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July 14, 2011


excessive moderate

Ahhh, the hits just keep comin’

The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour

Isn't karma a bitch?

excessive moderate

“He's got them in a corner in a shit-or-go-blind position”

Hood, I’d hate to know where in your brain this came from but devastating and apt description none the less.


summer news is cool

excessive moderate

We are all Pastafarians now…

Kyle Schmidt

Thanks for the accurate and reliable reporting Mike-I can always rely on Blatherwatch to have the latest news regarding the talk show industry.

I happened to hear Dori boasting about having purchased a second Jaguar on his show last week.With the way his ratings are tanking..he better enjoy that car and big house in Lake Forest Park before they get re'pod.This is a typical conservative weasel-I got mine and to hell with the rest of you

Kyle Schmidt

Oh by the way speaking of conservative weasels , John Curly admitted last night on his show that as soon as Evening Magazine (On K5)let him go he had problems making payments on his 4000 sf home in Issaquah ..so he had to sell it.


Dori's house is nothing too great, a tacky new construction reflective of he conservative values. He definately plays it up to be more than in it is.

Looks like Curley still owns the house. If he has sold it, that's news to King County.


I thought Dori's 3 year contract was ending soon or ended recently...
Did he sign a 5 year deal with KIRO?

I don't care much about his house or what he drives.

Dr. McCormick

Monson announced a couple of months ago that he had just signed a new 3 year contract eith Bonneville/KIRO.

D.T. Monson

I saw Dori's house sale records on the Internets. He only paid a little over 200k for it. I hear it's surrounded by ivy covered dog shit. Real white trash material.

Since he took his blog over to Facebook, his numbers are down. Nobody wants to post to a blog using Facebook. They blacklist you and your nasty comments still show, but to YOU only. I used to love all the over the top insults of the little twerp. Now, since it's been 'cleaned up' (censored), there's no reason to read the blog.

There hasn't been any reason to listen to the show since he caused all that grief for that Somali family about their funeral. What a piece of garbage.


Monson was ordered by the corner office programming wizards to back off from what they perceived his "angry white guy" shtick, do fewer political topics, weave in Gottesman's turgid observations (which rarely, if ever, bring nuance or insight to whatever the topic de jour may be), and -- evidently -- to eschew listener call-ins. And, oh yea, get Jake the producer (who's going through puberty and often sounds like a naive twit) to participate. It's not the same show, less topical, zero listener involvement -- unless it's by e-mail for gawds sake -- no wonder the program is tanking. All Dori all the time is a bore. I'll wager even MRS Monson can't stomach the show in its current permutation.


The question is can the WSJ go back to a newspaper of integrity? Or will it go down with the rest of his empire. Steve Doocy turned Murdock into a victim. Check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/15/fox-and-friends-defends-n_n_899934.html. Fox = hacking = everybody else that was hacked.

KS blathering for the halibut

The Huff and Puff post should talk - they are part of the drive by media that didn't get caught this time (like Murdoch did), but like other liberal-biased media outlets, they are guilty as sin of omission - whenever they think thety can get away with it, which is almost any old time - they don't care if they violate the readers' trust. Would there have been the outrage if the NY Times was caught in a scandal ? doubtful. There are many chumps out there that don't question the authenticity of a news story, especially if it validates their politics...

Excerpt from today's WSJ editorial;

"In braying for politicians to take down Mr. Murdoch and News Corp., our media colleagues might also stop to ask about possible precedents. The political mob has been quick to call for a criminal probe into whether News Corp. executives violated the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act with payments to British security or government officials in return for information used in news stories. Attorney General Eric Holder quickly obliged last week, without so much as a fare-thee-well to the First Amendment.

The foreign-bribery law has historically been enforced against companies attempting to obtain or retain government business. But U.S. officials have been attempting to extend their enforcement to include any payments that have nothing to do with foreign government procurement. This includes a case against a company that paid Haitian customs officials to let its goods pass through its notoriously inefficient docks, and the drug company Schering-Plough for contributions to a charitable foundation in Poland.

Applying this standard to British tabloids could turn payments made as part of traditional news-gathering into criminal acts. The Wall Street Journal doesn't pay sources for information, but the practice is common elsewhere in the press, including in the U.S.

The last time the liberal press demanded a media prosecutor, it was to probe the late conservative columnist Robert Novak in pursuit of White House aide Scooter Libby. But the effort soon engulfed a reporter for the New York Times, which had led the posse to hang Novak and his sources. Do our media brethren really want to invite Congress and prosecutors to regulate how journalists gather the news?

Phone-hacking is deplorable, and we assume the guilty will be prosecuted. More fundamentally, the News of the World's offense—fatal, as it turned out—was to violate the trust of its readers by not coming about its news honestly. We realize how precious that reader trust is, and our obligation is to re-earn it every day."


"The last time a liberal press demanded a media prosecutor..."

Another Murdock rag. Yes, anyone with integrity would care how journalists gather news. You're an idiot, KS.

Dr. McCormick

intersting BT..... I wager that Monson was given the memo about this time last summer, shortly after he disgraced himself asttcking the Ethiopian family, and their community.....although didn't Gottesman come on board only this winter....or was it rarlier......doesn't matter...the show has been neutered somewhat, yes, but not completely deballed.....he is still making jokes about people leaping to their deaths from high places, etc.....his latest shtick is picking on Ann Curry, new cohost of Today on NBC......

Dr. McCormick

actually it was refreshing to hear Frank filling in for Curley last night, complete with banal cliches and annoying country bumpkin persona, as a nice change from the slick, mean Repug Curley, who lately has been trying to address topics like our jury/court system when he doesn't realize he's too uneducated and ignorant to be up to the task. Stick to the fart jokes John, and the stories about the night you paraded around downtown in a huge weiner dog costume. oh and Frank, nice going last night, but don't make it a habit.

Dr. McCormick

Just in- Tommy just sent me an email saying he's extending his stay in Monaco, and changing hotels, just fot variety. He's now in the Hotel de Paris. Apparently Monte Carlo's gaming tables have been good to him. He says he spotted a one million dollar plus , pristine black Ferrari Enzo parked in front of a shopping center , close to the French border. He sends his best to all on the board, Dem and Repug alike, except, of course, to that one particular person.

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