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July 22, 2011



I would be curious as to the guys background prior to his 3 day old facebook page. Who knows if there is any truth to his postings there.
He kind of has eyes like keith olbermann. The guy is as likely a left wing boob that set up a strange facebook page as a diversion.
But all of that aside, he is a psychotic hose beast that needs to be killed, dissected and studied then buried at sea so that we can all go to the beach and piss on him at will.

Mike D

Chucks your posts contribute nothing to this site other than dog poop-like obstacles to step around. Go outside and pull some weeds or something. Be useful.


I noticed earlier today, at first they did not say who it was behind the attacks, but it did not take long it seems for some to rush to judgment, again. In the early hours after Oklahoma City, wasn't their some speculation that people from the Middle East may have been involved, and then, they announced McVeigh had been arrested. Then in Atlanta Olympics, a rush to judgment again(although this time it was not Arabs, but a Caucasian security guard), a man's life was ruined, and then years later, they catch the real guy.


And remember Steve Titus? His car matched the make of the criminal. He, too, was proven innocent by a report who investigated but his life was ruined and he committed suicide.

Some would say that wasn't rush to judgment but I think it was. They had one match and quit looking.

KS blathering for the halibut

God forbid if Medved and Boze happen to be correct with their assessment - they may err on the side of caution, but there is unimpeachable evidence to support their claims (i.e. the bombings of Al-Qaeda and suicide bombers in Israel). Radical islamists are products of many generations of inbreeding - it is OK for them to marry their first cousins. It has been found that inbreeding has a noticeably higher incidence of mental illness - google it if you doubt this.

Anyone up for a trip to Somalia to see how that sector of the world lives ? It would be an eye-popping experience.

Oh, I know... in the words of the Mothers of Invention; "It can't happen here..."

The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour

Yeah, well...don't let facts get in the way.

KS blathering for the halibut

Where ? Back at ya'. You don't seem to let facts get in the way. You don't show that you have any idea what you are talking about along with zero substance.

Dr. McCormick

why weren't there a couple of adult head honchos at the camp, each in possession of a rifle and ammo? He wouldn't have been parading around executing kids for two hours .

The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour

And you have no credibility, KS. None. History is on the side of the facts coming out, and your ramblings to be proved false. So sorry that your half-cocked world-view (what color is the sky there, btw?)gets disproven once again. No wonder you're so bitter.

KS blathering for the halibut

Is that all you have, which is flatulence ? bla, bla, blah - same of leftwing smoke and mirrors - no substance.

Get a life, dude.


Mr Zepeda...The internets have made anyone's comment about anything irrelevant. The only time it matters is after the fact after the damage has been done. Then it will be top story on Entertainment Tonight. No one gives a crap about Medved's comments so why do you give it so much airtime? On his next show he will say something different and the world will forget and move on. You really need to get a job. You (and bloggers everywhere) are CTWs. Classic Time Wasters.


It's the job of guys like Medved and Rush and Hannity to spew lies and hatred so as to keep the latest boogeyman alive - in this case Muslims.

They keep the boogeyman alive so that the corporate masters can distract the peasants. They need to keep the peasants distracted so they don't revolt and kill the corporate masters who are robbing us blind.

What's sad is that, while Medved makes a handsome salary from Salem Broadcasting for keeping boogeymen alive; Boze makes a mere pittance for his one-hour puke-fest. But he hopes, someday, to also be allowed inside the toilet bowl instead of being on the outside looking in, just licking scum from the floor in front of the commode.

Johnny Sombrerro

"God forbid if Medved and Boze happen to be correct with their assessment - they may err on the side of caution, but there is unimpeachable evidence to support their claims"

A blond haired, blue eyed al qaeda?


from AP this morning:

Alleged Norway shooter/bomber Breivik, in one post, argues that a "moderate" Muslim is like a "moderate" Nazi. He also argues for setting up a system of social networking "similar to a beginning of a cultural Euro-version of a Tea Party movement"

He would fit right in here at BW..

Johnny Sombrerro

yes, he is another Mc Veigh

Norway attacks: Utøya gunman boasted of links to UK far right


Tragic indeed. Justice will prevail.

Now how about that Portland Congressman David Wu.

"A distraught young woman called U.S. Rep. David Wu’s Portland office this spring, accusing him of an unwanted sexual encounter, according to multiple sources.

When confronted, the Oregon Democrat acknowledged a sexual encounter to his senior aides but insisted it was consensual, the sources said.

The woman is the daughter of a longtime friend and campaign donor. She apparently did not contact police at the time.

One person who heard the voice mail described the woman as upset, breathing heavily and “distraught.”

Sparky, with a show of some flesh you might have had better luck
helping out your friend if you went to David Wu.


Another distraction for PB&J. Grow up. Maybe you need a girl friend or at least a sexual encounter.

I'll chime in on the crime when I know it is one.


Wu should be replaced if he is guilty.

That you can make a joke about my friend's condition speaks volumes about you PBJ, and you are to be pitied.


'Alleged Norway shooter/bomber Breivik, in one post, argues that a "moderate" Muslim is like a "moderate" Nazi. He also argues for setting up a system of social networking "similar to a beginning of a cultural Euro-version of a Tea Party movement"'

I couldn't find the above information on the AP website. Do you know where I can find it?



I cant find the link again on AP, ( I cant even find the source they were quoting) but I did find these'

And in the Guardian this morning (Monday) : his "manifesto" reveals an obsession with the Crusades and a supposed threat to Christian Europe posed by Muslim immigrants and mainstream political leaders. Breivik predicts a European civil war will take place in three stages, ending in 2083 with the execution of "cultural Marxists" and the deportation of all Muslims."

Lots here


April it came on an RSS feed and since then about a billion more stories have passed by..sorry!


Why isn't anyone calling congress on this dangerous game of chicken. They seem intent on making Obama a one-term president and appear to be willing to take the American economy down to do it.

I think it may backfire on them if they continue, but the American people aren't angry enough to call the bluff of the republican congress.

The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour


He wanted to start an "anti-Muslim" revolution...and the frightened sheep will follow....

joanie for KS - one last try

Yep. More right-wing terrorism. Interesting. No self-reflection on this blog like we saw when a right-winger shot Gabrielle Giffords. I guess you have to be a white American.


Oh, they desperately wanted Norway's attacks to be the handiwork of jihadists so they could continue to trash ALL Muslims.

Then, it turned out the terrorist was a white Christian conservative, and poof! They lost interest. I mean, how dare you smear an entire group of people based on the actions of just one bad apple? I am shocked!!

Then those same conservatives shifted into damage control mode when it also turned out that the terrorist was hugely inspired by the tea party. In his manifesto he said "In the US, the Tea party movement is one of the first physical, political manifestations which indicate that there is a great storm coming. The creation of similar conservative organizations, even the creation of revolutionary conservative movements ... is about to materialize. The cultural Marxists are losing their momentum to our advantage.."

So even though Muslims had nothing to do with the killings, many many people are still beating the drum to the contrary.

Over at Moon of Alabama they posted this:

Classification Of Terrorists

•Right wing white man in local terror attack on white people => lone operator, psychic, copycat of Muslim terrorists; not really connected to any society defects or any bigger social group.

•White man in local terror attack on non-white people => hero; a justified defense against the vast Muslim conspiracy to conquer the world.

•Non-white man in local terror attack on white people => terrorist; part of the vast Muslim conspiracy to conquer the world.

•Non-white man in local terror attack on non-white people => crazy dude; molded by a crazy society that is part of the vast Muslim conspiracy to conquer the world.


Yes, I should have said white American male.


More and more evidence that this "debt crisis" is no crisis and that the firs are being stoked by the right wing simply to defeat Obama. They are willing to throw regular people under the bus for their fantasy of beating an almost right-wing President. Check out just another of the more and more numerous columns talking about this: http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/07/25/debt-crises-real-and-fake/?hp

St. Rudy, I hope I'm not totally wasting my time. Even people with minimal thinking skills can learn.


Based on sparkys excellent post is it any wonder that Sarah Palins movie isn't exactly breaking any box office records.


The deal that Reid has come up with has MORE cuts than the Republicans asked for...MORE cuts....but it is for a 2 year period, so the Republicans won't approve that. They want to run this circus again closer to election time in 2012. It has nothing to do with the debt or the deficit. It has everything to do with trying to make Obama a one term president. Mitch McConnell has stated that is his number one job.

saint rudy

Joanie; While i share your hopes, I am not encouraged by the fact that if you are a con, Gods message to you is factual, but if you are a liberal and feel the same you are freeking crazy,anti-american, radical, stupid, nazi, and self-delusionable.


Hahaha, St. Rudy. You forgot "soialist and marxist" - KS favorite labels.

Sparky, there are so many reasonable economists and journalists out there writing about this that it is undeniable for anyone if they just get their heads out of Fox News and Murdoch's/Ailes' asses.


Make that "socialist."


The Age of Enron
By Thomas Frank

This summer will mark ten years
since the series of disclosures that led
to the sudden bankruptcy of the Enron
Corporation of Houston.

Early in 2001, Enron CEO
Ken Lay actually said, “I believe in
God and I believe in free markets.”

Management theorists
loved Enron. Fortune magazine compared
it to Elvis. “We’re on the side
of angels,” Enron president Jeff Skilling
told BusinessWeek in 2001.

And in the years since, we’ve seen
many more fireballs, each following
the Enron pattern and all of them
culminating in the financial meltdown
of 2008, along with the seemingly
unending recession it triggered.

It is
fair to say that in some genuine, dismaying
sense, we are living
in the Age of Enron.

excessive moderate

'Shoot a cop' flap in SC

Looks like the baggers and their apologists can’t claim innocent.


Did you hear the Pres speaking just now? I emailed whitehouse.gov THREE emails. I'm so mad at him. He gives us the same whine over and over. I told him to add Congressional paychecks to that list of checks thay may not go out. I think his message is failing. At some point people get tired of a whine.


Boehner lied about there already being a bi-partisan bill that was passed...no bipartisan anything. "I gave it my all." Right after consulting with Boss Limbaugh first.


On Fox News just now Shep Smith just called Boehner a liar. He made it clear it was Republicans being obstructionists and he also pointed out that 5 dem votes does not make it a bipartisan bill. I wonder if he will have a job in the morning.

I liked Obama's speech. But neither of them convinced anyone who is in the decision-making seat. Other presidents raise the debt ceiling routinely with no fanfare. He even quoted that noted Communist Ronald Reagan! You know..the President who said we must never neglect to raise the debt ceiling. The President who raised it more than a dozen times...

His speech wasn't aimed at us. It was aimed at folks who think they're Republican, but don't realize the GOP and Tea Party are lying to them all the time.


I don't think he succeeded. I know it was aimed at those people but it is the same thing he's been saying over and over. I think some of those people - tea party people who are themselves out in the streets and fighting mad - want to see some fire and brimstone in order to believe. Really, I think Obama's soft sell isn't going anywhere. So why not try something different? Tea party people may be stupid but everybody likes to see someone with passion once in a while.


Alpha, this is what you get when you let your emotions of hate for the Shrub get the best of you.

Sparky, i didnt mean to make light of your friends health. Sorry if that was how it came out. I apologize.


Thanks..Apology accepted.


If this guy hated muslims then why didn't he kill muslims, instead of white blue eyed Christians?

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