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July 26, 2011


dave (not dave ross)

i stopped reading the weekly ten years ago


I've never begun reading the Weekly and likely never will.


I don't know where you get the "despised Mayor McGinn" but maybe you have too many friends on the City Council or in elitist politics. He's the people's mayor and I think he's doing fine. It's funny how much old people seem stuck with those who continue to promote the status quo and what's good for the good ol' boys. This city is stuck in "institutional-itis" and needs a kick in the booty to move forward. McGinn is giving that kick.

On another note, I do not read the Seattle Weekly generally either but did pick this one up because Rule was the subject matter. Now I know that I can toss it into my worm bin unread. Good thing it was free.

Radio Queen

If only they'd checked a few of his assertions (a.k.a. the other side of the story) before they went to print, they wouldn't find themselves in this embarrassing position.


Seattle Weekly is still in business? If their other papers are as bad as SW has become (the folks who now own VVM have a whole chain of them) it makes you wonder what kind of side revenue they've got going. I hear human trafficking pays well.


wow - am surprised that the resident lib progs here don't read a leftwing fish wrapper like the Seattle Weekly. Their politics is predictably leftist with some anarchist thrown in.

Used to read it myself up to about 10 years ago. After that, I realized that I didn't care for most of the stuff - Rick Anderson was a decent reporter though.


I like Ann Rule's works - (have read several) and think she should consider litigating here.


KS, who owns our debt? Do you know?

blathering michael

KS: you haven't read the Weekly in years: it has no politics.

Joanie, the "people's mayor" is only polling at 23% as of last month. 73 percent term his performance as “fair” or “poor.” He's a single-issue politician elected by the whimsy of the gods of the peculiar and the luck of the Irish. These numbers have marched down steadily since january. The P-I wrote: "Just 28 percent of voters surveyed said they would vote to reelect McGinn. Eleven percent were undecided, and a whopping 61 percent answered Someone Else.'”

Us old people rule the world and that's as it should be- but one thing we can't do is make 73% of the voters despise a politician.


Humph! They didn't poll me. Who did they poll? What was the beef? Besides, who reads the PI anymore anyway?

I know. Polls mean something. But they can also mean a lot of different things depending on who's asking the question, what the questions are and who is being polled. We'll see.


Who are you calling old?


KS, who owns our debt? Do you know?

Posted by: joanie | July 26, 2011 at 07:16 PM

What's your point ?


Do you know and what difference does it make to the price of tea in China ?

Get it ?

Dr. McCormick

i read the entire Rule article and i must make a correction to the blog here. The article doesn't claim that Northon doesn't admit shooting her husband, it just says there were all sorts of mitigating factors that made her in fear of her life when she ran from him and fired back towards him in the night at the campground (years ofextreme physical abuse and threats). Rule poohpoohs all the physical abuse and other bad stuff in her book and tries to portray the Northon woman as a scheming sociopath, killing her husband for insrance money.The article's author (fiance) claims Rule knew she was telling lies about Northon, just to make a jucy read and sell books. If the boyfriend is writing a truthful article, and it had the ring of truth, Rule is indeed an evil douchebag, as he and Northon claim.


awww joanie, you're just sayin' that because the poll disagrees witch-you!


KS, you don't know the answer, do you?

Mantooth, lots of polls disagree with me. I don't take it personally. Do you believe all the polls? What don't you like about McGinn?

Michael says I fall in love with politicians. Isn't that what makes us vote for someone? Because they offer what we are looking for? That's kind of an insult to my intelligence. I look for change agents. Most people can't tolerate such people. But, in the end, they are the ones that make a difference. We haven't had many of those, have we? George Bush was a change agent and God help us, he made a difference. Where's our liberal agent of change?


Just thinking . . . most of the change agents have been on the right: Reagan Bush Jr. and look where we are. Clinton was not a change agent - he continued the slow slide right, gave Rubin the keys to the treasury, sent jobs overseas with NAFTA and gave us welfare reform so more kids were left parentless. Again, where's our liberal change agent?

Mike Barer

Sorry, don't care for Mayor McSchwinn. His people skills are abysmal, and at a time when we need cohesion between city, county and state governments, he offers confrontation. It's sad when I think of what we could have had at city hall by electing a different candidate.


"Cohesion." Another word for compromise. Let's all get along. Haven't you had enough of that at the top? That's why liberals can never move their agenda. But,then,maybe you're not a liberal (another word for old-fashioned Democrat).

Its interesting to me. I have a friend who is very smart, graduated Columbia at the top of her class. She slaves away in the school district doing a remarkably good job for low pay working with challenged kids. She is a great liberal - except when you ask her about bike lanes. She wants the tunnel so she can keep driving to the south end because she has two schools: one north and one south. So, I say why shouldn't the school district solve that problem by keeping her in the north since that's where she lives. Because the kids at risk who need her (she is a person of color) are in the south end. So, it has to be the tunnel so she can keep driving.

How do you solve problems, have a vision for the future, when everybody is looking out for themselves now? That sounds very Republican to me.

Mayor McSchwinn. He doesn't ride a bike often. He lives in Greenwood which is where some of the most problematic bike lanes are appearing. If you watch his community meetings on the Seattle Channel, he takes care of people's needs and he listens very well. But if you don't do all that, love all the right people who are in established positions and protecting turf, I guess you don't like him. It's always the same: me, me, me.

And in the debate on the tunnel which happened last December, John Murray read him out for not trying to get along with the legislature to which McGinn replied he works with facts and expects others to do the same. I guess he's an ideologue, too.

I'm beginning to think we don't really want smart people in public office. We'd rather have nice people. I think that might be America's tragic flaw: niceness.

Mike Barer

That is a very good argument, I think that you brought up some good points, it should also be noted that the man who I consider Seattle best mayor (as noted in my blog, Barers Of Maple Valley) Wes Uhlman was also called out for his inability to get along with people. However, I feel, that in Mike's case, it is at the expense of getting business done. I think that Mike is a great activist and has some great ideas, it's just I feel that he was less than frank, when he said during the heat of the campaign, that he would not "stand in the way of the tunnel" and now he is doing exactly that.

I feel that you can work well with the public and be a good public official. If not, at least show some positive results from your work.


The Fed owns most of the US debt - once again, what's your point ?

It figures that Joanie would like the community organizer mayor of Seattle - among the wacked out minority who do. Thank God I don't live there.

Peeroy Jabbar

great move Seahwks For not going after Hasselback and signing Tavares Jackson. I.m tired of Hasselback with his boring goody-two-shoes "Christian" persona. Isn't he a born again like Monson? He sounds liek one the way his voiCe sounds- he has that sappy tone, like Dori. Godd riddance, Matt. Jackson to Sydney Rice passes all Fall, folks. that's what I'M talking about


More nanny state hysteria. This is a replay of the gun debate, the tobacco debate, and a half-dozen other debates in which alarmed nanny-state libs concocted phony statistics.

If you run the numbers on busts associated with this hysteria, 90%+ are of consenting adults.

Take the big Craigslist bust of 2008, which SPD vice head Eric Sano claimed targeted underage prostitution. It resulted in 104 arrests, exactly one of which involved a minor.

But libtard Seattle will swallow it hook, line, and sinker as usual. It's for the cheeeldrin.

Mike Barer

We don't talk sports on this page, but would like to answer Peeroy Jabber, I think Mat Hasselbeck represented this city well, all politics aside, if you can get an all Liberal football team that can go to the Superbowl go ahead and be General Manager. Are you sure that TJ is Liberal? Mack Strong wasn't.


The real issue here is whether Ann Rule got both sides of the story, which she clearly did not. I don't know how you write a whole book about someone without even talking to them or members of their family. Also, it looks like Rule made some factually false statements in her book, which is unacceptable for someone who touts herself as a "true crime" writer. Swart at least got both sides and Seattle Weekly posted a lot of documentation to back up their story, which is at least worth considering, and more than Rule ever did.

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