 days,and i dont think i posted more than ten posts about my vacation.. in fact i know i dodnt....humorless, selfimportant gasbag.....

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