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July 27, 2011



They are uninformed voters with passion. Where are the passionate informed voters?

Off to BB.


Oh, they want to get rid of Medicare, just not their Medicare. The Government should just keep its hands off of their Medicare.


Day of Reckoning has arrived!

saint rudy

The G O P was happy to get in bed with these nutcases until they found out #1 they are a lousey piece of ass and #2 they pee the bed and #3 they want all the blankets.


I nominate that for comment of the year :)


Those elected in 2010 will be running again in 2012. We'll see if their constituents elected them to behave like the flying monkeys they are.


Debt madness was always about killing Social Security.


also this just in

Tea Party president arrested for selling fake computer software

excessive moderate

Baggers aren’t smart enough to know their “brand” is a nut sucker, how the hell do they discern their leaders are, uhh…misleading?

Mike D

"Despite featuring Tea Party icons Sens. Jim DeMint (R-SC), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Rand Paul (R-KY), among others, a gathering outside the Senate organized by the Tea Party Express to urge Republicans to stand firm against a compromise bill drew only a handful of attendees.

Reporters, many of whom came to interview presidential candidate Herman Cain, appeared to easily outnumber protesters. "


This is the movement so powerful it's able to hold the US economy hostage? Jesus Christ, I can't take the stupid anymore.


Its the corporate backers behind the scenes that are pulling the strings, Mike.

Marsha Toles

I teach my children: every time you vote for a tea bagger, god kills a kitten.

Mike D

I know Sparky. It's just exasperating that a non-existant "grassroots movement" is basically running the government while the hundreds of thousands of pro-labor protesters we've been seeing over the last year are completely unrepresented.

saint rudy

Strange our resident spin doctors are missing tonight. Maybe Faux News crashed and left them deaf and dumb.


Talk about bias. Its been 24 hours and still no mention on this site about Maddow getting sued.


So, the TEA party is bad?

Must be all of that common sense creating holes in the Liberal balloons.

Mike D

Yeah well all that popping and deflating seems to have no effect on popular opinion, which indicates the Tea Party is about as popular as hemorrhoids


Tea parties, shmee parties; simply a political fad that will fade once the two political forces in this Country again flex their mighty $muscles. This movement is but a flea on an elephant's ass and has only generated interest because of media hype and a very telegenic cast of characters.
With this high tech computer age we're experiencing may be it's time we consider direct democracy instead of representative democracy? As it seems our representative democracy in it's current form is approaching the ultimate oxymoron. Chew on that you boys of conservative bullshit and know it alls.


Geez, the next thing you people will be saying is that Ross Perot doesn't matter anymore!

South Tacoma

Seems to me as if the Taxed Enough Already Party has shaped the agenda. It is pretty amazing how such a small, meaningless group of American tax payers have Harry Reid and Barack Obama talking about how much (or little when looked upon honestly) they are willing to cut from the budget.
They even have Bonner doing a little dance, trying to meet with their requirements while kissing the butts of Obama and the ones they call RINO's.
According to what Reid and Obama said a few years ago, while playing politics with Bush, the debt limit should not be increased anyway.
But what Sarah indicated this morning, none of this really matters. The Republicans and Democrats will get together and continue spending us in to oblivion. In the end, all that matters is what they get out of us in salary and pensions combined with the graft and corruption they can get out of the various lobby and union groups.
Tommy, joanie, Puget Sound, sparky, chucks, ks and the rest will keep peeing in each others Wheaties while the corporate powers in the two party's put nuts on the turds and call them Payday bars while they jam them down our throats.

excessive moderate

I guess some in the bagger world will reap what they have sowed.

Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh Being Sued For $100K In Child Support

Judge: Sherrod Defamation Suit Against Breitbart Can Proceed


Damn tea party hobbits.


You are either with the spirit of Tea Party or with the spirit of the economic terrorists - very little middle ground here. Not saying I support their obstructionist tactics, for their intentions are good, but they are politically ignorant.

However, they are outnumbered here and need to know when to hold them and when to fold them a realize they gained some ground vs. the opposition - time to pass the bill from the House through the Senate to the POTUS to sign and live to fight another day.

excessive moderate

KS, what if we are not with the “spirit of Tea Party” or the “spirit of the economic terrorists”? Where does that leave us?


what if we are not with the “spirit of Tea Party” or the “spirit of the economic terrorists”? Where does that leave us?

Posted by: excessive moderate | July 28, 2011 at 08:49 PM

teetering on the brink of despair...


And grumpy old people in funny hats who want to bring down the government permanently except for Medicare.

Posted by: cycling jerseys women | July 28, 2011 at 09:43 PM

Sounds like an apt description of AARP..

excessive moderate

KS, do you understand you are calming a middle ground you say does not exist? You are not politically ignorant and are not an economic terrorist. So that by definition is a middle ground. So, do you occupy that middle ground or not? And if so; what are the criteria?


Will President Obama be forced to invoke an obscure Executive Office rule to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval, or will John Boehner put down his Merlot and crying towel and act like a sober adult?

Will former NY Gov. George Pataki seek the GOP presidential nomination?

Will the NeoCons in Congress regain their sanity and pass a Federal Aviation Administration bill so that 70,000 FAA/construction workers will remain employed?

Will Tea Bagger pretty-boy Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois pay his $117,000 in back child support?

Will a recent hospitalization for breathing problems spell the end of NJ Gov. Christie’s political ambitions? And will Michelle “Bonkers” Bachmann’s migraines be revealed to be caused by tiny bats?


KS I wish I could be around when you and your friend Puget reach the age when younger people start making fun of what you think and say. Karma is a bitch!! LOL


Here is an idea that some of my friends and I think might just be a good idea.
We need to get one of our local congress critters to sponsor a bill to repeal the George W Bush acts that came to be during his 8 years. "The Repeal George W Bush Act of 2011". If we just unwind some of Bush's major acts, we can save a fortune.
Repeal No Child Left Behind and reduce funding for The Dept of Education to pre 2000 levels. That should save us $30 billion per year.
Next, repeal Medicare Part D. Nobody likes it anyway. It was the biggest expansion of any entitlement since LBJ bought off black America. That should save us some $50 billion per year.
We can also be rid of The Homeland Security Act. By getting rid of The Dept of Homeland Security, we can save over $50 billion per year plus save gramma and little kids from touching by creepy TSA agents.
It would also be a good time to end most all of our involvement in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Sadam and Osama are both dead (or captured, do we really know?) and Al-Qaeda has been pretty well crippled. Our troops are suffering increasing casualty's due to the incompetence of you know who and as mission creep puts them in harms way. They are both pretty much civil wars now. Of course, we still have the option of bombing the crap out of either country as needed. This should save some $100 billion per year.
Finally, repeal The Patriot Act and restore our Bill of Rights. I have not a clue as to what that might save but it sounds good to me at no cost or savings.
Repeal The Bush Act of 2011.
Looks like we can save $230,000,000,000.00 per year (probably more as we all know those things always cost more than they say).
Everything wrong in the universe is the fault of Bush according to Obama, Peelosi and Reid. How could they say no? We that party around a glass of tea can appreciate the savings to tax payers.


Nice try chuck s but as usual (from the boys) typical poppycock. They simply cannot keep up. Oh and did I mention that Boehner is inept and should be replaced immediately. He too cannot keep up and doesnt seem bright enough tobe a member of Congress let alone it's leader.


Poppycock? Seriously? Your posts are pompous, condescending, and you sound like a prissy, tight-assed librarian.

excessive moderate

This from the guy Dave Ross exposed as a hypocrite. Sarah’s right, Chuck S more than willing to talk the talk. But not willing to follow his own recommendation. Typical Bagger… Here’s another one; Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh, he begs us not to saddle his kids with debt. Why, so he can withhold child support payments. Stay classy Chuck S and Congressman Joe Walsh.

Damn tea bagging Hobbits.


Keep chasing your tail, Jovita... People already are making fun of what you say, especially when you carry the water for Joanie.

Sarah - are you a shill for Nazi Pelosi ?

excessive moderate

Hi, KS. You never answered my question.


My point exactly. When the day comes when someone says the same thing to you because they see you as a senile old geezer with too much nose and ear hair and fart stains in your waist high golf pants, it will be a delicious day indeed. More so because you don't think it will happen! LOL

excessive moderate

My guess is your suggestion about KS is an unhurried progression. He is almost certainly moving in that direction. But pooping in his britches or hearing voices is questionable suggestion for us, but I’d conclude he’s already at the senile hairy face point by now.

Damn tea bagging Hobbits.


Jovita: Just because you like to fart in public no matter how loud doesn't mean I will dignify your remedial rant with a response. You've successfully shown that liberalism is a mental disorder.

So, do you occupy that middle ground or not? And if so; what are the criteria?

Posted by: excessive moderate | July 28, 2011 at 10:34 PM

Another stupid-ass comment. As for your question on middle ground, I'm not there.
There are some who think they are for bigger government and cutting spending both - but they can't have it both ways - those are the ones on middle ground. They are the ones teetering on the brink of despair. And you ?

I'd like to hear it if you can communicate on a more mature level, which I am skeptical about.

excessive moderate


“You are either with the spirit of Tea Party or with the spirit of the economic terrorists - very little middle ground here.”

Posted by: KS | July 28, 2011 at 08:06 PM


There are some who think they are for bigger government and cutting spending both

Posted by: KS | July 29, 2011 at 09:01 PM

Incoherent, bewildered and confused, which is it KS get it straight.
excessive moderate

So now there are tea baggers, economic terrorists and big government spend cutters, of which you are not any of them. How many more of these bogymen do you have sequestered?

Damn conspiracy theorist tea bagging Hobbits.


Just read Chuck's Repeal-the-George BushAct post.
Where the hell were you in 2006 when the free-spending neoconservative front man was in power? You were defending him and calling the rest of us traitors. Lots of messes today could have been avoided if conservatives had followed their principles back then.


KS, stop now. Your out matched.


Come on Sarkos, in 2000 the Dems gave us the option of electing the Bernard Madoff of climate change, followed by the phony war hero (and the crook and philanderer as running mat) as options for POTUS.
In the last three elections, we were guaranteed to get screwed over. Between Bush, Obama, McCain, Gore and Kerry, Bush was the best choice.
But it is time to repeal his acts and for us to move on as a nation.

excessive moderate

chuck s, wtf? Can you clarify? It’s oblivious that some of these people didn’t run during 2000. If you have a point then make it.

Hates Hobbits

KS has been hanging out at Sound Politics too long. chucks what is your excuse?

Frodo Baggins fighting for a balanced budget.

Hobbits are tenacious fighters and will soon defeat the Witch King of Angmar. We shall return this nation to the people.

Long live The Hobbit's.


The teabaggers are snippy little southern rural conservatives. GOP organizations, like Freedom Works gave them training on how to disrupt town halls and gave them some "funny hats". The media loved their hats and gave them more space and power than they ever would have gotten if it was an on-year election. The election was about the bad economy and would have happened irregardless of the TP's. The media gave them all the credit. Now the GOP is afraid of them, and will not cross them. They are uncompromising in a compromise system and would lead us into financial crisis. I hope smarter Republicans will prevail or that Obama will provoke the 14th Amendment. Either way, I hope Americans will see the TP for what it is, anti-american.


My dear Buttercup, you are so full of shit it's pathetic. Must be from your dad. Love, Mom


i guess things never change


To quote Kung Fu Monkey:
"There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs."

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