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August 18, 2011


casual observer

He's being beaten by Chelsea Handler at 11pm among others. Maybe that Team Coco thing wasn't so cool after all.



And this guy's sitting in something like 26th place in late night. Right behind the girl whose most clever joke is about getting herpes from a dildo she bought on ebay. America. Pfft.

KS blathers for the halibut

What about Jimmy Fallon ? He looks to have a brighter future.


Hell. Talk about a bunch of illiterate nincompoops. You totally missed the point of Hood's post and the message therein. Instead, right on time, you all rush to diss O'Brien.
What a bunch of little girls.


Yeah, life lessons are irrelevant if they come from someone who's not doing well in the ratings.


Just to clarify, I was dissing America. I have far too much respect for Conan to speak ill of him.


Conan had his day, and that was the nineties . Humor changes over the decades and Conan just couldn't stay relevant for more than about 15 years. hey fifteen yers ain't bad. He is going to be cancelled by TBS, Lopex is already gone, theyre trying to break it to Conan gently. I personally think the guy should have just accepted the later start for the Tonight Show which was offered him. Instead he became an all-or-nothing, well, purist, or is it prick? Conan's onair game is pretty lame now. Time to ertire from tak shows and do something else, or just retire early and enjoy his millions.


and whats this "basic cable" crap that Obrien keeps repeating. i find it asinine. not very smart to diss the only network willing to take a chance on his tired old crap. He sounds liek some sort of elitist snob, repeating this over and over. Does anyone really have a cable package with TBS and nine or ten other cable stations on it anymore, like back in the 80's, when "basic cable" really meant something? most people seem to have TBS and about 30 or 40 other channels at least, nowadays even ghetto dwellers. Just another sign of O'brien's growing irrelevance


Would George Lopez have tanked in the ratings wihtout Conan Obriens help ? i dont think Lopez believes they would have. His previously good ratings nosedived after he was bumped bakc an hour later to follow Conan's primetime latenitght show at 11 p.m. His show has just been cancelled. Lopez didn't have the best of feelings toward Conan before ginger boy intruded into his TBS world. Years ago comedian Lopez tried to get booked on Conan's NBC show and had been told that the "demographics" of the show's audience (apparently white dorks) just weren't a "right fit" for an L.A. latino comedian like Lopez. i don't think Conan will be on the Lopez xmas card list this year.


Conan's talent really lies in the writing end of the comedy business and that's likely where he'll now end up. Not to worry he is a great money manager and he has done well enough to be independently wealthy many times over.
To speculate on Conan's dreams is akin to saying that tommy's dreams are realistic. Only the beholder of a dream can legitimately make a substantive comment thereon.


haah the circus freak dogboy still trying to play his jealous putdown trip vis a vis me when all his credibility is gone with the Blatherwatch readership., i called his bluff on his constant challenges for me to predict a stock that would turn a profit the following day. i not only did it, i did it on a day when the market finished down 500 points. his response- pretending none of it ever happened, like a coward.

Tommy008(postcard from Monaco)

by the way...will be sunny and warm for the next four days here inMonte Carlo. Time to do some hiking, urban and otherwise. I ented a Jeep at the rental car agency. The fellow American guy who keeps the million dollar Ferrari Enzo in a garage over here, just fo rhis visits, took me out for a spin, up and down the winding mountainside highway above the city. Absolutely incredible car. Eat your heart out dogboy, as you ponder your failure, envy (both the penis and money varieties) and bitterness.


Hm, let's see now will you be hiking at the pool or in your room. Jovita nailed you big time, you've no creditability left but DO keep fantasizing.

Tommy008(postcard from Monaco)

no longer at at the Hotel de Paris, by the way... back to a mere four star place . Staying at the Riviera Marriot now, near the marina at Cap-d'Ail.....sublime......the yachts over here are incredible....

Tommy008(postcard from Monaco)

didnt nail me at all...started liyening to kgo in my hotel room on my laptop....then moved out to the pool for breakfast, taking my laptop with me..... at first i dodnt want to mention breakfast by the Hotel De Paris pool, thinking id be laying it on a bit too thick for housebound unfortunates like the Dogboy suffering through the still bad recession in seattle. so, in the one post i mentioned the room...in the other, the pool....nothing illogical about that....


Nice try but not good enough. You will forever be regarded as a con, now get back to your sweeping chores at the beautiful Monaco hotel.

Tommy008(postcard from Monaco)

no ...it's perfectly plausible....so much so that the Dogboy , in his true mind, not the pretend one he shows here, really doesn't know whether i'm here in Monaco or not....perfectly plausible .....


Years ago, somebody gave me a copy of Conan's Harvard Commencement speech. I went looking for it online and it is kind of ironic given the state of his affairs today.

Tommy008 (postcard from Monte Carlo)

my first week at the Riviera Marriott is in the history books. These yachts here at The nearby marina dwarf my 38 foot Chris Craft i had down at Leschi. The caRS in the marina parking lot aren't too shabby either. A team of armed security guards PATROL THE LOT 24/7. Maseratis, Ferraris, Rolls Royce. Looking forward to one more week here at the hotel, and then it's a train trip to Nice and a flight out to San Diego, where summers' 2nd leg starts.


What about your promise to not be on this blog for the summer. You know Tommy the boys with the REAL toys and the REAL money never have to tout it, it's self evident. They don't go around bragging about their success and or belongings on blogs. It's fun to dream though and I understand your need for that, but please don't let it interfere with your real job and life. No matter the job it is precious in these economic times so be proud, keep your head up and pursue diligence. But, enough with the bull shit, Okay.


what wonderful advice from the dogboy, Seattle's housebound unfortunate this summer. Not. I'm surprised he didn't advise me to wear sensible shoes, like the old woman he is. bwahahahaaha nothing wrong with my little summer travelogue to spice up the blog. htis fellow (woman?) has a major jealousy problem. its the old "he cant do it (become rich) so he doesn't want anyone else to be able to do it. big woof, Dogboy.


im seriouslt starting to suspect Dogboy is a female. His/her prim prissy little moralistic sermons just for me, full of unasked for and unwanted advice, sound terribly girly.


This vacation is not bullhsit, i am actually overseas right now, where it is heading toward the late evening here in Monte Carlo Some will believe it is bullshit and read it as chapters in a novella. But who, tell me , who else but some jealous silly old woman, the silliest old woman in town, wuold actually give a shit one way or another,r let alone take the time to write your asinine chiding reponses, Dogwoman?

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